Sunday, 30 August 2009

Days With 3ple J {Plot 5}

Jonghun stared at Sun Hee's phone. Then he put it back on the sofa and let it vibrate until Jo Kwon cuts the line. Jonghun just look at Sun Hee sleeping again, then he started playing a few notes on his guitar.

Suddenly Sun Hee woke up. She lifted her head up and it made Jonghun kinda surprised.
"Jonghun! I've got an idea!"
Jonghun made a frown, "what idea?"
"For your song project. I just had a dream where i heard an acoustic guitar playing beautiful melodies. Hmm but i forgot the melody. T_T"
Jonghun smirked.
Sun Hee then stretched her arms, and stood up to grab her phone.
"Seems like you have a missed call there." said Jonghun.
Sun Hee opened her phone. She looked at the missed call. Kwonnie.

Sun Hee looked at Jonghun. Jonghun looked back.
"So, you've known Jo Kwon well?" asked Jonghun.
Sun Hee stayed cool. "Haha, we accidentally met in front of his faculty. He told me he was majoring french and since i can speak french, i decided to help him out a bit."
Jonghun nod his head, "I see."
Sun Hee looked at her watch. "mwo?!"
"What?" asked Jonghun,
"How come it's 5 pm already? i must rush home for dinner. Oh! but we haven't done anything since i arrived here! oh mianhae sunbae, instead of helping you i fell asleep!"
"It's okay," smiled Jonghun, "you have already helped even just by being here. Now, you need a ride home?"
"Is it okay? i mean, this is quite far from Gangnam. I can just ring my driver you know."
"Is that so? Oh okay.."
Jonghun decided not to insist taking Sun Hee home, because if he did, Sun Hee would smell something suspicious.

Sun Hee called her driver, and in only 30 minutes, her car arrived. When she was about to hop on, Jonghun called her,
"Hey Sun Hee!"
"Don't forget your double shift tomorrow."
Sun Hee's smile fade away.
"Haha, just kidding, see you tomorrow!" Jonghun waved,
Sun Hee waved back, "Bye! say hi to your parents.."
As Sun Hee hopped in and her car started to move further, Jonghun just looked out there in emptiness.

Jo Kwon has got Sun Hee's number even before i got the chance to ask her. I wonder if Jong Hyun already done his progress too..


On Friday...

"Sun Hee! table number 7!"
Sun Hee turned around and took the tray that her mom was holding, then she delivered it to table 7.
"Sun Hee, number 9 needs an order!"
Sun Hee rolled her eyes while forcing a smile and serving table number 9. When she got back near the kitchen, she complained to her mom.
"Umma! you always go 'Sun hee, sun hee!' meanwhile 7 other waiters aren't doing anything. ummaaaaaaaaa~ how could you?"
Mrs. Song stayed cool and ignored Sun Hee.
"Geez, mom is getting more strict these days.."

Sun Hee walked to the cashier and found Cha Yoo standing by the register.
"Cha Yoo? You're in charge of being the cashier?"
"Haha, yea unnie! Uhm, Mrs. Song said that you have a double shift today, is it right? no wonder, i was looking for you last wednesday but you didn't come."
Sun Hee leaned her back on the wall and tidied up her apron.
"Hmph~ yea. I forgot my shift, umma too. That's why she gave me a double shift today."
Cha Yoo printed a piece of bill, then continued her speech again,
"By the way unnie.."
"You look cute in that hairstyle. ^^"
Sun Hee widen her eyes and touched her hair, "ah~ chinja?"
Cha Yoo smiled, "really! you look more younger."
Then Sun Hee's smile faded away, "so you mean if i don't tie my hair like this, i look old?"
Cha Yoo laughed, "hahah no unnie, it's just that.. I think your piggy tail hair suits you well. Uhm~ i see those three guys looking at you since you were here."
Sun Hee wrinkled her eyebrows, then she looked at the table that Cha Yoo pointed to.

It was Jonghun, Jong Hyun and Jo Kwon.

Jo Kwon saw Sun Hee looking at his table, so he waved and asked Sun Hee to come over.
"Look unnie, they're calling you ^^"
Sun Hee looked at Cha Yoo, "well, you don't have to give me that suspicious smile, you know.."
Sun Hee smiled and walked to the 3 guys' table.

"What will it be, boys?" asked Sun Hee while grabbing her small note from her apron.
"Sun Hee~ah, i heard you're having a double shift today?" asked Jong Hyun.
"Yea. Oh and please, don't talk about it. You're like th 6578th person who asked me about that today."
"6578th? puhahahahaha~" Jo Kwon burst out laughing.
Sun Hee just made an annoyed smile, and asked again, "are you here to eat or what?"
"No, we're not here to eat." said Jo Kwon.
Sun Hee made frown, "so?"
"We're here to see the princess Song that turned into a pathetic waitress, hahaha!"
Jong Hyun joked and laughed while giving a high five to Jo Kwon, while Jonghun just smiled and shook his head.
"Ha. Ha. Ha. enough making fun of me? now, your orders!"
"Oooh~ princess Song is acting cold todaaaaay~ i feel the freezing wind from the ice hearted princess! huhuuu~" Jo Kwon started joking around.
Jong Hyun gave Jo Kwon a high five again.
Sun Hee rolled her eyes. "Yea yea whatever.."
Sun Hee put her notes back in her apron and started to walk away. Jonghun just glared and followed her way with his eyes.

"Hhahahaha hahaha~ ha.. ha.. ha?? Jong Hyun look! you made her upset and walk away! dargh~ you beansprout!!" said Jo Kwon.
Jonghun smiled hearing Jo Kwon's words.
"what? ah~ damn.. i was just teasing her you know.." said Jong Hyun.
"Well, you shouldn't tease her when she's in a bad mood, you know" said Jonghun while taking off his glasses that he was wearing to read.
"aigoo~ what should i do know?" asked Jong Hyun, he looked at Jo Kwon.
"nan molla~" said Jo Kwon. then Jong Hyun looked at Jonghun.
Jonghun just smiled awkwardly and drowned himself into his book again.
"aissh~.." Jong Hyun brushed his own hair.


it was 11pm already and the 3ple J are still sitting at table number 12.
"Jonghunnie ! I'm sleepyyy~" whined Jo Kwon.
"What can i do? Look, Jong Hyun is still daydreaming.. or should i say nightdreaming? ah whatever~" said Jonghun.
Jo Kwon looked at Jong Hyun who was staring in emptiness all the time since Sun Hee left their table.
"Ya, Kim Jong Hyun!" snapped Jonghun.
"huh? what?"
"Look, our 'beloved magnae' is already sleepy. shouldn't we go home now?"
Jo Kwon was putting his face on the table and yawning,
"huaaahm~ yeah hyunnie let's go home T_T"
Jong Hyun took a deep breath.
"You guys can go first. I think i should have a word with Sun Hee."
"Oh you should do! look at her face when she went away. Okay then BYE HYUNNIE. Jonghunnie can i go home with you?" asked Jo Kwon.
"Come on. Oh and Jong Hyun, be nice ^^" said Jonghun.
Then both Jonghun and Jo Kwon left Jong Hyun alone at the table. The cafe was still crowded since it's open 24 hours.
"Jonghunnie, did you noticed Sun Hee's hair?" asked Jo Kwon while they both walked away from the cafe.
"Piggy tail? yeah. cute huh~?"
Jonghun and Jo Kwon just laughed and had a quick chat until they finally reached the car.

Jong Hyun waited for another 30 minutes until finally Sun Hee showed up from the locker, she was carrying her bag on her right shoulder, she waved goodbye to Cha Yoo, and was about to walk outdoors when she saw Jong Hyun. Then she stopped,
"Still here?" she asked with a tired face.
"Uh, Sun Hee, about the ice princess thing, uh.."
Sun Hee smiled weakly, "It's okay. I was just in a bad mood so i left your table. Sorry, too."
Jong Hyun took a fine glance at Sun Hee,
"by the way, your piggy tail looks.. good on you."
Sun Hee looked at Jong Hyun and touched her hair again, "ah~ thanks. haha.."
"You're going home?" asked Jong Hyun.
"Yeah.. mom already left me, as usual."
"need a ride? i can take you home with my bike." offered Jong Hyun.
"ah, no, gwenchana.. I'll take the bus. Jaejin already told me the route."
Jong Hyun nod his head, "very well. be careful then.."
Sun Hee smiled and bowed to Jong Hyun, then she walked to the bus station.

But before she could reach the bus station, she felt dizzy and she almost fainted and fell down, luckily Jong Hyun was just in time to run up and catch her.
"Sun Hee, are you.. gosh, your face is so pale!"
Sun Hee tried hard to stand up,
"Jong Hyun.." said Sun Hee while touching her forehead,
"Yea? are you okay?"
"I've changed my mind."
"What do you mean?", Jong Hyun was confused,
"My head aches really badly, can you.. can i have a ride home?"
Jong Hyun smiled, "of course, come on."
Jong Hyun helped Sun Hee carry her things while Sun Hee walked beside him and still getting rid of her headache.


As they both arrived at the Songs' residence, Jong Hyun parked his motorcycle near the entrance. He helped Sun Hee walk inside and he was about to find Mr. and Mrs. Song when suddenly..
"Young Lady Song.."
Sun Hee turned around, it was Mr. Lee, her private driver.
"Lady Song just left for the airport, i just came back from dropping her there. She was on her way to Japan, to catch up with Master and Young Master Song."
Sun Hee's sleepiness instantly went away,
"Japan? for what?"

"Yes. Young Master Song has a very important event there at Japan, an opening of a new branch of his company. The three of them are already boarding right now. Lady Song told me that i must tell you just until you get home. She also said that you must try to spend a week without your 3 other family members.."
"what?! a week?" Sun Hee almost freaked out,
"Yes, Ma'am. Uhm, and also, Lady Song said that you must not forget your shift at the noodle cafe, she is counting on you."
Sun Hee felt like crying. She was too tired to get angry.
"Oh ok. Thanks Mr. Lee, but promise you'll be there when i need you?"
"Yes Ma'am, I definitely will."
Sun Hee nod her head, then she introduced Jong Hyun to her maids, and Jong Hyun still helped her carry her things until she reached her room, her butler was following from behind.

Sun Hee went inside her room and changed clothes while Jong Hyun and Sun Hee's butler were waiting outside. Then when she was done, the butler was already carrying a glass of warm strawberry milk for Sun Hee and a pill of headache medicine.
after drinking her medicine, Sun Hee asked..
"it's 12pm already, how come you're still here?"
Jong Hyun just smiled and answered, "it's 12pm already, how come you're still up? you should go to sleep."
Jong Hyun told Sun Hee to lay down and he pulled the blanket over Sun Hee and tucked her in. He even pat Sun Hee's head that made Sun Hee trying to hide her blush.
"Oh look, you even haven't took off your piggy tail."
Sun Hee just smirked. "I can't sleep."
"Need a bedtime story?"
"No, that will make me stay up all night, hehe."
"a song?"
"you sing?" asked Sun Hee.
"Well, sort of.."
"Ok. sing." Sun Hee yawned.
Jong Hyun then started to sit properly. He took a few deep breaths and started singing.

"I want to tell you carefully
I want to be brave
Can I love you from today?
It's the first time
I don't want to lose this obvious feeling
I think love is going to come
I'll give you only good things
I don't know why but it's not strange
But my heart is fluttering
You took all of my heart
I endured a lot of goodbyes and a lot of tears
So it's a little late, but I think I finally met you
Can I love this person that's sitting in front of me?
I'll confess to you with my pounding heart.."

Jong Hyun looked at Sun Hee, she was already asleep. He smiled and was about to stand up when something made him stop.

His hands were being held by Sun Hee's hands.

To be continued..

Monday, 24 August 2009

Days With 3ple J {Plot 4}

"Go on, hurry up and meet your guest." said Dae Hee.
Sun Hee lazily picked up her thin baby blue sweater and put on her cream khaki pants. She then tied up her hair with a messy ponytail and walked down the stairs. When she arrived at the guest room, she was kinda surprised to see who was there.

Jonghun looked up and immediately stood up. He bowed and Sun Hee bowed back. Sun Hee's face made a what-are-you-doing expression and fortunately Jonghun understood.
"Oh, I was here to.."

What should I say? I was just going to meet her to.. to.. to what?

"to..?" asked Sun Hee.
Jonghun finally made his way out, "To talk about my last year project."
Sun Hee became more confused, "Is there anything i can help?"
"Yeah! in fact, uhm.. i was told to make a song and i kinda need a partner. Are you willing to? i mean, you can also learn while helping me, you know.."
Sun Hee smiled, "Oh! that sounds great, what kinda song are you going to make?"

Damn~ i don't know what to say. I just wanted to spend more time with her..

"Sun Hee?" shouted Mrs. Song.
Sun Hee rolled her eyes, "Yes mom~?"
"Why don't you invite your friend to dinner? Dinner is ready now. Everybody has gathered."
Jonghun also heard what Mrs. Song said, Sun Hee looked at Jonghun and raised her eyebrows, saying "Do you mind?"
Jonghun just smiled and said "My pleasure..". Then Sun Hee's butler led them both to the dining room. Jonghun was being relieved silently.


"Where's Dae Hee, Nichkhun and Jaejin?" asked Sun Hee while she sat beside her mom.
"They left for home. Jaejin invited Dae Hee and Nich to his house."
"Oh.. how come he didn't tell me. Hmm~ oh hi oppa! This is my sunbae, Jonghun."
Sun Hee said hi to her big brother while introducing Jonghun to Tory. Jonghun then took a seat beside Tory.
"Well hi there, this is the first time a guy visited here to see Sun Hee. Except for Jaejin, hahaha~" said Tory while laughing cutely.
"oppa~!" said Sun Hee.
Jonghun just smiled.

