Monday, 8 February 2010

Days With 3ple J {Plot 15 ; FINAL}


Sunhee started to shake, a teardrop fell from her eye.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hear you guys talking..." Sunhee stopped to control her shaking voice. "I accidentally overheard everything."

Sunhee's simple words made Jonghun felt beaten. It was like he just heard a thunder in a bright day.

"I.. I can explain," Jonghun's voice sound nervous.

"Is it all true? All the things I just heard?" Sunhee asked in a soft tone, which made Jonghun feel even more guilty.

Jonghun clenched his own fists and bit his lower lip.

"Answer me."

"Sunhee, let's not talk here, okay.."

"I just need an answer, Jonghun! You just have to say whether it is true or not, yes or no?!" Sunhee finally raised her voice. Jonghun's eyes went glassy too.

"It is.. true.." Jonghun took a breath. "But Sunhee.. I.."

"We're over."


"Need a replay? I said we're over. Thanks for everything."

Sunhee turn around as her teardrops slowly fall and covered her face. Jonghun couldn't believe what just happened, his face was so panicked, he tried to reach for Sunhee.

"Sunhee, listen! I'll explain.." said Jonghun while grabbing Sunhee's wrist.

Sunhee stopped and looked back, her face that was already wet by tears, made Jonghun shed a tear too. "I don't need any. Let me go."

"Sunhee..." Jonghun's voice became husky. He looked right into Sunhee's eyes and tightened his grip.

Sunhee looked away, and shook her hands roughly off of Jonghun's grip. She walked quickly to the door. When she was about to reach the entrance, she wiped her face and gave the maid the cake that she bought.

"Leaving so soon, Sunhee-sshi?" asked the maid.

"Yes, I gotta go back home. Merry Christmas!" Sunhee faked a smile and went outside.

Jo Kwon who was already thirsty after talking a lot with Jong Hyun, wondered why Jonghun hasn't returned.

"He said he was going to get a drink now where is he? Buying mineral water from Alaska?" Jo Kwon stood up and went out to find Jonghun. Jong Hyun followed.

"Jonghunnie~yah! You said you were..." Jo Kwon stopped talking when he saw his buddy was sitting on the floor, laid to the wall and had his both hands covering his face. He was crying so badly.

"Hey? What happened?!" Jong Hyun went down on his knees and patted Jonghun's shoulder, Jo Kwon went over to the other side.

"Sunhee.." sobbed Jonghun.

"Sunhee? Sunhee what? You miss her? What?" asked Jo Kwon rapidly.

"She overheard our conversation, she said we're over.."

Jo Kwon looked at Jong Hyun. Jong Hyun gave a death glare, blaming Jo Kwon who couldn't control his mouth. Jo Kwon just made a sad face.

"Jonghunnie.. I'm sorry, I shouldn't bring that talk up at the first time," said Jo Kwon in a really regret voice.

"Yes, me too.." Jong Hyun apologized as well.

Jonghun looked up.

"She left already?" asked Jong Hyun. Jonghun nodded.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Shouldn't you chase her?" asked Jo Kwon this time.

Jonghun looked at Jo Kwon. He stood up and grabbed his keys, then went outside to find Sunhee, leaving his two friends behind still kneeling on the floor.


Sunhee drove her car in full speed. She was still crying, and at times she had to wipe off her tears to focus on the road. When she was on her way home, she decided not to go home. She headed to a central park, where the crowd gathers that eve. Where the lights glow in the dark beautifully like fireflies. The place where JoHee usually hangs out.

Sunhee parked her car at the side of the road. She took a glance at the side mirror, checking if her face is okay. Her eyes are a bit swollen, but lucky her glasses could hide it.

She walked to an empty bench in the middle of the park. She took a seat, and leaned back. Her breath made some fogs in the air. She looked around and found many people passing by. Families, a bunch of friends. Couples.

Just when Sunhee was about to lean more further and close her eyes, her handphone rang.


Sunhee rejected it. She put her phone back inside her jacket pocket.

The phone rang again, Sunhee rejected it again, and set it to silent.

The third time the phone rang, Sunhee looked at it and she received a message.

From : My Sculptured Pretty Boy
"Sunhee, please pick up the phone. I'm looking for you, where you at?"

Sunhee scoffed. She deleted the message, and also deleted Jonghun's contact number from her phone.

