Saturday, 7 November 2009

Days With 3ple J {Plot 11}

Sun Hee turned around and saw two guys wearing black clothes standing in front of her. One had short black hair and a thin mustache plus beard. He was wearing a pair of sunglasses which made Sun Hee confused because it was already night and dark, why would he wear sunglasses? Blind? Guess not. The other guy had longer hair, colored dark brown, and his face somehow looked a little cute.

"Do I know you guys?" she asked.

The brown haired guy answered, "About who we are, you don't need to know. Now come with us."
The short haired guy grabbed Sun Hee's hand, but she struggled.

"Hey! Let go of me!"

The two guys tried to keep Sun Hee still by holding both of her hands, but she kept rebelling and kicked one of them. Seeing that, the other guy pulled something from his pocket and sticked it to Sun Hee's back. She got an electricity shock and immediately collapsed.


Sun Hee opened her eyes, and found herself already tied up to a chair. She looked around and analyzed that maybe she was in an empty warehouse. And she also found four guys surrounding her.

"Oh June, look! The princess is up.." said the brown haired guy that Sun Hee just met.

A dark figure walked towards Sun Hee. She couldn't see his face at first, but when he stepped under the light, she could see him. He was standing about 180cm tall, had brown messy hair, similar to the other guy that she had met before. He only wore undershirts, and Sun Hee could tell that he was definitely a sportaholic. His body was well built and fine, among other four guys.

"Who are you? What do you want?" asked Sun Hee, cynically.

This guy called June, stood in front of her and said, "You know how bad it felt, when I was fired from the Song's company?"

Sun Hee lifted her head up.

"Just because I was accused for stealing Mr. Song's car, how foolish. I was nothing but a normal guy trying a new career, challenging myself to work at Seoul's number 1 company. Then only in three months I got fired. Your stupid dad wouldn't listen to any of my excuses, I knew he didn't like me from the beginning. I was dropped to jail for a year, and I met new friends..."

The guy looked at his four other friends, they all just smirked.

"..Now, don't blame us if we're doing this to you. It's your dad's fault."

Sun Hee just rolled her eyes and looked away from June. June walked closer and bent down until his face was in front of hers.

"Ah, such a beauty. It would be a waste if we ruin her face.."

June gripped Sun Hee's chin with one hand.

"What if we take advantage of this?" he asked to his friends, while touching Sun Hee's lips with his other hand.


"Don't you dare touch me!", shouted Sun Hee to June's face. He smirked.

"Look! Uri princess is talking. Let's tell her to stop."

June moved closer to Sun Hee and finally touched his lips to hers. Sun Hee struggled and tried to shout in the middle of that oh-so-violent kiss. She kept struggling as June strengthen his grip on her face. The other guys just smiled evilly.

"I SAID LET GO!", Sun Hee kicked June's legs. He loosen his grips and held his leg, it was quite a hard kick, so he felt a little pain.

"Fine! She doesn't want to be treated well, let's treat her with pain."

He gave a code to one of his friend, and this tall, thin and white guy - looks like the youngest of all - walked up to Sun Hee and sticked a pocket knife to Sun Hee's face. She startled and reflectedly closed her eyes.

"Hey girl! Let's see how this feels..."


Jonghun just got off the seminary stage and walked up to his buddies. Jo Kwon and Jong Hyun were standing near by, Jonghun could see Kwon yawning so wide.

"Whoooaaaah~~ your performance was cool even though I had no idea what you were talking about."

"Yeah, you gotta know, Kwon nearly fell asleep on my shoulder if only I didn't slap his head!", added Jong Hyun.

Jonghun just smiled while loosening his tie. He was wearing a black suit, white shirt and black tie for his top. And a matching pair of black jeans. He dressed formally for his first participation in his dad's seminary about Seoul's travel year called "Infinitely Yours". His dad owns a tour and travel company, which will be passed on to Jonghun later.

Kwon and Jong Hyun were chatting vigorously while walking to the exit of the hall, Jonghun followed behind while typing something on his phone.

"Hey hun, let's have dinner somewhere new!" said Jong Hyun.

"Oh Oh! I wanna try the new steakhouse in town!" replied Kwon.

Jonghun didn't answer, he looked like he was thinking hard.

"Hunnie?" Kwon waved his hands in front of Jonghun's face.

