Thursday, 17 September 2009

Days With 3ple J {Plot 8}

Sun Hee startled. She touched her cheek that was blushing beyond her control. Looking at Sun Hee's face, Jo Kwon laughed and messed up Sun Hee's hair.
"Just take that as a good night bye bye~! You don't have to red up like that."

Sun Hee tidied up her hair, then she smiled.
"I know, I know. It just surprised me. Haha~ Thanks again for today, Kwonnie!"
Jo Kwon smiled, then he slowly walked down the main stairs while waving goodbye. When he was walking down the steps, he tumbled a bit because he didn't look forward. Sun Hee burst out laughing.
"Aigoo~ Kwonnie, be careful!"

As Jo Kwon left, Sun Hee went inside and straight to her room.
"What a wonderful world," she said while throwing herself to her bed.


Jo Kwon knocked at the door.
"Come in~", said a well-known voice.
"HEY GUYS~~~ !!!", yelled Jo Kwon while rushing in to Jonghun's mini studio. Jonghun's studio is already like 3ple J's basecamp, they all gather there whenever they have something to chat, or just to chill out. Tonight, Jong Hyun and Jo Kwon are going to sleepover there.

"Kwon, it's 11 pm, don't shout like that or you'll wake my mom up.", said Jonghun.
"Who cares? Your studio is soundproof right?" asked Kwon.
"Uh.. yeah, but.." Jonghun tried to find some more excuses.
"Never mind~!.." snapped Jong Hyun, "so how's the date?"
Jo Kwon stretched here and there until he finally sat down in front of his two friends. His appearance even made Fluffy, Jonghun's cat, frightened and hide behind Jonghun's back.

"My date? FAB-U-LOUS." said Kwon in his 'superb' english.
"Details, please." said Jong Hyun.
Then Jo Kwon told the whole chronology of his date with Sun Hee. From playing at timezone, go karaoke-ing, and taking a photo sticker.
"Here's the photo! I'm cuter than her, right? XDD"
Double JH both rushed and grabbed the photo. Jong Hyun looked envious, while Jonghun kept silent. He always does.

"So.. who has the next date with Sun Hee?" asked Jo Kwon.
"Rock scissors papers again, I guess." said Jonghun, finally talking.
Jonghun and Jong Hyun then decided the next date by playing rock, scissors papers again. They both stretched their hands forwards, Jo Kwon too.
"Hey Kwon."
"You've done your date, why are you stretching your hands again?" asked Jong Hyun, cynically.
"Ehehe~", Jo Kwon pulled his hand back.
"Ready, Hyun?" asked Jonghun. Jong Hyun nodded.

"Rock, scissors, papers~!"


The next day (Tuesday), Sun Hee has just finished college. She was about to go home, alone, since Mr. Lee and Jaejin had something to do. Sun Hee crossed the road and waited at the bus stop. She kept standing there while holding her books, sometimes when the wind blew, she had a hard time putting her hair back in place. She waited for quite a long time, and no bus was showing up.

Suddenly a sound of a motorcycle came near by. It was a huge white bike, and the rider wore a black leather jacket and a white helmet. Sun Hee looked at the bike from far ahead, until it finally stopped in front of her.
Sun Hee's eyebrows curled, "Niga.. nugunde?"
The rider took off his helmet.
"Hey, Sun Hee~!"
Sun Hee then made a wide smile.
"Hey too, Jong Hyun."

5 minutes later, Sun Hee was already riding the bike with Jong Hyun. When he asked where Sun Hee was going, she said anywhere except home. So Jong Hyun took Sun Hee around Seoul, enjoying the afternoon breeze.

Every beautiful site that they pass, Jong Hyun kept pulling over and asked Sun Hee to pose while he takes a picture of her and the background with his HD XLR camera (talking about the price, it was way much more expensive than Cha Yoo's). Sometimes when Sun Hee looked bored, Jong Hyun gave her a surprise by taking a close up picture without her knowing.
"You look better being captured when you don't notice," he said.

Jong Hyun purposely took Sun Hee around and not saying that it's a date, because he knew that Sun Hee would be feel suspicious. Lastly, when Jong Hyun was driving, Sun Hee pat his shoulders,
"Ya, Kim Jonghyun~"
"Yea?", Jong Hyun looked to the side mirror to see Sun Hee's face.
"Is it possible to watch sunset at the beach?"
"What time is it?"
"Hold on."
Then Jong Hyun gain up speed, it made Sun Hee startled and hold on to Jong Hyun's waist with reflex. Jong Hyun made a smile, luckily it was hidden behind his helmet.

It took about 30 minutes from the city center to the beach. They both arrived just in time, when the sun was setting down. Jong Hyun put down his helmet, took Sun Hee's hand and dragged her to a big rock at the beach.

"Wait here." he said.
"Huh? where are you going?", Sun Hee's eyes followed Jong Hyun's steps.

Jong Hyun was away for about 15 minutes, the sun was about to set. Sun Hee suddenly felt uneasy. "Is he okay?", she murmured.
Just when she was about to call him, Jong Hyun came by running towards her, holding two cones of ice cream.

