Sunday, 29 August 2010

I've Missed You, I Miss You, I'm Missing You {part 3}

"It's... uhm..."

Everyone was listening carefully. Sungjong and Chunji even leaned forward to make sure they get the name correct.

"Nugu, nuna?" asked Ricky impatiently.

Jina was just about to open her mouth and spit out a random name when she looked at the door and found a familiar face waving at her.

"Niel!" said Jina, half shouting.

"WHAT? Are you serious, Jina?!" asked Yeoncha, the first to react.

Ryeon looked at Chunji. Chunji shrugged and looked at Jina. Jina then looked at all of them, and her eyes stopped at Sungjong, he was there, sitting, with his mouth wide open.

"I never knew you liked younger guys..." he mumbled. Jina made a frown and laughed the second after.

"So Niel is really your boyfriend now?" asked Chunji, double checking.

Jina looked confused. "When did I say that?"

"Just then?" snapped Sungjong.

Jina looked at each of her friends. Then she looked at the person waiting outside.

"Excuse me for a sec," whispered Jina while walking towards the balcony.


Jina looked at the crystal lights above her. She shifted her eyes all over the place.

This is one.. high class restaurant I'll get to eat in once in my life..

"So it's your 16th birthday today?" asked Jina.

Niel who was so into the menu, looked up and smiled shyly.

Psh~ why do you have to be so cute..

"What do you want to order?" he asked.

"Whatever you're ordering," answered Jina. Niel then spoke something to the waiter as Jina kept being amazed with the interior of the resto.

"Why didn't you throw a party at home and invite your besties? Instead of..." Jina stopped when she saw Niel making a sad face. "..uhm, you know. Just inviting me alone? I feel so.. special?" Jina scoffed and looked down.

Niel smiled and calmly replied. "Mom promised me a birthday party as I turn 17 next year. So for now, I made a request for this.."

Jina nodded. "Oh by the way here's your present.."

Jina pushed a small package wrapped prettily. Niel looked delighted.

"A CD?" his eyes were sparkling.

Jina smiled. "Is it too obvious? Watch it when you get back home, okay?"

Niel picked up the present. "Oooh I thought it's not a video.."

Jina kept looking at Niel. She smiled every time Niel smiles, she couldn't deny that his smile was contagious. Suddenly Niel looked really serious and somewhat, a bit scared.

"Nuna.. i mean, Jina.."

Jina felt worried. "Yes?"

"I heard that you were once close to L.Joe hyung. Is it true?"

Jina felt so bad. She didn't want to talk anything about that name again, especially when it's Niel's birthday. She looked down and played with her chopsticks.

"So it's true.." said Niel. Pulling a conclusion out of Jina's reaction. "You still have feelings for him?"

Jina made a heavy sigh. "Can we not talk about this? It's your birthday."

"I'm sorry. I was just wondering.. L.Joe is close to Hee Jung lately. I hope you're okay."

Niel looked at Jina. She brushed her hair and looked back to Niel, forcing a smile. "I'm okay, Niel. Thank you."

Niel felt uneasy. "You said that you already have a boyfriend a few days ago."

"How did you know?" Jina nearly choked on her drink.

"Ah, I just know," Niel looked away. Jina smirked.

"That Chunji. He's truly a gossip guy.. Wait.. did he mention who it is??"

"He said it was me," said Niel in a flat tone, straightforward.

Jina burst out laughing. She covered her mouth and hit the table gently. Niel was all blank.

"Listen, I'm sorry for using your name. I had no idea it really is your birthday today, and when they asked who it was, you showed up at our door so I subsconciously
called out your name. Which made them think it was actually you."

Niel stared at Jina for her long explanation.

"I'm sorry, okay?" Jina pleaded with her puppy eyes. Niel finally smiled.

"Ah so it was a misunderstanding! I see. But, I have something to say.." Niel tapped his fingers on the table.

Jina was relieved that Niel didn't get angry. "Of course! What is it?"

"Why don't we really be a couple instead?"


Niel scratched his head. He blushed and looked down. "Ah, I'm sorry.."

Jina closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and looked at Niel.

I hope I won't make a mistake with this..

"If that's what you want, let's!" said Jina, smiling.

Niel was shocked. His eyes seemed bigger. "What?"

"Let me see. I feel happy when you're around. I trust you to tell my stories, except for the L.Joe one. And.. well.. I like you. It's your birthday anyway. Unless your question before was only a joke, then I'm considering this as a joke too," said Jina. She looked right into Niel's eyes.

"I.. I.. no! No I wasn't joking, I was.. uh.. serious.. I mean.." Niel stuttered. Jina made a small laugh.

"So what do you think?" asked Jina, full of hope.

Niel finally found a way to control himself. "Well.. not bad for my first love story."

"I'm your first?" asked Jina, surprised.

Niel collected his guts to look back at Jina, and shyly nodded.


"So after we watched The Switch, we went back to the streets to head home, right. And suddenly we bumped into a couple. They were so familiar. A second later Daehee made me realize it was Jina and Niel! Can you believe it?!"

Chunji's voice echoed through the whole class. L.Joe who just arrived, messing up his hair, had to stop and stare for a while. Girls were gossiping with Chunji, they got excited as Chunji continued the hot issue. L.Joe tried hard to listen through the crowd, when Chunji caught him staring.

"Oh hi there L.Joe! Have you heard of..."

L.Joe made Chunji stop talking by slamming his bag to his seat, and rushed out of the class, hitting the door hard with his hand.

Chunji's eyes went all big.

"What's with him?"


L.Joe put on his headphones and turned on his iTouch. He set the volume to max as he watch people arriving at school that morning. He felt, somehow, shocked. He predicted that it'll happen someday, Jina and Niel together. But he never knew it would happen this fast.

He tapped his fingers to the beat. He tried to get rid of this strange anger inside him. Just when his favorite song finished, he took of his headphones and hung it to his neck. And he realized he shouldn't do that.

Jina's class was the opposite of his class. It made him unable to unsee Jina everyday, every time he walks out of class. But that morning, he saw Jina walking to her class, differently from usual. She looked brighter than ever, her expressions were so happy. It hurt so much when he saw Niel was beside her. Still carrying both their backpacks, they enter Jina's class.

L.Joe felt even more pissed. He turned around and decided to go to the restrooms when someone stood in front of him and nearly freaked him up.

"Morning, L.Joe.."



Jina clipped her hair and turned around. "Yes, Yeoncha?"

"I got news."

"Bad or good?"

Yeoncha looked to the class across them. Jina followed her eyes.

"About him?"

"I think he still has hope. For you," Yeoncha said softly, trying not to be heard by anybody else.

Jina smirked and put on her backpack. "That's not good, Yeoncha. Now will you excuse me, Niel must be waiting.."

"I know you do too!"

Yeoncha snapped Jina's words before she could even finish it. Jina stared right into Yeoncha's eyes in disbelief.

"W.. What?" stuttered Jina.

Yeoncha held her forehead and took a deep breath. "Look, Jina. I'm sorry. I had to say this, ever since you started your relationship with Niel. But I couldn't, I didn't want to destroy your happiness. It's just that.."

"Yeoncha what are you trying to say?" Jina crossed her arms and didn't look away.

"You're hurting Niel."

Jina kept silent, telling Yeoncha to continue her words.

"Jina, you still have feelings for L.Joe. You can't just forget him right away by loving a different guy. Although I see Niel cares for you so much, I feel that you can't return.. I mean.. well, you know what I mean," Yeoncha started to feel nervous as Jina's face looked like she was holding in her tears.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean too," said Yeoncha. She stepped forward and hugged Jina.

Jina dropped a tear. "How did you know? Am I that obvious?"

Yeoncha shook her head. "I just know you."


Jina hesitantly walked down the stairs. Yeoncha slowly followed her. Jina stopped and looked at Yeoncha.

"You sure I should tell him? It'll hurt..." Jina had her hands sweaty.

Yeoncha nodded. "Tell him later and it would hurt even more."

Jina took a deep breath. "You sure this is the right thing?"

Yeoncha didn't answer and dragged Jina outside the class area. They both walked towards the basketball court, where the boys usually gather. Jina felt very uneasy, but then she stared and stopped, for quite a sec.

"Yeoncha do you see what I see?"

Yeoncha looked at the bench near the court. "Niel. And.. L.Joe?"

"Sitting side by side," mumbled Jina.

"Both wearing caps," continued Yeoncha.

"And talking to each other. They look close."

Jina turned around. Yeoncha grabbed Jina's arm.

"I can't do this!" said Jina, half shouting.

"You must. Look, I'll get Niel for you, okay. You wait here.."


Niel held both Jina's hands, turning them upside down, and back up again, staring at her nails.

"Who did your nails? They're cute! Makes me wanna eat candy. Or strawberries!" said Niel. He looked cheerful as usual, Jina can't bear to tell him the truth.

"I'll by you a box of huge strawberries later," said Jina. Niel looked at her and smiled.

Slowly his smile faded. He kept staring at Jina, he knew something was wrong.

"Is there anything you want to tell me?" he asked, carefully.

Jina felt her heart skipped a beat. "Oh? Well, uh.."

"It's okay, I'll listen ^^," Niel crossed his legs and sat right in front of Jina.

The two of them froze there for a few seconds. Jina couldn't help but look away instead of looking into Niel's eyes.

"Jina," Niel's voice gave Jina a slight shock. "What do you think about us, these 2 months?"

Jina didn't know what to answer. Her head was too full of words, how to speak to Niel in a gentle way, not to hurt his heart.

Knowing Jina didn't give a respond, Niel continued.

"These 2 months have been the most beautiful months in my life. I get to know you, to learn about caring. I'm going to cherish it forever. How about you?"

Jina looked down. Niel seemed confused. Then he saw a few tears dropping onto Jina's hand. Niel quickly wiped Jina's cheek, but not forcing her to look at him.

"Mian. Mianhae. I can't continue this relationship, Niel. I'm sorry."

Jina's voice was shaky. Her tears kept falling down no matter how often Niel tried to wipe it away. Niel gave a warm pat on Jina's back.

