Wednesday, 29 April 2009

A Future Story part 7

Min Sun stopped and quickly turned around,
she saw Jong Hyun breathing heavily, he was shivering,
Min Sun ran to him in panic, then she asked him
"Bro u okay? what's wrong?"
she pulled his blanket off, then she saw his face and hands were really pale,
Jong Hyun was still shivering

"OMG, Jong Hyun!"
Min Sun touched Jong Hyun's forehead, it felt so warm, hot in fact,
she continued to panic, not knowing what to do, she could only sit beside him and murmuring unclearly,
then Jong Hyun spoke weakly,
"Min Sun.. don't leave.."
Min Sun answered, "of course, it's okay bro, i'm with you! just stay with me, okay..?"

Min Sun was really worried, Mr. and Mrs. Kim haven't got home yet,
Lee Jae is sleeping over to her friends house,
when Min Sun was about to get Jong Hyun's handphone and wanted to call Mrs. Kim,
Jong Hyun snatched his handphone back, he didn't let her call his mom,
how wouldn't Min Sun be so worried?

she sat still beside Jong Hyun, tuck his blanket in again, and started thinking,

he was fine when we arrived at BB's basecamp, why he's drop like this now? oh.. i remember, he stared in emptiness several times, did he actually knew he was sick? how come he didn't tell me?

then suddenly Jong Hyun rise up, he tried to sit down and lean on his bed,
Min Sun startled, she held Jong Hyun's arms and tried to help him to lean,
"Bro, are u sick? why didn't you tell me? do u want me to get something for you?" asked Min Sun.
"Would u stop calling me 'bro' ?"

Min Sun gasped. she also was confused why suddenly Jong Hyun didn't want to be called "Bro".
"oh, sorry. Jong Hyun.. is there anything i can get you?" she asked again,
"No.. i just caught a cold, it's no big deal, just don't leave me that's all." he answered.
"a cold? no big deal? Jong Hyun you should see how pale you were! don't you know how i felt when i saw you looking that bad? Jong Hyun, you.." Min Sun's speech was cut by Jong Hyun's weak laugh.
"Hahaha.. you should see your face when you panicked, ^^" Jong Hyun made a small sweet smile.
"What? you.. weren't you asleep? are u really sick?" Min Sun became really confused,
Jong Hyun kept smiling and his face looks like he was going to burst out laughing,
and he did,
he really laughed out loud, but weak, in front of Min Sun's face

"oh God,.. aaaaaakh you darn bro! brainsprout! pineapple head! you set this up didn't you!"
Min Sun started to punch Jong Hyun's arm,
"hey.. hey.. whoa whoa whoa, slow down, that hurts, i'm not bluffing i really catch a cold, Min Sun!"
Jong Hyun stroked his arms a few times,
"But how dare you? Jong Hyun, u were SO PALE, u know? i thought you.."
"I what?", asked Jong Hyun, "it's just a cold, Min Sun."
"Then why u acted as if u were dying? it's scary u know.."
Jong Hyun took a deep breath,
"Well, i just wanted to see if u actually cared."

Min Sun exhaled her breath,
"Of course i care for you Jong Hyun."
Jong Hyun smiled,
Min Sun continued her speech, "can't you imagine if your sibling was really ill like that? would you freak out like me? oh i bet you would.."
Jong Hyun's smile disappeared, then he said
Min Sun smiled, "yes, i consider you as my big bro ^^, absolutely i care for you."
Jong Hyun stayed silent,


"oh look, i think auntie and uncle are home, i'll get the door,.." said Min Sun
but Jong Hyun stopped her, "Min Sun wait..!"
"yes?" asked Min Sun, "u need anything?"
Jong Hyun continued,
"not really, it's just that.. do u really consider me as your brother?"
Min Sun made a face that looks like she was thinking hard,
"Hmmm.. technically yes, but, biologically, we're not from the same parents so.."
Jong Hyun popped a surprising question,
"So, would u go for a date with me this weekend?"

To be continued...

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

A Future Story part 6

Seung Ri tried to continue his speech..
"well, I was just trying to make Min Sun.."

"SEUNG RI !!!"

