Saturday, 27 June 2009

A Future Story part 25

"We've got company~"
Seung Ri looked up at Min Sun and smiled,
Min Sun was amazed and covered her mouth with her tray,
"OMO~ Hye Gyo !"

Min Sun out her tray on the table, Hye Gyo smiled and stood up from her seat,
Min Sun came towards her and hugged her,
"Mianhae~ i haven't contact you these days," said Min Sun, in a sorry voice.
Hye Gyo let go of her hug, she smiled and pat Min Sun's head,
"Gwenchanayo.. lucky that Seung Ri always sticks around you, so i can ask him about you."
Hye Gyo looked at Seung Ri and winked, Seung Ri just smiled while sipping his drink.
"How did you end up working here?" asked Hye Gyo.
"Seung Ri didn't tell you?" Min Sun asked back.
Min Sun looked at Seung Ri,
"She wants to hear your version.." he said.
Min Sun looked back to Hye Gyo,
"Wait for me for another.. 45 minutes ! I'll be done and there's a whole new full story that i want to tell you~"
Hye Gyo raised her thumbs up, and sit back,
Min Sun then asked for Hye Gyo's order, then she rushed back in and continued serving guests again.


45 minutes later,
Min Sun was busy packing in her uniforms when Key walked down the stairs,
"Min Sun~ !" he called,
"Ne? ah~ Mister.." Min Sun bowed to Key,
Key smiled and said, "Your shift is over, you don't have to bow like that."
Min Sun just smiled back and continued packing,
"anything?" she asked.
"Remember that Jong Hyun told you to come to his photoshoot today?"
Min Sun stopped moving. She kept still for a few seconds then she slapped her forehead.
"Aissh~ ! I forgot.."
Key mouthed the word "babo" but Min Sun didn't hear it,
"So aren't you going there now? If you are you can come with me.." said Key.
Min Sun looked to the outdoors seat, Seung Ri and Hye Gyo are still outside.. but, who is the man beside Hye Gyo?
Min Sun made a frown.. then she said,
"I'd love to go there with you, Key. But.. i just met my friend and she is still waiting for me outside. Would you please go and tell Jong Hyun that I'll catch up in another 30 minutes?"
Key joined Min Sun looking to the outdoors,
"Ah.. Seung Ri again" he said in his mind.
"Okay, I'll tell Jong Hyun. But 30 minutes, ok? Not more.." said Key.
"Yessir~" answered Min Sun.

Key walked outside, Min Sun grabbed her bag and head to Seung Ri's seat.
Seung Ri noticed Min Sun's presence, Min Sun saw him talking to the ahjusshi next to Hye Gyo, then the three people at the table, all stood up.
Min Sun arrived at their seats, Min Sun smiled to the ahjusshi.
"Min Sun," Seung Ri spoke, "let me introduce you, Hye Gyo's uncle a.k.a Mr. YG"
Min Sun stared at the ahjusshi, who turned out to be YG's owner.. Mr. YG ^^
she was confused what to do, she just gave her best smile and bowed to him,
Mr. YG smiled back and asked everyone to sit.

Min Sun sat on Seung Ri's right, Mr. YG on Seung Ri's left, Hye Gyo on her uncle's left, then she had Min Sun on her left. They all sat forming a little circle.
Seung Ri asked Mr. YG to explain everything.
So, Min Sun had a tough time controlling her concentrations, whether she should be nervous, be cool and relax but she had to keep being polite. She was confused. then she tried hard to understand what Mr. YG was saying.
" I hope you can help us during Big Bang's tour to Indonesia." said Mr. YG, ending his explanations.
Min Sun stayed still and can't believe that this number one man in YG Entertainment is giving her faith to help arrange Big Bang's tour to her hometown, Jakarta, Indonesia.
"Min Sun are you okay?" asked Hye Gyo.
"Ah~ no i was just.. thinking.. hehe" Min Sun scratched her head unreasonably.
"So you can come with us to our tour?" asked Seung Ri hopefully.
"Hmm, depends, when is the tour going to be held?" she asked back.

"About 4 months from now" said Mr. YG.
Min Sun had her fingers busy counting, then she said,
"Yeah, if i can finish my college fast, i can come with you all ^^" said Min Sun.
"Yes!" Seung Ri yelled a cute yes softly, Min Sun just chuckled looking at him.

"Wow that's great Min Sun ! Hope you can finish your college successfully," said Hye Gyo.
Min Sun smiled and thanked her.
"Oh well what time is it.. wow, we've been here for 25 minutes already. I guess i have to go now, I bet my assistants are looking for me. They just couldn't take it being left by their boss without any supervisors. Come on, Hye Gyo. Let's roll" said Mr . YG.

Roll? Whoa this ahjusshi has style~ ^^

Min Sun stood up and said goodbye to Hye Gyo, she hugged her again knowing that she won't be meeting her soon again,
then Min Sun bowed to Mr. YG and shake hands with him, they both thanked eachother.
Min Sun asked for permission to go to the agency before her three guests even had a chance to leave. She was worried that Key and Jong Hyun was still waiting for her.
She waved byebye to Seung Ri, and she rushed inside the agency.
Seung Ri just gave a smile and watched her walk away.


Min Sun hurried and took the lift to go to Jong Hyun's photoshoot room,
when she was walking in the corridor, she saw Key opening the door to the studio..
"Key~ !!" shouted Min Sun.
Key looked towards the coming voice, "Wow, i thought you were gonna be late"
Min Sun ignored Key's speech,
"Is Ye Seul around?" she asked.
"I don't think so, Jong Hyun said the photographer which is with him now is different, i think it's Min Hyo Rin's personal photographer.."
Min Sun looked at Key, "Min Hyo Rin?"
Key nod and pointed to the photo session,
they both walked inside the room and found lots of people walking here and there, nobody noticed about their presence,
Min Sun searched around the room to find Ye Seul. Key was right, Ye Seul wasn't there.

they both kept walking until they came near to Jong Hyun's photo location.
Key stopped walking when he realized that Min Sun wasn't following him,
she stopped behind Key, looking straight to the photo session,
"Min Sun?" Key called her, while looking to what Min Sun is probably looking,
then Key instantly understood why Min Sun stopped her steps.

"When is this photo session gonna be done?" Min Sun asked Key in a high voice that almost everyone in the room heard it and looked at her.
Jong Hyun even heard her and quickly pulled his hands off Hyo Rin.
Min Sun realized that all eyes were on her, she covered her mouth and bowed embarassedly while saying sorry.
"You don't have to bow like that." said Key.
"Okay you said that two times today~" said Min Sun.
After that, all the crews continued working and walking, nobody answered Min Sun.

Sh*t~ ! Why was my voice so loud. Damn, now they're all thinking that I'm a...

"Minnie~ !"
Min Sun's thoughts were cut off when Jong Hyun raised from his chair and walked to her.
Min Sun gave her best 'smile'.
"Mianhae~ i came late for the photoshoot..." she said,
"Oh it's okay, i just.."
"And I'm going home now." Min Sun snapped Jong Hyun's speech.
Jong Hyun kept silent for a while.
"What?" he asked.
Min Sun forced a smile, and said "Seems like your photoshoot is gonna last a few more hours. I think i should go home, I'm sure auntie is waiting."
While she said that, her eyes wer travelling around the photo location, then she met Hyo Rin's eyes. Hyo Rin gave her a smile, and Min Sun replied it while waving her hand.
"Oh look the crew is waiting, go you should continue it.. Jal Ga~ !"
Min Sun turned Jong Hyun's body around and pushed him away, Jong Hyun looked at her and she just waved and walked away.
"Minnie~!" he called Min Sun, but she didn't answer and kept walking.
"EHEM~.." coughed Key purposely.
Jong Hyun surprisingly looked at Key.
"Key? Since when you were here?"
Key rolled his eyes, "I even arrived before Min Sun got here!"
Jong Hyun scratched his head, then he asked
"What happened to her?"
Key exhaled his breath, "You don't know?"
Jong Hyun shook his head. Key went like "aigoo~"
"Don't you like her Jong Hyuuuuuuuuuuuun~?" Key's hands were itchy to hit Jong Hyun's head.
"What? why? why did she.. OUCH~ !"
Key finally hit Jong Hyun's head.
"What was that for?" asked Jong Hyun.
"She saw your photoshoot with Hyo Rin! That touchy touchy one~!" shouted Key, nagging to Jong Hyun.
Jong Hyun kept quiet for a while thinking.
then he shouted "WHAT?"
Key rolled his eyes again,
Jong Hyun suddenly went in a panic condition, "Aish~ aigoo~ aaakh otoghe? should i chase her or.. my photoshoot is.. aaaakh~"
"Shut up~ !" Key slapped Jong Hyun's face.
"Ouch~ !"
"You're acting like a baby. It's bugs the crap all over me." said Key.
Jong Hyun's face went sad. then he said,
"Oh i know~ ! You go chase her and please take her home, okay?" commanded Jong Hyun,
"What? Me?" Key pointed at himself,
Jong Hyun just pushed Key outside, "If there's anything just call me okaaay~!" he said.
Key then made a blow face and walked outside quickly to catch Min Sun.


meanwhile, Min Sun was walking in full speed to go outside the agency.

why am i pissed off? why did i cam to the agency? why did he.. Hyo Rin.. AARGH~ why am i asking these questions?!

she walked down the steps in front of the agency's main door,
it was getting darker and cold, Min Sun put both her hands inside her long white coat,
her white high boots didn't gave enough heat for her.
she tried to walk more quickly when she bumped in to person,
"Aissh.. ah mianhae~" she bowed even she didn't know who was in front of her.
"Why going home so fast?" he asked.
Min Sun lift her head up, "Seung Ri.."
"It's cold right? Come on.."
Seung Ri held Min Sun's arm softly and dragged her to his car, he opened the door for her, and Min Sun automaticly went in, her thoughts were all blank and she just obeyed Seung Ri.

meanwhile, Key came out running and looked around to find Min Sun.
while his eyes were searching, he saw Seung Ri's car passing by slowly, and he could see Min Sun in it.
"Huff~.. she's big enough to know what to do. Hope Seung Ri can cheer her up."
Key turned back and was planning to go back up and tell Jong Hyun. He kept silent for a while and think twice. So, he just sms-ed Jong Hyun saying that he is going home.


"How come you came out so fast from the agency? Weren't you supposed to watch Jong Hyun's photoshoot?" asked Seung Ri.
Min Sun looked straight to the road, "Yeah. I just felt like going home."
Seung Ri knew that there was something wrong with Min Sun,
"Ah~ mianhae, so you want to go home know? i could turn bcak if you want.."
"No no. Just take me anywhere except home.." she said.
"Didn't you said that you wanted to go home?" Seung Ri was confused,
Min Sun just glared outside the window, looking at nothing. Her eyes were empty.
Seung Ri decided not to ask again. He took Min Sun to his favorite restaurant again.

as they arrived, Seung Ri took off his seatbelt and said to Min Sun,
"Min Sun, we're here."
Min Sun didn't answer Seung Ri, he looked at her and found her sleeping, she lent her head to the window.
Seung Ri felt worried what was going on, he actually couldn't bear to wake Min Sun up, but he had to know what's happening.
"Min Sun.." Seung Ri touched her shoulders.
Min Sun still didn't answer. Seung Ri shaked her shoulders softly,
"Min Sun, we're at my favorite resto, come on let's eat and talk."
She still didn't wake up.
Seung Ri exhaled while thinking that Min Sun is actually a tough sleeper.
then Seung Ri called her again, except this time, he called her "Minnie~"
Finally Min Sun opened her eyes, she blinked for a while and rub her eyes,
Seung Ri was kinda disappointed, she woke up only after he called her 'Minnie'. But then Seung Ri thought that maybe it was just a coincidence.
Seung Ri then smiled at her and get outside of his car, he then walked to Min Sun's side and opened the door for her.
Min Sun was still too dizzy to walk, when she stood up, she was all woozy and was about to fall. Seung Ri then held both her shoulders. "You okay?" he asked.
Min Sun just nod and walked before Seung Ri, she held her bag on her right hand and strecthed out both of her hands and yawned while walking.
Seung Ri locked his car and walked quickly to catch up.