"There, there. You said it. Do you feel better now?" he said, looking right into Jina's eyes, forcing a sincere smile.

Jina looked confused. "Why is your reaction so calm?"

Niel couldn't help but laugh softly. "What do you expect my reaction to be? I knew this day would come."

Jina covered her mouth. Niel gave up wiping her unstoppable tears. "You did?"

Niel nodded. "I had a deep conversation with L.Joe hyung. We talked much, and shared a lot. I even shared stories about you.."

Niel stopped for a while to make sure Jina was still with him. Then he moved on.

"That was when I found out.. that.. he has the exact same feeling from me towards you. You see, L.Joe hyung is a quiet one. He hardly tells us about his love life. That day, I was just sharing him my stories, when he surprisingly spoke up about you."

Jina cursed herself deep inside. She looked back at Niel.

"You two have known each other longer than I have known you. So, I guess it's acceptable, if both of you have stronger feelings too, even neither of you wants to admit it."

Niel paused, took a deep breath, and continued.

"So that's why, I prepared myself, since long ago to face a day like this. A day when we break up. Don't cry, Jina. You've already done a good job to tell it," said Niel. Finally, wrapping it up.

Jina felt so bad, touched, selfish, all mashed up in one. "How come you didn't ask me to break up right away when you find out about it?"

Niel looked to the sky, down to Jina, and smiled. "I didn't want to hurt you. I asked you out, why should I break up with you? And it's your choice after all."

Jina moved and gave Niel a great big hug. Niel welcomed it warmly.

"I'm sorry," whispered Jina, once again, tearful.

"Don't be," replied Niel. Then he carefully teased, "Can I call you noona now?"

Jina laughed softly, not letting go of the hug. "Up to you."

Niel smiled, ignoring a tear running down his cheek.


3 years later..

“So dad, how do you apply to this? I mean the website is so complicated, my friends are having a hard time applying and..”

Somebody knocked on the door. Jina who was consulting with her dad – which happens to be a professor in the IT faculty – stopped and looked at the door.

“Would you kindly open the door, Jina?” asked her dad.

Jina nodded and did what her dad told her to do. She opened the door, and froze right where she was standing.

“Oh, you’re here,” said Professor Im. “Come in, have a seat.”

Jina looked at the guy in front of her. He smiled so sweet while excusing himself to come in. Jina blushed a bit. “Dad I’ll wait outside.”

Professor Im nodded. The guy looked at Jina closing the door, smiling.


Jina startled as the door beside her opened. She looked at the guy who came out.

“Thank you so much, Professor. Will see you again tonight,” he said while giving a polite smile, and closing the door gently.

“Your sudden presence freaked me out,” said Jina.

L.Joe laughed. “You look more delighted rather than freaked out.”

It’s been over 2 years since Jina and L.Joe got together. They graduated from the same high school, and as L.Joe was accepted in his most wanted faculty, he confessed again to Jina. Jina said yes, as long as he doesn’t make benefits out of her dad’s presence.

“What did you guys talk about?” asked Jina, walking side by side with L.Joe along the corridor.

“About the Calculus test. I also consulted about the errors on my homepage. And the rest things we talked about.. you don’t wanna know,” he said, and ended it with a wink.

Jina scoffed. “Yeah right.”

L.Joe then put his hand around Jina’s shoulders. “What do you wanna have for lunch?”


L.Joe had his hand on his forehead. He looked depressed, uneasy, and shocked looking at Jina’s eating behavior.

“Jina could you at least eat human-like? Don’t talk when your mouth is full. Wipe your mouth with a tissue. Don’t pick your teeth using your fingers. Gosh, Jina.. seriously.”

Jina stabbed a piece of her Gordon bleu chicken and shoved it into L.Joe’s mouth.

“Stop nagging.”

L.Joe quickly chewed and swallowed. “But you must change your way of eating. At least for tonight.”

“Why?” asked Jina with a full mouth. L.Joe had to wipe her mouth with his tissue.

“My family is going to have dinner together with your family. At that Thai cuisine, remember?”

“OH!” a grain of rice came out of Jina’s mouth. L.Joe watched in despair.

“Jinaya! Chew and finish your food in your mouth right now before I have to help you!”

Jina looked confused. “How are you going to help me finish it?” she said, still in a full mouth.

“By kissing you roughly so the food will go down your throat.”

Jina choked and coughed so hard after swallowing her food. L.Joe could only laugh and felt amused by himself. Jina’s cough got worse and L.Joe finally gave her a drink.

“There, there. Look you choked on your own food. Next time take small bites and chew them before you talk,” he said, still laughing and covering his face.

“If only you didn’t say that K word I wouldn’t have choked. Stupid,” Jina gulped down her glass of water and wiped her mouth. L.Joe stared at her.


“Keep your lips clean, please. Or I will do it right now,” teased L.Joe.

Jina blushed, covered her mouth and threw her handkerchief to him.


"I ate well, didn't I?"

Jina linked her arm around L.Joe's as they walk slowly exploring the whole plaza, leaving both their parents having a great chat back at the Thai cuisine.

"Not that well, at least you didn't try to humiliate me," said L.Joe. Teasing, but seemed so serious.

Jina pouted and hit his arm. L.Joe just smirked and felt a bit hurt.

"I wonder what they are talking about right now..." Jina wondered and looked at L.Joe.

"About how to control your eating habits, maybe."

Jina immediately pulled away herself and walked 1 meter from L.Joe. He laughed and stopped.

"Well look at you! I'm just kidding, okay," he walked closer to Jina and linked back their arms.

"You've made the same joke around 473249 times today. It's not funny," said Jina.

L.Joe stopped and made Jina look at him. He moved his face closer, til it's as the same height as Jina's face. Jina seemed nervous. Then he blew Jina's nose and pinched it.

"Mianhaeyoooo~" he teased.

Jina smiled and pinched L.Joe's cheek back. They both walked far enough from the cuisine they ate at. They sat beside the wishing fountain in the center of the plaza.

"Got any coins?" asked Jina.

L.Joe reached out his pocket. "Only one."

"Then go wish for something."

"I thought you're the one who's going to make a wish?" L.Joe seemed confused.

Jina looked around and found a little boy, probably 5 or 6 years old, eating chocolate ice cream not far from where they were sitting.

"Hey little boy! Come here!" called Jina softly. L.Joe watched what she was going to do.

"Yes, Nuna?" asked the little boy, sweetly.

"You want to make a wish?" offered Jina. The little boy nodded vigorously. L.Joe then gave the coin to the little boy. The boy turned around, whispered to himself, then tossed the coin into the fountain.

Jina and L.Joe clapped. "What did you wish for?" asked Jina.

"Secret!" said the little boy. His ice cream hit L.Joe when he was turning around, which left a chocolate stain on L.Joe's shirt.

"Oh hyung, mianhaeyo!" said the little boy.

L.Joe took of his blazer and tried to wipe the stain. "No it's okay, really."

"Here, give it to me, try washing it in the restroom," said Jina. L.Joe handed over his blazer and rushed to the gents.

Jina looked at the little boy beside her. "You want another ice cream?"

"Ah thank you, nuna but it's okay," he said politely.

Jina brushed the boy's hair. "You're such a sweetie."

The little boy sat beside Jina and had a quick chit chat. While Jina was talking, a tiffany box (you know, the small cube box that's usually used for a ring) fell out of nowhere.

"Oh? Somebody dropped this?" asked Jina.

"It's from hyung's jacket!" said the little boy.

"Here?" asked Jina again, pointing to L.Joe's blazer. The boy nodded.

The little boy moved closer. "Open it, nuna!"

At first, Jina hesitated. But she got curious and finally opened it. A silver ring, shaped as a crown, was inside it. Shining brightly.

The little boy was amazed. "Woah! Bling bling!"

Just when Jina was about to close the box, L.Joe came back. He looked shocked seeing Jina already holding the tiffany box, opened.

"What is this?" asked Jina. The little boy hid behind Jina's leg.

L.Joe scratched his head. "Ah, you finally found out..."

"What? What, you're seeing another girl?!" Jina's emotion changed drastically.

L.Joe frowned. Jina became furious.

"You really are?" asked Jina, in a higher note. L.Joe smirked and looked away.

"Don't you smirk like you always do, Joe. It fucking hurts," said Jina. The little boy was still behind them, watching.

L.Joe walked towards Jina and snatched the tiffany box. "You're not supposed to look at this."

"Yeah I know. So that you won't get caught two-timing on me, right? Damn.." Jina's face was red. She brushed her hair and tried to control her anger.

"What? Jina, you got me wrong. You're not supposed to look at this right now. Not until we get back to the cuisine, to meet our parents again."

Jina looked at L.Joe. "What?"

L.Joe laughed. "Why are you such a babo? We've been together for over 2 years. And now our parents are seeing each other. Why do you think I'm dating another girl?"

"Because you look like you have potential," mumbled Jina.

L.Joe laughed even hard. "Jina, seriously. We've gone so far, up to this. And seeing this kind of thing doesn't even ring you a bell?"

Jina looked at the tiffany box in L.Joe's hand. She shook her head.

"Very well then," L.Joe knelt down in front of Jina.

Jina was shocked. "What the hell are you doing?"

L.Joe looked up at Jina. "Since I have prepared this, and you found out about it earlier than I've planned to, well.. I'll just do it now."

L.Joe reached for Jina's hand, and opened the tiffany box in his other hand, showing her, again, the crown ring.

"You've been my princess for so long. I want you to be my queen. Marry me?"

Jina was in total shock about L.Joe's sudden proposal. L.Joe was still kneeling down, holding her hand. The little boy was still behind her, watching happily and getting all excited. In fact, the whole plaza was watching them. People gathered around to watch.

"Uhm.." L.Joe faked a cough, waiting for Jina's answer.

The little boy pulled Jina's left hand. "Say yes, nuna!"

Jina looked at L.Joe and smiled. But she knelt down too instead of asking L.Joe to stand up.