Again, her phone rang. It was an unknown number, but Sunhee knew it was Jonghun. Sunhee couldn't held it anymore. She groaned and threw her handphone to the floor. It shattered into pieces.

Slowly, Sunhee started to cry. She covered her face with her two hands. People were to busy to notice the girl crying. Everyone walked by ignoring her, All except one.

"Excuse me.. is that your handphone scattered on the ground?"

Sunhee looked up even she actually didn't want to. She saw this figure that she knew very well. She lower down her hands.

"Gosh, Sunhee? What happened?"


Sunhee held her paper cup of coffee tightly. She blew it a few times and took some sip.

"Feel like talking now?"

Sunhee looked at June. "You want to hear about it?"

June lifted up his shoulders and smiled. Sunhee then explained the whole story, everything she heard from the boys. While sharing her story, sometimes she looked away from June just to held in her tears.

"So I just left him that way," ended Sunhee.

"Your phone.. you threw it coz he kept calling you?"

Sunhee nodded. "What should I do now?"

June looked at Sunhee's face. Her eyes were red, her face was wet and even almost dried of her tears. She looked so so tired.

"You should rest. Did you drive yourself here?" asked June while looking around.


"Then I'll take you back home. Come on," June stood up and gave his hand.

Sunhee looked at June's hand. What? He wants to hold my hand? or..

"Car keys?" he asked.

Sunhee scoffed and grinned a bit. She reached for her keys and handed it to June. June received it, moved it to his right hand, then gave his left hand to Sunhee again.

"What else?" asked Sunhee.

"I'm.. helping you to stand up? I guess," June said awkwardly and maybe, shy.

Sunhee put on a small smile. She took June's hand. June then pulled her hand, blew it and rubbed it with his two hands, then put it inside his jacket pocket. Then he started to walk. Sunhee had a hard time catching up.

"Your hands are cold, why didn't you say you were freezing?"


Tory waited at the front door, he saw a car coming inside the Songs' Mansion. At first, his face brightened, but then it faded until he knew that it was just Seunghyun, who just got back from dropping Nana and Juyeon home.

"Hyung, Sunhee isn't back yet?" asked Seunghyun while locking the car, he walked towards Tory.

Tory yawned a bit. "No. Oh Seunghyun where could she be now? Her phone is not active. I'm afraid something happened.."

"Have you called over to Jonghun?"

Tory's eyes widen. "Why didn't I think of that?"

Just when Tory was about to dial Jonghun's number, a car entered the gate. Tory canceled and looked at the car.


Seunghyun and Tory walked down the stairs as the car stopped in front of the main entrance. June who was driving came out.

"I found her at the park, she just had a hard time today. But now she's asleep," June explained before Tory or Seunghyun could even ask.

Seunghyun opened the car's door. "Hyung, I'll carry her to the room."

"Okay. Be careful."

Seunghyun nodded. "By the way, thanks June hyung!"

Seunghyun went inside while carefully carrying his sister to her room. Tory looked back at June.

"What exactly happened?" asked Tory, curious.

June wanted to explain, but he felt so tired, Tory could see from his eyes. Then Tory looked at his watch. 12.30 AM.

"Oh it's very late, you're not going to walk home right? We have a few empty rooms that you may use, come on in," offered Tory.

June gave a sincere smile, "Thanks a lot."


"Sunhee, wake up, girl."

Sunhee slowly opened her eyes and turned around. Tory's smiley face made the morning feel even brighter.

"Oppa," Sunhee rubbed her eyes while rising up from her bed.

Tory brushed his dongsaeng's hair. "What?"

Sunhee looked around, "How did I get home?"

"You should say thanks to the one waiting downstairs. Come on wash your face and let's have breakfast."

Sunhee tied up her hair and quickly washed her face. She then went downstairs to the dining room. June, Seunghyun, and Tory were already there.

"June! You're still here? Where's Mom and Dad?"

"Mom and Dad had to go to work earlier, but they promised to come home fast," said Seunghyun.

Sunhee took a seat beside June.

"Feeling better?" whispered June.

Sunhee nodded and smiled. "Sleeping is the best medicine."

The 4 people all started breakfast. At first, they kept silent and concentrating on their dishes. Until Sunhee finally broke the silence.

"I'm feeling like telling the whole story all over again."

Seunghyun looked away from his plate. Tory put his fork down. June looked at Sunhee.

"You're all.. willing to listen, right?"