"Oh, I feel like there's something I gotta do.." he answered.

Jong Hyun complained, "Come on, it's 8pm already! Looking at that fountain makes me thirsty."

Jonghun looked puzzled, "Fountain? 8pm?"

Kwon looked at Jong Hyun, Jong Hyun lifted both his shoulders. Finally Jonghun snapped and spoke half shouting.

"OMONA~ I have a date with Sun Hee!" he looked at his watch, "AND I'M LATE! Gosh, see you guys!!"

Jonghun ran away so quickly and disappeared from the corner.

Jong Hyun looked at Kwon, "He didn't tell us that he had a date! Cheater. T_T"


Just when the guy was about to make a scar on Sun Hee's face, her handphone rang. It gave the whole room a shock, including Sun Hee. Her phone was in her bag, which was underneath the chair she was sitting on. Another guy who had a mohawk-ed hair bent down and grabbed the phone.

"Who is this.. Jonghun? Ah so you do have a namjachingu..", the guy slide open the phone.

"DON'T.." Sun Hee tried to stop him.

"Yoboseyo?" said the guy, answering Jonghun's call.

"Sun Hee~.. ah, nuguseyo? where's Sun Hee?" Jonghun sounded confused.

The brown haired guy, the tall young one, the mustached one and also June their leader, were all inattentive. Sun Hee suddenly kicked the knife that one of them were holding, the knife miraculously flew above Sun Hee and landed on her hands, she quickly cut the rope off her hands. It happened so fast that none of the guys were able to stop her.

"STUPID!" yelled June, while slapping the tall skinny guy's head.

"Yoboseyo? Yoboseyo!" said Jonghun from over the phone, the mohawk-ed guy turned on the loudspeaker on purpose, so that they could all hear him. Sun Hee stood up and threw the chair to the five guys.

Come on Sun Hee, show your black belt ability!

"Well well, what a nice move. Get her!" commanded June.

Sun Hee had both her fist raised up, ready to punch. First, the mustache guy attacked. He drifted his fist to Sun Hee's face, which Sun Hee easily blocked it off, she twisted his arms and threw him to the floor. Then the brown haired guy did the same thing, Sun Hee got hit on her shoulder, she groaned a bit then knocked him down with her left fist.

Suddenly the tall skinny guy got hold of her from behind. He held Sun Hee's left hand and put his right hand around her neck, as if he was going to choke her. The mohawk guy grabbed his knife again, while June got hold of the phone.

"Hey princess! Your prince charming is not coming after you! What are your last words?" said June, giving the phone to Sun Hee's ears.

"Sun Hee! Sun Hee, where are you?!", asked Jonghun, his voice was extremely in a panic tone.

June gripped Sun Hee's chin, which made her shout in pain.

"Sun Hee!" yelled Jonghun from the phone.

"Want to save your princess? Let me give you a clue. We're at the only emprty warehouse near Apgujeong. Come fast, and we'll deal with you. But if you're too late.." June hung up his speech and looked deep into Sun Hee's eyes.

"JONGHUN, ANDWAE~!" shouted Sun Hee to her phone.

The mohawk guy closed Sun Hee's mouth, and June shut the phone off.

Jonghun was surely panic, not knowing what to do at that moment. After he heard Sun Hee screaming like that, he knew well that she was in major danger. Jonghun then shut his phone and quickly ran to the place that the guy mentioned. He was definitely sure that the place is the old empty warehouse, behind a shop at the Apgujeong area. Because he was nowhere near his car, he just ran by foot, making his hair being messed and blown by wind, and his suit rumpled all over the place.

Lucky his seminary location wasn't that far from Apgujeong, so he arrived less than 5 minutes, he gained up his maximum energy to run to the place. When he arrived, he looked around the warehouse, it was dark and dim, there were wood boxes everywhere. He walked slowly and tried not to make a sound. Until he spotted five guys surrounding a girl, he knew it was Sun Hee.

His anger reached the top of his limit, he grabbed one of the wooden box and threw it to the guys, it crashed to the floor, and all five of them, plus Sun Hee, startled and looked to Jonghun. Sun Hee's face was so scared that Jonghun couldn't bear to look at her. June smirked and walked towards Jonghun, leaving Sun Hee behind with the mohawk guy.