"Of course I'll be your Queen! Damn you gave me a fright, Joe," said Jina. L.Joe smiled and slipped the ring into Jina's finger.

The crowd went awww, the all cheered and asked for a kiss. Jina panicked and looked around, L.Joe just kept staring at Jina.

"What? No you won't, Joe. Not here," she said.

"Why?" asked L.Joe, about to show his puppy face.

Jina pulled the little boy behind her and placed him between her and L.Joe. "Sweety. What did you wish for back then to the wishing fountain?"

"I wished that nuna and hyung will get married. I didn't know the wish would come true this fast! Congratulations, nuna and hyung!" said the little boy.

Jina looked at L.Joe and smiled. "Now this boy deserves a kiss."

Both Jina and L.Joe gave the little boy a ppoppo on the cheek. The crowd went wild once again. And they had no idea, that both of their parents were one of the crowds, watching the whole drama, from the beginning, to the proposal.


Saturday, 14 August 2010

I've Missed You, I Miss You, I'm Missing You {part 2}

"Tell me what happened," urged Yeoncha.

"Yeah tell us~!" Sungjong butted in.

Jina wrinkled her eyebrows. "You're still here?"

"The whole story :D" Sungjong smiled. "I promise I won't tell anyone. Go on, tell us what happened!"

Jina sighed. "We stopped texting each other since.. I guess since I said something wrong."

"What did you say?" asked Sungjong.

"I was annoyed with his attitude, he seems a bit childish. He's only a few weeks younger than me, but it felt so different. He often bawls and gets cranky so often. He would, sometimes, stop texting and calling me, but then in 3 days tries to contact me again. I thought that time, everything I said, he wouldn't take it seriously. He usually doesn't. But.."

Jina paused. Sungjong and Yeoncha kept listening.

"He stopped phoning me, ever. That time I texted him saying 'what if one day I reveal to you that all of this is a lie? I never liked you, I only liked your attention. what would you do?' he replied by saying 'It's up to you, I don't care. It's your feelings anyway, I won't force you.'.."

Jina scrolled down and deleted her messages on her phone. "From that moment and on, we never contacted each other."

Yeoncha shook her head. "Girl, you just broke one heart."

"I was too harsh, right? I know. Too bad I just realized it now, when it's too late."

"You can apologize and text him right now, you know?" suggested Sungjong.

"I did. The response was negative. I apologized, and asked him why we lost contact, and do you know what he said?" Jina asked her two buddies.

Yeoncha and Sungjong looked at each other, then looked at Jina.

"He said 'I was never angry at you, it's just that I don't like you anymore. I never liked girls for a long period of time'."

"Oh my.. Jina," Yeoncha stood up from her seat and came over to Jina.

"What? You think I'll cry? Psh~ I'm fine, Yeoncha," said Jina, brushing her own hair to the back.

"He really said that to you?" asked Sungjong.

Jina nodded. "I even asked Ryeon whether I should text L.Joe again, and mentioned about the promise he made about 2 years ago. Ryeon said I should just send it. So I did. But the response was even more.. cold."

"He wants you to leave him alone?" guessed Yeoncha.

"He said 'sorry, I can't. okay!'. Seriously, I stepped on my own pride, just to text him like that, and what I get was a hurtful message not even longer than five words!" Jina started to grow angry. Her face was red.

"Whoa, Jina. Chillax, girl!" Sungjong who was afraid of Jina's anger, tried to calm her down.

Yeoncha gave Jina a pat on her back. "Then what do you want to do next? I still have a feeling that he still cares for you. It's just that he is too hurt, and his pride is way more bigger than yours. That's why he doesn't want to show it."

Jina didn't answer. She looked bored, pissed, and sad at the same time.

"Well let's not talk about this anymore. Cheer up, Jina! You still have us to fool with!" Sungjong gently punched Jina on the arm. Jina smiled and punched back.


"Jina.. Jinaya~!"

Jina turned and approached the one calling her. "What?"

"Where are you going?" asked Yeoncha.

"Canteen. Why?"

"Could you accompany me? I need to go to class X-6.." Yeoncha looked a bit suspicious, and she was hiding small smiles from her face.

Jina made a frown. "What's happening? Why are you like this?" asked Jina with a skeptical tone.

Yeoncha didn't say a thing as she grabbed Jina's right arm and dragged her to the 2nd floor. Jina just blew her bangs and followed Yeoncha. They headed straight to X-6. Jina saw two juniors slacking near the balcony. One looked like a baby. The other one made Jina want to shampoo his hair.

"Noona~~!" said the baby-ish junior. Jina wrinkled her eyebrows. Yeoncha let go of Jina's arm and walked towards the junior. Then they started talking, gossiping, and sometimes battling to compare who is the cutest. Jina rolled her eyes.

Meanwhile the other junior, who was left by Yeoncha's 'baby', looked at Jina a few times. Jina noticed him, and since she was bored, being left by her best friend too, she approached the junior.

"What's happening between them?" she asked while pointing to Yeoncha and the junior.

"Uh.. they are a new couple. You.. don't know?"

Jina looked at the boy talking to her. His hair was brown, a bit perm, but that wasn't the first thing Jina noticed. His lips were, well, seductive? Jina quickly shifted her eyes back to Yeoncha again.

"What's his name?" asked Jina again.


Jina smiled when she saw Yeoncha brushing Ricky's hair. She was like watching an innocent love story about two neighbor kids. Jina realized she was being stared at.

"And you?" said Jina, with a soft cough.

"Pardon me?"

"What's your name?"

The junior who Jina chatted with looked right and left, scratched his head, and answered shyly.


"Im Jina imnida, you can call me Jina. Without 'noona' like your friend, of course," said Jina. Niel smiled awkwardly.

The two of them were caught in an awkward moment of silence. Either they were bored seeing the two lovey doveys - Ricky and Yeoncha - in front of them, or they don't know what to say to lighten up the mood a little. Jina finally spoke up.

"Niel, do you want to go to the canteen?"


Jina walked back towards her class to find Yeoncha waving at her vigorously. Jina looked to the side, made a merong face, and continued walking.

"How on earth did you end up with that baby-ish junior? You didn't even tell me you were close to someone. And now I can only look at you, stupidly, without even knowing what to say. Congratulations? How dare you? WTF? I don't know.." Jina blabbered and made Yeoncha panic for a while.

"Aigoo Jinaya, I didn't mean not to tell you. But I knew your thoughts were full of L.Joe so I didn't want to bother you with stories of mine. I'm sorry, I'll treat you for tomorrow's lunch, okay?" Yeoncha pleaded to Jina.

Jina looked at Yeoncha with a death glare. Yeoncha secretly shivered. But then Jina's scary face slowly turned into a warm, friendly one. She smiled sweetly and hugged Yeoncha.

"Congratulations, Yeonchannie! I never knew you liked younger guys!"

Yeoncha was relieved. "OMG Jina I thought you were seriously mad at me! And.. well.. uh Ricky is cute and lovely, I can never say no to him," said Yeoncha with blushing cheeks.

Jina smiled and let go of her embrace. Yeoncha fixed her hair and suddenly her facial expressions change.

"What?" asked Jina, knowing Yeoncha was going to say something.

"You disappeared with Niel," said Yeoncha.

Jina looked away. "Awh come on, I was heading to the canteen when you dragged me upstairs. How am I supposed to hold in my hunger, waiting for you and Ricky to finish chatting? Both Niel and I got bored so I went to the canteen with him."

"Defensive," teased Yeoncha.

"Ya, Jung Yeoncha. If I went to the canteen with Sungjong, or Chunji, would you act like this to me? They are all THE SAME, okay. Friends. Stop giving me that look," said Jina, awkwardly.

Yeoncha made a shifty smile. "Okay, Jina. Whatever you say."


"Yeoncha, you rode your motorbike to school today, right?" Jina asked while packing her stuffs into her backpack.

"Yeah, why?"

"You're not gonna drop Ricky somewhere, are you?" asked Jina again.

Yeoncha stopped a while to think. "No he has a dancing class today. Why Jina?"

"Could you drop me to the mall?" begged Jina, she put her hands together and made her eyes look sad and big. She didn't forget to pout.

Yeoncha couldn't resist Jina's puppy face. "Aww Jina. Usually your oppa picks you up, where is he?"

"He's got college. Please oh please, Yeonchaaaa?" Jina continued begging.

"Yes, yes. Let's take off now," answered Yeoncha. Jina followed while making her hand into a fist and whispered victory.

Yeoncha led Jina to where she parked her bike. As they passed classes, teacher's room, and the admin room, Jina spotted a familiar figure standing in front of the door. Without hesitating, Jina gave a smile and greeted him.

"Niel~!" said Jina with a cheerful voice. Niel startled, looked around and finally met Jina's eyes.

Jina just gave a wider smile and kept following Yeoncha until she disappeared behind the corner, leaving Niel still standing right there, alone, a bit blushing and smiling to himself.

Yeoncha and Jina had a quick chit chat on their way to the parking lot. Just when they were about to enter the area, a bike's sound was heard. Yeoncha stopped walking, which made Jina hit Yeoncha's back. Jina was about to complain, but when she saw the guy who rode the bike out, she stopped.

The guy looked at Jina deeply. Jina shifted her eyes to the ground. His face was covered by a helmet, but just by looking at his eyes, Jina knew it was L.Joe. He finally left after a few seconds kept still in that place.

Yeoncha and Jina continued walking to Yeoncha's bike. "Oh Jina, you should see how he looked at you!"

Jina pretended not to know. "How was it?"

"It's like this... and then..." said Yeoncha, imitating L.Joe's glare. "It was so deep you know."

Jina sighed and hopped onto the bike.

Why must I meet him when I just met Niel earlier?


Lady~ this is your story...


"Jinaya, are you free this Saturday?"

Jina threw herself on her bed. She put on her earphones and hugged her pillow. "Yeah, Ryeon. Why? Are you teasing me because I'm not a couple yet?"

Ryeon laughed softly over the phone. "Aniyo. Come with me to find a present for Chunji, okay?"