Min Sun's voice cut his speech once again,
"Seung Ri, come with us, we're taking a picture of all of us here, Hye Gyo will set the self timer on her digicam,.."
Seung Ri answered, "oh.. okay.."
then he looked to Jong Hyun,
Jong Hyun stared through Seung Ri's eyes, as if he is saying that "it's not over.."
then Min Sun shouted again,
"Hey Jong Hyun, u too bro! nobody can't miss this photo session! imma upload this to facebook and tag u guys so that my sister will know i'm really taking a pic with big bang ^^"
Jong Hyun walked heavily to Min Sun..

So, Min Sun's position was between Seung Ri and Jong Hyun,
TOP is beside Seung Ri, then Dae Sung next to TOP
Tae Yang is beside Jong Hyun, then there was Hye Gyo at the end
Hye Gyo countdown.. "ok everybody, 3.. 2.. 1.. CHEESE !"

on the way home, Hye Gyo, Min Sun and Jong Hyun ride on Hye Gyo's mazda rx-8
Hye Gyo was taking Min Sun and Jong Hyun home,
Hye Gyo was the driver and Min Sun seating on the front seat,
while Jong Hyun at the backseat alone
the two girls talked really happily and Min Sun thanked Hye Gyo over and over again,
Jong Hyun was still curious about Seung Ri's speech
what was he trying to say??

as they all arrived home, Min Sun kissed Hye Gyo goodbye ^^ and said thanks once again
then she rushed into the Kim's house,
but knowing Jong Hyun wasn't following her, she stopped and turned around
she found Jong Hyun there standing still, staring deeply but his eyes looked empty,
"Jong Hyun? hey bro? you okay?"
Min Sun waved her hands in front of Jong Hyun's eyes,
then he blinked surprisingly, " i'm fine.."
Min Sun said, "well then let's go inside, i need to borrow ur PC to upload these fascinating photos to my facebook, so my sister can see it!, Come on ^^"
Min Sun grabbed Jong Hyun's jacket sleeve, then pulled him inside.

Jong Hyun opened his room and Min Sun rushed instantly to his desk,
she pushed the power button on and took of her vest she was wearing,
Jong Hyun tidied up his bed a bit then asked
"why don't u use ur own laptop?"
Min Sun answered, "coz i wanna save these photos to your PC, so u and i can remember that happy event..^^ do u mind?"
actually Jong Hyun didn't like it but then he said,
"oh.. yea it's okay, by the way sorry my room's really a mess.."
"no no it's okay, u'll be shocked if u see my room"
Jong Hyun laughed spontaneusly, then Min Sun said something really rare.
"haha, now ure laughing, huh, bro? i thought u don't have sense of humor, ^^"
then she laughed herself, Jong Hyun just smiled, and still stared at her..
"oh look my sister's online!!", Min Sun cried happily.

Min Sun didn't knew that she was online for hours,
Jong Hyun fell asleep on his bed, but Min Sun was still addicted to the net,
when she felt a bit tired, she yawned and stretched her back,
then she caught Jong Hyun sleeping,
"oh.. poor bro, haha i didn't knew i was online for hours, hoho my bad"
she grabbed a blanket from Jong Hyun's cupboard,
then she put it on him and tucked him in,
when she was about to leave him alone,
Jong Hyun said something in his sleep that made Min Sun stopped..

"Min Sun.. don't..leave..."

To be continued...

Thursday, 23 April 2009

A Future Story part 5

a sound of steps coming from the bathroom made everyone turned around
then, someone spoke :
"Hey maknae, what are you doing? bringing VIPs here? you know this is our private place, what made you to get a chance to even think of bringing them here? explain it, NOW."

Tabi spoke loudly, somewhat scary,
Min Sun even hide behind Jong Hyun's jacket
then Seung Ri started to explain, just as his hyung asked him to.
Seung Ri said that Min Sun was the birthday girl which held a party, which he was invited to
this birthday girl asked for Tabi's picture to give to her sister's birthday, that's today.

Tabi started looking at Min Sun from top to toe.
Min Sun became more afraid, started gripping Jong Hyun's arm until he cried a little "ouch".

OMG OMG, no wonder he's called "the killer eyes" ! he is killing me now, i mean really, he IS scary !