Jong Hyun just finished his photoshoot and was waiting any sign of Key or Min Sun, then he checked his handphone and saw Key's sms that was delivered 30 minutes ago,
"What? Key going home? Is Minnie with him?" Jong Hyun asked to himself.
then he dialled Key's phone number..

Key : yoboseyo?
JH : Key~ ! Is Minnie with you?

Key kept silent for a while, thinking if he should tell Jong Hyun or not.

Key : I.. don't know. When I ran outside, i didn't see her.
JH : really? oh okay.. I think I'll call her. Thanks Key.
Key : Yo~

Jong Hyun then quickly dialled Min Sun's phone.

The number you are calling is not active or..

"Aish~ ! How come her phone isn't active.."
Jong Hyun nagged himself and head for his white bike to go home.


"Mind telling me what's wrong?" asked Seung Ri, while cutting his steak in front of him.
Min Sun was chewing on the same menu as Seung Ri, she swallowed it, took a sip of water and answered,
"I saw Jong Hyun's photoshoot with Min Hyo Rin."
Seung Ri nearly choked on his food, knowing that Min Sun suddenly told the reason of her being cranky and looking tired.
"And?" asked Seung Ri.
"And.." Min Sun continued, "I saw him caressing her hair. So did Hyo Rin. I know it's part of the photoshoot but it kinda bugs me." her tone suddenly sounded angry,
Seung Ri stopped eating and continued asking,
"Is there.. any other reason of you being angry coz seeing him and Hyo Rin?"
Min Sun asked back, "What do you mean? Like what?"
Seung Ri coughed a bit. and said,
"Uhmm.. like, are you jealous?"

Min Sun dropped her fork, she apologized to everyone in the resto and asked for a new fork to the waiter.
"Min Sun, mianhae~ I didn't mean to.."
Min Sun cut Seung Ri's speech,
"Gwenchana." She took the new fork from the waiter and gave him her best smile, then she continued eating.
Seung Ri tried not to talk about Jong Hyun again, but then Min Sun said,
"Seung Ri.. No, I'm not jealous."
Seung Ri looked at Min Sun, Min Sun bent her head down, concentrating on her food. Her eyes were red and it seems like she's trying badly to hold her tears or maybe she was still sleepy coz Seung Ri woke her up. She was trying to cut her food, but she can't. She mouthed the word "sh*t", and she put her knife and fork down.
Seung Ri was sure that Min Sun didn't mean to say that she wasn't jealous. Her attitudes were absolutely showing an expression of a pissed off girl.
"Want me to cut it for you?" he asked.
Seung Ri then stretched his hands over to Min Sun's plate, and carefully cut her steak into small pieces, making it easy for her to chew.
"Gomawo~" said Min Sun, still trying to hide her eyes and giving a smile.
Seung Ri can't stand looking at Min Sun being sad. He took a piece of Min Sun's steak, and head it near her mouth.
"Come on enjoy the food, cheer up~! Say 'aaaa~' !"
Min Sun lift her head, her eyes were still wet and red, but then she made a sweet smile from her heart, and opened her mouth.
She chewed down her food while giving a smile that was almost about to evolve as a laugh.
"Seung Ri, gomapseumnida~" she swallowed her food and smiled to Seung Ri,
Seung Ri felt relieved seeing Min Sun was able to smile again,
then they both had a great time chatting about everything, besides photoshoots.


"Min Sun are you sleeping again?" asked Seung Ri,
Min Sun lift her head from leaning on the window,
"Huh~ ? No i was just adoring the view outside, hehe"
Seung Ri smiled, "You're almost home."
Seung Ri turned his car in a few more blocks, then they both arrived at the Kim's residence.
When the car stopped, both of them didn't move. Until Min Sun said something..
"I think Jong Hyun is gonna nag at me.. for being home so late."
Seung Ri looked at her,
"But you already contact Mrs. Kim, right? As long as you have her permission, there is no way he can nag at you."
Min Sun lift her head and looked at Seung Ri.
Seung Ri then get out and opened the door for Min Sun again, Min Sun came out holding her bag.
"How am I ever gonna thank you more?" she asked.

Seung Ri just smiled. He lift his hands and pat on Min Sun's head, then he bent down a bit so that his face were the same tall as Min Sun's,
It's weird, Min Sun didn't feel embarassed or anything. She didn't even blush,
then Seung Ri said,
"Don't show me your red eyes and sad expressions in front of me, ever again."
Min Sun smiled, "Only that?"
Seung Ri laughed and pat Min Sun's head again.

they both didn't know that someone was spying on them.. a few meters from Seung Ri's car.

To be continued...

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

A Future Story part 24

"Otoghe~? do you think she heard us talking about her?" whispered Key to Jong Hyun.
Jong Hyun didn't say a word.

Min Sun smiled and said, "Ha Neul is still in the fountain with Taemin. Ye Seul, Onew, and Minho said that they will go to the fountain too. Let's catch up ^^"
Jong Hyun stared at Min Sun, as well as Key
"What are you guys looking at? Which one of you will lead the way?"
then Key spoke up, "Oh.. I will",
before he catch up to Min Sun, he whispered again to Jong Hyun
"Psst.. try talking to her while i lead the way~", then he winked.
Jong Hyun just raised his thumbs up, then Min Sun came near him and walked along with him.

"Looks like you two had something interesting to talk.. may i know?" she asked,
Jong Hyun was kinda confused of what to say, then he said..
"Oh, typical. Guys' problems ^^"
Min Sun just made an "Oh" mouth. Then they walked in silence.
Key who was in the front and didn't heard anything, looked back and saw Jong Hyun and Min Sun kept silent. Key then gave a code to Jong Hyun to speak up, Jong Hyun just looked at Key, not knowing what to say.
"Minnie.." he finally spoke,
Then he went blank again. Min Sun waited for Jong Hyun to speak,
"Do you want to.. uh.. come and see my photoshoot next Tuesday?"

Key just chuckled and said to himself, "Pfft.. that overconfident guy.."

Min Sun didn't know what to say, she needs to work at Starbucks every Tuesdays and Thursdays..
"Tuesday? uhmm *cough cough*" she looked at Key, Key kept walking and didn't give a damn,
"Ne, will you?" asked Jong Hyun again.
"I'll figure it out on that day ^^" said Min Sun,
"wha.. oh.. Tuesday is your Starbucks hang out day.."
Min Sun smiled and felt relieved that she can hide her job from Jong Hyun until that time.
the three of them walked for another minute and then they found themselves in the middle of the fountain,
"Where are they?" asked Min Sun,
she took out her handphone from her bag and started to dial Ha Neul,
before she could even put her phone near her ears, suddenly Ha Neul, Ye Seul, Taemin, Minho and Onew all came out from the bushes and started to spray water to Min Sun, Key and Jong Hyun using water guns,
"ATTAAAAAAAAACK~ !!!" shouted Taemin and Onew,

Min Sun shrieked and quickly put her handphone in her bag again,
Key shouted, "YA~ !" and sprayed water back to his besties using the water that was coming out from the fountain,
Jong Hyun was pissed off in the beginning, but then Taemin sprayed water directly to his face, and he couldn't help but laugh seeing the little magnae having fun, so he joined them,
Ha Neul was busy chasing Taemin and Jong Hyun, while Ye Seul is having a water fight with Onew and Key, Minho who was just holding his water gun looked at Min Sun who was busy cleaning herself, and her bag.
Minho walked up to her and gave the gun to Min Sun,
"Want to try?" he asked in a really deep voice,
Min Sun just smiled and took the gun from Minho, but she was confused how to hold the gun since she had her bag in her hands,
Minho then strecthed his hands, "Lend it to me, I'll hold it for you."
Min Sun then looked at him, "Aigoo~ you're such a nice guy, hahaha"
Minho just smiled and held Min Sun's bag, he walked away from the fountain and sit on the bench around there, watching his friends play.
Min Sun ran to the crowd and started to spray her friends furiously,
"This is for making my handphone wet !" she sprayed Taemin and Onew,
"This is for making my bag wet !" she sprayed Ha Neul and Ye Seul,
they all were trying to spray Min Sun back but suddenly Jong Hyun came towards her and stood in front of her, covering her from the water,

"And this is for suprising the sh*t out of me !" he took Min Sun's water gun and sprayed all of them, Key just laughed and looked at Jong Hyun being wild,
while Min Sun just shook her head while smiling behind Jong Hyun's back.


"Aaah too bad we're going home, today was really fun~ !" said Taemin,
the others just smiled and agreed with him,
"Ye Seul, are you going home with us again?" asked Onew, he was the one who drives the car when they came to the park. Minho and Key was with him too.
"Hmm okay ^^" answered Ye Seul,
"Noona, let's take the bus on the way home ^^" said Taemin to Ha Neul,
Ha Neul just nod and smiled, again, tried to hide her blush.
"Okaaay seems like I'm stuck with this huge white bike again, bye everyone ! Gomawoo~ it was such a fun day !!" said Min Sun,
then they all said goodbye, Taemin and Ha Neul were the first to leave,
Minho, Onew and Key were the second, Key whispered to Min Sun before he left,
"Don't forget your shift every Tues and Thurs !"
Min Sun raised her thumbs up, then she waved to them all,
then she turned back to Jong Hyun who was preparing his bike,
"I wonder where did they get those water guns?" asked Min Sun.
Jong Hyun just smirked and said, "Typical, it must be Taemin who sneaked in those guns into Onew's car.."
Min Sun laughed, "Really? How cute hahaha~ he's the same age as me but it's like he's my little brother, hahaha~"
Jong Hyun packed his stuff into the bike's luggage,
"Is your handphone okay?" he asked,
Min Sun then checked her handphone, it was off.
"I don't know. I think Minho shut it off when he held my bag.."
"He held your bag?" asked Jong Hyun,
"Yeah, he lend me his water gun and offered to hold my bag. What a nice guy. Hahaha~"
Jong Hyun then hopped onto his bike, he told Min Sun to hop on too.

Minho held Min Sun's bag? Even me who stays at the same house with Min Sun doesn't get a chance of holding or even seeing what's inside her bag. T_T


"Here's your brewed coffee, Sir. Enjoy ^^"
Min Sun served the man with a bright smile. She still had a good mood since she got home from the picnic at Seoul Forest Park with her friends.
then she suddenly felt something vibrating in her pocket. Her handphone.
Lucky her beloved handphone can still operate after being wet,

"Gomsehyeo~?" she picked up the call,
"Min Sun~ !", she heard a voice which she already know,
"Seung Ri ! i forgot to call you last weekend, what's the important thing that you wanted to tell me?"
"Oh it's okay, I'm sitting at Starbucks now, outdoors. Won't you serve me something?"

Min Sun smiled and shut her phone, she went outdoors and searched through the seats. Then she caught a hand waving to her, she walked towards it.
"Is there anything i can get you, Sir?" asked Min Sun, pulling the little notebook from her waist apron pocket.
Seung Ri just laughed and said, "i think I'm still too young to be called 'Sir', hahaha"
Min Sun smiled and she kept helding her notebook.
"Give me my favorite drink. You know it right?" he asked.
Min Sun was thinking hard. then she finally answered, "No."
she made a smile and scratched her head..
Seung Ri smiled back at pointed at a picture of a beverage in the menu,
"Oh~ that one" said Min Sun, checking her pen on the little notebook,
"Make sure you take a note and..." Seung Ri hung up his speech when Min Sun started to cut it,
"I will, Sir. Excuse me~", she smiled and bowed, and walked away from Seung Ri's seat.
Seung Ri just smiled and watch Min Sun walk away.

a few minutes later, Min Sun came back carrying her tray and Seung Ri's drink on it,
when she arrived at his table, she was surprised to see the two people who are sitting beside Seung Ri,
"Min Sun~, we've got company ^^"

To be continued...

Sunday, 21 June 2009

A Future Story part 23

Min Sun walked slowly on the path between tall green trees, the air was so clear and fresh, it makes Min Sun feels in peace,
Min Sun closed her eyes and took a deep breath,
Jong Hyun who was walking behind her then ran quietly until he catched up Min Sun and was already in front of her,
he smiled and then put his face in front of Min Sun's face, the distance was like 10 to 15 centimeters,
Min Sun felt something tickling her nose, then she stopped her steps,
Jong Hyun stopped his steps too and wondered why is Min Sun stopping,
he kept his face close to Min Sun's, when suddenly...