Jina almost forgot that Chunji and Ryeon are the most famous couple in school. She was too focused on her own love life, she never gave a damn at other things.

"But Chunji's birthday is nowhere near. His is in October right? It's still August, Ryeon-ah," complained Jina.

Ryeon made a quick sigh. "That's the problem. I want to make a scarf for him, a knitted one. So I need to find pattern books, and a few piles of wool."

Jina smiled. "You are too freakin sweet. No wonder Chunji fell for you."

Ryeon stayed silent. Jina knew she smiled.

"Okay then. Where should we meet, what time?"


It was 5PM and Jina haven't seen Ryeon at all. She took a glance at her wristwatch. She pouted and crossed her arms.


Jina looked at Ryeon who was walking quickly, slightly running towards her.

"Mian, my oppa was cranky and didn't want to drop me, so I had to take the bus. You haven't waited long, have you?" Ryeon apologized and looked guilty.

"Well, if you consider 35 minutes is fast, then no," replied Jina sarcastically.

Ryeon looked even more guilty. "Jinaya.."

Jina snapped her fingers in front of Ryeon's face. "I'm joking, okay! I just arrived 10 minutes ago."

Ryeon smiled and hugged Jina. "Don't talk so sarcastically, you will hurt even more people!"

"Surry~" said Jina.

"Could you do me a favor, Jina?" asked Ryeon. Jina tilted her head. "Hold my purse, I need to go to the restroom!"

Jina chuckled as she watch Ryeon running to the restrooms. She held Ryeon's bag and looked around when suddenly Ryeon's phone rang.

"Incoming call.. Chunji?" spoke Jina to herself. She picked up the phone. "Yoboseyo?"

"Jagi.. wait. Where's Ryeon? Who are you? Why are you holding Ryeon's phone???" asked Chunji in a panicking voice.

Jina sighed. "Come on, Chunji. It's me, Jina. Ryeon is in the bathroom. Anything wrong?"

"Ah Jina, you scared me. Well, are you guys somewhere near Gangnam now?" Chunji made a daring guess.

Jina made a frown. "How'd you know?"

"I just guessed. Listen, I'm with my friends around Gangnam too and since it's Saturday night, why don't we all hang out together? How does it sound?" Chunji's voice sound so friendly that Jina didn't have the heart to refuse.

"I'll ask Ryeon and tell her to call you again in a few minutes. Kay?"

"Got it. Thanks, Jina, see you!"


"Why did we end up meeting up with Chunji and his friends instead of finding him a present?" whispered Ryeon to Jina as they entered the Starbucks that Chunji mentioned earlier.

"Because he called, and I told you. And you instantly said you wanted to meet him, I reminded you about the present but you didn't care, so here we are," said Jina with a bad mood.

"Jinaya, mianhae," said Ryeon, putting her hands around Jina's shoulders.

I don't even know since when Jina started acting like an old woman having a hard time through her menopause periods. Was it since she lost contact with L.Joe?

"Ah there they are.." mumbled Ryeon, dragging Jina along with her to Chunji's table. It was crowded, seems like there were already 5 people gathering with Chunji.

Ryeon sneaked up and covered Chunji's eyes. Chunji freaked out for a moment but then realized it was his own laughter. It brought laughter to all of them.

"Ryeon-ah, Jinaya, let me introduce you to my best buddies. Well, 3 of them are already seen at school, so I'll just meet you up with the other two. This is CAP and Changjo," Chunji stood up and pointed out who's who.

"Annyeong, Ryeon imnida," greeted Ryeon politely.

"Bangapda. Jina im..." Jina stopped talking when she saw L.Joe sitting right there, eyes on her. She tried to ignore him. "Jina imnida," she continued, throwing a killing smile to CAP and Changjo which made them both all spazzy.

Jina then looked at Ryeon, trying to give her a 'why is he here' code. But she saw Niel and Ricky waving at her, from the same crowded sofa.

"Jina noona~!" squealed Ricky.

"OMG you, and Niel too? I didn't know you're all related," said Jina to Chunji, followed by L.Joe's eyes.

"You guys gonna sit or something?" asked CAP, first time speaking.

Chunji immediately dragged Ryeon to sit beside him. While Niel dragged an extra chair and let Jina sit there. Jina took a peek at L.Joe. He looked pissed and looked away.

They all shared stories for around 10 minutes. Then Chunji and Ryeon went out for the movies. CAP, Changjo and Ricky decided to walk the night streets. Leaving Niel, L.Joe and Jina at the cafe.

"Jina nuna," said Niel, breaking the silence. L.Joe took a glare at Niel. Niel kept looking at Jina. "I mean, uh.. Jina? Yes. Do you wanna go somewhere?"

Jina tried hard not to look at L.Joe, for he didn't say a single thing and Jina thinks he was angry. "I.. don't have any specific destination. Where do you wanna go?" asked Jina back.

"Should we follow Chunji hyung and Ryeon nuna at the movies?" offered Niel.

Jina looked at L.Joe, their eyes met. Jina quickly looked back at Niel. "Sounds great."

Niel smiled and stood up. Jina followed.

"Ah, L.Joe hyung, aren't you coming?" asked Niel.

"I'll just catch up with CAP and others. You guys.. have fun," said L.Joe without looking and quickly going outside the cafe.

Niel looked confused. "He is weird today," whispered Niel.

"Isn't he always like that?" asked Jina while tying up her hair into a ponytail.

"Nah, he is usually..." Niel stopped when he turned around and looked at Jina with a ponytail.

Jina felt weird. "What? Something on my face?"

Niel scratched his head. "Aniyo, it's just.. you.. look really gorgeous with that ponytail.." he said in doubt and looked down.

Jina laughed softly. "You're such a sweetie," praised Jina while messing up Niel's hair.


A week went by, Jina was distracted with her desk full of homework. Ever since their outing last Saturday, Niel had always contact Jina. And Jina didn't mind at all.

"Ace, two, three, four, five, six, seven.. SNAP~! AAAAAAAHAHAHAHA!"

Jina, Yeoncha, Sungjong and Chunji were playing cards. Sungjong pulled out his hand and rubbed it since it got hit by the other 3 people. Yeoncha ended up getting all the cards. Suddenly the door went open and Ryeon came walking in.

"Ryeon-ah~!" said Chunji happily.

Ryeon raised her point finger and shushed Chunji. "I'm not looking for you. Jinaya~!"

Chunji pouted. Jina chuckled and brushed her hair. "What's up?"

"I heard L.Joe is currently taken."


Jina shifted her eyes to shocked Yeoncha, Chunji, and Ricky. "Guys, she's talking to me, why are you the ones who over react?"

"With who?" asked Sungjong curiously.

"Well, not technically taken. He's just close with this girl in his class. Named.. Kim Hee Jung?" said Ryeon in doubt.

"Kim Hee Jung? That girl from the music ex-school, the one who plays violin well, and looks like Sandara Park?" asked Yeoncha, more curious than Sungjong.

Ryeon nodded. Everyone looked at Jina.

"What? Come on lets play again. I already have a boyfriend too anyway," Jina shuffled the cards and said the last sentence without even thinking.

"WHAT?" Ryeon stared at Jina.

"Seriously, Jinaya?" asked Chunji and Yeoncha. Sungjong just stared at Jina too.

Ricky who was mostly silent, opened up and spoke out.

"Then who is it, Jina nuna?"

To be continued...

I've Missed You, I Miss You, I'm Missing You {part 1}

Jina stepped up a stair, lipsyncing to the song playing in her iPod. Her phone rang just as she reached the second floor.

"Yes, Yeoncha?"

"Where are you?"

Jina looked around. "In class. I mean, heading to the class. Actually I'm still at the stairs. Why?"

"Nah, I'm just making sure you're coming to school today. It's freakin' quiet and there's only me in our class.."

"Hang on, I'm coming," Jina shut her phone and walked faster.

She took a glance from afar, Yeoncha was leaning to the balcony with Sungjong. Yeoncha caught Jina walking towards the class. Then instantly, Yeoncha covered her mouth with something she was holding, and mouthing a few words vigorously to Jina.

Jina raised her eyebrow. "Why are you bringing your training clothes?"

Yeoncha slapped her own head. "It's a flag, Jina. We're gonna have a ceremony. By the way, look who's standing across our class," Yeoncha elbowed Jina gently.

Jina looked to the class across hers. Then she quickly turned back and entered the class.

"Why is he there?" whispered Jina.


"Don't you think L.Joe is asking for attention these days?"

Yeoncha who was busy with her phone had to stop and look at Jina in the eyes. Then she smiled. "Very! It's like he wants you to see that he is walking in front of you, or he wants you to know his presence."

Jina sighed.

"You miss him, don't you?"

Jina scoffed and brushed her hair. "He's not acting close to friendly to me, anymore, okay. I'm tired. But I do. I miss him."

Yeoncha leaned back to her seat. Jina cleared her throat.

"I wish I could turn back time.."

-- Flashback, 2 years ago --

Jina whined as her pencil tip broke. She looked around and asked her table buddy for a sharpener. The result was nothing. She kept gazing through the class, and stopped at the expensive, high quality sharpener that was right in front of her face.

"Uhm. Hey. You. Uh.. what's his name?" asked Jina to Ryeon. Ryeon whispered "mollayo". Jina sighed.

"Ya, Chunji-ah!" said Jina while poking the guy who sat in front of her. "What's his name?" she asked while pointing to the guy beside Chunji.

"L.Joe," answered Chunji.

"Right. L.Joe can I borrow your sharpener, please?" asked Jina politely.

L.Joe didn't even took a glance and ignored Jina.

"Hello? Mr. Joe? I need to borrow your sharpener??" Jina became impatient.

Chunji who is L.Joe's chairmate, took the sharpener and sharpened his pencil easily. Jina quickly poked Chunji again. "Chunji! Pass it over, please?"

Chunji passed it over quietly. Jina smiled. Then she put her pencil inside the sharpener and was about to begin sharpening... but L.Joe turned around and took the sharpener away.