"oh.. so you're that birthday gurl..?", asked Tabi.
"uh, umm. well, technically yes, I was actually.. umm..", Min Sun answered, still in fear.
"Well happy birthday to you then!.." suddenly Tabi's face changed an he made a sweet smile, "..boys, would you sing a birthday song to this lucky bday gurl?"

GD, Dae Sung, and Tae Yang who actually just realized that there were guests in their room, stood up instantly and started singing the Happy Birthday song, and Tabi started beatboxing
Hye Gyo video-ed the event,
Min Sun slowly left Jong Hyun's arm behind,
Jong Hyun felt kinda weird but when Min Sun looked towards him, he smiled to her.

when the boys went to the "happy birthday deaar...(u suppose to say the bday person's name here in this part)", they stopped coz the didn't know what's the birthday gurl's name,
Seung Ri shouted "Min Suuuuuun.."
then the boys continued, "happy birthday dear Min Sun, happy birthdaaaaaay.. tooooo youuuuuuuu"
Min Sun smiled and clapped strongly, she shaked hands with all the boys,
and when she reached Tabi's hand, her face nearly became afraid again, but then Tabi smiled and she felt relieved.

the 4 boys had a chit chat with Min Sun, she took a picture of Tabi alone, and also took a picture of her and Tabi, both of them holding a Happy Birthday sign for her sister,
Hye Gyo was still videoing them with her handycam,
meanwhile, Jong Hyun and Seung Ri was talking at the balcony..

"so.. do u often treat your fans this well?", asked Jong Hyun
"what? oh u mean the way i treat Min Sun?, Seung Ri asked back.
"yes.. who else.."
"well, honestly i, i mean, we never treat a VIP this much, if yes, maybe in an official show, not a private and unorganized event like this..", Seung Ri explained.
"the point is.. ure doing this coz Min Sun is special? or are u guys just doing this for fun?", Jong Hyun continued asking Seung Ri.
"uhm.. i think the other hyung's are just doing this for fun.. but me, personally.. I..", Seung Ri hung up his speech.
"you what?," asked Jong Hyun.


To be continued..

A Future Story part 4

as Min Sun and Hye Gyo arrived at BigBang's basecamp,
they hop off the car and entered the lobby..
the bright red car which was following them, parked at the opposite side of the road,
a young man wearing sunglasses came out of that Mazda Rx-8
and also followed them to the lobby.

Hye Gyo talked with the receptionist for a while, then they were told what number is Big Bang's room
the girls both said thank you and quickly rushed to the lift
and yes, the young man followed them again, he took the same lift as them.

"Whoa, i can't believe u can talk to the receptionist girl so easily, then she gave us Big Bang's room number! ure so lucky to be YG manager's niece!", said Min Sun
"haha it's not really a big deal.. ure welcome!", said Hye Gyo
"ehm.. since when did i say thank u to u?"
"oh! u didn't? oh.. well.."
"hahaha i'm just kidding, Hye Gyo, thank you!"
the young man in front of them stood still and made a little smile on his face.

they arrived on the level which ha Big Bang's room on it,
the girls hop off the lift, as well as the young man
Min Sun felt that something is going wrong..

as they arrived in front of Big Bang's door,
before they could push the bell,
suddenly Seung Ri came out by himself,
Min Sun and Hye Gyo was shocked,
seeing the two girls' faces, Seung Ri quickly apologized

"Oh, i'm so sorry, i was just.. hey.. ure the birthday girl, right? hmm.. wait.. i forgot your name...
Ina, Ina right?", asked Seung Ri
"yep, u got that. but u could call me Min Sun now. ^^"
"Min Sun? whoaa u got a korean name now, huh?"
as they chat in front of the door, the young man behind the girls made a coughing sound
then Seung Ri realized that the young man was the guest he was waiting for.

"Oh, it's you! i thought u were someone else, haha, what's with ur outfit?", said Seung Ri
no wonder Seung Ri asked bout the guy's outfit, he wore black all over him,
black leather jacket, black jeans, black VANS shoes, black sunglasses
"well, i just didn't want the girls to recognize me, coz..", the guy finally spoke
"Hey i know that voice!...", Min Sun suddenly got in front of him and took his sunglasses off
"hey no no no, don't...", the guy refuses to take his sunglasses off,
"There...." unfortunately Min Sun was able to take it off,
"Jong Hyun! what are you doing? are u following us? were u the one who drove the bright red mazda rx-8? how come seung ri recognized u? how come i didn't? what are you doing? wait.. i already asked that, didn't I?", Min Sun asked Jong Hyun with a bunch of questions..