Not long after that, Mr. Song started the dinner. They had a calm chat while enjoying their feast. When it came to dessert, Tory asked to Jonghun.
"So, what's the purpose of you visiting our house?"
"oppaaaaaaa~~" Sun Hee squealed in a pleading face. She felt that her oppa is unrespectful to their guest.
"It's okay. Uhm, actually i was wondering if your sister could help me in my last year project." said Jonghun.
"And what is that?" asked Seung Ri while grabbing a spoon of his crepes suzzete.
"Composing a song." answered Sun Hee while chewing.
"Sun Hee! chew down your food before talking!" scolded Mrs. Song.
Sun Hee just wiped her mouth with her napkin, "is it right, sunbae?"
Jonghun nodded his head, "Yeah. composing a song."
Tory looked excited, "Wow sounds cool, can you count me in?"
"oppaaaaaaaa~~ this is the last time i'm calling you." said Sun Hee.
the members just laughed softly looking at Sun Hee's weird aegyo towards her oppa.

Tory is always curious when there is someone that is close to his sister, especially if the person is a guy. Tory usually interrogates the guy without him knowing. And sometimes Tory gets himself into a spy mission, spying the guy if he's the best for Sun Hee. Knowing about her over protective brother, Sun Hee often squeals "oppaa~" when Tory starts to behave like that.

"actually Sun Hee.." said Jonghun,
"i was looking for you at the cafe back there, i thought today was your shift but you weren't there, so.." Jonghun hung up his speech.

"umma.." said Sun Hee,
"ne?" Mrs. Song looked a bit confused,
"what day is it today?"
"Hahahahahahahaa~!" Sun Hee burst out laughing. Mr. Song and Tory had to scold her a bit to keep her behavior in place.
"what's the matter with Wednesday?" asked Mrs. Song,
"It's my shift but i forgot, and then you forgot, and then when Jonghun sunbae mentioned the cafe, you still didn't realize ahahahaha~! umma nie hahahaha~"

Mrs. Song's face stayed cool.
"Ok then let's double up your shift on Friday."
Jonghun and Tory almost choked on their crepes and looked at each other. Mr. Song just smiled.
"double..shift?" Sun Hee looked to her mom's eyes.
Mrs. Song was done with her food so she went upstairs, so did her dad.
Then Tory went to the balcony with Jonghun to chat.
"Hey.. hey? what about me? appa~ umma~! oppa!.. sunbae.."
Sun Hee looked miserable while chewing on her last bite of crepes, the maids around her were holding their laughs, while Jonghun looked back and just smiled looking at the grumpy Sun Hee.


"Because i can't sleep till you're next to me.."

Sun Hee lifted her left hand up and landed it upon her pink LG Cyon Lollipop. Craig David's Insomnia woke her up. She sat up and stretched out her arms. Then she looked at the clock.
9.30 am.
Sun Hee rubbed her eyes.

Sun Hee immediately rushed to the bathroom, she took a quick shower without wetting her hair, she put on her white skinny jeans plus a loose yellow sweater, she tied her hair up to a messy bun, she put on some lip gloss and perfume, grabbed her bag and handphone then rushed downstairs.

Mrs. Song was in front of the TV, having a cup of tea. "What?"
"Why didn't you wake me up? I got college at 9.45 !"
Mrs. Song didn't look at her daughter.
"Tory already shook your body, spray you water, screamed at your ear but it was useless."
"Then where is he now?"
"off to work."
"Fine. Then I'll take the car with Mr. Lee." Sun Hee was about to walk out after she chugged down a glass of milk.
"No you can't." said Mrs. Song.
"Mr. Lee has to drop me to the spa center, i have something to do with my friends there."
"What happened to Mr. Park, your personal driver?"
"He asked for a free day. His daughter is sick."
"Then me?"
"Off you go with a bus."

Sun Hee swore in her heart and her mouth mimic-ed words that her mother was saying.

Damn~ I'm late and I have to take the bus! Great..

Sun Hee walked outside her house's gate. Then she went to the bus station. It was so not crowded. Sun Hee checked her watch, 9.40am.
Sun Hee then ran as fast as she can to the next bus stop, she ran while looking to the road if there was any taxi passing by. But none. Sun Hee kept running, she was glad that she wore her converse sneakers instead of her puma sneakerheels.
when she was about to cross the road, she saw the road was clear, so she gain her speed and started running through the zebra cross. But this black sedan came out of nowhere in full speed. The driver pushed the breaks so hard that it made a screaching sound on the road, Sun Hee spontaneously stopped and looked at the car. She looked at her watch.
"AKH~ whatever, even though i run I'll still be late."

Sun Hee then walked up to the driver's window. She knocked on the window and started scolding and babbling here and there. Then the guy inside the car slowly open the window and it made Sun Hee stopped complaining.
"Sun Hee? Ah, I'm so sorry, i thought the road was clear so.."
Sun Hee opened her eyes wide.
Jonghun smiled in apologize, "Sorry.."
Sun Hee then felt guilty herself,
"No~! No I'm sorry too, uh.. i was rushing to college, the bus won't come so i decided to run, and my driver can't drop me so.."
"You need a ride?" asked Jonghun.
Sun Hee took a deep breath, "I guess.."
"Then hop on."
"Really? You don't mind?"
"Just consider this as my gratitude to last night's dinner."
Sun Hee smiled and went inside Jonghun's car.


When they both arrived at KGU, Sun Hee quickly took off her seatbelts and was about to go out when suddenly Jonghun held her left arm,
"Sun Hee, wait!"
Sun Hee fell back sitting, she made an ouch face and looked to Jonghun,
"yes, sunbae?"
Sun Hee looked at Jonghun's hand which was holding her arm,
"Oh, sorry. Uhm, it's just that.. for my project.. uh.." Jonghun had his nerves coming out of nowhere.
"Sunbae. I'm late." said Sun Hee, straightforward.
"Oh ne, uhm.. I'll meet you at the canteen, at lunch. K?"
"Okay. Thanks for the ride, sunbae! See ya!"
Sun Hee closed the door carefully, waved a bit then she ran off to her class. It was 9.50 already, she hopes that her lecturer would still accept her to come in.

meanwhile, Jonghun just parked his car when his two buddies both hit his two shoulders from behind.
"YOW YOW YOW Hunnie my maaan~" shouted Jong Hyun.
"Hunnie~! How's your day?" asked Jo Kwon.
"what day?" Jonghun asked back.
Jo Kwon rolled his eyes, "pretending like you don't know."
then Jong Hyun spoke up,
"If we ask about your day, it means we ask about our bet! The Sun Hee~! How is it?"
Jonghun made a simple smile and walked along leaving crazy Js behind.
"YA~! Choi Jonghun!"
Jo Kwon shouted and catch up to Jonghun, so did Jong Hyun.
"For me, it was my first conversation with Sun Hee when we met at my faculty. She was waiting for Jaejin." said Jong Hyun.
Jo Kwon smiled,
"Then i'm much better. I met her accidently in front of MY faculty, and i get to chat with her at Starbucks! ahaha~ i even got her number."
"MWO? NUMBER?" asked Jong Hyun.
"oops! shouldn't have said that. hahahaha", then Jo Kwon ran slowly, this time leaving double JH behind. Jong Hyun ran to catch Jo Kwon, while Jonghun kept his guilty pleasure to himself, without telling it to his buddies.


In the afternoon..

Sun Hee was walking outside her faculty when suddenly someone called her,
"Sun Hee~ah !"
Sun Hee looked back and found a pretty boy running towards her.
"ah~ sunbae, i was just about to look for you. I forgot to give you my number. By the way, when are we going to start your project?"
Jonghun was panting softly, then he answered,
"Is now the right time? Let's go to my house, i got a mini studio there. Then when we're done, i could take you home."
Sun Hee widen her eyes, "Really? mini studio?"
Jonghun smiled and nod his head.
"Well, okay then what are we waiting for.."
Sun Hee asked Jonghun to lead the way where he parked his car. While they were walking, Sun Hee phoned Jaejin to tell the Songs that she will be home late.

Jonghun opened the door for Sun Hee, she hopped inside while ignoring Jonghun. Jonghun just smirked and for a second, he felt like being Sun Hee's private driver. Then he went into his seat and started the car.
"Is your house far from here?" asked Sun Hee when they were on the way.
"Well, i need to take the toll to reach home.." Jonghun answered, while concentrating on the road.
"Who do you live with?"
"Just me and my parents."
"How bout your siblings?"
"I don't have any."
Sun Hee stopped asking for a while. She saw Jonghun's eyes sparked some loneliness.
"sorry, am I bothering you with my questions?"
Jonghun took a one second glance at Sun Hee.
"No it's okay. Haha~ why are you asking?"
"Coz your face seems bored. and tired. sure you okay?"

Haha~! my acting is quite a success, now she is slowly giving attention to me...

"I'm fine. You can ask more if you want." Jonghun smiled while looking straight forward.
"oh.. don't you feel lonely at home? not having siblings? i mean, me myself.. i kinda get lonely when Tory oppa is not around, how about you?"
"whenever i get lonely, there is always my guitar and piano accompanying me. If i'm bored, i kinda compose some songs, while being online."
Sun Hee made an "oh" face.
"How bout your mom and dad?" asked Sun Hee again.
"Same as yours. Busy. they get home like 8pm and usually i already ate dinner and fell asleep on the couch. Dad usually wakes me up to move to my room, but mom always tell that it's okay, so she just covers me with a blanket."
"Do you have any maids?"
"Just one."
Sun Hee then decided to stop asking and watch the scenery beside the road.

45 minutes later, they arrived at the Choi's residence.
Jonghun's home was not as big as the Songs, but also luxurious. It's located in a quiet complex. The architecture is futuristic, lots of glass and cube shapes. The color is also neutral, black white gray with a little touch of soft blue.
Jonghun led Sun Hee inside the house, his maid greeted him and he asked for her to make some drinks. Then Jonghun led Sun Hee to the mini studio.

"Whoa this is your studio?"
Sun Hee looked around the studio, it suits it's name - mini. The studio was even smaller than Sun Hee's personal bathroom but enough to put in various instruments like a guitar, bass, keyboard and small set of drums. But the gray color, soft and bouncy white couch, and white leather walls made the studio felt warm and comfy. Even the black carpet was so thick and soft.
Jonghun walked to the small coffee table in the middle of the room. He sat down leaning on the table. Sun Hee still looked around, she was looking at the guitar, it had a small pink cat dummy at the tip of the guitar's handle.
"Your guitar?" asked Sun Hee.
Jonghun looked up, "ah~ yeah."
Sun Hee played with the cat toy. "This is cute."
"Just like this right?"
Sun Hee was confused, she turned her back and found a brownish norwegian forest cat sitting on Jonghun's lap.
"aaaaaaaakh~ ! cute!"
Sun Hee immediately ran towards Jonghun and pet the cat.
"What's his name? it's a he right?"
Jonghun smiled while brushing the cat's head, "Yep. I call him Fluffy."
Sun Hee smiled and put her face in front of Fluffy.
"Fluffy~! annyeong haseyo~~ Sun Hee imnidaaaa, but for you, you can call me SunSun~!"
Jonghun laughed, "SunSun?"
Sun Hee ignored him and continue petting Fluffy. Fluffy just purred.

"I didn't know you loved cats." said Sun Hee.
"Uhm, Fluffy is my only friend at home. When I'm not around, usually he gets taken care by my maid."
Sun Hee played with Fluffy's paws, "How old is he?"
"2 years." answered Jonghun.
"Oh~! 2 years and you're already this big, Fluffy? whoaaa you're so fat!"
Jonghun just smiled. Sun Hee picked up Fluffy and hugged him.
"Are we going to start?" asked Jonghun.
"Oh yes. Uhm~~ what kind of music do you want to compose, sunbae?"
"Uhm wait, if we're not in college, you can call me Jonghun."
Sun Hee raised her eyebrows, "you sure?"
Jonghun nodded. "Ok then, Jonghun." said Sun Hee.

Jonghun picked up a pen and started playing with it.
"Hmm~ i'm actually having a hard time picking a genre.."
"Well, then let's have a brainstorm." said Sun Hee.
Sun Hee walked to the DVD player, "This can play mp3s right?"
Sun Hee then opened her phone and connected the bluetooth to the DVD player. Then a soft song came out playing. It was an instrumental piano song.
Jonghun lift his head up, "Let me guess, Yiruma?"
"Yep~! His songs are WOW and it always gives me inspiration."
a soft but distinct melody played through the speakers.
"What's the title?" asked Jonghun.
"River flows in you." said Sun Hee, while grabbing a small cushion and hugging it while leaning her head down to the table. Sun Hee yawned. Jonghun realized she was sleepy but he didn't asked. Jonghun kept playing and listened to the song seriously.

5 minutes went by, Yiruma's songs kept playing through the speakers.
"How about an acoustic song?" asked Jonghun.
There was no answer.
"Sun Hee?" asked Jonghun.
Still no answer.
He put down the piece of paper in front of his face and found Sun Hee already asleep with her face leaned down to the table and hugging a cushion. Jonghun just smiled while still holding the pen.

Then he grabbed his acoustic guitar. He tried to think for a while, he played a few chords. It took him 2 minutes to find the right melody. Then he started playing a song..

"I hear you breathe
You’re lying close to me
The shadows gone
I have found my peace

Oooh You make me calm
With you I’m safe from harm
And right by your side
I’ll stay through the night
‘til eternity
That’s the way it will be

And I wonder what you’re dreaming of
You’re so peaceful when you sleep
Everything I want everything I need is lying here in front of me

And if I ever lose my power to fly
Then your love takes me high
I’ll always be true to you
Sometimes I think I might lose it all
Guess the chances are small
Cause you hold me close I feel you near
Don’t let go say you’ll always be here
So just hold me tight and I’ll be fine
Dreaming... you will always be mine.."