"Vanilla, or cookies and cream?", asked Jong Hyun.
Sun Hee felt affected, she almost shed tears knowing that Jong Hyun was away so long just to get her an ice cream cone.
"Sun Hee?"
"ah~ vanilla, thanks."
Sun Hee reached her ice cream cone and bent down her head, trying to wipe off her unfallen tears. Jong Hyun sat down beside her.

The sun was sinking down, the sky turned from light blue to calming orange. The afternoon breeze wiped Sun Hee's face, and played her hair.
"Looks pretty, huh?", Jong Hyun licked his ice cream.
"As always..", answered Sun Hee, while staring at the sunset glow.


Jong Hyun dropped Sun Hee home, it was still 7pm when they reached the Songs' house.
"Sure you don't wanna come in first?", asked Sun Hee while hopping down from the bike.
Jong Hyun took off his helmet and shook his head.
"Ok. Thanks for today, for the ride, ice cream, and sunset ^^"
Jong Hyun smiled while fishing out something from his pocket. Sun Hee looked curious.
Jong Hyun pulled out a shell necklace, white and plain, simply beautiful. Sun Hee looked at the necklace.
"what?", asked Sun Hee.
Jong Hyun got off of his bike and walked behind Sun Hee, he carefully put on the necklace around Sun Hee's neck, Sun Hee automatically held up her hair to make it easy. When Jong Hyun was done, he smiled and hopped back on his bike.
"For.. me?"
"Yup~, you must be tired, go get a rest. Tomorrow you still have college and a shift in the cafe, right?", Jong Hyun's voice sounded so sincere.
"Oh the shift. Yeah, haha. Thanks again, Hyun. Be careful on your way home."

Sun Hee held her necklace while watching Jong Hyun leave.


This time, it was Jo Kwon's home to be the basecamp of 3ple J. Jonghun and Jo Kwon were on bed playing playstation just when Jong Hyun arrived.
"Hey guys~!"
"Oh you're here already," said Jo Kwon, putting down his joystick. Jonghun kept playing, "how was it?" he asked.
"I took her around Seoul with my big bike, then we enjoyed sunset at the beach,"

"The beach?!", Jo Kwon and Jonghun looked at each other.
"Isn't that too far?" asked Jo Kwon.
"My bike is strong enough to speed up on the highway.", Jong Hyun smiled and threw himself to the sofa beside Jo Kwon's bed.
"Then what else? details please," said Jo Kwon, imitating Jong Hyun when he tried to interrogate the other day.

Jong Hyun smirked, then he started story telling about his date. When he finished, Jo Kwon looked amazed and felt defeated. Jonghun kept playing playstation while sometimes just humming to the stories.
"..but you know guys, sometimes i think about this.." said Jong Hyun hanging up his speech.
"what?" asked Jo Kwon.
"We're betting on her, to get her, or the money? I mean.. we all have this much amount of money. We're not that poor right? Sometimes I feel guilty whenever i meet Sun Hee. And sometimes I feel scared, if someday she finds out about our bet."
"Don't think about it." said Jonghun, straightforward.
"What do you mean don't think about it?" asked Jong Hyun.

Jonghun took a deep breath.
"Well, it was you who started this bet in the first place, remember? when you started it, you should have thought about the consequences, and also about Sun Hee finding this out. But now you're afraid about it? get real, Jong Hyun."
Jo Kwon's mouth was wide open.
"You know Hyunnie, this is the first time i gotta agree with Jonghun. He doesn't talk much, but when he does, it's meaningful and awkwardly wise.", said Jo Kwon.

Jong Hyun covered his face.
"Aaa~ i don't know, I'm just confused. Hey Jonghun, since you're the last one who gets to date with Sun Hee, where are you going to take her?", he asked.
Jonghun put down his joystick, while Jo Kwon started playing again. Jonghun sat up and messed up his own hair.
"Not tomorrow, I guess. She must feel exhausted. I think i shall wait for the right time."
"And when is that?" asked Jo Kwon while concentrating playing his game.
Jonghun looked up in an empty stare, "I don't know either."


Wednesday, another cafe day for Sun Hee.
She was pacing back and forth while serving the customers. Cha Yoo was there to help to, but there was no sign of Jaejin.

"Cha Yoo~"
"Yes, unnie?"
"Where's Jaejin?"
Cha Yoo looked down and tidied up her hair to hide her blush.
"Uuh, i don't know, why ask me?"
"Because he's usually here to see you.", said Sun Hee in no doubt.
"Ah, unnie.."
"Cha Yoo~!", Sun Hee shouted. Cha Yoo startled, she was afraid that Sun Hee found out that she actually likes Jaejin.
"ye..yes unnie?"
"Look, table number 7 is asking for orders.", Sun Hee smiled then walked away.