And like in movies, the guys had a fight. Jonghun was crowded by four of them, he got hit here and there, though he also managed to knock one of them down. He got hit several times by June, which made Sun Hee scream hysterically. The mohawk guy had to step in to beat Jonghun when June was already on the floor, groaning in pain. Jonghun was able to take the mohawk guy down too. He quickly ran up to Sun Hee and slowly held her face.

"You okay?" he asked so softly. Sun Hee nod her head, but still scared while looking at the five guys, struggling hard to stand back up. Jonghun grabbed Sun Hee's hand and told her to run away first. When Sun Hee was limping because of her injured leg, Jonghun was still fighting a guy away. He was so concentrated on that one person, that he didn't knew that June was sneaking behind him holding a knife.

Sun Hee changed her mind and limped back towards June. When June was about to stab the knife to Jonghun's back, Sun Hee suddenly showed up in front of him. The knife then was stabbed into Sun Hee's waist.

Both Jonghun and June was shocked. Jonghun punched June away with all of his strength left, and got hold of Sun Hee who was slowly collapsing down. She was still awake, holding her bruised waist.

"Sun Hee! I told you to run, right? Why.. why did you.." Jonghun stammered.

Sun Hee kept holding her waist, "Do you want me.. to.. live?" asked Sun Hee, while panting out of breath. Jonghun's face suddenly turned pale, he also tried to stop the blood coming out from Sun Hee's waist.

"Take me.. to.. the hospital, you.. fool.." said Sun Hee. She then fainted. Jonghun then stood up while carrying Sun Hee in his arm, and went out of that place to get help.


2 hours later, Jonghun was already waiting outside the surgery room. Sun Hee lost quite a lot amount of blood. He was lucky to find Jong Hyun and Kwon outside the warehouse. Those two guys got curious and followed Jonghun to where he went. So when Jonghun came out while carrying Sun Hee, they both called the ambulance quickly, and took her to the hospital that Jong Hyun's dad owns.

About Sun Hee, she has been blood transfused from Seunghyun, her new found brother. After taking her to the hospital, Jonghun called the Song's residence. Unfortunately, nobody was home except Seunghyun. So he was the one who gets to know first about Sun Hee's condition. At first, when Seunghyun arrived at the hospital, he was so angry that he grabbed Jonghun's collar and asked him to explain everything. But Jong Hyun and Jo Kwon held him off, and said that it was an accident. Then Seunghyun was told to get inside the surgery room, and do the blood transfusion.

Jonghun was leaning to the wall when the doctor finally went out. It was Jong Hyun's dad. Jo Kwon and Jong Hyun who were also waiting, stood up from their seats and walked towards Jonghun.

"How is she, dad?" asked Jong Hyun.

"She lost a lot of blood. Fortunately, her brother came just in time. We had to do the blood transfusion immediately. Seunghyun fell asleep because of the side effect from the chloroform. So, now they are both sleeping in room 702. They still need rest. And Sun Hee has a great immune system, I'm very sure she will recover fast. Her bruise isn't that severe, we just had to do a few stitches. She only needs to rest a few days here, then she will be fine.", explained the doctor.

"Ah, glad to hear that. Thank you so much." said Jonghun, he made a 90 degree bow to Jong Hyun's dad. The doctor smiled, and excused to go since he had something to do.

"Thanks for helping a lot, Jong Hyun" said Jonghun.

Jong Hyun smiled and pat Jonghun's shoulders. "No prob, buddy."

Jo Kwon made a relieving smiled and took a deep breath. "Thank God that she is okay. I wonder what her parents, and also how Tory will react if they know about this. I mean, Seunghyun is a calm person but did you see when he grabbed Jonghun's collar? That face wasn't friendly at all. Even I was scared.", Kwon exhaled and sit back on the chair, followed by the two other guys.

Jonghun took a deep breath, and looked straight forward.

"Jonghun..", called Jong Hyun.


"You looked so panic, and you even look pale now. It looks like you're afraid to lose someone really important to you.", said Jong Hyun.

"What are you talking about? It's Sun Hee in there now! Of course I'm worried to death!"

"Yea but, your reactions are way different from us, I mean, from your expressions, I could tell.."

"Tell what?", interrupted Jo Kwon.

Jong Hyun looked at Jonghun.

"You really fell in love with Sun Hee, didn't you?"

To be continued...