Jonghun glared at Sun Hee. The girl was still sleeping even though he played guitar and sang a song in front of her. Okay, the song was soft but, people would of course wake up hearing just a sound, right? But for Sun Hee, sleeping is her everything.
Suddenly Jonghun heard a vibrate sound. He looked at the sofa and found Sun Hee's pink Lollipop phone vibrating (it was in silent mode) and showing various lights. Someone was calling.

Sun Hee still didn't wake up, so Jonghun decided to pick up the phone. But when he grabbed the phone and saw the contact name, he stared at the phone.


To be continued...

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Days With 3ple J {Plot 3}

The three guys decided to leave the noodle cafe, since the one they were looking for wasn't there. Jo Kwon invited Jong Hyun to play nintendo Wii at his house, while Jonghun said he would go home by himself.
He was actually lying.
Jonghun got in his car and was on his way to Sun Hee's house near Gangnam. He was about to make another move to win his bet.
As he arrived, a butler greeted him and asked who is he looking for.

"May I help you, Sir? Do you have any appointment with one of the Songs?"
Jonghun tidied up his clothes and his hair.
"Oh yes thank you., I was just wondering, is Miss Song Sun Hee home?"
"Ah, Miss Song hasn't arrived yet. She is still having tennis with Young Master Song and Young Master Lee. Maybe they will all arrive in an hour. Do you mind waiting, Sir?"

Ah.. tennisseu. an hour? that seems long. i guess i'll just meet her tomorrow at college.

"Nah, thanks a lot. I'll just leave now. Thank you, Sir !" said Jonghun
the butler bowed and watched Jonghun leave with his car.

Not far from there, Tory was driving his sport car with Sun Hee and Jaejin inside. Sun Hee was sitting beside the driver, Tory. Tory was talking to Sun Hee when suddenly their car passes by with Jonghun's car.
Sun Hee looked back and saw the car moved further and further.

"Whassup, Sis? anything wrong?" asked Tory.
"Ah.. aniya. I think i just saw.. oh no, nothing." answered Sun Hee.

Isn't that Jonghun sunbae's car? Was he from our house?

the next day..

"Ireoda michyeo naega yeoriyeori chakhadeon~~ Geureon naega neottaemune dora naega dokhan naro byeonhae naega.. OUCH~"

Jo Kwon was singing to Brown Eyed Girls' Abracadabra when he suddenly bumped into someone, his books that he was carrying instantly fell off his hands and hit the ground, his papers where everywhere.

"aish ! my papers.. grrh~"

He picked up his papers in a pissed mood, a pair of hands were helping him gather the books but he didn't noticed. When he was done, he stood up and grabbed the books from the person he bumped into.

"YAH~ ! don't you have eyes? you just..", Jo Kwon stopped when he stopped tidying his papers and looked up to the person that helped him.
"Mianhae, i wasn't concentrating on my path.."
Jo Kwon's eyes went wide and his mouth was widely opened.
"Song Sun Hee?" he asked.
Sun Hee looked confused, "Do i know you?"
Jo Kwon turned his back and whispered "YES YES YES!! AHA~ FINALLY"
then he turned to Sun Hee again.

"Oh ! let me introduce myself, I'm Jo Kwon. my friends call me Kwonnie. hehe."
"Sun Hee imnida.. have i met you somewhere?" Sun Hee was curious.
"Of course! we met at the noodle cafe, remember? i was with my friends, double JH. hahaha"
Sun Hee snapped her hands, "ah yes! i remember! oh, bangapseumnida.. Kwonnie?"
Jo Kwon laughed, "Yea yea! call me Kwonnie."
"So you're a student here in KGU too?" asked Sun Hee.
"Yep. I just graduated from the arts and now I'm taking French.."
"French?" asked Sun Hee.
"Yea, Franzosisch. haha~ just wanna learn about it. hey how about you? what major are you in?"
Jo Kwon actually already knew that Sun Hee was in digital musics like Jonghun, but he just asked to make sure.
"It's my first year in digital musics. Hey is it okay that i don't call you 'sunbae'?"
Jo Kwon smiled, "ah, no no never call me sunbae. I'm too young to be called sunbae hahahaha"
Sun Hee smiled back, "ok then. ^^ oh and sorry for your papers. Uhm, is there anything i can do to apologize?"
"ah, no don't bother. It's okay. XD"
"You sure?" asked Sun Hee.
Jo Kwon made a thinking face for a while.

"except that you don't mind accompanying me to Starbucks this afternoon?"
Sun Hee smiled.


"so if you want to go to France, you must be able to speak french fluently? otherwise the people won't answer if you talk english?"
"yep." Sun Hee took a sip of her blended frappucino.
"you've been to Paris?" asked Jo Kwon.
"hmm.. twice. Once only with my mom and the other time only with my bro. Haha you should know, when i was there with Tory oppa, i stayed so close to him. There were couples everywhere and this guy who sells souvenirs said that we were a great couple. Hahaha, he didn't know that we were actually siblings!"
Jo Kwon made a small laugh.
"ahaha, that's because you both look charismatic. what is it like in Paris?"

Sun Hee then told her story about her vacation to Paris with Tory. Jo Kwon was so enthusiastic, he listened to the story very carefully. Sometimes he comments on it, and then he takes a sip of his drink.

"Wow so cool! do you mind if i ask you about something i don't understand when i start my college?" he asked.
"of course, haha. I'll do my best to help ^^"
Jo Kwon smiled happily. "ah~ great! then can i have your number?"

"my number?"
"yea so i could contact you if i have any problems on my college."

and so i can often ask you out ! HAHA i bet double JH haven't got her number yet.

Sun Hee gave her number to Jo Kwon.
"By the way, Jong Hyun said you guys are daily customers at our cafe. Is it right?"
"Oh yes! We often hang out there even before you started working. Hehe~ the noodle cafe is 3ple J's best hang out place."
"3ple J?" asked Sun Hee.
"Oh, that's what i call the three of us, 3ple J. 3ple, coz all our names start with the letter J. and i call both Jong Hyun and Jonghun 'double JH'."
Sun Hee smiled, "Interesting.. ^^"
"by the way, you already met Jong Hyun?" asked Jo Kwon.
"Yea, i met him when i was waiting at Jaejin's faculty. I just found out that he was Jaejin's sunbae. I didn't know that you three all go to college here."
"So you've met Jonghun at your faculty too?"
Sun Hee tried to think.
"I met him before i saw you guys at our cafe, i accidentally bumped into him. Then i just knew him when we met at the noodle cafe. that time he was alone, where were you guys?"
Jo Kwon laughed, "you mean me and Jong Hyun? well, we just 'ciao'-ed out of the place leaving Jonghun behind hahaha. So you haven't met Jonghun again after at the noodle cafe?"
"No. not yet."

AHAHA~ YESS.. Jonghun is busy with his last project. YEAY YEAY he can't meet Sun Hee that often!


"umma nie~ I'm home!"
Sun Hee rushed inside her 'mansion'. She looked inside and found her mom at the kitchen.
"umma? what are making? cakes? YUM, I WANNA HELP!"
Mrs. Song blocked Sun Hee's opened mouth with a piece of waffle to make her stop speaking.
"there. eat that and don't even think to help me. your cooking skills are beyond minus. now just look at the music room and see who's there."
"mmfh~ nyum nyum~ music room? nugu?"
Mrs. Song just pushed Sun Hee out. Sun Hee grabbed a glass of water that her butler has prepared. She chugged down her drink while she walked to the music room.

She heard someone playing Yiruma's It's Your Day. Sun Hee opened the door and found her bestie at the piano.
"Dae Hee!"
Dae Hee smiled, "Sun Hee, sista~ !"
Sun Hee walked to Dae Hee, Dae Hee stood up and hugged her bestie.
"How was it in Thailand?" asked Sun Hee.
"It was amazing! Look what i brought from there."

Dae Hee pointed to someone on the sofa.
"Jaejin?" asked Sun Hee.
Dae Hee slapped her own forehead. "Not him, babo. Beside Jaejin."
Sun Hee then looked at the guy in white who was sitting beside Jaejin. The guy had brownish hair, thick eyebrows, and looks pretty for a guy.
"annyeong haseyo, I'm Nichkhun."
He bowed at Sun Hee. Sun Hee bowed back, then she turned to Dae Hee.
"AHA~ what a nice souvenir. hahaha, hope you guys go on well ^^"
Nichkhun walked to Dae Hee, "Thanks, Sun Hee."
"EHEM~" coughed Jaejin.
"aa~! Jaejin-ah, hahaha how long were you sitting there? come on let's start our piano lesson." said Sun Hee.
"what were we playing yesterday?" asked Jaejin.
"Yiruma's River Flow in You." said Sun Hee.
Nichkhun suddenly spoke up, "Hey i can play that song!"
"oh, Jongmal?" asked Jaejin, Sun Hee and Dae Hee together.

Then Sun Hee told Nichkhun to teach them the song. Every Tuesdays, Sun Hee always play the piano together with Jaejin, they don't have a personal trainer, they just play. But that day, Dae Hee who was Sun Hee's high school friend came back from Thailand and Nichkhun was with her. So the four of them started their new lesson together.


40 minutes later, Nichkhun and Jaejin decided to go for a walk while Sun Hee and Dae Hee had a girl talk in Sun Hee's room.
"You know when i started my job as a waitress i met these three guys at the cafe..."

Sun Hee continued her story while Dae Hee was applying nail polish and listening carefully.

"Then the next day i started to meet the three guys at three different places. Well i actually met Jonghun sunbae before i worked at the cafe. But when i met Jong Hyun and Jo Kwon.. i don't know. The meeting seems like it has been planned purposely, by them."

Dae Hee looked up to Sun Hee,
"and why do you think it is so?"
"I don't know. I just feel that something is awkward."
"If i were you, i'll trash my weird feelings and enjoy them being around me. You gotta be kidding me! You said that Jonghun sunbae is the cool and calm type, while sometimes talkative. and then Jong Hyun is the type that many girls would fall for. and then Jo Kwon is like someone who can lighten up your day. You, are among all three types. Your life should be fun.", said Dae Hee.
Sun Hee just laughed. "Hahaha i shouldn't have told this to you."
Dae Hee smiled and continued on polishing.

Suddenly Sun Hee's mom knocked on her door,
"Sun Hee dear?"
"Yes mom?" asked Sun Hee.
Mrs. Song opened the door, "Someone's looking for you down there."
"I mean there's a guest. And why don't you invite him for dinner? It's almost ready."
"who is it anyway?" asked Sun Hee.
"I don't know. I forgot to ask his name. The thing i know that he is sure damn pretty," said Mrs. Song.

"Pretty?", Sun Hee and Dae Hee looked at each other.

To be continued..

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Days With 3ple J {Plot 2}

"May i take your order?", asked Sun Hee.
All the three guys said nothing. They all looked at Sun Hee, it made her feel awkward so she asked again,
"Excuse me? Have you made your order?"
the girlish guy spoke up,
"Ah ! Ne, I'll have tom yum udon, please. You, Jong Hyun? Jonghun?"
"Me.. uhm, original ramen." said the shortest guy.
Sun Hee wrote their orders in her small note.
"And you, Sir?", Sun Hee asked to the guy who came last.
"Eh? Uh.. make mine the same as his.", he pointed to the girlish one.
Sun Hee smiled and asked, "Anything else?"

"Give us three glasses of our favorite drinks in here..", said the shortest guy that Sun Hee thinks his name is Jong Hyun.
Sun Hee was confused, "your.. favorite drinks?"
"Yeah, we're like permanent customers here, you should know our drink." he said again.

Damn~ who do you think you are? I OWN THIS PLACE~~

"Ah Jong Hyun, maybe she's new here. I haven't seen her before. You're new right?" asked the girlish one.

Ah~! he understands my feelings.. oh so that GRRH~ guy's name is Jong Hyun.. hmm

"Ah, yes I am.." answered Sun Hee.
"Well, ok then. Listen.."

Jong Hyun explained about the drinks to Sun Hee. Sun Hee listened carefully while nodding where head certain times. She didn't knew that the other guy kept glaring at her. When Jong Hyun was done, Sun Hee repeated the orders then she walked away to place the orders.

She forgot about the guy that she thought she knew. -_-


"Guys, listen!"
Jo Kwon, the girlish guy in the group, spontaneously looked at Jong Hyun. But Jonghun, the guy who came last, didn't her Jong Hyun calling so Jo Kwon clapped his hands in front of Jonghun's face.
"Helloooow~ Mister!"
Jonghun shrugged off of his reverie. He just made a crooked smile and then turned to listen what Jong Hyun was going to say.

"How bout we do a bet?", asked Jong Hyun.
Jo Kwon raised his eyebrows, "Betting on what? for what?"
Jong Hyun smiled and pointed at the waitress, "On her."
Jo Kwon turned his head and looked at the waitress. Jonghun too. But their reaction was different. When Jo Kwon looked at her, he just said, "Oh. then what should we do? aha~ i think this is going to be fun!"
While Jonghun was caught in his reverie again and didn't say anything.
"HEY JONGHUN!" shouted Jong Hyun.
"Huh? Oh yeah. what should we do?"

Jong Hyun smirked and explained,
"If one of the three of us is able to win the girl's heart, then he wins. The things we do? Ask her name, ask her phone number, take her for a walk.."
"Jong Hyun, she isn't a dog. Don't say 'take her for a walk'." said Jo Kwon.
"Hahaha mian, i meant, take her for a date, et cetera et cetera.."
Jo Kwon made a big grin, "If i win? what would i get?"
Jong Hyun tried to think for a while, "Well, haven't figured out about that yet. You can ask anything and double JH will grant it for you, SOWONEUL MALHAEBWA!"
I started to dance along to SNSD's single, Genie. Then Jo Kwon burst out laughing hard, while Jonghun laughed hard to but covered his mouth with his hands.