"What the.. but.. my pencil~!" Jina whined. L.Joe took the pencil out of his sharpener, and gave it back to Jina. "It's not even sharpened T__T"

L.Joe passed over his sharpener to Jina's table. Jina chuckled. "Weird guy.."


Day by day Jina learned that this L.Joe guy was a quiet, mysterious one. He is diligent and clever, but he doesn't want to share often. Jina's classmates are all pissed at him, due to his unfriendly attitude. However, he acted different to Jina.

"Mrs. Kim needs this assignment when school is over. I don't want anyone giving assignments to me past 1 PM," said L.Joe.

"But L.Joe, school ends at three," complained Ryeon.

"I don't care," L.Joe went back to his seat and continued his work.

"PSH~ I always hoped I didn't vote for him to be the captain of our class back then!" whispered Ryeon to Jina. Jina just pouted and kept writing.

A few minutes after that, L.Joe stood up and looked around. "I'm collecting the papers now!" he said. The class immediately turned into a chaos, as all the students walked here and there to copy their friend's work.

Jina concentrated on her last number. She was so focused, she didn't know that L.Joe was keeping his eye on her.

"Jina, are you done?"

Ryeon looked at L.Joe in disbelief, then she looked at Jina. Jina was calmly writing her name on her paper. "Almost.. okay done!"

L.Joe took Jina's paper and walked to the door.


"Wait I'm not done yet!"

"YA L.JOE you annoying captain of the class WE'RE NOT FINISHED~!"

Jina looked around and saw her friends swearing and complaining to each other. She looked at L.Joe who was standing by the door, telling the class to hurry up.

"Why do I feel that he only cares for you instead of the whole class?" asked Ryeon.

Jina turned her head to her chairmate. "What??"

Ryeon raised her shoulders. "Nevermind."



Jina looked around and traveled the whole class to see what her friends are working on. It was arts class, and they had to create something unique with the materials that are prepared. At sometimes Jina had to stop and laugh so hard looking at one masterpiece that is undeniably hilarious. Ryeon looked at L.Joe in disbelief again, as he kept staring at Jina in a meaningful way.

"HAHAHA OMG Sungjong yours is epic~!" Jina gave Sungjong a pat on his back. Sungjong smiled widely.

"Thanks I take that as a compliment. Where's yours?" he asked. Jina looked at her desk.

"Omo it's not finished. I almost forgot the main reason I am traveling the class is to find a scissor," Jina walked back to her desk. She looked at Ryeon staring blankly on her work.

"Ya, Ryeon-ah! Don't daydream here," teased Jina.

"Ah, Jina, look at the guy in front of me? His pencil case is like a stationary shop. He practically brings everything to school. There's a scissor inside it and I want to borrow from him," Ryeon looked doubtful.

"Then borrow!" suggested Jina easily. Ryeon took a deep breath.

"L.Joe can I borrow your scissors?" asked Ryeon in her polite-est way.

Jina swore that L.Joe heard Ryeon. But he didn't give a damn.

"See?" said Ryeon. "That's my fifth time I asked him."

Jina smiled and laughed softly. "Find other scissors then~!"

Ryeon turned and found a pretty blue scissor lying at the table behind her. She asked the owner and managed to borrow it. Jina smiled.

"But I still need one," said Jina while sitting down. She looked at Ryeon and gave a puppy face. "I just started, Jina," said Ryeon. Jina sighed.

Jina then looked at L.Joe's table. A pair of scissors were lying their, not used. L.Joe was writing something on his art. Jina cleared her throat.

"L.Joe, scissors, please?" Jina's face was full of doubt.

Surprisingly, L.Joe turned and handed Jina his scissors. Jina had a jaw drop. So did Ryeon. But Jina smiled happily and took the scissors without any skeptical feeling.

Contrarily, Ryeon, for the 3rd time, looked at L.Joe in disbelief. "OMG, Jina. He only listens to you!" she whispered.

Jina made a frown. "What do you mean?"

"Since 5 months ago, the sharpener incident, remember? I knew he had this something. And even though you kept teasing me with him -- since we both don't have double eyelids, thankyou -- I always knew he gets upset because YOU are the one teasing!"

Jina didn't understand a thing. "Can you speak my language, please?"

Ryeon rolled her eyes. "Jina, remember when you laughed so hard that it made him laugh too and he asked you to stop? And when you ask him to do something, he always does it no matter how bad his mood is? Also if you ask for something, like just then, he gives it to you no matter how impolite you ask?"

Jina still couldn't ring a bell. She stop cutting her artwork and looked at Ryeon. "What are you trying to tell, Ryeon?"

"He is definitely into you."

Jina looked at Ryeon. Ryeon looked back. Jina smirked.

"That's not even possible."


"L.Joe can you photocopy this for us, puhleeeeeez??" begged Jina, handing over a piece of paper to L.Joe.

L.Joe took the paper without a word. Jina smiled. Ryeon rolled her eyes. Chunji kept looking at the drama happening in front of him.

"I don't have to pay, right? You have a photocopy machine at home, don't you? CHINESE~ hahaha," Jina started to laugh uncontrollably.

Chunji tried to keep his laugh in. "Don't be so racist, Jina."

"No, you don't have to pay," answered L.Joe while taking a seat and looked to the front of the class. Jina covered her mouth.

"Was I too harsh?" whispered Jina to Ryeon.

"I'll bet you five bucks, he is now smiling to your teasing," said Ryeon, calmly texting on her phone.



Jina lifted her head from her book, not surprised a single bit even though the one who called her was L.Joe. "What?"

"What's the meaning of your text last night?" he asked, in a smiley face that is rare.

Jina made a frown for a second, then she got enlightened. "OH! HAHA I was in sleeping at that moment, your text made me woke up and I didn't know what I replied!"

"Yeah it seems like you just keyboard-smashed. I spent almost half an hour trying to find out what you meant!" L.Joe looked like he just had some fun.

Ryeon looked at both L.Joe and Jina. Chunji looked at them the same way. "Why would you spend half an hour to try to understand a keyboard smash text?" he asked.

Ryeon pulled Jina back to her seat and whispered. "You texted each other?"

"He was just asking about the paper I told him to copy," said Jina.

"Believe me, he wasn't just gonna ask you that," Ryeon looked serious.

Jina flailed her hand to the air. "Don't bring it up again."


Jina covered her face with her cardigan as Ryeon read her inbox. Ryeon stopped to smirk a bit, or even to feel a bit sick. Jina kept covering her head.

It's been 3 months since L.Joe confessed to Jina, unofficially. Jina received a text from L. Joe which says he is tired having a crush on her. From that moment, Jina always spared her time to talk with L.Joe on the phone. L.Joe often send cheeky messages to Jina, which is the reason to Ryeon's teasing and bubbly face right now.

"See. I told you I was right. So you guys are a couple now?" asked Ryeon full of hope.


"What? Why?"

"He didn't ask me to go steady with him, he just confessed. So we're not a couple," explained Jina.

"ACK why are you so boring, Jina! Try to ask him about both of your status! Seeing his texts, it seems that he is serious, and you won't find another guy that acts so sweet to you like this, will you?" Ryeon tried to convince Jina.

Jina made a deep sigh. "I don't know. It seems like, this is one-sided. I feel that he's the one with more feelings, I mean.. I don't know if I feel the same," Jina put her chin on both of her hands, and looked forward.

"I know you do. Come on, just give him a chance, okay?" Ryeon looked at Jina, and smiled.


"What are you up to now?"

Jina pushed her earphones back in and threw herself on her bed. L.Joe was once again phoning her. "Nothing, you?"

"Why should I tell you?" teased L.Joe over the phone.

"PSH~ fine. By the way what's my contact name on your phone?" asked Jina curiously.

"Princess.." said L.Joe straightaway. Jina smiled. "...of the darkness," continued L.Joe. Jina's smile faded. L.Joe laughed.

"Princess of the darkness or not, you still are a princess. At least to me," said L.Joe. Jina punched a pillow beside her to avoid death by sweetness.

"Joe.." called Jina, after an awkward minute of silence.


"Could you make a promise?" Jina rose and sat on her bed, she held her phone tightly.

L.Joe kept silent for a few seconds. "What promise?"

"Lift your pinky finger first," said Jina, in a serious voice.

L.Joe laughed out loud and had a hard time to stop. "What kind of promise is this? We are not Spongebob and Patrick."

Jina pouted. "Just raise your pinky! Have you raised it now?"


"Great, so.."

"My foot pinky."

"What the.. Joe!" Jina looked unsatisfied hearing L.Joe's playful laugh through the phone.

"Okay I got it. What promise?"

Jina took a deep breath. "Promise that no matter what will happen, what I say in the future, that would probably hurt you.. please don't take it seriously, and never change. Never change the way you treat me. Stay like this. Okay?"


"Okay, Joe?" asked Jina once again.

"Yeah, yeah can I put down my pinky now?" he asked.

Jina smiled. "Yes. By the way I recorded our conversation just then..."

-- End of Flashback --

"What made him turn against you?" asked Yeoncha, paying much attention to Jina as she retell the story from 2 years ago.

"We lost contact. Since we all started our 2nd year in this high school, he never texted me again. Neither did I," Jina made an empty stare to the whiteboard in front of her. Sungjong who was there all the time, listening to Jina's story, looked at her and felt sad himself.

"Tell me what happened," urged Yeoncha.

To be continued...

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Sunhee Susah Jodoh {potekan 4}

"Itu kan si PangPus! Kok dia bisa bareng Niel? Terus itu Tante Ahn.. eh tapi kok Nielnya ilang?"

"Sunhee nuna!"

Sunhee syok dan tersentak kaget sambil balik badan melihat siapa yang memanggilnya.

Mampus. Ketauan deh gue ngintipin..

"Nuna mau jalan pulang kan? Bareng aku aja yuk!" ajak Niel dengan senyum maut imutnya.

"Euu.." Sunhee nengok ke arah mobil. Ragu karena ada PangPus. "Ga ngerepotin nih?"