"whoa whoa calm down, birthday girl, i invited him here," Seung Ri spoke again
"yup, that's what i was going to say. So.. Min Sun, u actually realized that i was following you two?," Jong Hyun asked to Min Sun
"of course, i was actually gonna freak out but i held it coz i didn't want Hye Gyo to freak out as well.."
Hye Gyo who was standing behind Min Sun all the time, could only burst laughing
Min Sun was confused why her friend laughed so hard,
then Min Sun found out that Hye Gyo actually knew that Jong Hyun was coming there too,
the mazda Rx-8 was actually Hye Gyo's car, one car out of 5 that she has..
Hye Gyo explained that Jong Hyun was invited by Seung Ri to come to their apartment as well,
coz Seung Ri has something to talk with Jong Hyun
when all problems was clear, Seung Ri finally invited them in,

inside Big Bang's room, there was GD playing PS 3 with Dae Sung,
Tae Yang watching them on the sofa.
but there's no Tabi
"where's Tabi?", asked Min Sun to Seung Ri..

To be continued...

Thursday, 16 April 2009

A Future Story part 3

the next day when Ina woke up
well, she doesn't actually woke up by herself,
Mrs. Kim woke her up.. and she said
"Ina, i have a present for you, well.. actually not a "present" present..
it's just a gift that me and Mr. Kim want to give you.."
Ina asked,"what is it, auntie?"

"we're about to give you a new name, i mean a korean name
want to know what it is?"
"absolutely, auntie !"
"Kim Min Sun"

Ina was surprised..
"Kim... Min Sun? Kim? i mean.. that's your family's name..I.."
Mrs. Kim cut Ina's speech, "yes of course, you're part of our family now, i have had a speech with my husband about this.."
suddenly Mr. Kim popped out from Ina.. i mean, Min Sun's door ^^
"Happy bday, Kim Min Sun, we consider you as our daughter from now on."
Min Sun felt so delighted, Mrs. Kim hugged her and they had a chit chat in Min Sun's room.

then.. Jong Hyun also popped out with her little sister, Lee Jae
Jong Hyun asked what happened and so did Lee Jae,
when Mr. and Mrs. Kim explained all about the new Min Sun,
Lee Jae shrieked happily and jumped in circles while holding Min Sun's hands
meanwhile, Jong Hyun stared in emptiness.
Min Sun stopped and asked what's wrong,
but Jong Hyun just said nothing. he went outside Min Sun's room, leaving his family in confusion.

That afternoon, Min Sun was planning to go to Big Bang's basecamp.
with Hye Gyo with her, she knew that they would find that big apartment and can get in easily
yeah coz Hye Gyo is the niece of YG Productions manager, remember?

Min Sun wanted to take a picture of Tabi, for her sister's's today, october 14th
Min Sun was going to email the picture as a present
so she asked Hye Gyo to accompany her
Hye Gyo picked Min Sun up at her house, using a Toyota Camry
they wer with Hye Gyo's driver,
as they were on the way heading to Big Bang's apartment..
they didn't know that there was a bright red car
following them behind..

To be continued...

Saturday, 11 April 2009

A Future Story part 2

a pair of hands closed her eyes,
she reflectedly grabbed those hands
it felt cold and soft,
and when those hands loosen,
she turned around
and found two smoky eyes staring at her..

no.. it wasn't Seung Ri,

it's Jong Hyun (the Kim's family one and only son)
Jong Hyun smiled, Ina smiled back while whispering thank you
that time she knew that Jong Hyun set up this surprise with her friends,
everyone clapped,
and this someone made his way through the crowd,
carrying a tiramisu cake with a 24 candle on it..
this someone wore a black hoodie and sunglasses..
Ina made a frown on her face,
when he took off his sunglasses,
she gasped and found out that her once adorable baby panda was staring at her..