Jong Hyun sat back on his seat again and asked, "Come on, guys, deal?"
Jo Kwon shouted, "DEAL! yaaaaay the competition has begun!"
He raised both his hands to the air while smiling and shaking here and there vigorously.
"Jonghun?" asked Jong Hyun.
Jonghun smiled, he gave his pretty smile again, "Deal." he said.


Sun Hee was done with her shift. It has been 6 hours since she arrived there. It was 11pm already, Sun Hee was packing her stuff to go home. The cafe though, is open 24 hours so she switched shifts with other employees.
"Cha Yoo~!" called Sun Hee.
"Yes, Sun Hee?"
"Thanks for today. I should be going home now. Have you seen my mom?"
"Oh, Mrs. Song? uhm.. I.. uh.." Cha Yoo suddenly went nervous.
"What is it, Cha Yoo?", Sun Hee got curious.
Cha Yoo took a deep breath.

"Mrs. Song left the cafe since 8pm, she left a message to me that you should go home by yourself, by public transportation, and she said it has something to do with independence.."
Sun Hee's face went stressed.
"AAAAKH~ JONGMAL.. umma is really.. aaaaaaargh~!"
Cha Yoo patted her friend's back.
"Aw, Sun Hee it's okay. Public transportation isn't that bad you know?"
"But.. aaaaakh~~" Sun Hee covered her face.
"Come on I'll take you to the bus stop ahead."

Cha Yoo led Sun Hee outside the cafe. Sun Hee held Cha Yoo's arms in order not to get lost (at least that what she thinks) and walked beside her. Suddenly someone called..

"Song Sun Hee?"

Both Sun Hee and Cha Yoo stopped. Sun Hee looked around and found the guy-that-came-last-among-his-other-friends still sitting at the same table.
Sun Hee was too lazy to give a damn so she just answered,
"Me? aakh~ mianhae, my shift is over, you can call another waitress."
Sun Hee was about to clap her hands when the guy said,
"Ah no no no~! It's you that i need."
Sun Hee's eyes grew big. "mwo?"
"akh~ i mean.. here.. this is yours, right?"
the guy lend Sun Hee's small cute box set of spoons. Sun Hee startled.
"my box!", Sun Hee grabbed the box from the guy's hands. He just smiled.
"but how did you.. ah~!"
Sun Hee didn't finish her sentences when she realized that it was the guy she bumped into that afternoon at her college. He just smiled again.

"ooh.. aa~ mianhae about that again. uh, I.."
"No, no it's okay. I thought i wouldn't have a chance to return it to you, but i saw your name on the box, and i saw your name tag when you were serving, and i remembered your face so.. yeah." he explained.
Sun Hee just bowed and nod her head.
"By the way.. you're taking digital music as your major?" he asked.
Sun Hee answered, "Ah yes, i just started my year as a freshman. Uh.. you?"
"Then i'm actually your sunbae."
"mwo?" Sun Hee startled again.
"Haha, yep. My major is digital music too, except that I'm a senior and it's my last year now. Almost graduating."

Oh i see. HOW COME I DIDN'T KNOW? dang~ Kyung Gi University is really big indeed.

"Oh really? oh.. bangapseumnida, sunbae. Sorry if i was lack of manners to you."
Sun Hee bowed again.
"It's okay. By the way.. I'm Choi Jonghun."
He reached out his hands to greet Sun Hee's.
"oh~ Song Sun Hee imnida." Sun Hee shaked hands with Jonghun.
"and.. where has your friend gone to?" asked Jonghun.
Sun Hee made a frown. She looked to her right and found that Cha Yoo was longer beside her.
"that girl~~ aish.. how am i going to go home now?" Sun Hee whispered to herself.
Jonghun actually noticed Sun Hee's uneasy expressions.
"you okay?", he asked.
"ah.. it's just that, i don't know how to go home. T_T"
Jonghun was about to laugh but he held it in.
"where do you live?"
"somewhere near Gangnam~"

Gangnam? Then this girl must be from a rich family..

"I actually drive myself here by my car. Do you mind if i take you home?", Jonghun offered help.
"What? oh no, thanks. I bother you too much, i think it's better if i take the bus."
"Really? You don't even know which bus that you should take, right? And it's already 11pm, almost midnight. Girls aren't supposed to.."
"OK~ ! ok, please take me home now, will you?"
Sun Hee cut off Jonghun's sentence. Jonghun just laughed.
"Ok, let's..", Jonghun pointed to his car that he parked at the side of the road.
Sun Hee immediately walked to the car. Jonghun walked behind her slowly, then he turned around.

"Guys~ ! HAHA~ I'll take my leave now, see you guys tomorrow!"

Actually, Jong Hyun and Jo Kwon were hiding beyond another table since Sun Hee and Jonghun started their conversation. Seeing Jonghun able to drive Sun Hee home even since their first meeting, made Jo Kwon and Jong Hyun envious.

"SHUT UP~ BEANSPROUT! i know this is pissing me off. Tomorrow we should catch up to him. Did you hear their conversation, Kwonnie?" asked Jong Hyun.
"YE! i heard that that Sun Hee girl goes to the same university as Jonghun and us. BUT SHE TAKES THE SAME MAJOR AS JONGHUN!" Jo Kwon shouted again.

"what? aaaaaah noooooo~ then Jonghun would have plenty of time to find that girl. DAMN IT~ what if he wins the bet?", Jong Hyun looked at Jo Kwon.
Jo Kwon just raised his shoulders. They both looked miserable watching Jonghun's car drive away from the cafe.


__ The Next Day __

Jonghun, Jo Kwon, and Jong Hyun were walking down the path of their university while talking about their betting game.

"Guys! You gotta know, that girl that we're putting a bet on, is THE Song Sun Hee! The Songs! Don't tell me you don't know the Songs?" asked Jonghun.
Jo Kwon spoke up,

"I know, I know! Sun Hee's dad a.k.a Mr. Song has a BIG company, it has many branches all over the world, he is the number 3 richest people in the world, his partner from the company is Mr. Lee a.k.a the father of Lee Jaejin which is in the same faculty as Jong Hyun's. Sun Hee's mom owns the noodle cafe which is also well known around Asia and has opened new stores in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hongkong. And one more thing, Sun Hee's big bro Song Seung Hyun a.k.a Tory is the chief manager in another popular company and also well known all over the world! People say that Tory has the ability to take over the company. AND HE'S EVEN YOUNGER THAN ME! AAAAAAARGH~~!"

Jong Hyun and Jonghun looked at each other, while being amazed that Jo Kwon could explain about the Song family in just a minute without getting choked or feeling thirsty.

"Damn! i'm thirsty, let's get a drink." said Jo Kwon.

Oops. Jong Hyun and Jonghun's thoughts were wrong. Jo Kwon IS thirsty after all.

"Hey, Kwonnie, how did you know all about the Songs?" asked Jong Hyun.
"TV~." said Jo Kwon after buying a bottle of water.
"But how come you didn't recognize Sun Hee's face when she was taking our orders?" asked Jong Hyun again.
"How could i know? the TV never exposes Sun Hee's face. Only Tory's. They say that Sun Hee hasn't have any special abilities in business, that's why she's not as famous as her bro. But screw that. SHE IS STILL RICH." Jo Kwon answered.
Jonghun who was keeping silent all the time finally opened his mouth.
"Then why is she working at the noodle cafe?"
Jong Hyun and Jo Kwon looked at each other. Then Jong Hyun answered,

"Maybe that's just temporary. Maybe she just wants to prove to her mom that she can do anything even being a waitress. You know that she's talented in music, right? Piano, violin, guitar, bass, drums, you name it. And sports? Haha even boys aren't a match to her. Basketball, volley, tennis, swimming, riding the horse and even archery and shooting. Oh i forgot. She has the black belt already."

"Black.. black belt?" asked Jo Kwon.
"Whoa~ then she must be tough.."
"But one thing. She has one thing that she can't do, that i girl MUST do." continued Jong Hyun.
"what?" asked Jo Kwon and Jonghun together.
"she can't cook."

Jo Kwon and Jonghun looked at each other, but only Jo Kwon who burst out laughing.

"BWAHAHAHAHA~ OMO OMO, even I can cook, Jonghun too right? And for you Jong Hyun you can only eat. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA~"
"argh~ shut up. so what are we going to do now?" asked Jong Hyun.
"what do you mean?" asked Jo Kwon.
"Should we continue our bet or cancel it? I mean, this is to risky." said Jong Hyun.
They ALL looked at each other.

"are you crazy? I've just made my move last night and you're canceling the bet? Nope. KEEP MOVING. I'm gonna do it. Don't cancel it!" said Jonghun.


Sun Hee was searching for Jaejin at his faculty. Sun Hee kept dialing Jaejin's number but he didn't pick up.

Where the hell is Jaejin? We're gonna be late for our tennis class..

Sun Hee decided to sit on the bench near Jaejin's faculty. She turned on her iPod and listened to a few songs when she noticed that someone was paying attention to her. She looked to her left and found a guy wearing a green shirt walking towards her.

nugu? why is he walking here anyway?

"annyeong~ !" greeted the guy.
"Oh, annyeong~" Sun Hee bowed a bit while still sitting, she pulled out her earplugs and asked,
"is there anything wrong?"
the guy smiled.
"oh, no, i was just wondering why are you alone here, aren't you suppose to be in class?"
"My class is over, I'm waiting for a friend." answered Sun Hee.
"Oh, what a coincidence, so am I! May i sit beside you?" he asked.
Sun Hee smiled and grabbed her bag out of the way, "Of course."
Then the guy sat down and reached out his hands,

"Forgot to introduce myself, Kim Jong Hyun imnida, I'm actually from this faculty."
Sun Hee accepted his hands, "Song Sun Hee. Digital musics.."
"Ah~ digital musics? i have a friend there.."
Sun Hee got curious, "Perhaps, Jonghun sunbae?"
Jong Hyun smiled,
"exactly, you already know him?" Jong Hyun pretended not to know anything about it.
"Yeah we actually met at.. hey! You're his friend at the noodle cafe right?"
"and hey! you're the waitress that served us, right?" Jong Hyun asked back.
They both laughed and Sun Hee said, "It's a small world after all."

Then Jong Hyun and Sun Hee both had a chit chat. Deep inside his heart, Jong Hyun was cheering for himself that FINALLY he gets to talk to Sun Hee. Then suddenly Jaejin came near them.

"Jaejin~ah!" called Sun Hee.
"Yo, Sis!" Jaejin waved to Sun Hee.
Jaejin walked towards Sun Hee and found his senior sitting beside Sun Hee.
"Oh, Jong Hyun sunbae, annyeong haseyo!"
Jong Hyun greeted back and bowed to Jaejin.
"Uhm~ we should be leaving now. Tennis class, haha. See you next time, Jong Hyun. Bangapseumnida~" Sun Hee bowed and walked away with Jaejin.

"Haha~ now it's Jo Kwon who's being miserable ^^", Jong Hyun said to himself.


"Jaejin~ah ! Give a high serve !"
Sun Hee shouted from across the tennis field. Both Jaejin and Sun Hee played seriously, and also being observed by their coach.
And the coach is..

"Oppa~! Time out please!" shouted Sun Hee.
"aw~ come on Sun Hee you've only played a set. The target today is 2 sets."
"oppa, i didn't say i was going to quit, i just asked for a time out." said Sun Hee.
"Tory hyung~! me too. hehe" Jaejin chuckled as he walked to the seats to wipe his sweat and chug down a bottle of water.

Tory gave a towel to Sun Hee.
"How's college?" he asked.
"typical. I'm continuing my composing project. You think i should make an upbeat song or a mellow one?"
"depends on how you feel." said Tory.
"and you, oppa?"
"how's work?"
"typical. Hehe~, anyway.. your first day in the cafe, how about it?" Tory asked again.
Sun Hee suddenly freaked out,

"OH OPPA you got to know! When i arrived, mom immediately gave me an apron and said that i work as a waitress! and i was like WHAAAAT~~??!! but then i met Cha Yoo and she taught me everything. and in the end i met this guy who was actually my sunbae and mom left me alone, so did Cha Yoo, and so i didn't know how to go home so sunbae drove me home."

Tory laughed, "Chillax, sis! You gotta breath while you're talking.."


Meanwhile, Jo Kwon was already stand by at the noodle cafe. He was wondering if he could find Sun Hee earlier than his buddies. Then a few minutes Jong Hyun came by.

"akh! Jjongie, why do you have to come so fast??"
"Kwonnie ! i don't wanna miss a chance, i GOT to meet Sun Hee again."
"yep, i already met her today at college."

then Jo Kwon and Jong Hyun went crazy themselves. Not long after that, Jonghun came last.

"why you're the one who keeps coming last?" asked Jo Kwon.
"oh, mianhae i was too busy." answered Jonghun.
"busy doing what?"
"playing my guitar."
"aigooo~" Jo Kwon and Jong Hyun both sighed.

Then Jo Kwon opened his eyes wide and started looking here and there. Jong Hyun joined him searching. Then Jonghun who didn't understand them suddenly asked,

"what are you guys looking for?"
"what? you mean.. WHO.." said Jong Hyun.
"Sun Hee?" asked Jonghun.

The two other boys didn't answer. Then Jong Hyun called a waitress,

"Hey! over here..ah ne, do you have any idea where the waitress Song Sun Hee is?" he asked.
"Oh, Sun Hee unnie is not coming for work today, her shifts are only every Monday, Wednesday and Fridays."
"Oh I see.. Thanks then for the info."
"any orders, sir?" asked the waitress.
Jong Hyun looked at his friends,
"nope, not yet. Thanks though."
"Ok, sir if there's anything you can just wave over. I'm Cha Yoo."
"Very well, thanks !"