Cha Yoo made a frown, she turned around to face table 7 and found Jaejin waving to her. She took a deep breath while walking towards the table.
"Ah, Sun Hee unnie.. she always know about everything."

meanwhile, Sun Hee was standing by the cashier counter, waiting for some customer to call her. She looked around and found a guy walking inside the cafe, and took a seat at table number 12. Sun Hee instantly walked towards the table to serve him.

"Welcome, sir. Here is the menu."

Sun Hee lend the menu to the guy, the guy smiled and looked up to say thank you, but instead, he stared at Sun Hee.

"Sun Hee?"

To be continued..

Sunday, 13 September 2009

A Beagle's Story {prologue}

How on earth did I end up walking in the streets like this?

I'm filthy, I'm tired, I'm hungry. I'm.. pathetic, ahuhu.

I keep moving my paws on the.. wait.. PAWS??


I took a quick look on my both "hands", but now, I can't find fingers.. just.. PAWS !

What the ?

I kept walking till I reached a big store with a huge mirror in front of it. I saw my reflection. and it was HIDEOUS !

Look at me ! I have four legs, I have fur, I have floppy ears, I have.. again, PAWS ! PAWS !

Argh~ there's no way that I.. I.. have been cursed to be a beagle??


- Na Young's POV -

"Dad, come on.. Can I have a dog? Pleaseeeeee?"

I kept whining to my dad about me having a new pet. Since my cat died, I didn't have the guts to pet another cat. But my dad won't let me buy new pets unless it's a cat.

"Dad, just a small dog. A Siberian Husky puppy perhaps?"

Dad looked up to me.

"Siberian Husky? Yeah right. They are small when they're still a puppy! But when they grow?"

I made a puppy face. And hoped that my dad would notice. But he kept touching buttons here and there and he even wore on his humongous headphone and started composing songs.



"I want a doooooooooooooooog~~"

"Hold on I'll get you one."


Dad took off his headphone and walked outside the studio. Then he came back pulling something.

"Here. Satisfied?"

I looked at the 'thing' that dad pulled, and It was Junsu oppa! Poor oppa, he looked innocent and had no idea why he was dragged all over the place and suddenly being called as a dog.

"Daaaaad~ Junsu oppa isn't a dog!"

"What's the difference? He looks just like a dog, look at his face."

I looked at Junsu oppa, he smiled awkwardly and mouthed what's-going-on?
I just rolled my eyes and went out of the studio.

Huh. What's so bad about taking care of a dog? And what I want is a puppy. I don't want any other pets.

I moved my legs to nowhere. I kept on walking along the streets until I found something lying there.

Something fluffy, small and cuddly.

"Is that a beagle?"


Hey all~ ! ^^ *waves*
Yea yea i know, even my "Days With 3ple J" story isn't finished,
but ideas and imaginations kept coming up, all wanting to be written so..
i made this story ^^

basically, it's about a beagle (ha ha you can tell from the title, right?)
Well, the lead female is Park Na Young.
There will be FT Island's Song Seung Hyun and Choi Jong Hoon here,
and for additional players, I haven't thought of any,
maybe I will put some 2oneday members in some episodes. ^^

and i apologize to you girls, if SHINee is what you're expecting,
there are no SHINee members here. Chesonghamnida :(
If you read "A Future Story", you can tell that the lead female is close to YG Entertainment.
Now in this story, the lead female knows JYP Entertainment very well.

I hope you still look forward in reading this new series..
Please confirm by commenting on this note if you want to be tagged for the next chapters~
and for whom that i tag but doesn't want to be tagged, it's okay just let me know.

Okay, i think that's all from the author.
I hope you all enjoy the story, and don't forget that dw3J is still running the plots XD

Byebye~~ <3

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Days With 3ple J {Plot 7}

Sun Hee looked down and found a good looking guy sitting down in front of her.

"Mwo? Ah~ no no! Chesonghamnida, it supposed to be me who apologize.. uh.."

Sun Hee looked at the guy and found his shoes untied. Maybe he was trying to tie his shoes when Sun Hee accidentally bumped into him coz she wasn't paying attention to the road. Sun Hee then smiled clumsy and stretched out her hand to help the guy up.

"Sorry, again.. Are you Korean?", asked Sun Hee, because the guy actually called Sun Hee with 'mademoiselle'.
"Ah~ yes. I'm Korean. Euu.. actually I'm the one who's wrong, I was tying my shoes in the middle of the road so..", the guy scratched his head and felt guilty.
"Oh, it's okay, just forget it. ^^ By the way my name's Sun Hee. Song Sun Hee."

Sun Hee smiled and stretched out her hand again, this time to shake hands with the new stranger she met. The guy stood still and instead of reaching Sun Hee's hand, he looked at Sun Hee's eyes and seems so hard thinking.

"Excuse me?"

Sun Hee's voice made the guy startled.

"Ah! Sorry.. I'm Seunghyun.", the guy finally shake hands with Sun Hee.

"Seunghyun? Ah~ the same name as my big brother! How about your last name? Don't say that it's Song too. Hahaha", Sun Hee pulled out a joke that actually made the guy kept silent again.