Min Sun sneezed.
Jong Hyun closed his eyes, he was unpredictably shocked.
Min Sun then opened her eyes and freaked out when she saw Jong Hyun's face so close to her,
"AAAAAIISSSSH shit ! what the hell are you doing?!"
Jong Hyun then pulled away his face and wiped it,
"Lucky you sneezed.. if you don't i would absolutely..."
Jong Hyun hung up his speech when he saw Min Sun's hands was in front of his eyes, ready to punch him,
"If you say one more word.." said Min Sun,
Jong Hyun then raised his hands and made a peace sign,
"aigoo~ okay okay, peace.." he then continued to wipe his face,
Min Sun then drew a small smile on her face,
"Did you really, i mean, i sneezed at your face, just then?" she asked,
Jong Hyun made a cute sad puppy face, still wiping his face,
"Pfffft.. hahahahahahahaha oh,, hahaha aigoo~ mian mian, haha mianhae, hahahaha!"
Min Sun burst out laughing while trying to apologize, instead of apologizing, she laughed too hard until she had to squat to the ground,
Jong Hyun just looked at her laughing, then he laughed too looking at Min Sun,
"Do you really have to squat like that? hahaha"
Min Sun really can't stand it, she was still laughing, then she pushed herself to the ground, she had herself surrounded by carpet-like grasses,
Jong Hyun then sat beside her.
Not long after he sat, Min Sun managed to control her laugh, then she felt tired.
"Wow, the grass is so smooth.. more smoother than our carpet at home. Hahaha"
Jong Hyun looked at the grass, he then laid back down and had himself laying beside Min Sun,
"Hey.. you're right.." he said.
Min Sun then moved her hands and feet, she moved her hands up and down and moved her feet left to right, Jong Hyun was confused, then he asked..
"What are you doing?"
"Hehe, making a snow.. no.. grass angel ! ^^" Min Sun smiled happily and continued moving,
Jong Hyun laughed, then he pushed Min Sun's head a bit,

"Babo !" he said,
Min Sun just laughed and then she stopped making the grass angel..


"Minho ! come over here~ !"
Onew called his dongsaeng, then Minho walked towards Onew and Ye Seul,
"Look at that cute little squirrel~" said Ye Seul, almost whispering..
Minho looked beyond the bushes, then he saw a cute little squirrel near the tree,
"Want me to get it for you?" asked Minho to Ye Seul,
"Ah? what? well, i wanna touch it ^^" she answered,
"Hey hey let me try too ^^" said Onew..
Ye Seul then started to feel confused, is it herself or these two boys are really competiting on her? then she said,
"Oh i have a great idea~ ! How about you two guys compete, the one who get's the squirrel first, he wins !"
Onew asked, "what's the reward that we will get?"
"who says that you will get a reward? i just said that you win.." said Ye Seul
"But every competition has a reward, Ye Seul!" begged Onew.
"Okay okay, you guys will get a reward, but the reward will be revealed after we found out who's the winner, deal?"
Onew and Minho nod their head,
"Okay, one, two, three.. go!" counted Ye Seul,
then the two guys sneaked up quietly towards the squirrel, Ye Seul just can't stop smiling looking at them..


Ha Neul looked at the cute boy running in circles in front of her,
Taemin was walking so fast, he was so excited that he forgot that Ha Neul was behind him,
then he stopped and thought for a second, then he turned his back
Ha Neul who was looking at him then gasped and mis-acted,
"aigoo~ noona! i almost forgot that you were with me! haha, come on we're getting near to the fountain ^^"
Taemin pulled Ha Neul's hand and dragged her to walk faster. Ha Neul just kept quiet and smiled..

"Ah ! there it is ^^" said Taemin,
Ha Neul looked ahead and saw a wide flat ceramic-ed floor, there was no sign of flowing water in a fountain just like Ha Neul expected,
"Where's the fountain?" asked Ha Neul,
Taemin looked at her and just smiled, then he continued dragging her to the center of the wide ceramic-ed floor..
"Noona have to wait for a while.." he said,
Ha Neul became confused.. "Wait?"
they stood at the center for about 6 seconds, then Ha Neul said
"Taemin, are you sure the fountain is.. aaaaaakh~ !"
Ha Neul suddenly shrieked when she got wet because of the water that came out from a few holes in the floor,
the wide floor was obviously a hidden fountain, it's sort of like a time fountain, you should wait for a couple of seconds, then the water will come out and squirt you from it's hidden holes..
Taemin just laughed and sprayed more water to Ha Neul,
Ha Neul wasn't in the mood to play, but seeing Taemin acting cute moved her..
so she chased Taemin all around the hidden fountain, and started spraying him back.


Key walked along the path under the green trees, the path that Min Sun and Jong Hyun had just walked by..
"I wonder where they both are.." he said to himself.
Key searched for his handphone in his pocket, then he dialled Min Sun's number..

"nan neoreul saranghae~ LET'S GO !"
Min Sun's handphone played the song 'Sunset Glow' by Big Bang,
she sat up from the ground and picked up her phone,
"Yes Key?.. Oh you're done?.. okay... yeah come catch us... we're in the... the..."
Min Sun talked to Key on the phone when suddenly the phone just hang up,
" ?? Key? Key.. annyeong?" Min Sun tried to talk to Key,
"Yeah, annyeong?"
Key suddenly popped out behind Min Sun,
"aish ! you scared me.." she said.
Key laughed a little, then he saw Jong Hyun laying down beside Min Sun, he wasn't moving.
then Key looked at Min Sun, "Sleeping?" asked Key while pointing to Jong Hyun,
Min Sun smiled and nod her head,
"aigoo~" said Key, while letting himself slide down and sit on Min Sun's right.

"Key.." said Min Sun,
"Is Jong Hyun always stubborn since he made friends with you guys?"
Jong Hyun who was sleeping (or pretending to sleep) then opened his eyes, he looked up at Min Sun and then he closed his eyes again, he tried to listen hard to Min Sun's speech with Key.
Key smiled knowing that Min Sun seems like she wanst to get to know Jong Hyun more further.
"Well, he actually acts like the appa of our group.." said Key,
"Yea, and I'm the umma.. hahaha"
"Because you love to cook and nag a lot?" teased Min Sun
they both laughed, Jong Hyun rolled his eyes, still in a sleeping position..
"But you should know something, Min Sun.." said Key.
Jong Hyun concentrated to listen again,
"What?" asked Min Sun,
"He often acts like a good boy if he wants something.."
"You mean.. like.. being cute? or.." Min Sun tried to guess,
"Yep ! Listen, he once... uughhfff !"
Min Sun shrieked, she was so shocked that Jong Hyun suddenly woke up and covered Key's mouth, Jong Hyun was on Min Sun's left so he had to jump over Min Sun's feet to get over to Key's side.
Min Sun had her eyes wide open, and she stared to Jong Hyun who was looking into Key's eyes, their eyes were talking like :

JH : don't tell anything bad about me to her ! or else..
Key : OK OK, MIAN ! get off of me i can't breathe !

Jong Hyun then let go of Key, Key then took a deep breath,
Min Sun spoke up, "Damn~ ! You did that again."
"Did what? oh the heart fall thing," said Jong Hyun,
"Heart.. fall?" asked Key,
"anyeo! nothing.." said Min Sun..
Key just made a smirk. "Hey bro i thought you were sleeping?"
Jong Hyun then startled and looked at Min Sun,
"I was.." he said in a plain voice.
"then why did you jump over me and did that to Key when he was trying to say something?" asked Min Sun.
before Jong Hyun could answer, Min Sun's phone rang again.
this time it was Seung Ri calling,
Min Sun looked at Jong Hyun and Key, then she said "mian~"
and she stood up and took a few steps away from the two boys,

"Min Sun !"
"Yes, Seung Ri.. anything?"
"There's something i need to tell you! It's so important, i have to meet you as soon as possible" said Seung Ri.
"What? Whoa, relax.. I can't meet you now, I'm in the middle of a.. a picnic ! With my friends.."
"Oh okay, jebal, call me when you have free time, arasseo?"
"I will."
"Ok then, gamsahamnida, Min Sun !"

While she was talking on the phone, Key and Jong Hyun had a small and quiet conversation.

Key : how could you sleep when you had such a great time to get close to her? ugh~ ! you..
JH : i can't do anything, Key ! i must respect her religion !
Key : what? aissh~ i forgot she's a... what do you call it?
JH : Moslem?
Key : yeah that.. she explained things to you about it?
JH : Yep, she said she is not allowed to touch guys who are not her muhrim,
Key : what's that?
JH : muhrim is like a guy that has blood relations to her, like a family member, and "not muhrim" is like guys who aren't her family member. Like you, me and other guys.
Key : oooooooh~ aigoo, they have that rule? what else did she taught to you?
JH : she said Islam doesn't allow dates, and going steady.
Key : WHAT ?!
JH : Ssssht~ !

Min Sun then shut her phone and turned around and found Jong Hyun putting his finger in front of his hands, making a "ssssht~" sign.
"Wow, is there anything that i miss?" asked Min Sun,
"No, it's just that he is teaching me something.." answered Key,
Min Sun asked, "Something?"
"No never mind. Haha, let's go find the others, it's getting late." said Jong Hyun

then the three of them all stood up and walked away from the green soft grass that they had lay on.
Min Sun walked in front of them, and she was texting on her mobile phone while Key and Jong Hyun continued their conversation..

Key : Too bad ! All those rules seems like making her in jail. She's so pretty.
JH : yeah i know.. wait, what? pretty? are you adoring her?
Key : *raised his hands* aissh, no ! I'm just telling the truth. Then how are you supposed to get close to her if there are rules that you must obey?
JH : I don't know either (-_____-')
Key : maybe like.. marry her?
JH : WHAT? *now it's Jong Hyun's turn to freak out*

suddenly Min Sun stopped walking in front of them, and turned around to see the two guys..
"Uh-oh.." said Key and Jong Hyun.

To be continued...

Friday, 19 June 2009

A Future Story part 22

Min Sun chugged down the drink that Jong Hyun has prepared for her,
Jong Hyun just looked at her while she was drinking, she felt uncomfy and then she choked,
"Aigoo~ Minnie.." Jong Hyun reached out for a tissue and wiped her cheeks and chin without asking to, but he did it softly..
Min Sun's heart skipped a beat,

DANG~ why am I feeling something frenzy?

"Uh.. Jong Hyun," said Min Sun,
"Yes?" he stopped and looked at Min Sun, still with a cute face,
Min Sun was kinda embarassed being stared like that,
then she touched Jong Hyun's forehead, now it's Jong Hyun's turn to skip a beat from his heart,
"Hmm.." Min Sun mumbled.. "You're not sick.."
Jong Hyun tried his best not to blush in front of Min Sun, then he felt a little confused,
"What do you mean?" he asked.
Min Sun raised three fingers in front of his eyes,
"How much is this?"
Jong Hyun raised his eyebrows, and answered "Three?"
Min Sun continued to think.. Jong Hyun felt more confused,
then she clapped her hands once, it made Jong Hyun shocked and move a step behind,

"Ah~ i know.. what do you want from me? come on speak up!" said Min Sun,
Jong Hyun made a frown on his face, "Minnie, what are you talking about?"
Min Sun smirked, then she said,
"You are acting unreasonably cute, you didn't get angry to me even you know i was out with Seung Ri. You prepared my favorite drink even it's none of a special day today. what do you want? there must be something that you want so you're acting as cute as possible to get it."
Jong Hyun made an "oh" face, then he laughed,
"You're saying i'm making a cute face? cute? really?"
Min Sun made a wrinkle on her forehead,
"Jong Hyun !" Min Sun didn't know what to say next.. she just hide her embarassment for saying 'cute' to Jong Hyun. she didn't mean to flirt, she was just telling the truth,
Jong Hyun knew that Min Sun was mis-acting, so he then spoke up to clear everything..
"Well, actually i do want something to be fullfilled.."
Min Sun looked at Jong Hyun again after she drank her water again,
Jong Hyun continued speaking, "I want you to come with me tomorrow, to.."
"Where?" Min Sun cut Jong Hyun's speech.
"whoa, chillax girl. To.. uhm.. i want you to come with me to.." Jong Hyun actually didn't know where he wanted to take Min Sun, he just popped the 'proposal' spontaneously.
"Hahahahahah~" Min Sun burst out laughing, "You don't even know where you're going tomorrow, hahahaha~"
Jong Hyun felt ashamed and he scratched his head,
"Ah~ i know.. Gyeongbok Palace ! You've never been there, have you?"
Min Sun startled and looked at him. She suddenly remembered of Seung Ri and her fun moments with him at Gyeongbok, and the painting..

should i tell him? No.. he doesn't have to know. Wait.. why he can't know about it? it's no big deal for him.. right? or will he.. argh~ what am I thinking about??