Jong Hyun looked at his buddies. "You heard the girl. Sun Hee is not in today."
"argh! what a pity. Now it's only me who hasn't met her." sighed Jo Kwon.
Jonghun didn't gave a comment, he just spoke to himself.

Since i know where her house is, should i come over? what should i say?

To be continued..

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Days With 3ple J {Plot 1}

"Song Sun Hee! Wake up!"

Mrs. Song's shrieking voice made Sun Hee startled and jumped off her bed. It was Monday. And like everyone do, Sun Hee hates Mondays.

"Argh~! Umma nie, would you stop shouting? I'M UP ALREADY!!"
"Yeah, you're up AFTER mom called you, Sun Hee."

Sun Hee looked at her door. There was her big brother standing leaning on the door, already dressed up and ready for work.

"Seung Hyun! Don't just stand still and do nothing, drag your sister to the bathroom. Come on!", Mrs. Song kept shouting.
"Yes, Mom! and please call me Tory, would you?"
"Why Seung Ri, oppa?" asked Sun Hee.
Tory smiled.
"Because that's what my friends call me at work. ^^"
Sun Hee smirked, "Oh yeah, i forgot that you work in an International Company."

Sun Hee yawned and walked heavily to her bathroom. Tory pushed her to walk faster. He laughed softly then walked to the dining room for breakfast.

__ 35 minutes later __

Sun Hee was busy packing her stuff for college. And as usual, she wore her yellow cardigan, straight shocking pink jeans, and sneaker heels. And she done her hair with a messy bun.

"Sun Hee! Breakfast!", yelled Mrs. Song.
"Yes, MOOOOOM~~ !", Sun Hee yelled back while grabbing her glasses and wearing it.

When she walked down the stairs, she saw her dad waiting below.

"appa!", Sun Hee ran and hugged her dad.
"aigoo~ my daughter. You still act like a 5 year old girl.", Mr. Song brushed his daughter's hair.
Then they both walked to the dining room. Mrs. Song and Tory were already sitting there.

"Don't you have any other clothes, Sun Hee? Your walking closet has tons of better clothes than that you are wearing."
"Ah, umma.. I wear this every Mondays so it can cheer me up! you know that i hate Mondays a lot.."
"Whatever. Now come on sit and eat. We have something to tell you."
"We?" asked Sun Hee.

As the Songs started breakfast, they all chatted about Sun Hee's college, Tory's work, Mr. Song's company, and Mrs. Song's cafe. When they all finished, Tory went out first to go to work, then Mr. Song followed, then Sun Hee was about to stand up too when suddenly her mom called her.

"Sun Hee."
"Ne, umma?"
"Would you come to my cafe this evening?" asked her mom.
"Uuuh.. why?", Sun Hee asked back.
"there will be a surprise for you!"
Sun Hee raised her eyebrows.
"Mom are you sick?"
"No, I'm fine. -__-' Now go to college quickly or you'll be late!"

Sun Hee rolled her eyes and just smiled while walking outside. Her private driver was already there waiting for her, and so is her best friend.

"Oh! Jaejin~ah, you've arrived already.."
"Sun Hee, your house is next to mine. Of course i have arrived!", Jaejin smiled.
"Haha, come on come on~ hop on ^^. You've had breakfast already, right?"
"no, i haven't" answered Jaejin.
Sun Hee looked worried, "Mr. Lee, is there something to eat in the Limo?"
Sun Hee's driver, Mr. Lee, answered, "Ah yes, ma'am. There are plenty of kimbabs and sushi inside."
Sun Hee smiled and looked at Jaejin. Jaejin smirked.
"Sounds good enough to me, let's go!" he said.


Sun Hee and Jaejin both arrived at Kyung Gi University. Sun Hee's limo looks a bit "over" to ride it to college, but what can she do. Her mom told her to ride it together with Jaejin since they are neighbors, best friends, and both their parents are good acquaintances.
Sun Hee has class on 9 am, while Jaejin has class on 8 am. Sun Hee's major is Digital Music, and Jaejin's major is Social Studies. Jaejin went to class earlier than Sun Hee, so she decided to walk around since she had 1 more hour until she has to go to class.
Sun Hee is actually new in college. She just have been there for a month. While Jaejin is 4 semesters older than Sun Hee. They have been best friends since elementary, until now. Jaejin's father and Sun Hee's father are both partners in a company. That's why both families are extremely rich and well known.

Sun Hee walked to the canteen, she bought a glass of strawberry milkshake and sat on her favorite spot, near the window. She loves to sit near the window, because from where she sits, she can watch people coming here and there. And she founds it really interesting.
When she was looking through the window, she saw a pretty boy walking by, wearing a black hat, thick framed glasses, cream khaki pants, white t-shirt and long sleeved plaid shirt to cover it, and he was carrying a white bag on his right shoulder.
Sun Hee's eyes followed the pretty boy, and fortunately the boy went to the canteen as well. She saw him ordering a set of meal. Then she kept staring at him.
Suddenly her alarm on her handphone rang. Her pink LG CYON lollipop was sparkling here and there. Sun Hee picked her phone and read the alarm text.

Class starts ! >.<

"Omona!", Sun Hee startled and finished her milkshake. She was so in a hurry, she stood up and walked quickly. When she was walking, she was busy on her phone and it made her bump into someone.

"CLANG~~ !"

a sound of chopsticks and metal utensils dropped to the floor. Sun Hee was shocked, everyone was looking at her.

"aissh! ah.. mianhae~".
Sun Hee picked up the utensils on the floor, she handed it to the guy that she bumped into. The guy just stared at her.
"ah? oh sorry.. this must be dirty. uh.. uhm.. here just use this! once again, mianhae~ got to go!"
Sun Hee pulled out a small cute box set of spoon, fork and chopsticks from her bag, she handed it to the guy and then continued to walk away quickly.

"Hey ! But how am I going to return..", the guy shouted but Sun Hee was to far away to hear him. He didn't finish his sentence when he saw the name on the small box.
"Song Sun Hee?"


When Sun Hee was done with her class, she then just noticed that the guy she bumped into was the pretty boy that she glared at that morning.
"Damn~ now how am I going to get my utensils back? I don't even know who he is, what major does he takes, what's his name. Argh.. what a pity, those are my favorite set of spoons and chopsticks!"
"BOO~ !"

Sun Hee freaked out and turned her back. It was Jaejin who purposely "boo-ed" her.
"Jaejin~ah !", shouted Sun Hee.
"Hahahaha~ you looked so serious and so solemn so i decided to give you a fright."
"It's not funny." Sun Hee made a blow face.
"What happened?" asked Jaejin.
"My spoon."
"Pfft, hahahaa. what's with it?" Jaejin couldn't hide his laugh because of Sun Hee's funny sad face.
"I lost it."
"You can by a new one."
"But it's special"
"Then find it." said Jaejin.
"I can't!"
"Then don't think about it."

Sun Hee gave a death glare to Jaejin. Jaejin just laughed out hard.

"Haha, kidding, Sis. aaw~ don't feel bad, you'll find it somehow."

Sun Hee then made a small smile. Suddenly her phone rang, it was her mom.

"yoboseyo? umma nie?"
"Sun Hee, dear. Forgot what i told you?"
Sun Hee's mom slapped her own head.
"Come to my cafe. NOW~"

Sun Hee closed her phone then said bye bye to Jaejin, then she went off to her mom's cafe. She was wondering what is her mom preparing for her. A surprise? Sun Hee felt suspicious.


Sun Hee arrived at her mom's noodle cafe. She went inside the kitchen to find her mom, and when she found her mom, she then was dragged outside to talk.

"Whassup, mom?" asked Sun Hee.
"yo yo whatever.. here, wear this!" answered Mrs. Song.
Sun Hee found a turquoise apron in her hands.
"what?" she asked again.
"From now on you will work here every Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. As a waitress."

the customers all turned their heads to Sun Hee. Mrs. Song apologized and pleased the customers to continue eating.

"Lower your voice, Sun Hee!"
"But ummaaaaa~~~"
"You have to learn to be independent, Sun Hee. I feel bored and disappointed watching you being online and sleep and eat when at home. We have maids at home that's why you become lazy, but you MUST grow up, Sun Hee! Look at your big bro! He's on top of his business career and soon he will resemble his dad. And what about you?"
"But umma, a waitress? Can't i be the cashier, or.. the one who cooks in the kitchen?" pleaded Sun Hee.
"You? Being a cook? Try it then, if only the cafe will catch fire.", teased Mrs. Song.
"Umma nie!"
"Shut up and go change!"

Mrs. Song pushed Sun Hee to the changing room. Sun Hee blabbered and talked to herself while putting on her apron.

"Mom is so annoying lately! she knows that i don't like to be compared to Tory oppa. But she keeps comparing! Independent.. independent what? i didn't know that being independent, you must be trained to be a waitress.. ah this is crazy!"

Sun Hee had a hard time tying up her apron on her back when somebody suddenly helped her.

"Here you go.." said a sweet voice.
Sun Hee turned around and she found a sweet girl smiling at her.
"ah, thank you.." Sun Hee bowed, "you are..?"
"Mi Cha Yoo.. just call me Cha Yoo. I bet you are Mrs. Song's one and only daughter?
Oh at last you came. ^^ Mrs. Song was talking about a new waitress since a week ago and we were all curious about it. We didn't know it was actually you! Welcome to the Noodle Cafe!"

"Oh boy.." Sun Hee whispered to herself, "this is gonna be hard.."


Cha Yoo was busy introducing the cafe to Sun Hee when suddenly 2 guys went to the cafe and sat at the outdoors.

"Cha Yoo~.." said Sun Hee.
"When customers come, they're free to pick which place to sit, right? no need to reserve?"
"If they want to sit outdoors, then yes. But if indoors, they must get a waitress to get them a place."
"Ooh~" Sun Hee nod her head.

She paid attention to the 2 guys chatting outdoors. One was like a girlish guy, sort of fun and vigorous type. And the other guy was the manly type, but he looks shorter than the girlish one.
Sun Hee then continued to learn about the cafe, how to place orders, where to place orders, how to greet customers. Basically, Sun Hee already knows the ways, because Sun Hee often visit the cafe to see her mom. But she thinks it's no prob to take a simple tutorial for her first day on work.

"...ok then. That's all. You can start placing orders now. And if there's anything you wanna ask, feel free to find me."
"Ok, thanks, Cha Yoo."
Cha Yoo smiled and went off to work. Sun Hee stood still looking around to find a customer waiting to be served.

She saw the outdoor table that has been placed by the 2 guys. Now there's another guy joining them. The manly type guy waved over to her, so she walked towards the table to place their orders.

When she got near the table, everyone didn't speak. And Sun Hee kept looking at the last guy that joined the table.

Seems that i have seen him before.. but, where??

To be continued..

Days with 3ple J {teaser}

~Jonghun's POV~

"Jonghuuuuuuuuuuun! Over here!"
Jo Kwon waved vigorously to me as my eyes were searching all over the noodle cafe for my two buddies. We just went to this cafe two days ago, and Jo Kwon is still asking to come again.

"Hey guys.. Oh, should i say 'hey lady' to you?"
I teased Jo Kwon and he just gave me a punch on my shoulder.
"Hey Jong Hyun.."
Jong Hyun looked up at me, he stood up and gave a high five. Then he dragged one chair to the table for me to sit.
"Have you guys ordered?" I asked,
"Aniyo~ we were waiting for you." answered Jo Kwon.
Then Jong Hyun snapped his hands in the air to find a waiter. Or maybe a waitress.

This fair young lady came towards our table. She had black straight hair, with bangs to the left. She wore Calvin Klein glasses, and of course the official turquoise apron of Noodle Cafe.

"May i take your order?" she asked.
The three of us didn't say anything. We all looked at the girl. She looked confused and started to ask again,
"Excuse me? Have you made your order?"
"Ah ! Ne, I'll have tom yum udon, please. You, Jong Hyun? Jonghun?", Jo Kwon was the first one speak up.
"Me.. uhm, original ramen." said Jong Hyun.
The girl wrote the orders on her small note.
"And you, Sir?" she asked to me.
"Eh? Uh.. make mine the same as his." I pointed to Jo Kwon.
The girl then smiled and asked, "Anything else?"
"Give us three glasses of our favorite drinks in here.." said Jong Hyun.
The girl made a frown, "Your favorite drinks?"
Jong Hyun looked at me and Jo Kwon.
"Yeah, we're like permanent customers here, you should know our drink." Jong Hyun said in full confidence.
I just smiled and rolled my eyes.
"Ah Jong Hyun, maybe she's new here. I haven't seen her before. You're new right?" asked Jo Kwon.
"Oh, yes I am.." said the girl.
I looked at her name tag.

Song Sun Hee.

I kept quiet and just smiled, while Jong Hyun tried to explain our favorite drink that we usually order if we come and eat at the noodle cafe. The girl nod and bowed, then went away to place our orders.

~Jo Kwon's POV~

I was talking to Jong Hyun when suddenly i spot our quiet yet fun leader, Jonghun, traveling his eyes here and there to find us.

"Jonghuuuuuuuuuuun! Over here!"
I waved to him and he walked towards our table. He greeted us and even said "hey lady" to me. HAHA~ yeah really funny. I know we just came to this cafe like two days ago, but i just wanted to come again so I asked my two buddies to come along.

We usually hang out here, minimal once a week. The three of us always spend time together, since we were in elementary school. Our parents were best friends, and it made us become best buddies as well.

I'm the eldest in this group, but Jong Hyun and Jonghun always call me as the magnae. Maybe coz i act young, hehe. And Jonghun's the leader of the group. Since I'm labeled as the magnae, then Jonghun was pointed to be the leader. He was born on the same year as Jong Hyun though, but a month older. And we didn't regret to choose him as our leader, as he was such a wise and caring person. He tends to be quiet in the group, but sometimes he could lighten up the day. Oh and I am very envious of his looks. He is neomu yeppeo ! He's prettiness even beats the beauty of a real girl. Haha ! But sometimes he looks cool though.