"You can just call me Seunghyun.", he said, in a flat tone.

What's with this guy? He looks so misterious..

"Oh, okay then Seunghyun.. I think I shall take my leave now."

Sun Hee decided to leave before wasting her time with this oh-so-suspicious guy. But then that Seunghyun guy called her.

"Hey, uh.. Sun Hee?"

"Yes?" Sun Hee turned around, "anything?"

Seunghyun scratched his head, thinking hard what should he say,

"Actually, I'm new to Seoul. Would you mind if you can accompany me walk through this crowded downtown?"

Sun Hee smiled sweetly and agreed, after all, she has been left by Jaejin and Cha Yoo. So she accepted Seunghyun's offer. In fact, she felt something in herself that was wanting to know Seunghyun more. She felt like she knew this guy even before their meeting today.


Meanwhile, Jaejin and Cha Yoo were just finished printing photos at a studio that Jaejin knew. They decided to go back where Sun Hee is. In the middle of their way back, they met Nichkhun and Dae Hee.

"Hey Jae~!", Nichkhun was the first to greet them all,
"Oh, Nich.. Hey Dae~!", Jaejin greeted back and said hi to Dae Hee too.

Then Jaejin introduced Cha Yoo to his two friends, Dae Hee noticed that Sun Hee was missing so she asked.

"Where's Sun Hee?"
"Probably adventuring the new world. Hehe. Nah~ we left her to find a photostudio, actually to print these pics.", Jaejin pointed to Cha Yoo's paper bag full of photos.
"Oh I see. Then aren't you getting back to her?" asked Dae Hee again.

Suddenly Jaejin's phone played a message tone. He received an inbox from Sun Hee.

From : Sun Hee
Jae, if you want to have more time hanging out, it's okay ^^ I'm having a coffee break with my new friend here at Starbucks. You know where is the Starbucks I'm talking about, right? Tell me if you want to join.

"new friend?", mumbled Jaejin.
"What is it? Sun Hee unnie?" asked Cha Yoo.
"Yep. She said she's having a coffee break. Hey, I know a place to enjoy sunset near here. You all wanna come?", Jaejin asked to all his friends.
"You sure Sun Hee is okay alone?" asked Nichkhun.
"Ah, she's not alone, she's with a friend. Come on guys, in or out?"

Dae Hee looked at Nichkhun, then they both looked at Cha Yoo, Cha Yoo made a simple smile and then raised her thumbs to Jaejin.

"Ok then~ let's go!"


"So you grew up in Paris? Wow.. so you must be fluent in French?"

Sun Hee instantly became anxious the moment she knew that Seunghyun grew up in Paris and still has a Korean nationality. Seunghyun smiled while taking a sip of his hot cappucino.

"Yes. Actually I.. stayed in an orphanage."

Sun Hee looked up, "Orphanage? your parents.."
"My parents.. I got lost when I was 3 years old. I got separated from my parents in the airport. So know, I'm coming back to Korea, to find my family."
Seunghyun played with the spoon and stirred his drink. Sometimes he took a glance at Sun Hee whenever she wasn't looking at him.
"Ah.. really? I'm sorry to hear that."

Sun Hee made a sad face and looked down. Seunghyun just smiled.
"It's okay, really."
Sun Hee finished her cold frappe latte and took out her handphone.
"By the way, can I have your number? Who knows maybe I can help you ^^"
Seunghyun looked at Sun Hee, his expressions were unpredictable, between amazement and unbelievable face.
"Here..", Sun Hee lend her handphone to Seunghyun.
Seunghyun took the phone, typed a few digits of numbers, and then he returned it to Sun Hee.
"There. Okay then, Seunghyun. I must go now, I bet my friends are looking for me now, hehe. Good luck again okay? We should meet again."

Sun Hee grabbed her bag and place it up on her shoulders, Seunghyun stood up and willing to say goodbye to Sun Hee. They both shake hands again, and Sun Hee left her seat.
"Au revoir~!", said Sun Hee while waving to Seunghyun. Seunghyun just smiled and waved back. He sat back on his chair and had his eyes on Sun Hee until that girl disappeared at the corner of the road.


"Sun Hee.. wake up~!"

A cute voice made Sun Hee open her eyes and quickly sat up from her bed.
"Tory oppa~!", Sun Hee looked around.
There was nothing.
Sun Hee rubbed her eyes and traveled her view around her room.
"Aigoo~ another dream about Tory oppa."
She sighed and hopped off her bed and walked to her bathroom. It was Monday already, and that means college plus a shift at the noodle cafe.

It only took 25 minutes for Sun Hee to get ready. She walked down the stairs and felt emptiness because she was the only Song in the house. She decided to have breakfast in the car so she won't feel that lonely.