Niel tertawa pelan. "Ya enggalah, Nuna. Kan sekalian ummaku mau ke sana juga. Ayo nuna!" Niel berjalan melewati Sunhee dan ke arah mobilnya. Sunhee langsung degdegan bakal ketemu PangPus.

"Ma, aku ketemu Sunhee nuna nih, dia sekalian nebeng kita aja ya?" tanya Niel dari luar jendela mobil. Terlihat ummanya mengangguk dan menyuruh mereka masuk. Niel lalu membukakan pintu dan mempersilakan Sunhee masuk.

Pas Sunhee masuk, Sunhee langsung DEGDEGDEGDEG melihat sosok orang yang di kursi supir. Niel lalu masuk dari pintu yang satunya dan duduk di samping Sunhee. Sunhee udah dagdigdugdhuer menunggu si supir ini angkat bicara. Tiba-tiba si supir nengok ke belakang.

"Kita mau kemana, Tan?"


Ternyata yang Sunhee liat adalah...

Orang yang sama sekali bukan Pangeran Perpus. Melainkan sebuah mahluk pirang, ya, pirang seperti Sunhee.

"Jah? Ini siapa yang lu bawa-bawa, Niel?" tanya si mahluk pirang.

"Sunhee nuna, yang ketemu di wedding waktu itu loh, hyung," jawab Niel.

Si pirang mengangguk. "Terus hyung tadi pergi kemana?"

Tante Ahn meremas muka si pirang. Ga meremas juga sih cuma nyaplok doang. "Kamu ga sopan nanya-nanyain orang lain padahal udah ada tamu nebeng. Sapa dulu kek, kenalan kek!"

Si pirang nyengir. Sunhee diem menatap lewat spion. Lalu si pirang balik badan dan ngulurin tangan. "Halo, gue Lee Byunghun. Biasa dipanggil L.Joe. Ga nyambung kan? Makanya, gue juga ga ngerti."

Niel cekikikan sendiri. Sunhee tertawa pelan sambil salaman. "Song Sunhee."

"LAH. Yang empunya rumah yang kita tuju sekarang toh? Mbok ya napa ga ngomong gitu.." kata L.Joe dengan logat yang tak Sunhee mengerti.

"Udah jalan aja lah, Njo! Hyungmu tadi itu ada urusan makanya nyuruh kita pergi langsung ke rumah Song..." kata Tante Ahn.

Hyung? Apa yang mereka maksud itu PangPus?


"Assalamualaikum. MAAAH. MAAAAH? AKU PULANG. ADA TANTE AHN NIH MAH~" teriak Sunhee ga nyantae. Dikiranya L.Joe dkk masih sibuk markirin mobil padahal udah ada di belakang Sunhee. L.Joe ama Niel nyengir-nyengir bae.

Dari kejauhan terdengar suara high heels tuktuktuk gitu. Pintu pun terbuka, dan sosok Song Hye Gyo langsung menerangi seisi taman. L.Joe dan Niel ampe tersilau-silau dan impressed. Sedangkan Sunhee dan Tante Ahn biasa aja.

"Eh Jeng Ahn, udah nyampe? Yuk Jeng, masuk. Sun bikinin minum sana!" perintah Mama Hyegyo.

Sunhee manyun. "Kan ada Mpok Inyong, Ma!"

"Lagi ke pasar."

"Bang Seungho!"

"Ngapelin pacarnya! Udah sana cepet!" Mama Hyegyo mendorong Sunhee masuk. "Loh ada Niel juga toh. Dan ini??"

Si pirang merasa dirinya dipertanyakan, dia pun mengenalkan diri. "Saya Lee Byunghun, Tante. Sepupunya Niel. Kebetulan pas wedding kemaren, saya ga hadir," kata L.Joe dengan ramah. Mama Hyegyo ampe bengong bengong melihat sosok pirang ganteng selain anaknya sendiri.

"Oke oke silakan masuk," ajak Mama Hyegyo. Pas nyampe dalem, Tante Ahn sama Mama Hyegyo udah asik aja depan komputer ngedesign baju au buat apaan. Niel celingukan kesana kemari.

"Si Sunhee nuna mana ya, hyung?"

L.Joe cuma angkat bahu. "Eh pengen sipip nih gue dimana ya toiletnya?"

"Bentar aku tanya Tante Song dulu," Niel beranjak dari duduknya di sofa, menghampiri ummanya dan Tante Song yang di depan kompi, berbincang sebentar, lalu kembali ke sofa. "Katanya di sana di bawah tangga deket dapur."

"Oke," L.Joe pun berjalan menuju ke kamar mandi. Ketika dia baru mau masuk, dia melihat Sunhee yang lagi bengong ngeliatin 3 gelas sirup dingin beserta pitchernya. L.Joe yang cuma lewat ikutan bingung. Daripada makin bingung, L.Joe inisiatif nyamperin Sunhee.

"WEHEHEM," batuk L.Joe dengan sengaja. Sunhee nengok. "Ngebengongin apaan, Neng?" tanya L.Joe.

Sunhee terlihat ragu. "Ng.. itu. Tadi gue liat mobil lo dari jauh, kayaknya ada satu orang lagi deh tadi selain lo sama Niel. Itu.. siapa ya?"

L.Joe manggut-manggut. "Itu hyung gue. Kenapa?"

Hyung die? Kok kaga mirip ya.

"Oh cuma mau nanya, namanya..."

"SUNHEE MINUMNYA MANA, SAYANG????" teriak Mama Hyegyo dari kejauhan. Sunhee manyun. L.Joe nyengir dan mengambil alih baki beserta isi-isinya.


"Gapapa gue aja yang bawa," kata L.Joe. Sunhee tersenyum dan mengikuti dari belakang.

Ketika sampai di ruang tamu, Niel yang diem diem udah aus daritadi akhirnya bisa bernapas lega melihat sebuah baki lagi dibawa. Tapi tiba-tiba raut wajah Niel jadi cemberut, melihat Sunhee dan L.Joe asik ngobrol dengan akrab.



Bel kampus yang amat sangat tidak elite itu berbunyi. Sunhee keluar dari ruangannya diikuti Kibum.

"Hee, perpus yuk!"

"Ngapain?" tanya Sunhee sambil mengaduk-aduk ranselnya mencari hape.

"Makalah sosio kita kan belom kelar. Kelarin di perpus aja mendingan," ajak Kibum.

Sunhee lalu mengangguk. "Hayuk dah."

Mereka berdua berjalan hingga mencapai perpus super gede super modern, super futuristik se-Asia. Ketika sampai di dalam, Kibum langsung menuju tempat duduk favoritnya dan nyuruh Sunhee mencari buku-buku yang diperlukan. Sunhee manyun karna berasa babu, disuruh-suruh. Meskipun begitu, karna tugas ini buat nilai dia juga, dia tetep mencari buku-buku itu.

Sunhee melihat list buku yang diperlukan sambil berjalan menelusuri koridor. Dia membaca 4 judul yang dituliskan Kibum pada secarik kertas kecil. Mata Sunhee langsung belo pas liat judul nomor 4.

"Paris, Je't aime? Bakal apaan deh ni buku," bisik Sunhee pada diri sendiri. Dia mulai mencari buku absurd itu di lorong sosial dan budaya. Tapi ga ketemu.

Dicoba ke lorong geografi, siapa tau buku itu tentang letak Perancis atau apalah. Ga ada juga. Dicari ke lorong vacation, ga ada. Akhirnya Sunhee nekat nyari ke lorong novel fiksi. Kali aja tu buku cuma isengnya Kibum doang, tapi ternyata tetep ga ada. Sunhee nyerah dan memilih nanya ke informasi dibanding ngelilingin seluruh perpus. Kalo Sunhee masih milih ngelilingin perpus, bisa-bisa Lebaran 2012 baru bisa ketemu tu buku.

"Bu Chaeyeon, buku 'Paris, Je't aime' itu ada di kategori apa ya?" tanya Sunhee sopan kepada bu penjaga perpus yang cantik, langsing dan seksi. Tidak seperti bu penjaga perpus pada umumnya yang gendut, judes, dan minta disembelih.

"Eh, Sunhee si cantik.. apa kabar kamu?" tanya Chaeyeon basa basi dulu dikit.

Sunhee tersenyum. "Baik ibuuu. Ibu sendiri?"

"Aku juga baik. Tapi nyokap masih nyuruh cepet kawin. Udahlah ga usah dilanjutin. Oh ya buku yang kamu cari itu.. ada di kategori 'extra'.."


"Iya, maksudnya itu kategorinya ga bisa spesifik. Dia termasuk fiksi engga, non fiksi engga, geo, vacation juga engga. Bisa campur ato engga semuanya. Nah buku-buku macem itu kita taro di kategori extra.." jelas Chaeyeon.

Sunhee mengangguk-angguk dan menyisir rambutnya dengan tangan. "Jadi lorong extra itu ada di mana?"

"Lantai 2."

"Oke thank you, Bu.."

"Eh, Sun! Buku Paris itu stoknya cuma tinggal satu, dan ternyata.. lagi dipinjem ama mahasiswa lain," kata Chaeyeon dengan raut muka agak menyesal.

"Oh ya? Siapa yang minjem, bu?" tanya Sunhee penasaran.

Chaeyeon kembali memperhatikan komputer, mengetik sesuatu, lalu membacakan nama yang muncul di monitor. "Anak jurusan Sastra Perancis. Namanya.. Sohn Dongwoon."

"Ah aku ga kenal. Nunggu bukunya balik aja deh. SMSin aku ya bu kalo bukunya udah balik, thankyou Bu Chaentik~~" Sunhee tersenyum dan melambai pada Chaeyeon, Chaeyeon balas tersenyum dan kembali bekerja.

"Ohya ini kan perpus. Kok gue belom liat Pangeran Perpus ya? Cari ah sambil nyari buku lagi.. hehew~~" Sunhee berjalan menyusuri koridor lain sambil mencari sisa buku yang diperlukan. Di sisi lain Kibum sudah terlelap di atas kamus besar Oxford.