"Minnie let's go there tomorrow ^^" Jong Hyun jumped a bit like a little boy asking to his mother.
Min Sun can't bear to tell Jong Hyun the fact that she just visited Gyeongbok that day with Seung Ri..
"Does it has to be Gyeongbok? why not the.. the.. Seoul forest park?" Min Sun offered another alternative destination,
"Ah~ okay.. if that's what you want. Then Seoul forest park it is ^^" Jong Hyun kept giving his best smile.
Min Sun was still confused about Jong Hyun's attitude changing, then she said
"Okay, haha. I'm gonna.. go to my room, kinda tired.. Bye Jong Hyun."
Jong Hyun nod and waved to Min Sun, Min Sun then walked to her room and closed the door,
when Jong Hyun was sure Min Sun was already inside, he jumped high and said
"Yes ! Yeah ! Whooow, Ye Seul was right. If you want someone to be nice to you, then you should be nice. My version of being nice is.. acting cute ! haha, she called me cute !"
Jong Hyun smiled and kinda shook his head cox of his hyper reactions, he scratched his head and went to his room.


Min Sun was raiding the fridge, she was looking if they still had leftovers to eat. She then grabbed a container of cold fried chicken, and a bottle of orange juice,
when she turned her back she was extremely surprised to find Jong Hyun right in front of her face,
"Good morning, Minnie!"
she gasped and dropped the juice bottle, luckily Jong Hyun was quick enough to snatch it back and gave it to her again,
"Why do you always make my heart fall off its place?" Min Sun grabbed the bottle back, then she walked to the counter and sat on the bar chair, Jong Hyun sat beside her,
"Do you mean your heart is falling for me?" asked Jong Hyun, he made a temptating smile,
"AISSH~" Min Sun was kinda annoyed with all the 'such sweet' things that Jong Hyun said to her since yesterday,
Jong Hyun laughed out loud, then he said, "Haha, yea yea i know what you mean, hahahahah"
Min Sun just opened the container and juice bottle,
"Want me to warm that up for you?" asked Jong Hyun,
Min Sun nod and pushed the container towards Jong Hyun, he then picked it up and took it to the microwave,
"What time are we going to go?" asked Jong Hyun, while pressing the buttons on the microwave,
"What? where?" Min Sun forgot,
"Seoul forest Park.."
"Ah, aigoo.. i forgot."
"Oh i chatted with Minho last night, he said he wants to join us to go to Seoul park. He even wanted to bring Ye Seul, Ha Neul, Onew, Taemin and Key with him." said Jong Hyun,

Ye Seul? Ha Neul? Oh thank God, then i wouldn't have to be alone with this guy again..

"Really?" asked Min Sun, her face suddenly became bright, "Wow that's gonna be fun! Ye Seul, Ha Neul.. aaaish~ i wanna prepare stuff in my room. Jong Hyun ! call me when the chicken is done!"
Min Sun rushed to her room and prepared her things, it was already 9am and she wanted to get going fast,
Jong Hyun just stared at her and smiled, not long after she rushed away, the microwave made a "TING" sound, then Jong Hyun took out the food,
"Minnie ! it's done," he said, Jong Hyun put the food on the table,
Min Sun came out rushing again and she looked at the food that Jong Hyun just heated.
"How about we go out now and bring the food with us?" asked Min Sun, she felt excited to meet her besties again,
"Oh. okay~" Jong Hyun obeyed what Min Sun said, he packed the food and even looked for more inside the fridge,
Min Sun grabbed her handphone and dialled Ha Neul and Ye Seul, she told them to get ready for a picnik at Seoul park, the two girls freaked out knowing that the 5 flower boys (?) are coming with them.
then Min Sun went back to her room, change her clothes and grabbed her handbag,
when she went out, she found Jong Hyun ready to go, he put the food inside the bike's luggage,

"Wait.." said Min Sun, "we haven't tell auntie, uncle and Lee Jae that we are going out.."
"I've already told them, come on hop on~" said Jong Hyun,
Min Sun nod and then she hopped on Jong Hyun's big white bike, Jong Hyun gave her a helmet,
"Ready?" he asked,
"Yeaah~" said Min Sun in a happy voice..


Min Sun hopped off the white bike, and she helped Jong Hyun to get out their things from the luggage, then the both walk to the place where they made an appointment with the others,
Min Sun walked slowly through the pathway, she looked around adoring the beauty scenery surrounding her,
while Jong Hyun is having a hard time bringing heavy stuffs behind her..

then Min Sun spotted her two besties waving at her with 4 other guys behind them,
Min Sun then ran towards them leaving Jong Hyun behind, Jong Hyun just smiled and shook his head while continuing carrying the heavy things,
fortunately Ha Neul, Ye Seul and Key bought other kinds of food, Key even cooked it himself,
"Psst Min Sun, thanks for inviting us here, yeaa i can meet Taemin again ^^" Ha Neul whispered to Min Sun, Min Sun smiled and held her thumbs up,
meanwhile, Ye Seul sneaked up to Jong Hyun and asked,
"Have you done it?"
"What, being nice? Hahah of course," Jong Hyun then acted cool,
"Then help me out here.." said Ye Seul,
"What? ah yea Onew, haha"
"Ssssht !" Ye Seul shush-ed Jong Hyun, in fact it made all the others looked at her,

"Is their anything.. wrong, Ye Seul?" asked Onew,
"Ah, uh.. no no haha~ come on let's start the picnic !" she answered,
then they all unpacked their belongings,
Key opened a big container that has a bunch of sandwiches inside, enough for eight people,
Ye Seul dragged her cooler near to them all, she bought a few cans of soda,
while Ha Neul opens her homemade cheese fondue, when Taemin saw she bought cheese fondue, he instantly shouted,
"Noona ! You made cheese fondue?!"
Ha Neul looked at Taemin who was smiling so cute, she blushed a bit then turned her face to hide it, "Ah.. yea, my room mate helped me a bit.."
"whoaa~ I'm feeling hungry now, let's eat Ha Neul noona's fondue first !" said Taemin,
the other guys just laughed looking at their magnae acting cute as always,
they all started to have lunch and they tried all the food that they bought with them..


"Whoaaa~ I'm so full. Ha Neul noona's fondue is so yummy even though i can't eat anymore i keep wanting it!" said Taemin,
"Aigoo~ Taemin you're saying too much." Ha Neul blushed,
The others just smile looking at Ha Neul and Taemin,
then Ye Seul said, "Shouldn't we go for a walk?"
Onew answered her, "Yeah, actually there's a place that is so pretty, want me to take you there?"
Min Sun and Ha Neul shouted "Cieeeeeeeeee !!"
the 5 guys looked at the two girls,
"What does that supposed to mean?" asked Jong Hyun,
"Aigoo, it's just a.. ummmphhhff" Min Sun was trying to answer but Ye Seul suddenly popped out from her back and close Min Sun's mouth with her hands,
the 5 guys felt awkward but they laughed, then Minho finally spoke up,
"Onew hyung, can i come with you two?"
Ye Seul looked at Minho, then she looked at Min Sun and Ha Neul and whispered, "Uh-oh.."
then Onew answered, "Of course.."
"Damn~" whispered Ye Seul to the two girls, the two girls just laughed a bit,
then Onew helped Ye Seul to stand up, then he, Ye Seul and Minho walked away..
"Bai baaai~ sayonaraaa" said Key in a cute way,
then Taemin spoke up too,
"Ha Neul noona, do you want to play at the fountain? it's really fun you know ^^"
Ha Neul startled, "Ha? Uh.. fountain? now?"
Taemin nod and he stood up, he strecthed his hands towards Ha Neul, helping her to stand up,
Ha Neul looked at Min Sun, Min Sun smiled and winked sweetly,
then Ha Neul grabbed Taemin's hands, and Taemin ran to the fountain with Ha Neul behind him, still holding her hands.
Min Sun was too happy, she was so thrilled to see both her friends having fun with their 'guys', if only Seung Ri was with her..

"Minnie, where do you want to go?" asked Jong Hyun,
Min Sun who was daydreaming then startled and looked at him,
"Where do you want to go?" he asked again,
"I don't know, I've never been here before.." she finally answered.
then Key joined their conversation, "Why don't you two go for a walk under the trees? I'll catch up when I finish doing these.." Key was busy getting tidy of the containers,
"Ah, it's better that i help you, Key.." said Min Sun,
"No no it's okay, just enjoy the view ^^ I'll make sure I'll catch up with you two.."
Min Sun made a thinking face, Key winked to Jong Hyun, and Jong Hyun mouthed the word "gomawo~" to Key.

"You sure you'll be okay alone?" asked Min Sun, like a worried mother to her son,
"Nah, I'm fine.." Key smiled,
Min Sun smiled back. Then Jong Hyun stood up, he strecthed his hands too to Min Sun, hoping that she will hold it,
but Min Sun looked at Jong Hyun's hand, then she looked at Jong Hyun
Jong Hyun then realized something then he chuckled,
"aish~ Mianhae, haha. We're not allowed right? I know, I know.."
Min Sun just bent her head down and smiled, then she stood up and said to Key,
"If you can't find us, just call me, okay Key?"
Key held his thumbs up then waved at them,
Jong Hyun and Min Sun then walked away and left Key behind.

"Aigoo~, Jong Hyun really has to learn much about this girl", he said to himself.

To be continued...

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

A Future Story part 21

"It's Jong Hyun"
Seung Ri didn't say anything for a while, then he said
"Pick it up, of course he has something to say to you.."
Min Sun stared at her handphone, she let it keep ringing,
"anyeo~" then she rejected the phone,
Seung Ri was shocked that Min Sun had the guts to reject Jong Hyun's call,
"Why did you reject it?" asked Seung Ri.
"I'm hungry, aren't we going off for lunch?"
Seung Ri then miled, he felt relieved that Min Sun made him as number one for the day, usually Jong Hyun always interrupt whenever Min Sun is with Seung Ri.

Seung Ri took Min Sun to his favorite Resto in Seoul,
Min Sun can't remember the name, the hangul was too complicated she can't even read it,
she ordered what Seung Ri ordered, and they had a great lunch, until Min Sun's handphone rang again, this time, it was an sms not a phone call..
Min Sun opened the slide of her handphone and she read the text that Jong Hyun gave to her,

Where are you? why did you reject my call? who's with you now?

Grrh please, Jong Hyun is like talking to his daughter, he sounds like a worried father, or a furious one?

"Is it Jong Hyun again?" asked Seung Ri,
Min Sun nod, but she looked at her handphone and replied Jong Hyun's sms,

I'm having lunch, i rejected it coz you were calling when i was in the bathroom, I'm with Seung Ri. Oh Jong Hyun, jebal.. don't ask why i'm with him. focus on your photoshoot, hm? fighting !! ^^

meanwhile, Jong Hyun received Min Sun's reply, he was about to go angry and call Min Sun again, but he read the "jebal.." text, so he cancelled his calling.