"Hey Jae.. breakfast?", offered Sun Hee as she hopped in her car and found Jaejin already sitting there.
"Oh~ i was about to offer you. hehe~"
Sun Hee grabbed a box of sandwich and cut it half with Jaejin.
"ah~ gomapseumnidaa. By the way, you're starting your work today at the noodle cafe again, right?", asked Jaejin while he chewed on his sandwich. The car slowly moved to their university.
"Yep, why?"
"Can i come?", pleaded Jaejin.
"What? where?", Sun Hee's thoughts were all over everywhere.
"I mean to the cafe. Yes, yes? I can come, right?"
"Of course, but why are you suddenly anxious going to the cafe? AH! I know, I can go home with you, hahaha~"
"Well, if that makes you happy, okay then." Jaejin continued eating.
"Seriously, what's the reason, Jae?"
Jaejin took a deep breath.
"Okay I'll be honest. I want to meet your friend."

"Nugu? Cha Yoo?", Sun Hee asked with her full mouth,
"eeew~ ! at least swallow down your food before you talk."
Sun Hee swallowed and took a drink.
"Chesonghamnida. Hehe. but i'm right, right? Cha Yoo? aii~~ you like Cha Yoo?!"
Jaejin covered his face showing aegyo shyness.
"aaa~ It's too fast for you to make a conclusion like that! I just wanna give her photos that she left in my car."
"and after that you'll ask for her number right?"

Sun Hee can't stop teasing Jaejin, and Jaejin just kept trying to find a thousand reasons. They almost didn't notice that they have arrived at the university.
"Oh, we're here already. Come on, Jae. Thank you Mr. Lee!"
Sun Hee thanked her driver as she hopped off her car, followed by Jaejin.
"Jae, when you're done phone me, kay? We'll go to the cafe together."
Jaejin raised his thumbs and waved bye bye as he walked away to his campus, and so did Sun Hee.


It was breaktime already, Sun Hee decided to go to the arts and literature faculty, because the food in their canteen are much more various and cheaper. She went inside the canteen, ordered a set of food, then walked to a table near the window.
Just as she was placing her tray down, a voice that was similar called her.

"Sun Hee!"

Sun Hee turned around and found a cheerful face running slowly towards her.

"Hi~!", waved Jo Kwon.
"Oh, hi Kwonnie. Want to join?" asked Sun Hee, she saw Jo Kwon already carrying his own tray and ready to eat.
"May I? hehe thank you.", Jo Kwon took a seat in front of Sun Hee, Sun Hee sat down too.

Yesterday when me and my friends played rock scissors papers, i was the one who won the first date with Sun Hee. I should ask her today..

"So, how's your day?" asked Kwon.
"Uhm, it's okay. Got some headache the day before yesterday."
"You still look weary."
"Jinjja? Ah~ I don't know. I miss my family so much.", Sun Hee played with her fork.
"How about come have some fun with me?" offered Jo Kwon.
"You mean..?"
"Yeah, sing at the karaoke, playing at timezone, I'm sure it will be fun ^^"
Sun Hee chewed down her meal.
"Sounds not bad at all. When?"

Jo Kwon smiled in victory, then he answered,
"How about after your shift is over?"
Sun Hee looked at her watch.
"Well, I can end my shift faster if i want to."
Sun Hee winked to Jo Kwon, Jo Kwon clapped happily.
"Aaa~ okay then! I'll see you at the cafe.", he said.


Time moved so fast, Sun Hee was already packing up her stuffs. She said that she wants to go home fast, she asked her boss and he immediately said okay.

"Haha~ even you're my boss, I can fire you whenever I want.", said Sun Hee inside her heart.

Sun Hee also told Jaejin that she wont be coming home with him. Jaejin said okay and drew a smile on his face coz that means he has more time to share his photography hobbies with Cha Yoo.

"Cha Yoo~! I'll commend the cafe to you, okay? oh and about my short shift, don't worry. Just don't tell my umma, okay? hehhe~"
Cha Yoo smiled and raised her thumbs,
"Okay, unnie! By the way, where are you going?"
Sun Hee grabbed her small yellow backpack and wear it.
"Having some fun, try to loosen up some stress."
"With who?" asked Cha Yoo.
Sun Hee just smiled, "a good friend of mine. Hey and Jaejin is still out there waiting for you! don't make him wait more longer.."
Cha Yoo blushed and bent down her head, Sun Hee's smile turned into a laugh, she pat Cha Yoo's shoulder and walked outside.

As she walked out the cafe, she found Jo Kwon already ready >.< and wearing white tee, short jeans, and a backpack as well, except, the backpack was bigger.

"Oh, Kwonnie, what's that big backpack for?" asked Sun Hee while trying to hide her laugh.
"So we can keep many stuffs inside! I also bought some snacks ^^"
Sun Hee smiled and walked towards Jo Kwon.
"Okay then. Let's go ^^"


Sun Hee and Jo Kwon's "date" was extremely fun beyond fun. Just as Jo Kwon said, they both went to timezone, played hard. Then they walked through the center of Seoul. As the sun was about to set, Jo Kwon dragged Sun Hee to a photobooth and took a cute photo sticker with her. They also went karaoke-ing, sang a few upbeat songs, and Jo Kwon showed his skills in singing ballad. At the end, they both chilled out at a bench near the streets while drinking milkshake.