And about Jong Hyun, he's like my talking soulmate. We often get excited by ourselves, leaving Jonghun laughing at us behind. I usually prank on Jong Hyun and tell jokes, and Jonghun just have to watch and wait until Jong Hyun runs out of patience and wants to punch me. If that happens, Jonghun always stand in between and give us an advice.
Jong Hyun is also great at singing. His voice is like wow. While Jonghun is very capable of playing the guitar, and piano. Me? I just love singing Gee. Haha!

If Jonghun is wise and caring, Jong Hyun is the opposite. Jong Hyun tends to be arrogant, stubborn, and he has unlimited amount of confidence. He gets angry easily, but he is also funny at the same time. He's very talkative, and he can really treat a girl well, i think.

Well the point is, if one of us is missing, then it's not fun. We once arranged a holiday together to Hawaii, but then Jonghun couldn't come, he said he has to help his dad run his company. Jonghun told me and Jong Hyun to go and have a holiday just the two of us, but we both refused. In the end we waited for Jonghun's work to be done, and then we had a small trip to the amusement park.

Oh, I saw this pretty girl coming towards our table. It seems that Jong Hyun called her. She looks so young, hmm.. maybe 4 years younger than me? Just a guess. Then when she asked our orders, we just were dazzled by the waitress. Double JH didn't said a thing, so i just placed my orders, then they start to follow.

The one thing i know that, even though Jonghun was being really quiet, he was paying full attention on the girl. Aha~ ! I smell something fishy.

~Jong Hyun's POV~

I have sat with Jo Kwon at the noodle cafe for 15 minutes. We decided not to order until Jonghun comes. When he came, we greeted each other, blablabla, then i called a waitress to get our order.

This waitress seems new. I knew that but i just teased her to guess our favorite drink. Jo Kwon then defended her and told her that she was new. As i said, i already knew it.

So after we ordered, the girl walked away and placed our orders. And i saw Jonghun. He couldn't take his eyes off the waitress. I wonder if.. wait.. I think I'll make an exciting thing to do..

"Guys, listen!"
Jo Kwon then looked at me. But Jonghun didn't noticed that i was calling him.
"Helloooow~ Mister!" Jo Kwon clapped his hands in front of Jonghun's face.
Jonghun shrugged off of his reverie. He just made a crooked smile and then turned to listen what i was going to say.

"How bout we do a bet?" i asked,
Jo Kwon raised his eyebrows, "Betting on what? for what?"
I smiled and pointed at the waitress, "On her."
Jo Kwon turned his head and looked at the waitress. Jonghun too. But their reaction was different. When Jo Kwon looked at her, he just said, "Oh. then what should we do? aha~ i think this is going to be fun!"
While Jonghun was caught in his reverie again and didn't say anything.
"HEY JONGHUN!" i shouted.
"Huh? Oh yeah. what should we do?"

I smirked and explained,
"If one of the three of us is able to win the girl's heart, then he wins. The things we do? Ask her name, ask her phone number, take her for a walk.."
"Jong Hyun, she isn't a dog. Don't say 'take her for a walk'." said Jo Kwon.
"Hahaha mian, i meant, take her for a date, et cetera et cetera.."
Jo Kwon made a big grin, "If i win? what would i get?"
Jong Hyun tried to think for a while, "Well, haven't figured out about that yet. You can ask anything and double JH will grant it for you, SOWONEUL MALHAEBWA!"
I started to dance along to SNSD's single, Genie. Then Jo Kwon burst out laughing hard, while Jonghun laughed hard to but covered his mouth with his hands.

I sat on my seat again and asked, "Come on, guys, deal?"
Jo Kwon shouted, "DEAL! yaaaaay the competition has begun!"
He raised both his hands to the air while smiling and shaking here and there vigorously.
"Jonghun?" i asked.
Jonghun smiled, he gave his pretty smile again, "Deal." he said.

Then i saw him smiling to himself and whispering the name..

"Song Sun Hee."


My new (s)TORY : Days with 3ple J (DW3J)

casts :
~ 3ple J :
Choi Jonghun (FT Island) as Jonghun

Kim Jong Hyun (SHINee) as Jong Hyun

Jo Kwon as (2AM) Jo Kwon

~ me as Song Sun Hee (^^p)

~ Isty Naurotul Mardhiyyah {HAHAH} as Mi Cha Yoo (Sun Hee's waitress friend)

~ Lee Seung Hyun (Big Bang) as Tory (Sun Hee's big bro)

~ Lee Jaejin (FT Island) as Jaejin (Cha Yoo's close one)

COMING SOON, as soon as A Future Story finishes ^^

Friday, 14 August 2009

A Future Story part 30

Min Sun startled and reflectedly held the fluffy hands that covered her eyes.
"mwo? who is this?"
then the fluffy hands let go of her eyes, as she turned her back to see who's there, there was no one.
"now this seems creepy.." she whispered.
when she looked forward again, she found a guy holding a big white teddy bear covering his face in front of her. she startled again.
"nugu?" she asked.

the guy slowly showed his face.
"Jong Hyun?"
Jong Hyun made a cheeky smile. "ne.."
"Were you.. what.. why.." Min Sun was confused whether to ask him about 5W + 1H.
"Never mind, just follow me."
Jong Hyun walked in front of Min Sun, but she stood still and didn't follow.
"I told you to follow me, right? Here.."
Jong Hyun grabbed Min Sun's right hand and made her hold one of the teddy's hand, while Jong Hyun held the other. so the teddy was floating between them.
"Let's go.." he said.
Min Sun stared at the cute white teddy bear.


Jong Hyun led Min Sun (and the white teddy) to a big empty hall. There was a stage with a huge black curtain covering it. the hall was empty, somehow spooky. Jong Hyun dragged Min Sun and the teddy near the stage. Then he put the teddy on the stage while Min Sun sat at the edge of the stage.
"Wait here." he said.
Min Sun opened her eyes wide, "mwo?"
Jong Hyun slowly left.
"Ha.. now I'm alone in this spooky hall. dark. aaaahuhu~"
Min Sun snatched the teddy and hugged it tight.
suddenly the huge black curtain behind her opened.

"what the.."
Min Sun quickly hopped off the stage, she still hugged the teddy tightly.
then she saw a white grand piano, and someone walking towards it.
the lights slowly turned on, but not so bright. it focused on the piano.
Jong Hyun then walked to the piano, he sat on the chair and started playing a tune, slowly, he sang to a song..

"It always appeared before me
Your face, I remember
My heart that stopped short
You spitefully took my disfunctional heart
And with your bright smile
That's how you easily opened my heart

And now like a dream my heart
has gradually stopped by your side
Without awakening for a single moment,
I dream an endless dream

And now like breathing,
if you were to always rest by my side
if you were to always remain this way
nothing better, nothing better than you
nothing better, nothing better than you.."

Min Sun leaned to the stage still having the teddy in her arms. she glared at the guy playing the piano.
when Jong Hyun was done, he walked towards Min Sun. Min Sun looked up.
"what?" she asked.
Jong Hyun slapped his own head.
"after i sang a song for you, all you can say is 'what' ?"
Min Sun looked confused. then she clapped her hands twice.
"is the clap enough?" she asked.
Jong Hyun smirked and dropped down sitting on the stage, while Min Sun was still leaning forward. Then she gain her bravery to ask..
"Hey Jjongie~"
"Back at the resto.. did you really meant all the things you said? you know.. that speed short speech.."
Jong Hyun made a soft laugh.
"Hehe~ of course i meant it."
Min Sun awkwardly scratched her head.
"uh.. about the past accident, mianhae~"
Jong Hyun smiled. "That's no big deal" he said.
Min Sun put her chin on the teddy's head.

"Hey you notice the scarf on his neck?" asked Jong Hyun.
Min Sun looked down, "oh~"
"open it." he said.
"pull the scarf off.."
Min Sun turned the teddy so it would face her. She pat on the teddy's head and slowly took of the baby blue scarf from it. she saw a necklace underneath the scarf, with two rings hanging on it.
"omo~" Min Sun took a look at the rings.
"yeppeo, huh?" asked Jong Hyun.
Jong Hyun took the necklace off and slide the two rings to his hand. He held one, and slipped the other ring to Min Sun's left ring finger.
"whoa whoa wait wait~~ ada maksud apa lo ngasih gue ginian?" asked Min Sun.
"what?" Jong Hyun looked confused coz Min Sun was talking in her language.
"I said, why are you giving me this, what do you want?"
Jonghun hit Min Sun's head softly.
"why are you talking rude to me?"
"i'm not rude. why did you didn't contact me when you got out from the hospital?!"
Jong Hyun kept still.
"argh~ i don't want to start a fight with you! i brought you here to declare.."
"declare what?"
"nae sarang" said Jong Hyun.
Min Sun raised her eyebrows.
"To you." continued Jong Hyun.

"oh?" Min Sun acted awkward, she hugged the teddy and looked around trying to hide her blush.
"hey Minnie" said Jong Hyun.
"i knew you'd come back to find me."
Min Sun's blush couldn't be hidden anymore.
"aaaaaargh quit it! look what you've done to my face!" she shouted.
Jong Hyun was shocked for a moment then he burst out laughing seeing Min Sun's red face.
"haha it's actually not red, it looks orange HAHAHAHA~ speaking of orange i'm thirsty, let's go the 7eleven to buy orange juice."
Min Sun smiled and followed Jong Hyun but then she stopped.
"orange juice?"


meanwhile, Seung Ri was doing his best killing his boredom waiting for Min Sun at the resto.

30 minutes, Seung Ri felt like 30 days.
1 hour, Seung Ri started to get sleepy.
2 hours, Seung Ri felt bored in hell.
3 hours, okay, now he knows that Min Sun won't come back. He left the resto, gave the waiter a tip, paid the bill, then grabbed his coat and went out.
when he pushed the door, he saw Min Sun standing in front of him, she was holding a big white teddy.
"mianhae~" she said.

they both sat on the bench in front of 7eleven.
"Seung Ri?"
"mianhae, i left you waiting there.. for hours."
Seung Ri made a sweet sincere smile.
"gwenchana. i thought that.. you wouldn't come back."
Min Sun smiled.
"oh yea one thing.." she said.
"what is it?"
"do you still have the ring back at the resto?"
Seung Ri laughed and pulled the ring out of his pocket. "this ring?" he said.
Min Sun smiled and grabbed the ring. She slipped it into the necklace that the teddy was wearing, she put the scarf back on and gave the teddy to Seung Ri. Seung Ri watched in silence.
"since i can't accept the ring, then big white teddy will. save the ring until you found someone special, ok oppa?" said Min Sun.
"oppa?" asked Seung Ri.
"ne. can i call you that?"

suddenly Jong Hyun came out of the mini market holding a small plastic bag. He saw Min Sun and Seung Ri together at the bench.
"ah~ annyeong" said Jong Hyun, bowing to Seung Ri.
Seung Ri greeted back. and he can saw from Jong Hyun's and Min Sun's eyes.. he then understood everything.
"ok then, i shall take my leave. Teddy is mine now, right?"
Min Sun gave a sweet smile, "of course! take care of him, oppa!"
Seung Ri waved goodbye to Jong Hyun and Min Sun then he walked away.

Seung Ri spoke to the teddy bear,

"and you know I'd fight a good fight
if I thought I'd change your mind

But if he makes you happy,
then I'll leave that dream behind..

and he better treat you right and give you everything
'cause the moment that he doesn't,
I'll be waiting in the wings.."


"You sure he'll be okay?" asked Jong Hyun.
"Seung Ri oppa is a tough guy, he'll be fine. Besides, there are more better girls there, he deserves better than me." explained Min Sun.
"So does this mean you are accepting my love?" asked Jong Hyun, teasing.
"mwo? i didn't say that." said Min Sun.
Jong Hyun pouted in distate. then Min Sun sticked some ice cream she was eating to his mouth, it made Jong Hyun's mouth and nose stained with vanilla cream. then Min Sun laughed and ran away.
"YA~ ! COME BACK HERE~~" shouted Jong Hyun trying to catch up.


"How's the date, Min Sun unnie?" asked Minzy.
"Yea how was it?" asked Dara too.
"Did he gave you something?" asked Bom.
"whoa whoa whoa slow down ladies, one by one.." said Min Sun.

Min Sun told the whole story and the 2ne1 ladies heard it seriously.

"so.. i gave him the teddy. he seems to understand so.. yeah that's all."
"omona~" said Bom.
"aaaaigoooo~" said Dara.
"ukh~" Minzy started to shed tears.
"wow.. you're tough, girl.." said CL.

the ladies were kinda disappointed that Min Sun didn't end up with Seung Ri. But they felt happy coz they're make over succeeded to make Jong Hyun turn soft and not temperamental.

"Okay. we are happy for you Min Sun, if you are happy ^^" said Bom.
"thanks unnie."
"but one thing.." said Dara.
"what?" asked Min Sun.
"Please explain, Chae Rin unnie." said Minzy.

"remember when Mr. YG said that you have to work to stay together with us?" asked CL.
"yes unnie, and what about that?" asked Min Sun.
"he means training you as a new YG star."
"ooh.." Min Sun stayed cool. but then.. "WHAT???"

the 2ne1 ladies burst out laughing.


5 years later..