"A Drop of Water from France.. Kibum demen banget ama Perancis dah," gumam Sunhee sambil mencari-cari buku yang dimaksud. "Ah! Ini dia..."

Sunhee mengambil buku itu dan pas buku itu diambil, Sunhee melihat seseorang melalui celah kosong yang ditinggalkan buku itu (caelah). Ternyata sosok itu adalah Pangeran Perpus! Doi sedang sibuk membalik-balikkan halaman sebuah buku tebal.

Sunhee dengan sigap berjalan menuju ujung lorong, dan berniat belok ke kanan buat nyamperin si Pangeran Perpus. Tapi ketika Sunhee sampai di belokan, Sunhee menabrak seseorang. Buku tebal yang dipegang Sunhee jatuh, dan menimpa kaki orang yang ditabrak tadi.

"aaah! assssh. SHHHH~~~ shit!" kata orang itu, tadinya mau teriak, terus tiba-tiba inget lokasi, daripada di SSSSSSSSSSHT-in sama massa, lebih baik dia ngumpat dalam hati sambil nahan sakit.

Sunhee bengong dan menutup mulutnya. Dia lalu mungut kembali buku yang dijatuhkan, lalu bow 90 degrees berkali-kali ke orang itu.

"Mian.. he?" Sunhee kaget melihat siapa orang yang ditabrak barusan.

Orang itu masih ngelus kaki, matanya berair, raut mukanya marah besar. "Lo lagi, lo lagi! Kenapa sih gue harus sial mulu kalo ketemu lo?" tanya orang itu dengan berbisik tapi teriak. Eh.. maksudnya bisik-bisik tapi marah gitu.

Sunhee manyun melihat L yang mencak-mencak di depannya. "Sori! Sori oke ga sengaja! Gue buru-buru mau..."

Sunhee berhenti bicara ketika dia melihat Pangeran Perpus sudah bukan ditempatnya lagi. "Anja! Ah elo sih nunda-nunda gue jadi ga kekejar kan tuh AH ELAH!"

"Kok lo yang sewot? KAKI GUE KETIMPA BUKU LO YANG SEGEDE JIDAT LO YA TOLONG!" L udah ga bisa nahan marah dan terpaksa teriak-teriak.

Tiba-tiba microphone pengumuman berbunyi. Suara cantik Chaeyeon mengalun dari speaker. "Saudara L di koridor vacation, harap memelankan suaranya. Terima kasih."

L makin emosi. "Lo ga akan gue biarin lepas gitu aja!"

"Emangnya gue burung merpati dilepas-lepas? Get lost sana lo!" lawan Sunhee. L udah ngangkat tangan mau ngeremes muka Sunhee, tapi ga jadi. L jalan cepet-cepet meninggalkan tempat itu.

Sunhee menghela napas dan balik badan. Dia SHOCK ketika sebuah beruang imut terpampang di mukanya. Ternyata itu t-shirtnya Kibum.

"Lo ngapain deh lama banget?" tanya Kibum ga sabar, dengan muka ngantuk.

"Gue ketemu Gu Junpyo-nya kampus ini lagi! Au amet deh, lanjut aja yuk."

Kibum dan Sunhee berjalan kembali ke tempat asal mereka. Dari jauh, Pangeran Perpus memperhatikan mereka berdua. Dia tersenyum lalu menenggelamkan dirinya dalam novel yang dibacanya.


"MAAAH aku pulang~~"

Seungho yang lagi ngaso di sofa sambil ngemil chocochip cookies langsung menoleh dengan mulut penuh.

"Eh udhah phhulangh Shunh?" kata Seungho dengan serpihan cookies yang menyembur dari mulutnya. Sunhee menatap jijik.

"Pulang dianterin siapa, Sun?" tanya Mama Hyegyo yang ternyata ikutan ngemil juga di samping Seungho.

"Naik bus mah, bareng ama Kibum," jawab Sunhee sambil duduk di samping Seungho, mencoba minta cookies tapi ga dikasih. Sunhee manyun.

Mama Hyegyo geleng-geleng. Seungho menatap lurus ke TV. "Kamu udah 19 taun idup di dunia ini, Sun. Masih ga deket ama cowo selain Kibum?" tanya Mama Hyegyo.

"Terus aku apaan Ma kalo bukan cowo?" protes Seungho.

"Kamu ga masuk itungan."

Seungho manyun, membuat bibirnya yang udah tebal, makin tebal.

"Emang kenapa dah Ma, akunya emang udah susah jodoh kali," kata Sunhee, selow.

"Hush! Jangan ngomong gitu!" kata Mama Hyegyo.

"Hush hush baaaaby~ oh hush baaaby hush hush baaaby just like SISTAR~~" samber Seungho. Mama Hyegyo melempar muka Seungho dengan bantal.

"Sabtu besok kita dinner di luar ya. Dandan yang cantik, Sun. Kamu juga Ho!" perintah Mama Hyegyo.

"Aku? Dandan yang cantik????" Seungho menatap tidak percaya.

Mama Hyegyo geleng-geleng. "Maksud mama kamu juga, dandan yang ganteng, dan jangan malu-maluin."

"Malu-maluin gimana, emangnya kita makan di luar ada tes etikanya?" Seungho banyak omong.

"Ya kan kita dinner bareng Om dan Tante Lee, ama anaknya juga si Myungsoo," jawab Mama Hyegyo dengan santai.

"Siapa tuh, Ma?" tanya Sunhee.

"Calon menantu Mama."

"WHAT? YAAMPUN BANG SEUNGHO SELAMA INI LO GAY?!?!" Sunhee menepuk pundak Seungho dengan ga nyante.

"Apaan sih Sun! Calon menantu maksudnya calon pasangan lu kali!" Seungho protes dan menepuk balik Sunhee.

Sunhee menatap mamanya. Mama Hyegyo mengangguk. Sunhee menunjuk dirinya sendiri. Mama Hyegyo makin ngangguk.

"Ya Allah, Ma.." Sunhee memasang muka DNW. Seungho hanya menatap dengan miris.


Daehee menatap jam dinding Pooh yang tergantung di dindingnya. Dia lalu buru-buru menyelesaikan tatanan rambut Sunhee, dan mengeluarkan kotak make upnya.

"Gue berasa ikut acara kontak jodoh, Dae," kata Sunhee, melas.

Daehee menggigit sisir dan mengikat rambut Sunhee. "Dicepol acak gini aja gapapa kan? Apa mo gue konde sekalian?"

"Lu kata gue mo nikahan?"

"Oke gue konde."

"APAAN SIH DAE CEPOL AJA!" Sunhee jadi ga nyante. Daehee cekikikan bae.

"Dari dulu sih lo gue suruh cari cowo, kaga pernah mau. Udah banyak deh Sun cowo yang ada di idup lo, ganteng-ganteng lagi. Lo tinggal pilih. Tapi kenapa ga pernah ada yang jadian ama lo?" tanya Daehee panjang lebar.

Sunhee cuma mengangkat bahu.

"Ga ada satuuuu aja cowo yang lo suka?" tanya Daehee lagi.

Sunhee melihat ke atap, memasang wajah berpikir keras. "Ada!"

"Siapa?" tanya Daehee, antusias.


"Idialah," Daehee yang udah gemes otomatis nempeleng kepala Sunhee. Sunhee cuma cengengesan.

"Ada, tapi gue gatau namanya."

"Gue tau orangnya ga?"

"Iya," Sunhee melepaskan kacamatanya supaya Daehee bisa masang make up dengan gampang. "Waktu itu yang di kantin gue ribut ama L, nah si doi yang gue suka itu yang ngelerai kita berdua."

"Oh! Yang tinggi, ganteng, foreign looking itu?" suara Daehee menggema di kuping Sunhee. Sunhee mengangguk.

"Wets dah selera lo tinggi juga! Nanti gue bantu cari namanya dia deh. Tapi buat hari ini, lo tetep dateng ke dinner yang disiapin nyokap lo! Kali aja calonnya ganteng. Ga kalah ganteng dari si doi anonymous lo itu!" Daehee lebih semangat dibanding Sunhee sendiri.

Akhirnya Daehee selese juga make up-in Sunhee. Daehee lalu mengeluarkan sesuatu dari lemarinya.

"Pake ini ya Sun! ^^"


The Songs tiba di sebuah restoran yang terletak di Gangnam, area paling elite di Seoul. Sunhee melihat nama restoran yang terpampang bling bling, tapi Sunhee gatau bacaannya apa, artinya apa. Mama Hyegyo dan Papa Rain langsung mengajak anak-anaknya masuk.

Pas udah nyampe dalem, ada sepasang Om dan Tante yang sudah menunggu di kursi deket jendela. Mereka duduk bersebelahan, lalu disamping kanan-kiri dan depan mereka ada 5 kursi kosong. Mama Hyegyo langsung menyapa si Tante.

"Jeng Lee! Maaf ya udah bikin nunggu lama! Anak gue dandannya kelamaan!" kata Mama Hyegyo basa basi, padahal mah dia sendiri yang dandannya satu jam.

"Gapapa Jeng Song, anak gue juga belom dateng kok. Ayo, duduk silakan!" kata Tante Lee dengan ramah.

Dalam sekejap semuanya udah akrab ngomong. Tante Lee ga berhenti muji-muji Sunhee, yang membuat Seungho terus-terusan nahan ketawa. Papa Rain dan Om Lee juga udah ngobrol akrab, isi obrolannya tentang pendidikan. 15 menit pun berlalu, dan ketika obrolan makin riuh, seorang cowo datang, bersetelan jas kasual putih, menghampiri mereka.

"Ma, Pa, Om, Tante.. maaf aku terlambat," kata cowo itu sambil bow 90 degree.

Sunhee ga bisa liat muka si cowo. Mata Sunhee menyipit penasaran. Tapi langsung terbelalak ketika si cowo itu berdiri kembali.

"ELO??" teriak Sunhee dan L bersamaan.

Para orangtua yang sama sekali tidak terlihat tua itu terbengong-bengong. "Kalian udah saling kenal?" tanya Mama Hyegyo.