Min Sun apologized to Seung Ri for her handphone distraction, then they continued to eat lunch,
when they were done, Seung Ri was about to pay the bill, but Min Sun added some money for her own lunch, Seung Ri just smiled. so they both pay for themselves.
they exit the resto and fund themselves in the middle of a crowd, Seng Ri wasn't wearing anything covering his face, so fangirls started to get close and took a picture of him,
one girl even asked Min Sun to tke a picture of that girl with Seung Ri,
Min Sun didn't get angry, in fact, she was so happy seeing Seung Ri crowded by many people, even little girls,
Min Sun took a picture of them one by one, then when it gets to the 7th picture that Min Sun was snapping, right after the flash, Seung Ri grabbed the digicam that Min Sun was holding and gave it to the owner, he bowed and said thankyou, he also apologized that he really has to go,
Min Sun was confused, she just smiled to all the people and looked at Seung Ri,
Seung Ri looked back and mouthed "Let's go~" and he winked,
he grabbed Min Sun's arm and ran away from the crowd,
the crowd were shocked because Min Sun was dragged away from them, some even shouted and tried to follow, but Seung Ri dragged Min Sun so fast, he even covered Min Sun's face so that the fans wouldn't recognize her, and when they arrived at the parking lot where Seung Ri parked his car, Min Sun was panting and took several deep breaths,
"Min Sun, mianhae~ you're okay right?" asked Seung Ri,
"anyeo~ i'm fine, haha. just.. need.. to get more.. oxygen," said Min Sun, still panting,
Seung Ri opened his car and get the cooler at the backseat, inside the cooler there were several cans of drinks, soda and all, surrounded by blue ice,
Min Sun was amazed with Seung Ri's cooler, "damn~ you bring those with you everyday?"
Seung Ri smiled and get a can of oxygen water, he rubbed the can, opened it and gave it to Min Sun, "here, drink it.."
Min Sun took the can, it was so cold, she took a sip of the drink, then she made a weird expression,

"Oh, mianhae, you don't stand cold?" asked Seung Ri, he took a can of soda for himself,
"anyeo, it's just that.. it taste like pocari sweat, so sour.." said Min Sun,
"Oh. it's okay if you don't want to finish it."
Min Sun thought that the drink was good somehow. maybe coz it was given by Seung Ri, she smiled to him and finished her drink, she forced herself. luckily she was okay and didn't throw up,
Seung Ri laughed when he saw Min Sun drinking, she spilled the drink a bit to her cheeks,
Seung Ri took a small towel from his car, first he was about to clean Min Sun's cheeks, but then he just called Min Sun,
"Yo Min Sun, here~ *throw the towel to Min Sun*, you got something there" he pointed to Min Sun's cheeks,
"Haha~ gomawo." Min Sun wiped her cheeks.


Jong Hyun was staring to himself in the mirror, his photoshoot isn't done yet, he still has to do 3 more clothes shoots, then he can go home.

dang~ Minnie said she is too lazy to go out when i asked her to come with me. Why is she out now? and with Seung Ri?? grrh~ that guy !!

Jong Hyun gave a bang with his hand on the dressing table in front of him,
Minho, who was being make up-ed by Ye Seul (she can be a make up artist too) was sitting beside Jong Hyun,
"Hyung~ are you okay?"
"Yeah, Jong Hyun what's wrong?" Ye Seul asked too.
Jong Hyun just looked at both of them with empty eyes, then he said
"No, never mind."
Ye Seul finished with Minho, she then moved to Jong Hyun's table,
"Ok, it's your turn. Close your eyes."
she was about to apply some make up on Jong Hyun, then Jong Hyun asked
"Ye Seul, can i ask something?"
"Yeah as long as you don't move too much. If you do, you'll ruin the make up."
Jong Hyun kept silent for a while, like thinking, then he asked
"Since when did Minnie started to like Seung Ri?"
Ye Seul was confused why did Jong Hyun popped out that question,
but she continued applying make up and answered,
"Since she attended her first year in high school"
Jong Hyun made an "oh" mouth,
"Do you know much about her?"
"Of course, she is my bestie," Ye Seul draw Jong Hyun's eyebrows with a black brow pencil,
"Can you tell me much about her?" he asked.
Ye Seul stopped, then she looked at Jong Hyun and her eyes gave a teasing look to him,
"Why are you looking to me like that?" Jong Hyun was confused,
Ye Seul said, "You like her, don't you?"

"What?" Jong Hyun was speechless,
"Listen, from your attitude, i can see that you are totally in to her. First, you have a special name of her for your own, you call her Minnie. Second, you always contact her whenever she is not wit you. There are two kinds of persons that do those things : one, that person is a worrying father that loves his daughter so much. two, that person is someone in love with a girl so much so that he tend to be posessive and needs to know what the girl does, blablabla. And seeing this condition, I'll conclude that you are person number two."
Jong Hyun's mouth were open, he was amazed by Ye Seul's theory.
then he spoke again, "You haven't answered my question."
"which one? oh the 'can you tell me more about her' question? Okay, i'll tell you about her, only if you do me a favor~"
"what now?" asked Jong Hyun,
"Since when are you best friends with Jinki?"
"Jinki? ah~ Onew.. him, me, Minho, Taemin and Key are best friends since we are in highschool"
"Onew?" asked Ye Seul,
"Yeah that's his famous name, we usually call him with that name."
"Oh, how cute.."
"Why are you asking? oh oh i know, don't tell me you want to get to know him better?"
Ye Seul didn't know what to do,
"Ssssssssht~ !" she looked around and found an empty chair, seems like Minho has gone away since they started their conversation,
"Isn't this quite fair? I tell you about my bestie, you tell me about your bestie. Deal?"
Ye Seul strecthed her hand towards Jong Hyun.
Jong Hyun made a thinking face for a while and then he accepted Ye Seul's hand, they both shake hands.
"Deal. Now tell me~ why did Minnie became a fan of Seung Ri?"


Seung Ri got off his car, he walked to Min Sun's door and opened it for her, Min Sun came out and asked,
"You sure you don't want to come in?"
Seung Ri smiled,
"No, thanks. my hyungs are already waiting for me at the karaoke bar, so i have to get there, fast. Hehe~"
"Oh, okay. Have fun then.. Byebye ^^" Min Sun waved at Seung Ri,
Seung Ri waved back, he was about to enter his car when Min Sun called him again,
"ah~ Seung Ri !"
Seung Ri looked at her, "Yes, anything?"
"Uh, thank you so much for today, especially at Gyeongbok Palace. I think you should keep the painting with you. Hehe~ Oppa, gomapseumnida ^^"
Seung Ri smiled again and entered his car, he turned on the engine, waved back at Min Sun, then he left..
Min Sun stared at the car until it vanished behind the building, then she walked back home to the front door,
she smiled while walking, remembering the fun moments she had with Seung Ri,
she was about to open the door when the door suddenly opened by itself,
Min Sun was shocked, then she saw Jong Hyun showing up from behind the door,
"Damn. You scared me." she said,
Jong Hyun smiled, "Ah~ Minnie. had fun?"
Min Sun raised her eyebrows, she was confused why is Jong Hyun acting sweet and friendly to her,
"Yeah.. although it's tiring.."
"Oh come in then ^^ there's already a glass of your favorite drink on the table."
Min Sun felt weird, she walked inside with Jong Hyun following him behind, Jong Hyun secretly smiled behind her, she head for the dining table,
she found a glass of cold water with a few ice cubes in it,
"Tada~ enjoy yourself ^^" said Jong Hyun..
Min Sun looked at him, with a confused face, then she forced herself to smile and took a sip of the drink.
What's wrong with him? Did he hit his head?

To be continued...

Saturday, 13 June 2009

A Future Story part 20

Jong Hyun was still grabbing Key's collar,
Key looked at Seung Ri, his expressions were like "what are you looking at? help me!"
Seung Ri then held Jong Hyun's hand and took it off from Key,
"Man, slow down, we haven't told you the story yet.." said Seung Ri.
Jong Hyun took a deep look at Seung Ri, than he let go of Key,

Key then get tidy of his collar and tie,
"Mian. Tell me everything~" said Jong Hyun.
Key then told the whole story again, except, he changed the part where Min Sun works as a waitress, he told Jong Hyun that Min Sun was sitting next to the smoking guy, and she asked the guy to leave,
Key has told Seung Ri that Min Sun wanted to keep her job as a secret, so Seung Ri didn't react anything when Key lied about the story,
"Did you know she has asthma?" asked Key,
Jong Hyun then made a regret expression on his face, then he shook his head,
"Since she came and stayed at my house, she never shown that she has asthma.. i don't remember her telling me either.." said Jong Hyun.
then the three guys all sat on the chair and didn't talk about anything,
they kept silent for about a few minutes, then Seung Ri popped out a question,
"I wonder if Min Sun is already up now?"

Jong Hyun and Key looked and stared at Seung Ri,
then the three guys all get up and raced to Min Sun's room,
they all wanted to take a peek inside,
Min Sun was actually sleeping, but she heard thenoise in front of her door, the guys were struggling to enter the room first, but then something stopped them,
Min Sun took off her oxygen mask slowly and weakly, then she said
"What the hell are you guys doing?"
the three guys stopped and all looked at Min Sun,
"Min Sun!" the all shouted except Jong Hyun, he just looked at Min Sun,
Key and Seung Ri then walked close to Min Sun's bed, she was already wearing the hospital's pyjamas, so Key doesn't have to lie again about her job, her uniform was already taken by Key,
Jong Hyun walked slowly behind the two guys,

"aah Min Sun mianhae~ i shoudn't have let you talk to that smoking guy," said Key,
Min Sun smiled, "it's okay Key, it's my job to ask that guy to leave"
Seung Ri smiled at Key then hold his thumbs up, ^^
"What do you mean it's your job?" asked Jong Hyun,
Min Sun then looked at Jong Hyun, she was about to answer him when Key snatched her speech,
"she means, she didn't want other customers to get annoyed by the guy, so she felt responsible to tell the guy, right Min Sun?" Key looked back at Min Su and winked at her,
Min Sun smiled and nod, Jong Hyun just made an "ooh" mouth.
"Seung Ri why are you here too?" asked Min Sun,
"Ah~ i was heading to the agency when i saw Key carrying you to the ambulance, so i hopped on as well, just to make sure you are fine ^^" Seung Ri made a sweet smile,
then Jong Hyun spoke up,
"What? Key? carry? ambulance? Key, you carried Min Sun?" Jong Hyun asked Key so fast that Key could hardly understand what he was talking about,
Min Sun wanted to laugh looking at Jong Hyun's worried expression, but she held her laugh in,
Seung Ri answered in Key's place,
"It was an emergency, Jong Hyun. Key has to carry her, would he leave her behind and don't give a damn at her? of course not, right?"
"Am i talking to you?!" said Jong Hyun, caught in his anger again,
"Guys, shut up~"
a simple sentence from Min Sun made all the guys became quiet.
none of them had the guts to start a conversation again, but then Seung Ri asked,
"Min Sun, do you want me to call the doctor? i think she needs to check up on you again to make sure when you can come home.."
Key said "Yea yea let's get the pretty doctor, Seung Ri ^^ hehe."
Key and Seung Ri then asked permission to go out, Jong Hyun stayed with Min Sun and sat on the place where Seung Ri sat before,