*Jong Hyun's POV*

I decided to cancel my photoshoot trip to Paris, just to see her performing.
I was so surprised when she told me that she was going to be a trainee at YG Entertainment. She said that Mr. YG thought that her unique personality and coll sense of fashion will bring her up to the top like Gummy noona. and he was right.
there she is, on stage, performing her #1 single and a great big hit here in Korea.

the closing performance was her collaboration with 2ne1 singing "I don't care". They didn't change the choreography at all. she looked to thrilled and happy, and it made my day. I didn't regret canceling my contract at Paris. I didn't regret not going to Paris with Minho and Ye Seul, (they are having there honeymoon anyway). I didn't regret being here. I didn't regret marrying her. Now she's officially a part of the Kims, Kim Min Sun.

when the stage was done and the girls were done with the performance, other Korean stars beside me all gave a standing applause.
i whispered to Lee Minho who was beside me,
"psst.. that's my wife. ^^"

*Min Sun's POV*

so this is what Mr. YG meant by "working". He trained me to be an YG star ! damn that's so cool. i get to stay at 2ne1's apartment.. until Jong Hyun proposed to me and we got married.

when i was doing my debut, i went to Japan with Big Bang and 2ne1, my relationship with Seung Ri oppa is okay now, we're like bro and sis. Get it? usually i considered Jong Hyun as my oppa but now they switched places. Hehe~

oh and want to know what happened to our Starbucks gang?
Key was promoted to be the director of Starbucks, and i mean, he has the authority to control all the Starbucks in South Korea ! and since he's so busy he didn't even had time to find the love of his life.. haha maybe not now. and Key has Onew as his personal advisor, seems they are already like a couple, you see.. Onew the guy, Key the girl. hahaha~

Ye Seul and Minho coincidently fell in love. Yea yea that story seems so typical. They get to see together often coz of photoshoots and suddenly i got an invitation to their wedding party, i was like "WHAAAAT?? even Jong Hyun hasn't proposed me yet" hahaha~ i got tied to Jong Hyun 1 month after their marriage but they both still had time to come to our party.

about Ha Neul and Taemin, after they both attended Ye Seul~Minho's wedding and my wedding, they went off to New Caledonia. I don't know why Taemin picked that place. I guess he's finding the right place to propose as well. wow. there are already 2 couples getting married, i hope Taemin and Ha Neul will too ^^

the Kims, since me and Jong Hyun left the Kims residence, Lee Jae also went further college to U.S. i hired a maid to help umma and appa tidy their house. My house though is not that far from the Kims, so me and Jong Hyun often visit them on Sundays.

and my family back there in Indonesia, we made a promise, in one year i shall visit Indonesia with Jong Hyun to celebrate Idul Fitri. then the next year, my family visits Korea to try celebrate Idul Fitri here. then it keeps repeating so yeah~ i don't loose contact with my family ^^

back to my career. I'm on top of it, i'm having busy schedules, touring Asia with YG family, on air on radios, performing at MuBank, Inkigayo, Music Core, Mnet Countdown, MV making, CF making, aaah tons of work !
Lucky i have my personal manager that always takes care of me.
my only one, nae sarang, Kim Jong Hyun ^^.


Saturday, 1 August 2009

A Future Story part 29

All the YG family were all gathering at Bandara Soekarno-Hatta, waiting for their departure back to Seoul.
suddenly Min Sun came by while dragging her suitcase.
Seung Ri noticed her appearance, he was surprised and asked,
"Min Sun? You coming with us?"
Min Sun took a deep breath, "Yes, i have to go back."
"But why so soon?" asked Seung Ri again.
Min Sun actually didn't want to answer, but then she said,
"Jong Hyun had an accident."

the crowd suddenly went solemn and silent.
"Oh, I'm.. sorry to hear that." said Seung Ri.
Min Sun made her best smile, "It's okay, Ha Neul said he'll be okay. Everything's gonna be.."
Min Sun hung up her speech, she bent her head down and started to shed tears.
"Aigoo~", Seung Ri walked up to her and gave a pat on her head,
"Everything's gonna be alright~"
he sang those words from Big Bang's song, Foolish Love, in Min Sun's ears. Min Sun wiped her tears off.


Min Sun sat by the window again, and Seung Ri beside her. She kept silent and gazed through the window, looking at the bright blue sky and fluffy clouds.
"Min Sun, want some drink?" asked Seung Ri.
Min Sun turned her head and found a stewardess standing beside Seung Ri, ready to serve her.
Min Sun smiled and said, "apple juice, please"
Seung Ri passed on the drink to Min Sun,
"Gomawo~" she said, then she took a sip of her juice.
Seung Ri kept looking at Min Sun, his face was like he was going to ask her something, but then he held it in. Min Sun noticed it.
"What?" she asked.
"Huh?" Seung Ri looked confused, "What what?"
Min Sun made a small laugh, "Your face was like gonna ask something, what is it?"
"Oh, uhm.. that.." Seung Ri still doubt to ask Min Sun, "is there any other reason for you to come back to Seoul?"
Min Sun looked back through the window,
"Yes. I have to go back to continue my college, whether Jong Hyun had an accident or not.."
Seung Ri felt guilty. "Mianhae, i didn't mean to bring this topic up.."
"Gwenchana.." said Min Sun. She glared outside the window looking at nothing.


Min Sun looked around to find her suitcase while dialing Ha Neul's number.
"Where the hell is my suitcase ?!", Min Sun felt pissed off since she was in a hurry to go to the hospital where Jong Hyun is.

"Yoboseyo?" Ha Neul's voice from the phone gave Min Sun a surprise,
"Ah, Ha Neul ! I just arrived at Seoul, which hospital is he at?"
"You're coming here right away? You've been in the plane for hours, you must be tired. I'm sure you didn't sleep did you? How about you go to the Kims and take a rest for a while.."
Min Sun sighed, "Argh~ ! Screw that! It's my decision whether to go straight there or not. Damn i can't find my luggage!"
"be patient, Min Sun.. You're just in a panic situation. Calm down."
"You've said that like a million times, Ha Neul. Oh come on which hospital?!" Min Sun's eyes kept looking around.
"The same hospital where you collapsed from your asthma. Room 804."
Min Sun exhaled, "Thanks. Now i gotta go find my luggage, bye!"
Min Sun closed her phone, she put it in her handbag, then she turned around and bumped into someone.

"Ouch~ ah.. aigoo~ mianhae.."
Min Sun bowed and apologized without knowing who did she bumped into.
"Hey, i got your suitcase here.."
Min Sun looked up, "Tabi?"
Tabi smiled, "Hehe, i saw your suitcase and grabbed it, i was trying to tell you but you were like bust on the phone so i waited behind you."
Min Sun smiled back, "Oh, how nice of you to help me get my suitcase.. Thank you so much!"
"You seem in a hurry, where are you going to?" asked Tabi.
"The hospital.." Min Sun grabbed her suitcase,
"Oh.. yea.. are you going to take YG's minibus or..?"
"I think i'll get a cab." said Min Sun.
Tabi nod his head,
"Where's the other YG family members?" asked Min Sun,
"Oh there still separating, some of them finding their luggage, the rest of them at the toilet.."
Min Sun looked around, she was looking for Seung Ri.
"Well, i gotta go know. Just tell them that i'm leaving first, can you?" she asked.
"I sure will. Be careful!" said Tabi.
Min Sun smiled and started to walk away while waving bye bye to Tabi.


Min Sun hopped off the cab and gave a few wons to the driver, then she rushed inside the hospital, still dragging her suitcase.
She went up to the 3rd floor and wandered to room 804. There, she found Key, Minho, Onew, Taemin, Ha Neul and Ye Seul all gathering at the seats in front of room 804.
"Oh there's Min Sun noona.." said Taemin, the first to noticed her arrival.
"Min Sun !" Ye Seul and Ha Neul both stood up and walked towards Min Sun,
"Is he.. okay?" asked Min Sun.
Ye Seul and Ha Neul both didn't answer. Min Sun walked to room 804's door and took a peek through the small window on the door. She saw Jong Hyun with his eyes closed, a small breathing tube on his nose, infusion on his hands, a bandage around his head with some blood stain on it, and also his left arm being bandaged too.
Min Sun moved back to the seats. She threw herself sitting on the chair, and she tried to hold in her tears.

"You okay?" asked Minho, the quiet one, finally opening his mouth to ask.
"How.. how did this happen?" asked Min Sun.
Everybody looked at each other, they all seem to know nothing about the accident, except Key. He seemed to know something.
"Key?" asked Min Sun.
"Uh? yea?" Key seemed a bit shocked.
"You seem to know something.." she said.
Key scratched his head. Then he pulled Min Sun's hands softly and dragged her away, a bit far from the others.
"What?" asked Min Sun.
"Well, i don't know exactly what caused Jong Hyun to have this accident, but i saw something awkward before he went home riding his bike."
Min Sun got curious. "What is it?"
Key took a deep breath, "I saw Min Hyo Rin showing him these sort of photos. And his face seemed to be really pissed off after showing those photos. Then i saw him throwing the photos to Hyo Rin and he hopped on his bike and left with full speed. I think on the way home, maybe he lost his concentration and.. it happened."
Min Sun's face turned suspicious,
"Min Hyo Rin ?!" she asked.
Key nod his head, "Yep."
"What the hell does she want?!"
Key said, "I dunnow. Oh yea one more thing.."
"I think the photos are.. your photos with Seung Ri."
"MWO?" Min Sun looked shocked.

"Listen.." Key turned to be serious, "while you were away with YG, rumors about you and Seung Ri were spreading all around here. people know seem to know you. and i think that.. Hyo Rin doesn't like you being in fame, and being close to both Seung Ri and Jong Hyun. So she screw things up by showing Jong Hyun photos of you and Seung Ri. Well, that's only my opinion, i don't know if it's actually true."
"No, no.. your opinion is like hella true. Damn~ i didn't know that rumors are spreading here.." said Min Sun.

"Min Sun, the doctor is here!"
Onew's voice made Key and Min Sun turned their heads and walked back to the seats, the doctor just had gave Jong Hyun a quick check up.
"How is he?" asked Min Sun.
the pretty doctor smiled, "He's condition is slowly getting better. His beat is back to normal. He still needs a full bed rest though."
Min Sun made an "oh" face then she asked, "May I..?"
"Visit him inside? of course you may. take care, Min Sun ^^"
"Thanks, doctor."
Min Sun walked towards the door, then she looked back at her friends,
"I'm going inside, are any of you coming with me?"
They all looked at each other again, the smiled and all said no,
"We'll be fine here. You just go inside." said Ye Seul.
Min Sun smiled back and opened the door. She walked inside and get near to Jong Hyun's bed. Her tears finally came out.
"Babo~" she said in a weak voice.

She sat on the chair beside the bed, and glared at Jong Hyun's face.
"Why did this happen to you, bro.."
Min Sun held Jong Hyun's cold hand, and she covered it with both of her hands.
"Wake up soon, Jong Hyun.." she whispered. Then she fell asleep with Jong Hyun's right hand still covered between her hands.


Jong Hyun slowly opened his eyes, and took a glare around the room.
"Where am I?" he whispered. then he felt his right hand being held,
"Minnie?" he asked.
Min Sun was so tired that she didn't wake up even Jong Hyun already called her several times. Jong Hyun got tired himself that he then stopped calling.
He waited for like, 30 more minutes until Min Sun woke up by herself.
Min Sun's eyes blinked several times. She then stretched out her hands and yawned. Then she realized that Jong Hyun was staring at her. In not a friendly look.

"Jong Hyun? Boy, you're up? are you feeling okay?"
Min Sun held Jong Hyun's hand again, but then Jong Hyun pulled it away. Min Sun raised her eyebrows.
"Leave.." said Jong Hyun.
Min Sun was shocked, "what?"
"I said leave !" Jong Hyun raised his tone.
"Jong Hyun, I came here to see you, I.."
"Didn't you hear me? LEAVE !"

Jong Hyun's high voice and angry look made Min Sun scared. She walked slowly to the door and went out, Jong Hyun turned his head away and looked at the window.

Min Sun went out of the room and found Taemin and Ha Neul still sitting there. Ha Neul was leaning her head to Taemin's shoulder, they were both sleeping when Min Sun walked out. Then they spontaneously woke up.
"Noona? is Jong Hyun okay?" asked Taemin.
Min Sun suddenly cried and walked away to the exit door, while dragging her suitcase that was in front of the room the whole time.
"Min Sun??" Ha Neul stood up and watched her friend walk away.
"Noona, you go catch her and I'll check Jong Hyun hyung inside." said Taemin.
Ha Neul nod and then ran outside to catch Min Sun.

"Min Sun, wait !" shouted Ha Neul.
Min Sun was walking down the steps and then stopped when Ha Neul called her.
"Min Sun what happened?" asked Ha Neul, while holding both Min Sun's arms.
Min Sun was still crying,
"Jong Hyun yelled at me to go away.."
"What?" Ha Neul felt sorry and hugged her friend.
"It must be the rumors that made him like this.." said Min Sun, still sobbing.
Ha Neul pat Min Sun's back, trying to make her feel better.
Then Min Sun searched for her handphone inside her handbag. Then she called someone.
"Who are you calling?" asked Ha Neul.
Min Sun didn't answered.

"Yoboseyo? Seung Ri?.. Hey..I'm at the hospital, uhm.. we need to talk. Can you pick me up?.. Yeah.. Yes, i'll wait now.. No, i'm still carrying my suitcase.. okay,.. okay can you be quick?.. thanks.."
Min Sun shut her phone.
"Seung Ri?" asked Ha Neul.
"Yeah." answered Min Sun, while she wiped off her tears.
"But.. you just came back, why are you going out with him again? how about Jong Hyun?"
"Ha Neul, trust me. You don't know what's going on. I HAVE TO talk with Seung Ri.."

The two girls stood at the hospital's main entrance steps while arguing about Jong Hyun and Seung Ri. They talked for about 15 minutes, and then a small double horn made them stop.
"Oh, he's here.. Ha Neul please take care of Jong Hyun, while i'm away. I wanna settle things up."
Min Sun then walked to Seung Ri's car, put her luggage inside, then hopped in.
Ha Neul watched her best friend get into the car, until the car drove away.
"I hope everything will be fine.." she said to herself.