"Hahaha~ i didn't know you could sing ballad, Kwonnie!"
"Well, don't judge me from my cover! haha~ I actually love singing, and when it comes to ballad, I try my best to feel the song."
Sun Hee moved her head up and down.
"But you changed so much when we sang Abracadabra!".
They both burst out laughing. The evening breeze suddenly greeted them. Sun Hee who was wearing just a tee, felt cold and held both her shoulders. Jo Kwon noticed it, he took out a knitted scarf from his backpack, and put it around Sun Hee's neck.
"I knew you would feel cold", smiled Jo Kwon, sincerely.
Sun Hee smiled and felt something warm inside her heart.
"Thanks, Kwonnie."



Sun Hee arrived at her house, along with Jo Kwon who dropped her by. When she walked up the main stairs and towards the main door, she turned around and looked at Jo Kwon.

"Thank you so much for everything."
"Hehe, that's really not a big deal." Jo Kwon messed up his own hair.
"No, really, thank you. You made this Monday, my best Monday in my life. I never knew a Monday would be so fun like this. If it wasn't for you, I'd be bored to death today."
Jo Kwon smiled and brushed Sun Hee's hair. Sun Hee felt something weird again.
"Ah~ you're welcome then. Whenever you're bored, just call me, Sunshine Jo Kwon!"
They both laughed, Sun Hee punched Jo Kwon's shoulder softly. Then Jo Kwon looked up to the sky.
"My my.. isn't this a beautiful night? Look at all the stars!"
Jo Kwon pointed up, it made Sun Hee look up too.

Then when Sun Hee was paying attention to the dark night sky, Jo Kwon secretly moved closer and kissed Sun Hee's cheek.

To be continued...

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Days With 3ple J {Plot 6}

Jong Hyun slowly slipped out his hands out of Sun Hee's grip. Sun Hee then moved and changed her sleeping position, she also spoke in her sleep..
"oppa.. Tory oppa.."

Jong Hyun who was walking to the door and decided to go home, just stopped and stood right there in front of Sun Hee's door. He actually didn't bear to leave Sun Hee in an ill condition while her families are all away. Sometimes rich life is cruel too, he thinks.

When he was looking around, Sun Hee's butler passed by. Jong Hyun called him and asked,
"Sir, is it possible for me to, uhm.."
Jong Hyun hung up his speech and looked at sleeping Sun Hee.
"Perhaps you want to spend a night here, Sir? it's too late at night, and it's hardly possible for you to go home in midnight. We have already prepared a guest room right beside Young Lady's room. You may rest there."
"ah, jinjja? thank you so much."
Jong Hyun closed Sun Hee's door as he slowly walked to his prepared room, he also told a maid to keep standby at Sun Hee's room just in case she needs anything.


the next morning..

Sun Hee woke up hugging her big white teddy bear. She slowly sat up and stretched her arms here and there. She brushed her hair and was almost shocked to see that there was someone sitting on her sofa that was facing the window.
"morning, Sun Hee."

"Jong Hyun? you were up all night long?"
Jong Hyun smirked, "well, not really. Your friendly butler gave me a room next door, so i just took a quick sleep for a few hours and went back to your room to check if you're a-okay. You look bright now."
Sun Hee held her cheeks, "it still feels warm."
Jong Hyun stood up and walked up to Sun Hee. He touched Sun Hee's forehead with his hand.
"Hmm~ yup. You still have to take some pills."
"arasseo." said Sun Hee, scratching her head.

not long after that, a maid went inside the room carrying a tray of breakfast for Sun Hee.
"ah~ let me help.." said Jong Hyun standing up and walking to the maid, he took the tray and delivered it to Sun Hee's bed.
"Want to eat here, or on that table?" asked Jong Hyun, while pointing to the small coffee table in front of the sofa.
"there. but.. Sae Ryung-sshi~!" Sun Hee called her maid,
"Yes, Ma'am?"
"Make another breakfast for our guest,"
the maid looked at Jong Hyun, "ah yes, Ma'am. please wait a few minutes."
Sun Hee looked at Jong Hyun, "you must be hungry too, right?"
Jong Hyun smiled, "how can you tell?"
Sun Hee just made a grin.
then Jong Hyun helped her walk to the sofa while carrying the tray,
"you know, I'm not dying, Jong Hyun. hehe, i can walk by myself."
Jong Hyun smirked again and placed the tray in front of Sun Hee.

"yeaa~ pancakes.."
Sun Hee grabbed her knife and fork, and started cutting her pancakes into pieces.
"any events today?" asked Jong Hyun.
"hmmm.. i don't think so.." answered Sun Hee while chewing.
then her maid went inside and served Jong Hyun the same breakfast, at the same moment, Sun Hee's handphone vibrated and she immediately grab it from her bed.

From : Kwonnie
"Sun Hee-ah, do you have time today? There is something about French that i want to ask you.."