"Of course," said all the guys.

Sunhee smiled, she took a deep breath, and once again shared her story with 3ple J. Even June, who already knew the problem, payed attention so much and was wanting to listen again.

"Why are you all silent? Shouldn't you be like.. giving advice or something?" Sunhee started eating again. This time when she told her story, she didn't shed any tears.

Tory looked at Seunghyun and started and eye to eye conversation. Tory gave an why-didn't-she-cry stare. Seunghyun gave a what-should-i-say glare. June just looked at both those guys. Sunhee kept eating.

"I don't wanna go to college today. Can you guys accompany me to somewhere?" Sunhee finally finished her meal and drank her milk.

"Ah, Sunhee.. I'm so sorry, I have a meeting.." Tory put on a regretful face.

Sunhee looked at Seunghyun.

"I can't skip my work too, Sunhee. Maybe June would like to help?" Seunghyun looked at June.

Sunhee stared at June, making June giving a bright smile.

"I am free today. Where do you wanna go?"


"Are you serious you can make a cake?" asked Sunhee. Both June and Sunhee are inside the supermarket, stuffing their carts with goodies and some ingredients to bake cakes.

"Yeah! What do you want, name it, I'll make it!" said June with a big smile.

"You're not trying to cheer me up aren't you? I don't.."

"Don't worry! This has nothing to do with your problem. I have always wanted to bake something, and while you're here with me imma make it for you!"

Sunhee smiled at June. The two walked over to the cashier and paid, then they went out of the supermarket, each lugging two shopping bags.

"Where are we going to make it? Your house? My house?" asked June.

Sunhee didn't answer. Her eyes were stoned to one point in front of her. June followed her stare and found Jonghyun and Jo Kwon both doing the same like Sunhee. Stoned, and staring.

"My house.." said Sunhee. She turned around. "Come on."

"Sunhee!" called Jo Kwon. He walked quickly and was able to catch Sunhee. "I'm sorry can we talk?"

"About?" Sunhee looked at Jo Kwon with a not so friendly stare. Jo Kwon looked regretful. "Everything is clear enough, Jo Kwon. So would you please kindly step aside from my way.."

Jo Kwon bent his head down. He felt really sad about Sunhee, this all happened coz he accidentally spoke everything without knowing Sunhee was there. Plus, Sunhee just called him Jo Kwon, not Kwonnie anymore.

June looked at the two guys, then followed where Sunhee went. Jonghyun patted Jo Kwon's shoulder.

"I'm sure she will get over it.." said Jonghyun.

"It's not that easy, Jonghyun! Anyway it was you who started the bet at the first place!" blamed Jo Kwon.

"Oh so you're blaming me now? Fine.."

"No no i didn't mean to! I don't want any new problems. The three of us were wrong. We shouldn't play with bets. Now we should tell Jonghun that we met Sunhee today.."

They both walked away from the place, still with a heart full of regrets.


Days went by, Sunhee had a fun time with June. But June still spotted some sadness in her eyes. June thought that Sunhee could be a great actress, since she is so pro in hiding her true feelings inside.

"Sunhee? Breakfast, lady.." called Tory.

Sunhee was on her bed, she had her back on Tory, facing the window. Tory came close to the bed.

"Sunhee?" Tory brushed Sunhee's hair. "Are you okay?"

Sunhee finally turned around. Her eyes were a bit swollen, looks like she was crying the whole night.

"I won't ask anything. Just tell me when you want to," said Tory.

Sunhee cleared her throat and raised up from her bed to sit beside Tory. "I miss Jonghun."

Tory smiled and gave his sister a hug. "There, there. It was so wise of you to be brave to speak up your feelings right away. Do you want me to talk to him?"

"What? No! No you don't have to.. just let him find out himself."

"But Sunhee, guys are not that sensitive. They can't understand girls feelings just from attitudes, they need words."

Sunhee took a deep breath. "I'll just count everything on you, Oppa. Shall I take a bath now?"

Tory nodded and watched his sister going inside the bathroom.


Tory was packing his stuff and laptop when Seunghyun came into his room.

"Oh hyung? Where are you going? I thought you have a meeting in an hour.."

Tory walked to the door and patted Seunghyun's shoulder. "I need to do what an oppa should do, hehehe. Would you replace me in that meeting please? I know you can.."

"Sure. But where are you.." Seunghyun scratched his hair while looking at Tory exiting his room.