it was Seung Ri who carried the cake ^^

then he started singing happy birthday..
the crowd cheered and clapped,
except Jong Hyun, his face seemed a little confused when he saw Seung Ri showed up
the YG manager's niece felt really proud coz her inisiative to bring Seung Ri along was successful
then, Jong Hyun's mom heard all the crowd and invited them in
including Seung Ri of course
they all had dinner together and had a chit chat for hours
until it was almost midnight
all the guests went home one by one
all except the YG manager's niece and Seung Ri
the YG manager's niece, which name was Hye Gyo, chatted with Ina for a loong time,
then Seung Ri secretly had a chat with Jong Hyun
i don't know what they were talking about
but as they were chatting, they often look at those two girls who were also chatting on the sofa.

it was getting late and finally Hye Go and Seung Ri decided to leave,
Ina thanked them so much and gave her best smile to them
before they left,
Ina called Seung Ri and asked that if she could play to big bang's basecamp with Hye Gyo
coz she wanted to take a picture of Tabi (Ina's sister really loves Tabi ^^)
Seung Ri said "of course, come anytime you want but please call us first,"
then he gave her his namecard with a phone number and an address on it..
Ina thanked Seung Ri once again and took them to the front gate of the Kim's residence
they said goodbye and she went back into the house.

suddenly Jong Hyun said
"wow u must be really happy..", in a sarcastic way
Ina draw a frown again on her face
"what's wrong with you? of course i'm happy bro, don't you feel happy for me too?"
"well.. of course i'm happy for you but i didn't expect your cute little panda to come."
then Jong Hyun walked away and when to his room..

i thought Jong Hyun liked Seung Ri, they were so chummy when they chatted..
what's really going on with Jong Hyun?

To be continued...

Thursday, 9 April 2009

A Future Story

in 2015, a girl named Arina Nurul Azizah (usually called "Ina") just graduated from English Literature in FIB UI, Indonesia
she was a great big fan of Lee Seung Hyun, one of the most popular korean band vocalist, Big Bang
she adored this guy since she was grade 10 in highschool
she had pictures of him everywhere, in her handphone, in her wallet, in her binder, as her desktop PC, as her wallpaper on her sony vaio laptop.
she even had a complete collection of big bang mp3s,
she always hear them when she drives her silver VW Beetle
she also had a Bangs game on her pink Nintendo DS Lite
her friends thought that she was a Seung Ri fanatic freak

one day in the year 2015,
she took a form to study abroad,
she chose a university from malaysia,
korea, australia and japan (booyeaaah ^^)
amazingly, she was accepted at all 4 universities !
but in the end she chose to go to Korea, coz she was really obsessed with Seung Ri

she went to Korea on the year 2016,
she chose the interior design major
though she can't speak korean, she masters english fluently,
day by day she could speak korean by herself, thanks to her friends at college and her new family there
she lived with a korean family
a husband and wife with 2 childrean
the 1st kid was a boy, actually he was as old as Ina
the 2nd was a girl, 3 years younger
since then, Ina was a part of The Kim family.

a year went by, it was 2017..
Ina was in the middle of her semester,
she was so busy when she arrived at Korea, she even forgot about Big Bang !
except those advertisements which had big bang in it
she was so into her major, she got new friends, new family
she doesn't care too much about her dream meeting Seung Ri anymore.
"i already have a new life here, that's quite enough for me"
that's what she thought.
she thought it was impossible to meet Seung Ri
but she was wrong.

October 13th 2017
it was her birthday
on of her college friend knows that she WAS into Seung Ri
Ina didn't know that her friend was the manager of YG Production's niece
this girl, asked her uncle to "borrow" Seung Ri for a while to help make a surprise for Ina
surprisingly, her uncle agreed, so did Seung Ri
so, Ina's friend plus Seung Ri and another bunch of college friends, sneak up to Ina's house.
when they arrived n knocked the door, Ina opened it
but she saw only one of her friend (which was the manager's niece)
Ina's friend said "Happy Birthday!"
Ina smiled and was about to say thank you,
when suddenly a pair of hands closed her eyes

To be continued .

Friday, 3 April 2009

23 wants before i'm 23 (or until i'm 23)

post ini terinspirasi dari punyanya wan bang,
tapi wan bang cuma ada 16 gitu wantsnya, gue nambahin jadi 23..
here they are :

1. Have a pink Nintendo DS Lite

2. Have a pink Sony vaio

3. have a silver VW Beetle (and drive it by myself)

4. have one of big bang's shoes (i want the left one.. i think it's Seung Ri's, haha)

5. be modest

6. graduate from SMAN 70 (with a cum laude score)

7. get into FIB UI english literature (pmdk of course.)