"Who?" asked Jong Hyun,
"oh, it's your buddy, Kwonnie. hmm, he asked for a private lesson of french, hehe.."
Jong Hyun made a grin and continued eating while Sun Hee replied the message.

To : Kwonnie
"well, i'm not going anywhere today actually. where do you want to meet? what time?"

Sun Hee then put her handphone on the table and finished her breakfast. So did Jong Hyun.
"so.." said Jong Hyun, "i think i should go home now."
"you sure? don't want to play around?"
"actually, i got to help my dad. have i told you he's a doctor? well, from today i have a shift as his assistant every mondays and saturdays.."
"really? doctor? whoa~.. oh okay then.."
Jong Hyun stood up and grabbed his keys, then Sun Hee who was still wearing her pyjamas walked Jong Hyun all the way to the main gate.
"Ok, I'm leaving, Sun Hee. Take care, okay?"
"I will. By the way thanks for everything, and sorry that you even had to sleepover here. Say hi from me to your dad ^^"
Jong Hyun smiled and waved as he started his bike and drove away from Sun Hee's house.


Sun Hee went back inside her house. She felt so lonely because usually on Saturdays she go out with her big brother. but now all her family members left her behind.
Sun Hee then decided to take a bath and go hanging out. She still felt a little dizzy, so she called Jaejin for company.

"Yoboseyo, Jae?"
"Ne, Sun Hee, what's up?"
"Let's hang out."
"to where?"
"i don't know."
Jaejin laughed, "hahahaha how come you want to hang out but you don't know where to go?"
"hmm, where do you usually go on Saturdays?"
"accompany my mom shopping T_T usually i bring her bags.."
"oh so today you can't come with me?"
"no no no it's okay, then there will be a reason for me not to come with my mom, hehe."
"so where are we going?" Sun Hee asked again.
"listen, how bout i pick you up at your house, we go for a ride and THEN decide where to go to."
"how long are you gonna be ready?"
"I'm already ready ^^"
"Jinjja? usually girls spend a lot of time putting on make up."
"Oh Jaejin i'm not that type of girl."
"hahaha yea yea i believe you.."
"Hurry up Jae i'm dying because of my boredom."
"Ah! yes, Ma'am, I'll be there in a snap."

Sun Hee shut her phone and waited in the guest room while reading some new magazines. She was wondering what her family are doing in Japan that time.
the next 5 minutes, her butler called her saying that Jaejin was already there. She then stood up and walked outside while holding her handbag.

"Jae, you drove this yellow Beetle?"
"Yep, why? It's just to bring up a sunny atmosphere. don't like it?"
"It's okay. I love Beetles"
Sun Hee smiled while hopping on Jae's car. then Jae took them both out of the Songs' mansion and off to the town.


Sun Hee spent a few hours hanging out in downtown with Jaejin until finally Jo Kwon gave her a call saying that he's already waiting at Starbucks near the subs.
"yo Jae.."
"thanks for killing my time."
"are you expressing gratitude or anger?"
Jaejin looked sarcastically through Sun Hee's eyes. Then Sun Hee smirked and pat Jaejin's shoulders.

"Kidding, bro. Hehe. Would you please drop me to Starbucks?"
"So THAT is why you're being nice today. I'm like your one day driver."
Sun Hee made an evil and cocky smile then she led the way to Jaejin's car.


Jo Kwon was sitting on a couch while reading his french textbook when he saw Sun Hee entering the cafe. He saw her moving her eyes all over the cafe to find him. Jo Kwon then stood up and waved to her, Sun Hee saw him and walked over.

"Hey Kwonnie. have you waited long?", Sun Hee put her bag on the couch and took a seat beside it.
"Not really, hehe. Were you busy? i mean, when i called you, you seem like being in a crowded place."
"Nah~ just killing time with Jaejin. Have you know that my family left me behind to Japan? last night I had a cold, and i got worse finding out that my family weren't there to take care of me. Luckily your bestie helped a lot ^^"
Jo Kwon put down his book,
"my bestie? Jonghunnie?"
"aniya. Jong Hyun."

Jo Kwon diverted his view to outside of the window. The outside street was crowded with couples, Saturday night, a perfect way to spend time with your girlfriend. wait.. girlfriend..?

Jong Hyun? helped a lot? what does she mean with 'help'?

Sun Hee's voice startled the hard thinker Jo Kwon.
"Ah, ne. Shouldn't we start our lesson?"


Sunday morning, rain is falling. ^^
3ple J are gathering at Jo Kwon's glass house. His glass house is like a modern one, the one you see in TVs and movies, sort of like the Cullens' house in Twilight, but Jo Kwon's is more bigger. Imagine that.

Jo Kwon was writing his french assignment that Sun Hee gave to him last night. Jong Hyun was laying on the sofa reading a comic, while Jonghun is as usual busy with his guitar.
"Yo guys, check up." said Jong Hyun.