"Myungsoo, duduk dulu! Ga sopan baru dateng main elo elo aja," perintah Tante Lee.

L mencari tempat duduk yang kosong. Yang sisa cuma kursi di depan Sunhee. L mencak-mencak pelan dan duduk disitu. Sunhee memalingkan mukanya.

"Sun, kamu udah kenal sama Myungsoo?" tanya Mama Hyegyo lagi.


"Lee Myungsoo. Itu nama si cowo ganteng yang lagi duduk depan kamu ini," kata Mama Hyegyo.

Cowo ganteng? CIH~ gantengan juga PangPus...

"Kami udah kenal kok, satu kampus," kata L, surprisingly. Sunhee menatap L tidak percaya. L lalu membisikkan "act friendly!" pada Sunhee. Sunhee lalu ngangguk-ngangguk pelan.

Sunhee tersenyum. "Iya, satu kampus ^^"

Senyum Sunhee membuat L terdiam sebentar. Seungho nyengir wae ngeliat reaksi L. Tiap cowo yang pertama kali liat senyum Sunhee, pasti mukanya begitu, batin Seungho.

Suasana makin riuh ketika Om dan Tante Lee serta Mama dan Papa Song baru tau kedua anaknya satu kampus. Mereka ngobrol-ngobrol akrab sambil menikmati makanan yang sudah dihidangkan. Sunhee dan L pun sukses berakting sok akrab padahal dalem hati udah pada demek.

"Om, Tante, permisi aku ke toilet dulu," kata Sunhee dengan sopan. Om dan Tante Lee mengangguk.

L tiba-tiba ikutan mo pergi. "Ah, aku mo cuci tangan dulu, permisi."

Sunhee berjalan cepat-cepat ke arah wastafel yang berjejer di depan pintu toilet. L menyusul.

"This can not happen!" bisik Sunhee pada L.

"Gue juga ogah!" bales L.

Sunhee menghela napas. "Gimana ya? Gue ga tega ama orang tua gue. Ama orang tua lo apalagi. Tapi gue ga bisa!"

"Lo pikir gue mau? Kaga! Pikirin cara supaya perjodohan ini batal!" perintah L.

"Lo kok nyuruh-nyuruh gue? Ya bareng-bareng lah mikirnya!"

"Tapi kan nyokap lo duluan yang ngontak nyokap gue!"

"Emangnya gue yang minta? KAGA, MYUNGSOOOOOO!" Sunhee sewot dan manggil L dengan nama aslinya yang EHM agak kampung dikit itu.

"Jangan panggil gue Myungsoo!" L ngambek. Sunhee nyengir licik.

"Suka suka gue, Myungsooooo~~" Sunhee makin ngejek dan meletin lidah sambil buka pintu toilet dan masuk ke restroom perempuan. L cuma mencak-mencak lagi dan balik ke meja keluarga mereka.

Ketika Sunhee masuk ke kamar mandi, sepasang mata belo yang indah sudah menatapnya. Sunhee agak serem. Dia melihat sosok perempuan yang berdiri di depannya. Kayak gue kenal, batinnya.

"Sun.. Sunhee?"

Sunhee merem dan berpikir keras. Gue kenal.. Gue kenal...

"Ah~! Kim Haneul! Haneul!"

Kedua perempuan cantik itu pelukan. "Dua tauuun gue ga ketemu lo, apa kabar, cantik?" tanya Sunhee.

Haneul melepas pelukannya dan membetulkan rambutnya. "Baik, baik banget. Lo? Sekarang kuliah dimana?"

"Shinhuahua University, lo?"

"SNU, ga ada apa apanya dibanding kampus lo >.<" kata Haneul, merendah.

Sunhee nyengir. "Aaah kebiasaan lo ga berubah! Eh iya sama siapa kesini?"

"Berdua sama appa, dapet voucher gratisan gitu, umma ga mau pergi, jadinya dirumah aja sama oppa gue. Lo sama siapa?"

"Gue mo dijodohin! Gila ga? Kalo tadi lo denger suara debat di luar toilet, itu berarti gue ama cowo yang mo dijodohin ama gue! Eh bisa minta tolong ga?" ujar Sunhee panjang lebar.


"Gue mo kabur. Bisa sampein ke meja nomor 17? Bilang aja gue ada tugas kuliah mendadak, jadi pulang duluan. Oke oke? Oh ya sini kita tukeran nomor hape dulu," Sunhee meraih hapenya dari tas kecilnya dan membiarkan Haneul mengetik nomornya.

"Meja 17 ya? Sip nanti gue sampein. Hati-hati ya Sun, udah malem!" kata Haneul dengan khawatir.

"Sip tenang ajaaa. I'll call you later, thanks ya Haneul!"


Sunhee sukses menyelinap keluar dari restoran perancis itu dengan bantuan cardigan yang dia bawa dalam tasnya. Sunhee celingukan kanan kiri, bingung mau kemana. Tiba-tiba dia sendawa.

"Ugh. Bau red wine ga enaaak T_T" keluhnya, pertama kali minum minuman elite, malah ga suka. Biasalah, emang dasarnya udik, minuman mahal aja kaga demen.

"Masih laper, masih aus. Aturan gue makan sepiring lagi dulu ya baru pergi," keluh Sunhee lagi pada diri sendiri. Dia memakai cardigannya dan berjalan pelan-pelan karna kakinya udah sakit make high heels. Lalu sebuah plang neon menyala terang menangkap mata Sunhee.

"Aha~! Seven eleven! Beli tunacheese sandwichnya ah," Sunhee mengecek tas kecilnya dan melihat ada cukup uang buat ngemil.

Dia memasuki 711. Lampu terangnya membuat dia pusing sedikit. Sunhee acuh dan langsung mengambil sandwich dan sebotol Pulpy Tropical. Dia duduk di kursi bar yang udah disediain, sambil nunggu sandwichnya dipanasin. Sunhee lalu melepas high heelsnya dan menopang dagunya diatas tangannya.

Si mas mas yang manasin sandwich udah keringet dingin. Soalnya jarang jam 10 malem gini dateng cewe macem Sunhee. Cantik, sendirian, berpenampilan rapi. Si mas udah curiga kalo jangan-jangan Sunhee abis dating, diputusin, frustrasi terus laper, kabur ke 711, terus nanti curhat colongan ke mas masnya. Udah ada 48723864 kasus seperti itu.

Sandwich Sunhee selesai dipanaskan. Sunhee melihat nametag si mas.

"Gomawo, Lee Dongrim ^^," kata Sunhee sambil tersenyum manis. Si mas bernama Dongrim itu bengong sebentar, lalu kembali ke alam sadar dan ngangguk sambil bales tersenyum.

"Kebagian shift malem ya?" tanya Sunhee sambil makanin sandwichnya. Sunhee terbiasa ngajak siapapun ngobrol bareng. Mulai dari supir taksi, mbak-mbak penjual rice cake, mbak pembersih toilet, ampe kasir 711. Ajaran ngobrol ini diturunin dari mama Hyegyo. Katanya, kita harus ramah sama siapa aja yang udah bantuin kita. Kasir 711 termasuk salah satunya menurut Sunhee. Karna dia udah manasin sandwich.

"Ngg, iya," jawab Dongrim dengan ragu. Jarang-jarang dia diajak ngobrol pelanggan. Biasanya dicurhatin.

"Full time apa part time nih disini?"

"Part time. Soalnya sambil kuliah juga..."

"Kuliah??" tanya Sunhee tidak percaya.

Dongrim mengangguk. "Iya, kuliah."

Sunhee lalu menatap mata Dongrim dalam-dalam. Dongrim degdegan setengah mampus.

"Emangnya umur lo berapa dah?" tanya Sunhee lagi.

"Saya lahir taun 1990," jawab Dongrim dengan singkat.

Sunhee makin ga percaya. "Demi apa?"

"Demi dah," Dongrim membentuk huruf V dengan tangan kanannya.

Sunhee lalu menutup mukanya dengan malu sambil ngunyah sandwichnya. "Jesonghamnida! I thought you were younger than me, at least I thought you were my age!"

Dongrim tersipu malu imut tapi najong gitu. "Ah, gapapa.."

"Should I call you 'oppa' then?"

"Eh?" muka Dongrim blushing. "Engga, gausah. Hehe."

"Ok. You look so young! Such a baby face you have there," kata Sunhee menyelesaikan makannya. Dongrim makin terbang dipuji-puji begitu.

Sunhee lalu mengeluarkan hapenya. Dilihatnya ada 4 sms dan 2 missed call. Sunhee membukanya dan ternyata semuanya dari abang tercintanya, Seungho. Sunhee langsung menelepon abangnya.

"Yoboseyo? Bang? Iye. Maap gue kabur, kaga tahan gue! Iye. Kaga gue ga pulang kok. Clubbing? Itu mah elu!"

Dongrim tersenyum simpul melihat Sunhee on the phone sama Seungho.

"Gue di 711, deket kok ama resto tadi. Iya. Jemput yah Bang. Ha? Dih? Gamau tau pokoknya jemput DADAAAH," Sunhee menutup hapenya tanpa mendengarkan kata-kata selanjutnya dari Seungho, bikin si Dongrim makin nyengir-nyengir.

Sunhee meletakkan hape dan tas kecilnya di meja bar, lalu jalan ke kasir dan membayar makanannya. Kembaliannya dikasih buat tipnya Dongrim. Tak lama kemudian Seungho pun datang. Sunhee buru-buru mengambil tas kecilnya dan berterima kasih pada Dongrim.

Dongrim menatap Sunhee yang makin lama makin jauh. "Kapan gue bakal ketemu lagi ya," bisiknya. Dia lalu berjalan ke bar dan berniat bersih-bersih bekas makan Sunhee tadi, tapi ternyata dia melihat sebuah hape manis teronggok, tertinggal, teraniaya *?* di atas meja bar tersebut. Dia mengangkatnya dan melihat wallpaper hape itu yang merupakan selca Sunhee.

Dongrim tersenyum. "I guess we're gonna meet again, Lady."

To be continued...