"are you okay now?" asked Jong Hyun,
instantly his voice became so soft and his attitudes doesn't resemble as a bad and furious guy again,
Min Sun was kinda surprised with the change of Jong Hyun's attitude right away after Key and Seung Ri left, she felt that Jong Hyun looks really sweet and gives more attention to her,
Min Sun felt her cheeks going red, read : blush
she was about to answer Jong Hyun when Jong Hyun asked again,
"how come your face is turning red, did you catch a cold too?" once again with a soft and worried voice, he touched Min Sun's forehead and cheeks, Min Sun just closed her eyes and made a little scared expression,
"Minnie, you're warm, are you feeling okay?"
Looking at Jong Hyun's worried expression makes Min Sun wanna say "aaaaw~ how sweet" but she know she couldn't say that since Jong Hyun thinks she is still sick, so she just answered,
"I'm always warm, didn't you notice? I'm okay. Gomawo~ ^^"
Min Sun gave her best smile, even though her lips are dry and still pale,

then Key and Seung Ri came back with the pretty doctor following them behind,
"Miss Arina? how are you feeling now, young lady?" she asked,
"Uh.. just call me Min Sun, doctor. Hehe~ I'm feeling much more better."
the pretty doctor smiled so beautifully then she started examining Min Sun,
she checked Min Sun's temperature her heart beat and her breathing,
"Your heart beats are stabil, as well as your breathing, but for your temperature.. it seems like you're too warm.."
"She is normally warm, Ma'am" said Jong Hyun.
the doctor then looked at Jong Hyun,
"Why.. who is this? aaw Min Sun it's so sweet for you having three guys around you taking care of you ^^"
Min Sun and the three guys just smiled,
"Ok, since your normal temperature is like this, then you wont need any paracetamols, right?" asked the pretty doctor,
Min Sun shook her head, "anyeo~, gomawo Unnie ^^"
the doctor smiled and then looked at the three guys, "Oh look she is so sweet, she's even calling me Unnie ! haha~ do i look that young?" asked the doctor,
"Of course, Noona neomu yeppeo ^^" said Key,
they all laughed and Key started to blush a bit,
"Well then, since your condition is fine now, you may go home tonight. But remember, be careful next time, don't stay close to smoking people, understand?"
"Yes, Unnie ^^"
the doctor then gave Min Sun a pat on her head, then she left,
Key and Seung Ri came close to Min Sun's bed again,
they both clapped their hands softly, and Key said
"Yaaay you can go home tonight ^^" then Key did a high five with Seung Ri,
Min Sun chuckled and smiled,
"do you need anything else?" asked Seung Ri,
"Yea.. i need.. clothes.." Min Sun said it in doubt coz she knew she came there wearing Starbucks' uniform,
"Why don't you wear your clothes the one you wore when getting into Starbucks?" asked Jong Hyun..
"Oh that.. uh.." Min Sun didn't know what to say,
"It's with me ! Hold on I'll get it for you ^^" said Key,
Min Sun was afraid that Key would came back carrying Starbucks' uniform, and then Jong Hyun would find out that she works there,
luckily, while Min Sun was sleeping, Key called one of his employees to come to the hospital and bring Min Sun's properties, including her casual clothes,
so Key came back to Min Sun's room carrying a paper bag filled with Min Sun's clothes,
"It's here ^^" said Key, and he gave a wink to Min Sun again while giving her an "ok" sign with his hand,
"ah~ gomawo Key ^^"
Min Sun felt relieved..


two days went by, and it was Saturday,
Min Sun has recovered well and she has nothing to do on the weekends,
Jong Hyun got a call for a photoshoot, Ye Seul told him that they have a special photoshoot for a newcomer magazine, so Jong Hyun has to go there,
Jong Hyun asked Min Sun if she can come with him, but Min Sun refuses, she was too lazy to watch Jong Hyun modelling especially with that Hyo Rin. Min Sun didn't say so though, she said she was lazy, that's all.
so, Jong Hyun went to the agency by himself, riding his big white bike,
and Min Sun watched TV with Lee Jae, while Mr. and Mrs. Kim are away shopping,
Min Sun had a chat with Lee Jae, Lee Jae told a story about her crush, blablabla, then Min Sun gave some advice to her.
suddenly the bell rang,

"Is auntie and uncle already home?" asked Min Sun,
"No, it's just been half an hour since they left, it's impossible they came back so fast.." said Lee Jae.
"So?" asked Min Sun again, Lee Jae just raised both her shoulders, signing uncertainty,
they girls both stayed in their couch, until the bell rang 3 times,
"Why isn't any of us moving?" asked Lee Jae,
"Did you know why i don't want to go with Jong Hyun?" asked Min Sun,
Lee Jae kept silent for a second,
"LAZY.." said the two girls, then they laughed,
"Ah~ unnie, even you are lazy just to open the door?" asked Lee Jae,
"Sssssht, just get the door ^^" said Min Sun,
Lee Jae skipped to the front door and opened it,
she found a sweet looking guy smiling at her, "Is Min Sun at home?" he asked,
"Oppa~ ! ah yea she is, please come in first ^^" said Lee Jae,
Lee Jae told the guy to wait at the living room while she called for Min Sun,
"Unnie~ someone's lookin for you !"
Min Sun was lounging on the couch and watching cartoon when Lee Jae called,
"Huh? who?" asked Min Sun,
"why don't you take a look yourself?"
Min Sun growled and hopped of the couch, she streched a few times then walked so slowly to the guest room,
there, she found her panda sitting sweetly on the sofa,
"Seung Ri?" said Min Sun,
"Ah Min Sun ^^, annyeong~" said Seung Ri,
Min Sun bowed to him and asked "what's your purpose coming here?"


"don't you have any schedules with Big Bang? why are you taking me to Gyeongbok Palace?"
Min Sun and Seung Ri are already in Seung Ri's car, they are heading to Gyeongbok,
Lee Jae didn't mind being left alone, she said to Min Sun,
"Ah unnie, you two just go! I'm fine alone, i can use Jong Hyun oppa's laptop, hehe~"
so Min Sun then decided to go out with Seung Ri,
"Big Bang is currently in a break, we're preparing for our Asian Tour, so we have like a month break then we have to practice intense," explained Seung Ri,
"But why Gyeongbok?" asked Min Sun again,
"You won't regret it, believe me."

they arrived at Gyeongbok's Palace entrance, the main gate was so huge and elegant, it made Min Sun wow-ed her mouth,

then Seung Ri led Min Sun to go around the palace,
they visit Gyeonghoeru Pavilion, which is a hall used to hold important and special state banquets,
Gyotaejeon Hall, a building used as the main sleeping and living quarters by the queen,
and also Jibokjae, a two-story private library used by King Gojong, located next to Geoncheonggung Residence.
Min Sun took photos there with Seung Ri, she also had to took Seung Ri's photo with his fans, it's kinda hard to hide Seung Ri's face since everybody knows him
and there are also a few local tourists who looked at Min Sun enviously for having Seung Ri with, her, "Just chill out and ignore them~" said Seung Ri,
Min Sun was amazed by the palace's architecture, she has never been there before since her arrival at Seoul, she just saw pictures of Gyeongbok on the net,

finally, when is was time for lunch, Seung Ri said to Min Sun,
"there's one more place i wanna show you, after that we will head for lunch, ok?"
Min Sun just nod her head but she didn't look at Seung Ri, seems like she was hypnotized by the beauty of the palace,
they walked a bit far from the last place they visit, Min Sun took pictures of the scenery with her digicam,
"Okay, we are here.."

Min Sun then got her eyes off her camera and saw a bridge heading to a two-story hexagonal pavilion surrounded by a lotus pond
"Oh.. my.. God~" Min Sun's hand felt weak, she was so shocked and amazed seeing the beauty of that floating-like pavilion,
"This is called Hyangwonjeong Pavilion, i'm not sure what's this pavilion is for, but it's my favorite place here." said Seung Ri.
Min Sun didn't answer,
"Visitors are not allowed on the bridge or to the pavilion. Instead, they must content themselves with the serene view. This is one of the most painted and photographed places in Korea.", Seung Ri continued to explain, then Min Sun said
"Not allowed? oh too bad, it's such a beauty. I'm sure it will be much more beautiful if we can get close."
"Want me to take a picture of you with Hyangwonjeong as the background?"
Min Sun nod her head excitedly, then Seung Ri took her picture.
"Gomawo, Seung Ri~. Hey did you said that this is the most painted place?" asked Min Sun,
Seung Ri smiled, then he pointed to a painter sitting by the pond,
Seung Ri grabbed Min Sun's arm and slowly dragged her near the painter,
"Excuse me, ahjusshi~ can you paint us with the pavilion as the background?"
the man said yes and told them to sit near the pond in front of him,
Min Sun was a bit confused, she just sat near Seung Ri,
"Stay still, we are being painted~" said Seung Ri,
"What? Pp.." Min Sun was trying to say something but Seung Ri "Sssht" her and told her to stay still,
Min Sun saw Seung Ri making a smile to the painter, so she made a sweet smile too looking at the painter,
"Can i talk?" asked Min Sun, she tried her best to talk while still making a smile on her face,
Seung Ri laughed a little, "Yeah as long as you don't move too much, haha~"
so Min Sun and Seung Ri had a chit chat while being painted near the pond, the painter scolded Min Sun a few times because she keeps moving,
then a few minutes the paint was done, Seung Ri payed the man and said thank you,
then the man said something to Seung Ri in Korean, that Min Sun didn't understand,
"What did he say?" asked Min Sun,
"He said i should keep this painting carefully, and.. uh.. he said maybe both of us are destined to be soulmates, hehe" Seung Ri scratched his head and smiled shy-ly,
"Ah, that ahjusshi, that couldn't be exactly true, right? he isn't a paranormal or something," said Min Sun,
they both laughed and walked away leaving the beautiful pavilion behind,
deep inside, Min Sun was smiling in her heart and hoping that the man's saying will become true.

"Okay so we're off for lunch now? where do you want to eat?" asked Seung Ri,
"Hmmm~" Min Sun tried to think hardly on her mind, she was remembering the best restaurants that she had visit since she stayed at Seoul,
while she was thinking, her handphone rang, she searched for her handphone inside her bag and when she saw the number who was calling, she said "Oh no..."
"Why? who is it?" asked Seung Ri,
Min Sun didn't answer her phone, she let it keep ringing, then she said to Seung Ri,
"It's Jong Hyun.."

To be continued...

Friday, 12 June 2009

A Future Story part 19

"what are you hiding from me, Minnie?"
Min Sun was shocked and she turned around and found Jong Hyun standing in front of her, making a curious face,
"Oh.. you're done? well, I.. uh.." Min Sun was really confused what should she say,
"It's a secret, bro! we're planning something big, well, actually for you but it's a secret so, yeah.."
Key tried to help Min Sun,
Min Sun then looked at Key, Key looked back making a nervous expression,
Key and Min Sun are both kinda scared about Jong Hyun's reaction, would he find out that about Min Sun's job?

"Oh really? wow actually i'm curious, but.. if you say it's a secret.. it's okay, haha. Come on let's go home, Key you're driving us home, right?" asked Jong Hyun
"Oh, uh.. yeah of course" said Key.
Min Sun took a deep breath and then exhaled it,
Jong Hyun was already walking in front of them,
Min Sun looked at Key, and mimic-ed the word "thank you" to him
then Key rised his hands and made an "okay" sign.
the three of them hopped on Key's car, and all went home.


"Okay boys, are you ready? This photoshoot is gonna be fun!"
Ye Seul called the five boys from their dressing room,
Jong Hyun and Minho felt like doing a photoshoot as usual,
but Key, Taemin and Jinki felt like having the most nervous day of their life,

TM : aah! Hyung, I'm nervous, otoghe~?
Key : you're not the only one being nervous, I'm having goosebumps here,
Jinki : shouldn't goosebumps appear when you are scared?

they all stopped talking and looked at Jinki. Jinki just smiled so clumsy,
whatever he does, it is Jinki condition (^^)
the five guys stood up from the make up counters, then they all head for the photoshoot room,
the theme of the photoshoot is just like what Ye Seul said, friendship.
to add a sweet look, Ye Seul added a few pets to go and take pictures with them,
the results were so good, all the guys had their own charisma,
Minho, his charisma is flaming always,
Jong Hyun, he had this sorta thing that makes you wanna look at his photos everytime
Jinki, he had the most gorgeous smile,
Taemin, cute smile to, and his eyes are talking,
Key, hmmm.. no wonder he loves the camera, he looks loveable in the photo !

the photoshoot went succesfull, even Key asked for another photoshoot, he even forgot about his Starbucks that is being runned by Min Sun at that moment,
"Great job guys, bravo. Nice to work with you all ^^" Ye Seul shook hands with all five guys,
Minho and Jong Hyun continued to do another photoshoot while Key asked to go back to Starbucks,
Jinki and Taemin decided to stay and watch the photoshoot.


meanwhile, Min Sun was busy serving guests at Starbucks, she was at the outdoor seats when Key arrived,
"Yo Min Sun !" said Key,
"Ah.. Mr. Kim ^^, psst.. how's the photoshoot?" asked Min Sun
"three words, F U N ! FUN ! haha~"
"Uh, that's actually three LETTERS.." said Min Sun
"Oh? oh yea i mean that, hahaha~ it's fun, i'll show you the photos later, ok? now get back to work !" Key suddenly scold Min Sun,
Min Sun then bowed and smiled, then she went back to the kitchen,
Key took a quick look around his cafe, everything's fine, so he went up to his room.