8. able to ride a silver Fulsar by myself

9. try modelling (yea rite like that would happen)

10. live at Brisbane again at least for 6 months

11. go to Seoul

12. MEET BIG BANG and collaborate with them , LOL

13. go on a date with Seung Ri (coz i know it's impossible to marry him, rofl)

14. go on a date with Tabi (same reason as Seung Ri, ^^)

15. improve my singing skills (whoa i can sing = 0)

16. play the sims 3

17. go to Japan

18. see snow

19. meet Dean Fujioka

20. have fun at Disneyland Tokyo

21. further study in Malaysia

22. meet him

23. have a delightful marriage with him ^^ (this "him" refers to either SpongeBOB, Seung Ri, Tabi or.. Dean Fujioka? haha)

amiiin, hopefully all these wishes will come true ^^

Thursday, 2 April 2009

my dream with Tabi

ok ok this getting much weirder..
i know and u guys know that my fav in big bang is Seung Ri
now why am i dreaming about Tabi?
never mind he is my 2nd fav, haha
this dream is better than the one with Seung Ri,
and i had this dream last night.

here it goes ^^ :

like my other dreams,
i can't remember them fully..
in this dream,
i was a famous singer,
still from indonesia, but booming in korea, LOL
and i was a part of big bang too
(maybe the only girl in big bang, or an additional person in big bang, haha)
so here, i was hired to do a collaboration
with a kpop girl group
i don't know if in my dream it was girl's generation,
wonder girls
or what lah.. i can't remember
the point is,
we were at a beach, me and the girl group
i think we were shooting for the collaboration video clip
when we were taking a break,
the girls rushed to the sea and played in the waves,
i was standing by a volleyball net (as i remember)
when i was about to catch up with the girls,
someone called me behind..
and it was...
kyaaaa ^^
i turned myself an said "omg, Tabiii !! ^^"
i ran towards him an held his hands
as if we were a couple that haven't met for so long, haha
then i asked "what r u doin here?"
he said "looking for you..
you're so lucky to collaborate with them,
you're paid for that, right?
but they don't pay me if i collaborate with them."
i answered "haha yeah maybe coz ure a guy and ure already success in big bang,
they think u don't need more cash = p"
haha he laughed, and then i asked
"hey does big bang have a show or something to do together?
coz if yes, i rather mingle with big bang than these girls.."
Tabi said
"actually yes, we're planning to hang out together"
i said "can i go with u guys?"
Tabi said "of course, but what i about the.."
i interrupted and said "it's okay, i'll ask for permission"
then he smiled and i ran to the girls to talk to them.

that's all that i can remember, again hahaa
actually i rather like this dream than the one with Seung Ri,
coz in here i'm more close to big bang,
haha oh ya one more thing..
in my dream, the conversation with Tabi,
from i said "omg.. Tabii! ^^" until i said "i'll ask for permission" ,,
i kept helding hands with Tabi, hahaha

girls don't be jealous, it's just a dream ^^
and it's okay if i don't have a chance to meet big bang..
coz i already have a dream about 2 of them, and that's quite enough. ^^

my dream with Seung Ri

lately i had a dream about Seung Ri.
haha it was nice, makes me smile by myself when no one is looking.

so here it goes...

i don't know the full story of this dream,
what i can remember is that Seung Ri was a teacher in my class
he was a Biology teacher,
in my dream, i was in a class
there was my friend, sasa, beside me
Seung Ri was teaching about binomial nomenclatur
he explained all about that subject
but his voice still sounds cute like in Big Bang's dirty cash and lady
but can u imagine?
Seung Ri talkin Indonesian, ahahaaa
then while he was teaching,
i was playing with my handphone when suddenly he passed by me
coz my handphone wallpaper was him,
i quickly closed my phone (it's a slide one)
then i gave an innocent smile at him
he just took a glance at me and walk away..
then when biology was over,
he said "bye class"
and said "aku datang"
haha he should say "aku pergi yaa"

okay that's all that i can remember
quite weird ya? tapi menyenangkan, haha ^^