"I'll tell you when I get home! Bye!"


Somehow Tory found a way to reach Jonghun's place. He stole Jonghun's number from Sunhee's phone even before Sunhee broke her phone on purpose. Just in case. And now it's useful. Tory was standing in front of Jonghun's door. He knocked a few times.

"Who is it?" said I lousy voice through the speaker.

"Hey it's Tory. Can I speak to you?" said Tory while giving a smiley face to the small camera.

There was no answer but it didn't take long for the door to open. From behind the door, Jonghun was standing all weak, tired, and crumpled. His hair was really a mess. Tory made a strange face after seeing him, but then quickly smiled.

"How are you?" asked Tory kindly.

"I.. Fine. Uhm, come in.. Sorry for the mess.."

Tory came in and realized that the house was no mess. It was perfectly clean and tidy. Maybe Jonghun was referring to himself. Jonghun told Tory to sit wherever he likes, and offered drink. When Jonghun came back bringing to glasses of cold water, Tory smiled.

"I guess you still remember Sunhee's favorite drink. Ice water," said Tory.

Jonghun made a small smile. He looked depressed.

"Maybe you're confused why am I here. And how I got here. Yes, I came here for Sunhee.." Tory paused a bit. Jonghun took a deep breath.

"Is.. she okay?" asked Jonghun.

"She's actually doing fine. Well to be honest, I was more worried to see you like this than worrying about her.." Tory continued. Jonghun laughed softly.

"Why didn't you try to reach for her again? At least contact her, or meet her in college?" Tory started asking questions.

Jonghun messed up his hair which was already messy. "I felt really bad that day, and I thought she really doesn't want to meet me again. Rather than making the problem more complicated, I chose to stay away and give her time."

Tory nodded a few times. "You've done the right thing. In fact, Sunhee was enjoying her lonely time too much. She woke up crying this morning.."

"What happened?" Jonghun was suddenly curious.

"I find it very brave of her, I didn't ask her anything but she straightly said she missed you."

Tory looked at Jonghun. Jonghun's face had undescribeable feelings. He was mixed around glad, worried and regretful.

"And?" said Jonghun, asking Tory to continue.

"I told her why she didn't try to contact you either. She said she just wanted you to find out yourself. If I didn't come here, would you know that she was missing you?"

Jonghun shook his head.

"See. That's why I came here, to tell you!" Tory was looking happy.

"But, I thought she hated me so much, she didn't even gave a damn to Kwon and Jonghyun when they met at the streets.."

"Let me tell you something," Tory cleared his throat and continued. "There is this something about Sunhee. She always acts the opposite when she feels down. So when she smiles, she is actually crying inside. When she tells she is okay, she's not. And when she says she doesn't want you to look for her, she's meaning the opposite."

"You mean, she actually hopes that I look for her?" said Jonghun, pulling out a conclusion.

"Exactly. Got the point now?" asked Tory, feeling proud and relieved that he had clear partly the problem.

Jonghun didn't react.

"Go find her if she tells so."


Sunhee sat on the sand. She let the afternoon breeze brush her hair. The beach was quiet, not much people were there even it was sunset time. Sunhee opened her new phone and texted.

It's almost sunset.
Is it possible for me to see the sunset together with you again?
I'm at the beach. Don't reply my message.
Come, if you still care.

Sunhee smiled. She took off her cardigan, put it on the sand, and also left her handphone there. She ran to the shores and played with the waves.


Jonghun was walking here and there figuring out if he should really try to reach Sunhee or not. Then his phone received an inbox. It was from an unknown number, but reading the message, he knew who it was. He smiled, checked the mirror and rushed outside to his car.


The sun was going down. The sky was turning orange. Sunhee had her feet covered in the salt water. She tapped her hands to her chin.

"It's been around.. 15 minutes?" she said to herself. She looked around and found nothing. "Is he coming or not.."

Sunhee moved forward. First, the water was on her ankles. But now it has reached her calves. She walked forward again until the water almost touched her knees.


Sunhee was shocked by the voice. The moment she turned around, she was already in Jonghun's arms.

"I love you, okay! Don't do anything stupid!" whispered Jonghun in Sunhee's ear. He hugged her really tight as if there was no tomorrow.

Sunhee let her feelings overflow. She hugged Jonghun back.

"You came.." she said, weakly. Jonghun's hug was making her hard to breathe.