"How's Jong Hyun?" asked Seung Ri while driving.
"He's.. technically fine but..he just shooed me away from his room."
"mwo? waeyo?"
Min Sun gazed out the window.
"Key said that, Min Hyo Rin showed Jong Hyun photos of us. And you know that Jong Hyun doesn't like you so much, right? Key thinks that Jong Hyun lost his concentration when he was riding his bike, then.. BANG~"
Seung Ri looked straight to the road, he moved the topic,
"Have you had rest?"
"I fell asleep beside his bed." answered Min Sun.
"Well.. where are we going now?" asked Seung Ri.
"To find Hyo Rin."
"For what?" he asked again.
"Clarification.." answered Min Sun, shortly.
Seung Ri took a deep breath and sighed.
"Don't you wanna change first, and take a bath perhaps? I can take you to 2ne1's dorm. I'm sure they will welcome you."
Min Sun looked at Seung Ri, "Really? that's very nice of you.. okay let's head to their dorm."
Seung Ri smiled.


"Min Sun unnie are you done? I wanna use the bathroom. anyway Seung Ri oppa is still waiting for you.."
Minzy's shouting voice made Min Sun hurry. She opened the bathroom door and walked out. She smiled to Minzy,
"I'm done. Thank you Minzy ^^"
Minzy smiled and bowed as she went in the bathroom. Min Sun packed her clothes into her suitcase. Then she walked to the living room.
There, she find Seung Ri, Bom, CL and Dara having breakfast.
"Min Sun! Come join us~", CL stood up and dragged Min Sun to get her breakfast.

As soon as Min Sun and Seung Ri finished their breakfast, Min Sun instantly asked Seung Ri to drive her to the agency where Jong Hyun works at.
"Chaerin unnie, can i leave my suitcase back here? I haven't had time to go to the Kims..I'll pick it up back when I'm done."
CL smiled, "Of course. Be careful though on your way. You too, oppa"
Seung Ri smiled, Min Sun too.
"Oh and thanks for the bathroom too, unnie!"
2ne1 all smiled and waved bye bye as Min Sun and Seung Ri walked out their dorm.


Min Sun hopped off Seung Ri's car and walked away quickly when Seung Ri suddenly called her,
"Whoa whoa Min Sun slow down ! Wait up, girl.."
Seung Ri locked his car and ran slowly to catch up to Min Sun, then they both went inside the agency.

When Min Sun took a peek inside the photoshoot room, she found Minho's chest in front of her face.
"oops~" she whispered, while making a clumsy smile.
"Looking for someone?" asked Minho in a cool way, then he looked at Seung Ri and bowed to greet him. Seung Ri bowed back.
"Is Hyo Rin around?" asked Min Sun.
Minho looked around and called Hyo Rin. Hyo Rin then walked towards them, she was shocked to see Min Sun at the door.
"Oh, Min Sun.. Hey, uhm.. is there anything?" asked Hyo Rin.
Then Seung Ri showed up from Min Sun's back,
"We need to talk. The three of us." he said.

Min Sun walked in front, Hyo Rin middle, and Seung Ri bodyguarding from the back. Min Sun led the three of them to the parking lot near Seung Ri's car.
"What's with you?" asked Min Sun in a high tone.
"What? Wha.. i don't understand what you are saying.." Hyo Rin tried to defend.
Seung Ri went hard, "Oh stop saying rubbish and pretending you don't know anything. What's with the photos? why are you trying to intimidate Jong Hyun with these rumors?!"
Hyo Rin made a false scared face,
"I.. I don't know what you're talking about."
Min Sun rolled her eyes and crossed her arms, Seung Ri grabbed Hyo Rin's bag with force, and found the photos still inside.
"This ! You still wanna say you don't know anything?"
Hyo Rin bent her head down. Min Sun snatched the photos from Seung Ri's hand.
"Because of this, Jong Hyun is in the hospital now. Don't you know that?!"
"What?" Hyo Rin started to shed tears.
"He had an accident. His lying there, weakly. Because of this photo!"
Min Sun yelled and threw the photos in front of Hyo Rin. Seung Ri went near Min Sun and told her to calm down. Min Sun started to cry too.

"Ok just.. why did you do this, Hyo Rin?" asked Seung Ri.
"It's.. something i couldn't explain. I'm.. I'm sorry. Mianhae.." said Hyo Rin.
Min Sun didn't want to look at Hyo Rin. She walked towards Seung Ri's car and gave a signal to get out of the place, Seung Ri understood and hopped on his car to turn it on.
"Is.. is he okay?" asked Hyo Rin.
Min Sun who was opening the car's door, looked back at Hyo Rin, and said,
"Why don't you see for yourself? Feeling just sorry wouldn't solve anything."
Min Sun went inside the car and closed the door. Hyo Rin ran up to the door, knocked on the window slowly and said "Mianhae" one more time. Min Sun bent down her head. Seung Ri then moved the car out slowly from the parking lot.


A week went by, Min Sun stayed at 2ne1's dorm because she wasn't brave enough to go back to the Kims. She already phoned Lee Jae though. Jong Hyun has recovered and has returned back home. He also can move his broken left hand again.
Min Sun still have 2 weeks of holiday until she has to go back to college. Min Sun and Mr. YG made a deal, she can stay at 2ne1's dorm, but then she has to work for YG Entertainment. Min Sun wasn't sure what does "work" here means, but the deal was good enough, she had a place to stay with 2ne1 !

It's Saturday night. Seung Ri asked Min Sun to go out dinner at a glamorous resto. Min Sun told 2ne1 about it, and the four girls all got busy themselves. Dara was busy with Min Sun's make up, CL with Min Sun's 'hairstyle', Bom with Min Sun's dress, and Minzy with Min Sun's footwear.

"Girls? Really you don't have to do this, it's just a simple dinner." said Min Sun.
Dara smiled while telling Min Sun to shut up, since she was applying lip gloss.
"No it's not that simple, Min Sun. Seung Ri hasn't ever took out a girl before. You're like the first one to caught his eye !"
"Really?" asked Min Sun, still holding her lips not to move too much,
"Absolutely~!" Dara made a sweet smile.
Then Bom came out carrying her mini dress,
"Min Sun how about this? this dress will look cute on you!"
Min Sun looked at Bom, "Uhm..."
"what?" asked Bom.
CL who was done with her job answered, "Min Sun doesn't wear mini stuff, Bom unnie. She has to cover her legs!"
"Oh yeah i forgot.." Bom made a cute sad face,
"Why don't you combine it with my white skinny jeans?" asked Minzy.
Bom's face went bright again, "Brilliant !" then she rushed to the room to find the jeans that Minzy was talking about. Min Sun just made a small laugh while looking at the 4 girls walking around here and there just to give Min Sun a makeover.
"Min Sun unnie, do you want to wear this?"
Minzy hold up a pair of high-heeled-close-toed shoes, white with a little pink on the bottom,
"Isn't that the pair of shoes that Bom unnie wore a few years ago when performing I Don't Care?" asked Min Sun.
Bom and Minzy both nod their heads.
"Aaaaaakh~ i love those shoes!!" Min Sun shrieked and stretched her hands forward, Dara was having a hard time applying make up to Min Sun who couldn't stay still.

then in a few minutes, Min Sun was ready. She wore Bom's pink mini dress, combined with Minzy's skinny white jeans, Dara's soft pink cardigan, CL's headwear and accessories, and also Bom's cute shoes.
Min Sun took a look at the big mirror, "Why am I covered in pink?" she asked.
Bom chuckled, "Because pink shows the girl side of you."
"You mean I don't look like a girl, without pink?" Min Sun asked again.
The 4 girls laughed, then CL walked up and pushed Min Sun towards the door.
Min Sun looked confused,
"Hurry up! Seung Ri must be waiting for you out there."
Min Sun blushed a bit and then smiled. She bowed to the 4 girls and thanked them so much. The girls waved at Min Sun, and then looked at each other, then they all gave a high five.


Min Sun walked down the steps of 2ne1's dorm, then she found Seung Ri dressed in a black long sleeved shirt, but the sleeves are rolled up to his elbows, and straight white jeans. Simple, yet still slick and cool.

Both Min Sun and Seung Ri glared at each other. They looked amazed at each other's looks for about 5 seconds, then Seung Ri said,
"Good evening, Lady~" and he bowed in front of Min Sun.
Min Sun smiled shyly, "are you gonna open the door for me or what?"
Seung Ri laughed and slowly guide Min Sun inside his car.

in 15 minutes, they arrived at one of the best restaurants in Seoul. Seung Ri already reserved a place for him and Min Sun. Seung Ri got off of his car, went to Min Sun's side and opened the door for her. Then they both walked inside the resto.


Meanwhile, Jong Hyun and his buddies were at Starbucks, including Ha Neul and Ye Seul.
"Man, you gotta tell her your feelings right away. Doesn't it feel hard not to talk to her for a week?" asked Key.
"But, she didn't even visit my house when i got out of the hospital.." said Jong Hyun.
"That's because you shouted at her, hyung!" Taemin spoke up. Ha Neul agreed.
Jong Hyun kept still. Onew then talked as well,
"Yea Jong Hyun, you better tell her no matter what. Don't expect much from her. The point is you have to let her know your feelings for her, and her feelings for you too."
Ye Seul nod, "Yeah and you better prepare for the worst.."
"What do you mean noona?" asked Taemin, before Jong Hyun could actually open his mouth.
"I mean, there's still a chance that Min Sun will pick Seung Ri, right?"
Jong Hyun's face went sad again.
"Mianhae~" said Ye Seul, then Ha Neul started to clear things up,
"Ye Seul meant that there's no 100% chance for you to get accepted by Min Sun. She has her own choice, so you better prepare of it. And don't get angry. It's Min Sun's heart, remember that."

Jong Hyun took a deep breath.
"What are you waiting for? Go get her!" said Onew.
"But i don't even know where she is!" said Jong Hyun.
Ha Neul spoke up, "Uhm.. she's at the #1 resto with Seung Ri. i gave her a call this evening and she told me about it."
Jong Hyun's face turned disappointed.
"Jong Hyun, remember! Control yourself." said Ye Seul.
Jong Hyun stood up and was about to leave when Key suddenly shouted,
"Hey, you're not going to give her something?"
Jong Hyun stopped, and looked back, "Like.. what?"
Minho, who was not talking for all the time, finally spoke,
"Hyung, how about a teddy bear?"
They all looked at Minho as if he wasn't there the whole time.
"Teddy bear?" asked Jong Hyun.
"Yeah, a big one." said Minho.
"Oh oh~ and a white one! i remember she said she liked white," said Key.
Jong Hyun smiled, "thanks guys!"
then he ran away from Starbucks, leaving his friends wishing him luck.


Min Sun concentrated on her food, while Seung Ri was looking around to find a waiter.
"What are you looking for?" asked Min Sun.
"Ah~ aniyo.." Seung Ri smiled and continued eating.
"Uhm.. any special events that made you invite me to dinner in here, tonight?"
Seung Ri gave a sweet smile, then he clapped his hands. Two waiters came by bringing a glass of clear orange juice. The waiter put a glass in front of Min Sun, and Min Sun just gazed at it.

"mwo? what is this?"
Seung Ri just smiled. Min Sun looked at the glass. Then she saw something sparkling inside the juice,
"What.." Min Sun grabbed her chopsticks and pulled out the blingy thing. It was a beautiful opal ring.
Min Sun's mouth were opened in amaze. Seung Ri smiled and slowly grabbed the ring. He wiped it with his napkin, and he softly pulled Min Sun's left hand to slip in the ring to her finger.

but at the exact time, the resto's main door opened and Jong Hyun came walking in and searching for Min Sun. Min Sun and Seung Ri both realized his appearance. Jong Hyun caught Min Sun's eye, and he saw the whole ring thing. Min Sun slowly pulled away her hand. Seung Ri bent down his head.
then Jong Hyun walked up to their table. Min Sun was scared that Jong Hyun will do something stupid in the resto, like punch Seung Ri or something, but then he just said,

"Let me tell you this. You are one lucky guy. If i were you, i would treat her as a queen, give whatever she wants, protect her as if I'm her only bodyguard, care for her as if she is the only one in my life. perhaps you don't know some things about her. of you truly love her, you should know everything about her. she hates flowers. don't dare to give her flowers. she'd love a warm pancake for breakfast, with and ice cold water as her drink. she'll beg you to drop her any place she wants to go, and don't you dare to refuse coz her eyes would turn into sad puppy eyes and you will regret it for your whole life.. she's.. if i were you, i certainly make her as my everything. Need a repeat? You are one lucky guy.."

Jong Hyun's whole babbling speech actually made Seung Ri amazed, and made Min Sun shed tears. She looked at Jong Hyun but Jong Hyun didn't give a damn, he instantly walked away from the resto, leaving the two people in confusion.
Seung Ri saw Min Sun's tears. Then he hold back his ring, and said,
Min Sun lift her head up, "what?"
"You'll need to explain everything. Go and catch him. But promise me you'll be back? I will wait.."
Min Sun shed even more tears, she grasped Seung Ri's right hand with both of her hands and said, "Mianhae."
then she stood up and ran slowly outside the resto.

Seung Ri stared at the ring he had prepared. Then he started to wait.


Min Sun wandered around the crowds, she walked here and there to find Jong Hyun. She was sure that Jong Hyun didn't bring his bike with him, so she decided to find Jong Hyun by foot. She needed to explain everything. She had to find Jong Hyun.

But the crowd at that Saturday night made Min Sun feel to tired. She felt dizzy and her feet are aching because of the high heels. She sighed and took a deep breath while she sat on the bench near a mini market. She began to feel cold and she started to cry. She felt hopeless because she can't find Jong Hyun.

When everything started to become worse, suddenly, a pair of fluffy hands covered her eyes..

To be continued..