"What check up?" asked Jo Kwon.
"Our usual check up."
"What kind of usual check up?"
Jong Hyun annoyed with Jo Kwon's i-don't-know-anything face and put his comic down and sat up.
"remember every day we report to each others about our bet? Sun Hee lady, guys!"
"OOOH~ that check up." Jo Kwon made a cute OH face and just continue writing.
Jonghun didn't even give a damn.

"YA~! how come you guys are so laid back? we've got a bet here to win, HELLO~~?"
Jo Kwon finally put his pen down and started telling a story.

"mine was typical. I just spent Saturday night with her. Last night."
"jinjja?" asked Jong Hyun. Jonghun just stopped playing guitar and listened to Jo Kwon.
"yeah. but only at Starbucks and the 'date' was kinda boring. I just learned french with her."
"ooh.." Jong Hyun nod his head, "you, Jonghun?"

Jonghun looked to both of his friends,
"I last met her when she came to my house and helped me do my project. But instead she fell asleep."
Jo Kwon and Jong Hyun looked at each other and laughed.
"ahahahaha~ .. and you, Jong Hyun?"
"you were with her last night, right Kwon?" asked Jong Hyun.
"yea.. so?"
"i was with her the night before. at her house."
"mwo?" Jonghun turned his back to Jong Hyun, "what were you doing?"

"well, when her shift was over that Friday, she had caught a cold so i decided to drop her home. but then at home her family left her to Japan.."
"oh yea she told me that too.." Jo Kwon interrupted.
"..yea, so seeing her bad condition, i couldn't bear to leave. I mean, as a gentleman, i should at least make sure she's okay, right?"
Jonghun nod his head, "okay.. then?"
Jong Hyun continued, "then, her butler gave me a room to sleep. so i slept over. and i also accompanied her for breakfast. and i just found out she loves pancakes."

"you slept over? aissh~ so lucky." said Jo Kwon, Jonghun agreed to Jo Kwon's statement.
"today, no one's gonna meet her?" asked Jong Hyun.
Jonghun shook his head and started playing his guitar again,
"no, if we plan to meet her to often, she might get suspicious, and maybe she'd find out that we're on a bet."
"ah~ agree!" Jo Kwon pointed to Jonghun with his pen in his hand.

Jong Hyun grabbed his comic and started spinning it on the tip of his finger,
"how about we make a schedule date with Sun Hee?"
"schedule?" asked Jo Kwon and Jonghun at the same time.
"yeah, let's do rock scissors papers and plan a schedule for our date with Sun Hee."

Jo Kwon looked at Jonghun, "that's quite a nice idea, ne?"
Jonghun nod his head again.
"okay gather up boys. Rock, scissors, papers!~"


"You're asking me to kill your time again this Sunday?"
Jaejin walked through the crowded city center of Seoul right next to Sun Hee.
"Jae! I'm abandoned by my family. you should know how bored to death i am. I usually hang out with Tory oppa on weekends but now his really busy. :("

Jaejin just made a blow face,
"Seems like he's the only guy that's close to you."
"How about you? you're saying that you're a girl?", Sun Hee teased Jaejin.
"No! I mean.." Jaejin ran out of words.
"Haha i know i know, you mean the only guy i LOVE is Tory oppa, right?"
Jaejin snapped his fingers, "that's what I'm talking about."

They both walked through the crowd and still had a chat when suddenly someone called Sun Hee,
"Sun Hee unnie~!"
Sun Hee turned around, so did Jaejin. There, she found Cha Yoo running slowly to her.
"Hey Cha Yoo~! who are you with? alone?"
Sun Hee asked while looking around in case she finds who did Cha Yoo came with.
"Aniya, I'm alone. actually unnie, can you help me?"
"help? what's wrong?"
"I want to print my photos from here.." Cha Yoo held up her XLR camera, "..but i don't know where."
Sun Hee took a glance at Cha Yoo's camera.

"I know exactly where!"
Jaejin's voice snapped the situation.
"ah jinjja?" asked Cha Yoo.
"oh Cha Yoo, sorry, i haven't introduced him to you. This is Lee Jaejin, my bestie buddy since i was still chubby. hehehe~"
Jaejin shake hands with Cha Yoo.
"about the photo printing, i can take you there" Jaejin offered help while smiling sweetly.
"oh thanks a lot." said Cha Yoo.
Sun Hee felt ignored, so she asked for Jaejin and Cha Yoo to go by themselves and let her walk alone.
"You sure you okay alone?" asked Jaejin in doubt.
"unnie, chesonghamnida.. you can just come with us?" offered Cha Yoo.

"Nah~ it's okay. really, have fun guys! Jae, call me when you're done, kay?"
Jaejin raised his thumbs then waved goodbye. So did Cha Yoo.
"So, you like photography..?" Jaejin voice slowly faded away as Sun Hee walked forward and looked around the city center.

In a moment she felt that being alone isn't that bad. She looked up to the sky and inhaled air while still walking.
She closed her eyes for a few seconds, until she bumped into someone.

"ah~! oh my, Mademoiselle.. I'm sorry!"

To be continued..