Starbucks got more crowded, it's already afternoon and business men came to chill out and have a coffee break,
Min Sun was serving on of the guests, when she saw someone smoking at the other table, indoor.
then she asked to her friend, another waitress..
"Unnie, isn't smoking not allowed indoors?"
the girl said, "Yes, if the guests want to smoke, they have to sit outdoors, why?"
Min Sun pointed to the guy who was smoking indoors,
"Gosh, ok, why don't you tell him to sit outside, I still have to serve this, I'll call Mr. Kim right away" said the waitress.
"Okay, unnie.." Min Sun put her tray down on the table and walked to the smoking guy,

"Sir, mianhae~ you are not supposed to smoke inside, we have outdoor seats for smoking, indoors are for non smoking. Mian, but you have to sit outdoors if you want to smoke."
the guy grabbed his smoke from his mouth, he took his sunglasses off, then said,
"what happened to the rule "Customer is a King" ? " he asked, sarcasticly.
"Mian, Sir. We have our own rules here. I hope you can obey it, Sir. it's for other customer's sake.." said Min Sun.
"So you're telling me to leave?!" the guy suddenly get mad himself,
"No, Sir. We just hope you can sit outside if you want to continue to smoke~" Min Sun tried to defense,
The guy hit his hands to the table really forcefully, until the whole table shake and all guests looked to him,
Min Sun became afraid, the other waitress who talked to her just then went upstairs quickly to find Key,
the guy was mad but he ignored Min Sun, he kept smoking and said,
"I'm a VIP customer here, you know! i can do what i want here, you're just a new waitress, you don't have the authority to rule me!"
the guy kept smoking, he exhaled the smoke in front of Min Sun purposely, Min Sun tried to cover her mouth, she started to cough heavily, but she tried her best to hide it,
"Sir.. ehm.. mianhae, but you have to~" Min Sun still tried to warn the guy,
the guy then stood up and made a bang on the table, Min Sun was shocked and she bent her head down,
the guy kept blowing smoke to Min Sun's face, she almost couldn't stand it anymore,
then suddenly Key came running down the stairs with the waitress unnie following him behind,
"Mr. Lee !" shouted Key.
the smoking guy turned his head to see who was calling,
"Oh you, hey Key! i bet this is your new waitress? she doesn't know who I am! she was trying to make me leave out of here!" said the guy.
Key looked at Min Sun, Min Sun made a worried face then she shook her head, trying to say that it's wrong, the guy lied.
Key saw that Min Sun's lips were pale, her cheeks were kinda red,
then Key said,
"Mianhae Mr. Lee. She is new, but, yes you I'm afraid you have to leave, you are not allowed to smoke inside."
the guy rolled his eyes, he put his smoke down, put on his sunglasses back on, then pushed the chair behind him and leave,
Key shook his head, then he apologized to all the guests who were watching all the time, Min Sun bowed to the guests too, but she couldn't stop coughing.
when Key was done apologizing, he turned back to Min Sun and asked,
"Min Sun are you o.. oh my God, Min Sun !"
Key was about to ask if Min Sun was okay or not, but he hang up his speech because Min Sun fell down before he could even finish what he was saying,
luckily, Key held Min Sun so she didn't hit the floor,
Min Sun became more pale, she was coughing so hard,
"Min Sun ! Min Sun ! hey stay with me, are you okay? can you hear me? Min Sun !"
Key panicked, he shaked Min Sun who was in his arms,
"Min Sun, can you hear me?!"
Min Sun eyes that was closed, opened and she saw blurry Key's face in front of her,
"Min Sun?" asked Key,
Min Sun closed her eyes again, then she went unconscious,
Key was shocked, "omo, hey you! call the ambulance !" he pointed to one of his waiters,
the employees suddenly became fuzzy, they all panicked,

when one of the waiters told Key that the ambulance was near, Key lifted Min Sun up and carried her outside to the ambulance,
Min Sun was barely breathing, Key tried to walk fast but carefully held Min Sun in his arms,
Key asked one of his waiters to look after Starbucks while he was away,
when Key was near to the ambulance,
there was Big Bang's van parking behind the ambulance,
GD, Tabi, Seung Ri, Tae Yang and Daesung hop off the van,
Seung Ri saw Key carrying Min Sun, then he ran to Key,
"What happened?" asked Seung Ri in panic,
"I don't know!" answered Key, he was so nervous,
Seung Ri gave a code to the other Big Bang members to go and start the photoshoot in the agency without him,
then Tabi gave a code to Seung Ri, he made an "ok" sign and "call me" sign with his hands,
then Seung Ri helped Key to get Min Sun inside the ambulance,
then the two guys both hop on and went on the way to the hospital with Min Sun, inside the ambulance.


"That's how it happened. I didn't know she had asthma, she never told me before.."
Key explained and told the whole story about the smoking guy and Min Sun trying to deal with him, Key felt kinda guilty,
"Well.." said Seung Ri, tapping Key's shoulders, "it's not your fault, that guy is just the annoying one. You've done a great job by taking care of Min Sun while you can."
Key smiled and thanked Seung Ri,
"By the way we haven't introduced each other, I'm Key, Starbucks' manager ^^"
Seung Ri then introduced himself and shake hands with Key, even though he knows that Key of course already knows him.

suddenly, the doctor who took care of Min Sun came out,
"Doctor how is she?" both Key and Seung Ri asked the doctor at the same time, then they both looked at each other, and made a small laugh and bent their heads down,
"Wow, you two are like, her boyfriends or what?" the pretty doctor asked and smiled,
Key just raised his eyebrows, Seung Ri asked again,
"Miss doctor, you haven't answered our question.."
"Will you give me your autograph if i answer it?" asked the pretty doctor,
now it's Seung Ri who raised his eyebrows, Key just said "aigooo~"
"aah, I'm just kidding boys. the girl is fine, she just had her asthma came up, luckily it wasn't that bad, she just need more oxygen. Oh please make sure she doesn't get close to someone who smokes again." said the pretty doctor,
Key bowed to the doctor and said thank you, the pretty doctor then smiled and walked away,

"are we allowed to visit Min Sun now?" asked Seung Ri..
"uh, i dunnow, let's take a quick peek in her room," said Key.
the two guys both sneaked up to Min Sun's door, they opened it quietly, and found Min Sun wearing an oxygen mask, breathing normally, but it seems she was sleeping,
"Thank God she is okay.." said Seung Ri
Key nod his head and closed the door again.
the two guys decided to wait for Min Sun until she is okay, they both waited and sit on the chair in front of Min Sun's room,
Key called Starbucks and told them that he will be back late, he also told the employees not to worry about Min Sun's condition, she is fine at the moment,
Seung Ri called Tabi, who was doing a photoshoot, and said almost the same thing like Key, he will be bcak late and he told the other Big Bang members not to wait for him,
after that, Seung Ri and Key had a quick chat together..


meanwhile, Jong Hyun was done with his photoshoot, he remembered that today Min Sun came to the agency with him and wanted to have a coffee time at Starbucks again, (at least that was what Min Sun told him, she still keeps her job as a secret to Jong Hyun)
Jong Hyun then dialled Min Sun's number, and waited for her to pick up his call,

Key who was having a chat with Seung Ri, suddenly stopped and felt something vibrating in his pocket, when he took it out, he just realized that Min Sun's handphone is still with him, he held Min Sun's property's while she was being examined,
"Oh uh.." said Key, he stared to the name calling Min Sun's handphone,
"Why? who is it?.." Seung Ri asked, then he took a look at th ehandphone's LCD, "oh, Jong Hyun.. you should pick it up.."
"What should i say?" asked Key, nervous.
Seung Ri thought for a while, how come someone so clumsy like Key can be a manager?
"the truth.." Seung Ri answered, then he pressed the answer button on the handphone and put it near Key's ears,
Key was about to say something but it was too late,

JH : annyeong, Minnie you're still at Starbucks? hang on I'll pick you up..
Key : uuuh, annyeong, Jong Hyun?
JH : huh? hey who is this.. Key? why Min Sun's handphone with you? where is she?
Key : uhh I, uh.. *looked at Seung Ri*

Seung Ri told him to speak up and tell the truth,

JH : Key? u still there?
Key : uh yes, uhm.. Jong Hyun, I'm in the hospital.
JH : what? hospital? what happened?
Key : it's uh.. it's not me who is injured, uh.. Min Sun..
JH : what happened to her?! *suddenly Jong Hyun's voice became loud, Key held the handphone a bit far from his ears*
Key : well, uh.. she.. her.. asthma..
JH : argh ! shut up~ stay there ! I'm heading there right now, make sure you stay where you are, I'm gonna talk to you !

Jong Hyun then hung up the phone,
Key stared at Min Sun's handphone, Seung Ri just tapped his shoulders, giving a sign "everything's gonna be alright".
since the hospital wasn't too far from the agency, they just took 10 minutes waiting for Jong Hyun, Jong Hyun rode his bike so fast to the hospital,
when he saw Key and Seung Ri sitting and talking,
he walked to both of them fastly, he was about to release his anger, he can't believe what is happening to Min Sun, and what the hell is Seung Ri doing there?
Key and Seung Ri realized Jong Hyun's presence, then they both stood up from their seats,
just when Key was about to greet Jong Hyun, Jong Hyun suddenly grabbed Key's collars and held them tight,
Seung Ri gasped and tried to get Key off from Jong Hyun, looks like Jong Hyun's anger couldn't be hidden more,
then Jong Hyun said,
"What happened, Key? tell me! and what the hell is this guy doing here?!"
Jong Hyun took a deep look at Key, then he looked at Seung Ri sarcasticly,

To be continued...

Saturday, 6 June 2009

A Future Story part 18

"Hey bro, you're home." said Min Sun
Jong Hyun carried his backpack behind him and walked to the living room,
"You guys are karaoke-ing?" asked Jong Hyun
The whole family nod. Min Sun was kinda afraid that Jong Hyun would get angry seeing Seung Ri in their house,
"Can I join?" asked Jong Hyun with a sweet smile.
Min Sun and Seung Ri stared at each other,
"Of course, darling, here.." said Mrs. Kim, lending the mic to Jong Hyun,

they all continued singing for another hour, after that Seung Ri asked permission to go home, he thanked all the family members for the dinner,
surprisingly, Jong Hyun act good to Seung Ri, he in fact took Seung Ri to the main gate and said be careful on the way home. Seung Ri was of course confused, but happy too.

when Jong Hyun went back inside, Min Sun asked,
"did you hit your head or somethin?"
Jong Hyun was confused, "sorry?"
"You're acting really weird tonight, Jong Hyun. you seem so nice, especially to Seung Ri."
"why? I can't be nice?" asked Jong Hyun
"gosh, seriously. tell me what's going on." said Min Sun
Jong Hyun explained that his job is doing very well. he said he got even more photoshoots to do, coz the agency are really satisfied by his work, and his college is successfull too. he just need to do a final assignment which is making a autobiography about himself.
"so that's why you're in a good mood.." said Min Sun
Jong Hyun just smiled.
"So you're gonna work everyday?" asked Min Sun
"except weekends, yes." answered Jong Hyun.
Min Sun stood still.