"Of course I came. Sunhee, you have no idea how worried I was while you were gone. I never felt worse before. Now that I have you here, just don't do.."

Sunhee chuckled. "Did you think I was going to do suicide or such?"

Jonghun finally let go of Sunhee. But his hands were still on her shoulders. "You were not?"

"I'm not THAT depressed, Jonghun. I still wanna live. Even though I know it will be hard without you.." Sunhee's voice weaken. Then she sneezed.

Jonghun pulled Sunhee into his arms again. "You're cold. What were you thinking? Playing at the beach with this outfit?"

Sunhee was wearing the red strapless satin bubble dress she wore for Tory's birthday. Sunhee then was embarrassed.

"Because I was wearing this dress on the day you confessed to me," said Sunhee. Her voice was buried under Jonghun's shoulder.

Jonghun let go of Sunhee once again, holding her shoulders. He bent down so his face was as tall as Sunhee.

"Listen. For whatever 3ple J has done, from planning the bet on you, to each of us racing to get your heart, it has nothing to do with my feelings. I liked you even before Jonghyun set the bet up. I was serious when I kept approaching you. I did it not to win the bet. My love for you is true, Sunhee."

Sunhee smiled and made an "aww" face. "I'm sorry I didn't want to listen to you that day we broke up.."

"You don't need to say sorry. Everything was my fault. I'm the one guilty. You can hit me if you want."

Hearing that, Sunhee slapped Jonghun right on his cheek. Jonghun was shocked. He stood straight and held his cheek, he felt almost the same pain when Sunhee asked to break up.

Sunhee sighed. "There. All my anger is now released. I shall cure your face now.."

Sunhee had to tiptoe a bit. While clinging onto Jonghun, she kissed his cheek. "Does it feel better?"

Jonghun smiled. "I think this is better.."

He held Sunhee's neck with his left hand, and touched Sunhee's cheek with his right hand. He bent down, and kissed Sunhee on the lips.


Sunhee laughed all the way home in the car. She kept looking at Jonghun trying to drive his car with bare feet.

"You should have took your shoes off. Your jeans is half wet too! Hahahaha," Sunhee covered her face and laughed hardly.

"Well I didn't have enough time to take them off! I thought you were ending your life or something," Jonghun messed up Sunhee's hair with his left hand.

"Ah, not my hair!" Sunhee looked at the mirror and tidied up her hair.

"Sunhee, is there anything I could do to redeem my mistakes to you? Besides kissing you of course," Jonghun smirked.

Sunhee blushed. "You are clean now, Jonghun. But I still have something for Jonghyun and Kwonnie..."

"What is it?"


"Jaejin, Chayoo! To celebrate both of your 5 month anniversary, you may order anything in this noodle cafe! Free! I will pay!"

Sunhee was standing beside Jonghun. The table was surrounded by 4 chairs. Jaejin, Chayoo, Jonghun, and an empty one for Sunhee.

"Here, Sunhee! I checked all that maybe you guys wanna eat too," said Jaejin, handing the menu over to Sunhee.

"Very well," Sunhee took off her apron and clapped a few times. "You two over there! Come here!"

The two waiters that Sunhee called walked quickly to Sunhee's table.

"OMG, Kwon? Jonghyun?" Chayoo was surprised.

"Yes, let me introduce you our two new waiters. Jonghyun is replacing me. And Kwonnie is replacing Chayoo. Chayoo you don't have to work anymore. Just let Jaejin give you money," said Sunhee.

The whole table laughed, including Jonghyun and Kwon.

"We would do anything for you Sunhee, until we feel unguilty enough.." said Jonghyun.

"Actually I love working here, I won't stop even if you tell me to," Kwonnie looked around happily.

Sunhee talked with Jonghyun and Kwonnie, she gave a few instructions. Now that her mom has made her a manager, Sunhee became more busy. She graduated from college successfully, even performed a duet with Jonghun.

Jaejin and Chayoo are getting along well. They'll be holding an engagement party soon. So as Tory with Nana and Seunghyun with Jooyeon.

June and his friends are working great too at Mr. Song's office. They all have been promoted to a higher position.

Daehee went back to Thai and broke up with Khun, and went steady with one of the 3ple Js! Jonghyun! Daehee is somewhere else now, finishing her college.

And about Sunhee and Jonghun, they are already engaged! Friends are hoping to hear the wedding bells soon.