Oh yes ! then i can work at Starbucks with Jong Hyun picking me up and taking me home ^^

"Why, Minnie?" asked Jong Hyun
Min Sun startled from her thoughts,
"Uh? oh no. can i go with you every Tuesdays and Thurdays?"
"Let me guess.. starbucks again?"
Min Sun smiled,
"Of course, I'll pick you up from college and we'll go to the agency together. you can watch my photoshoot too if you want to, hehe" said Jong Hyun in confidence.
Min Sun just made a little laugh and shook her head, then walked to her room.


a week went by, both Jong Hyun and Min Sun did a great work on their jobs,
Min Sun still kept her job as a waitress in Starbucks, a secret to Jong Hyun, she just didn't want him to know or worry much,
during one week, Min Sun watched Jong Hyun's photoshoot three times,
she was amazed, Jong Hyun actually had talents being a model, his poses are like wow, he looks so different in front of a camera, Ye Seul even told Min Sun that she is lucky,
Min Sun was so proud to know Jong Hyun,
but on the third photoshoot that she watched, she felt kinda.. bad,
it was another photoshoot of Jong Hyun with Hyo Rin, for a new brand of clothing,
Jong Hyun was cool as usual, but.. why Hyo Rin?
she is pretty, charismatic, but Min Sun seems to not like her, somehow..
about Min Sun's job, she improved her skills as a waitress, Key even was proud of her,
sometimes Key gives Min Sun a free cold drink when she ends her job, he says it's for her great work today, and Min Sun knows, Key always gives his employees a free drink as a reward for their great work.


it was Tuesday,
Min Sun is working at Starbucks, while Jong Hyun is in the agency,
Starbucks was crowded as usual, Min Sun even spot some celebs from SM and YG,
like Suju's Kyuhyun and Donghae, 2NE1's CL and Minzy, also Big Bang's Tae Yang,
and when Min Sun delivered orders to the celebs tables, she asked to get a picture together with her handphone, and she asked them to sign starbucks mug to put it in the wall of fame,
Min Sun had a great day..

meanwhile Jong Hyun was working hard on his photoshoot, this time he had a shoot with Minho,
Ye Seul was busy too, arranging the photoshoot and modifying her camera,
it was a tiring day for the guys in the agency.

it was 7pm, Min Sun was preparing to go home, her shift was over,
she was about to step out when someone called her,
"Hey Min Sun, wait up !"
Min Sun stopped and turned around,
"Key? I mean.. Mr. Key, is there anything i could help you?"
Key laughed, "Oh screw the mister, just call me Key, your shift is over anyway. hey, tomorrow is kinda like Starbucks anniversary, did you know?"
"Really? oh wow.. tomorrow's Wednesday. i don't have a shift on Wednesdays, but can i come and work?" asked Min Sun,
"Hahaha, that was actually what i want to deal with you, tomorrow's gonna be huge, there will be people everywhere since I'm giving out free cold caffe latte for every purchase of a meal ^^"
"wow you are so generous as a manager ^^" said Min Sun
Key acted shy, "oh you're being too much. okay i'll wait for your presence here, tomorrow at.. at.. hmmm" Key started thinking for the best hour,
"3 pm?" asked Min Sun,
"Yes ! great idea. oh yeah, when Starbucks is closed and if we still have leftovers tomorrow, I'm planning to hold up a gathering," said Key
"Gathering? what kind?"
"actually it's for friends, I'm planning to invite Jinki, Taemin, Minho and Jong Hyun. Since you're Jong Hyun's acquaintance, I was gonna invite you too ^^"
"so I'm the only girl in the gathering?" asked Min Sun,
"well i thought of that earlier, i'm sure you'll be kinda uncomfy if you're the only girl, so you can bring 2 friends with you. how's that?" said Key.
Min Sun shrieked and shake hands with Key, she shook his hands so strongly, Key even made a face that looks in pain,
then Min Sun asked for permission to go home,
she went to the agency to meet Jong Hyun and go home together.

Min Sun entered the room where Jong Hyun is, and she saw Jong Hyun talking to Ye Seul and Ha Neul,
"Ha Neul? hey what are you doing here?" asked Min Sun, walking towards them.
Ha Neul explained that she called Ye Seul and wants to meet her, so she went to the agency,
"what a coincidence, i was about to tell you guys something," said Min Sun,
"what is it?" asked Jong Hyun
"tomorrow is Starbucks anniversary, since Key is the manager of the Starbucks next door, he wants to invite us to a gathering. Jong Hyun, you and your other 3 friends are invited. Me too ! and Key said i could bring 2 friends with me. Ye Seul, Ha Neul, you two are willing to come, right?" explained Min Sun
Ha Neul secretly dragged Min Sun and Ye Seul a little far away from Jong Hyun, Jong Hyun just raised his eyebrows while looking to the three girls,
"Psst, Min Sun.. you mean Jong Hyun's 3 other friends are Minho, Taemin and Jinki, right?" asked Ha Neul
"yeah, why? oooooh ! i know, you wanna meet Taemin, right?" asked Min Sun,
"Ssssssssssht ! lower your voice Minnie !" said Ye Seul
"Minnie? excuse me.." said Min Sun
"Oh Ye Seul, the only one who is supposed to call Min Sun "Minnie" is just Jong Hyun!" said Ha Neul,
then the 3 girls became wild, both Ha Neul and Ye Seul started teasing Min Sun,
"Oh shut up! do you girls wanna come or not?" asked Min Sun,
"Of course i do! you too, right, Ye Seul?" asked Ha Neul
Ye Seul started thinking,
"Hmm, i do have a photoshoot tomorrow, Jong Hyun and Minho are my models, i think we can come but late, right Jong Hyun?" asked Ye Seul to Jong Hyun,
Jong Hyun just nod and kept waiting for the girls to end their conversations,
suddenly Ha Neul whispered to her two girls,
"Min Sun, listen, Ye Seul actually really wanna go coz she is into Minho ^^"
"WHAT?!" yelled Min Sun,
"Min Sun lower your voice!" said Ye Seul,
then the 3 girls laughed, Jong Hyun became more confused, he just watched the 3 girls whispering from where he stood.
Ha Neul explained to Min Sun about Ye Seul liking Minho, when all the secrets were revealed, Min Sun said,
"Oh.. so.. Ye Seul wants to come to meet Minho, and Ha Neul wants to meet Taemin. okay, your secrets are revealed. be there tomorrow at 8pm okay ! I'm going home, byebye !"
Ha Neul and Ye Seul both waved goodbye, then they looked at each other and giggled.
Min Sun grabbed Jong Hyun's arm and dragged him away while waving back to her two best friends, Jong Hyun just made an embarassed smile.


the next day, Min Sun nearly forgot that she has an extended shift for today, since it is Starbucks' anniversary, luckily Jong Hyun remembered and picked her up at her university.

when Jong Hyun went to work and Min Sun entered Starbucks, Key was right. the cafe was more crowded than before, than normal days. Min Sun saw Key delivering an order to a table, then Key spot Min Sun looking at him. he moved his hands to sign "come here quickly!" to Min Sun. Min Sun then rushed inside and changed to her uniforms, then she helped the other employees.

time went by, it was 7pm already, Starbucks was still crowded, Min Sun was holding an empty tray when the special guests came,
"Min Sun?!"
there was like 2 guys who called Min Sun, she turned around and found Jinki and Taemin looking at her from top to bottom,
"You.. work.. here?" asked Jinki.
"and having Key as your.. boss?" asked Key.
Min Sun nod and smiled,
the two boys burst out laughing, Min Sun raised her eyebrows,
"is anything wrong by Key being my boss?" she asked.
"No, it's just that.. he is our umma in our group, he actually often scold me, whenever i do something wrong. does he scold you too? hahaha" answered Taemin.
Min Sun laughed, "Oh you two are too much. ^^"
suddenly Key came towards them,
"Hey guys, you're already here! hmmm *looking at his wristwatch* you're an hour early, come one let's sit. Min Sun, serve them something!"
"Yessir. ^^" said Min Sun.
Taemin and Jinki just giggled and sat down where Min Sun told them to.

an hour went by, it's 8 pm already, Min Sun is still serving the guests when Ha Neul and Ye Seul came by,
"Hey girls !" said Min Sun, "Hey where are the other two boys?"
"They still have a photoshoot, but not me as the photographer, maybe they'll be here in another 45 minutes." said Ye Seul
Min Sun made an "oooh" mouth, and told the two girls to sit where Taemin and Jinki are,
"Hey aren't you the receptionist girl in the hospital?" asked Taemin, excited, to Ha Neul.
"Oh, uh.. yeah. haha you actually remembered.." said Ha Neul, blushed.
"Oh oh come join us, sit here !" said Taemin, pointing to the empty seat next to him.
Ha Neul smiled and sat next to Taemin.
"Annyeong haseyo~, you are..?" asked Jinki to Ye Seul.
"Oh, I'm Jong Hyun's and Minho's photographer, my name's Ye Seul" Ye Seul bowed to Taemin and Jinki.
"Boys, these two girls are my best friends back at my hometown, i myself even can't believe i could meet them here ^^" explained Min Sun,
the boys just nod then had an exciting conversation with the other two girls, Min Sun kept serving other guests when Key came by,
"Yo Min Sun, take a break and join the group, come on!" said Key
Min Sun smiled and said thank you, she took a seat next to Key, where Key was sitting next to Ha Neul.
they all had a great chit chat, even Ye Seul shared some new celebs hot gossip,
an hour went by but Jong Hyun and Minho haven't showed their face yet,
it was 9pm already,
suddenly Taemin said "Look ! Jong Hyun hyung and Minho hyung !"
Min Sun turned her head and saw the two guys coming towards them.
then Min Sun realized she was still wearing Starbucks' uniform,
"OMO i gotta change ! everyone please don't tell Jong Hyun about my job here, okay? especially you, Key. Please don't tell him, I'll explain later, i gotta change now, aaaaaaa~"
Min Sun rushed to the changing room,
the 2 girls and 3 guys at the table just raised they're eyebrows, wondering why Jong Hyun's is not allowed to know about Min Sun's job.
just when Min Sun left the table, Jong Hyun and Minho arrived,

"Hey i think i saw Minnie just then, where did she go?" asked Jong Hyun
"MINNIE ?!" shouted Key, Taemin, Jinki and Minho.
"It's what Jong Hyun calls Minnie with that special nickname, since she is special to Jong Hyun, i think. Hahaha" said Ye Seul.
the guys started teasing Jong Hyun here and there,
then suddenly Min Sun came back,
"Did i miss something important?" she said. She was already wearing her regular clothes,
"Yeah you just miss that Jong Hyun said.. ummph.. let me go!" said Key, his speech was stopped by Jong Hyun, covering Key's mouth,
"Shut up, Key. No you didn't miss anything, Minn.. uh.. Min Sun." said Jong Hyun.
the whole table laughed coz Jong Hyun called Min Sun with her normal name again.
then Key asked his other employees to get drinks for his friends,
then they had another interesting chit chat..

TM : so, Ha Neul, is it fun being a receptionist?
HN : wait Taemin, how old are you?
TM : I'm born in 1993, on July 18th, how about you?
HN : omo, I'm 4 months older than you !
TM : ah so you're my noona! hahaha~ noona looks so young, i thought you were younger or the same age as me, hehe. noona neomu yeppeo !
HN : ah, gomawo Taemin ^^

MS : hey hey what about me? Taemin guess my age !
TM : uuuh.. you are my noona too, right ! i guess you were born on April or March..
MS : aaaaa~ Taemin ! I'm not your noonaaaaa~ i was born on October you know, oh do i look that old?? *looks to everybody*

everybody laughed, and Taemin said sorry to Min Sun but still laughing cutely.

Key : so, Jong Hyun you didn't tell me you get a job as a model, you even have Minho as your partner ! oh I'm really envious.. T_T
JH : yea i actually forgot to tell you, i got busy immediately. why should you be envious? you get to rule Starbucks here, haha~
Key : no no no, i really love the camera, ah~ when i was a child, my mom always took a photo of me, since then i loved the camera, hahha~

YS : are you interested in doing a photoshoot, Key?
Key : of course !
YS : well, i have a photoshoot project, the theme is friendship.. i guess you five can be my model?
Key, Taemin, Jinki : ARE YOU SERIOUS?
Jong Hyun, Minho, Ye Seul, Ha Neul and Min Sun burst out laughing seeing the 3 guys' expressions,

YS : hahaha, yes I'm serious. how fun will it be.. Jong Hyun, Jinki, Key, Minho and Taemin in one photoshoot, it's gonna be awesome !
Jinki : i was about to say that, Ye Seul~

the conversation became more wild and noisy, luckily there were no more guests so they feel like having Starbucks as their basecamp for the night..


when they are all satisfied with the gathering, they all went home,
fortunately, Ha Neul's house was the same way as Taemin's, so they both went home together with a bus,
Minho and Ye Seul hopped on Jinki's car, their houses are at the same block,
so, who's left at Starbucks are Key, Jong Hyun and Min Sun,
Jong Hyun asked to go to the restrooms for a while, so Min Sun and Key waited for him outside,

"Key?" asked Min Sun,
"Thanks for tonight, it was fun, and thanks for letting me invite Ha Neul and Ye Seul too ^^, gamsahamnida~" she bowed to Key,
"Whoa whoa you don't have to bow like that, haha you're welcome, my pleasure. ^^" said Key, and he made a really cute smile.
"By the way can i ask you something, Min Sun?" asked Key
"Yes, what is it?"
"Why are you hiding your job from Jong Hyun?"
Min Sun kept in silence, she was confused how to tell Key about it,
"Well, uh.. it's because I.."

suddenly Jong Hyun popped out from Min Sun's back,
"what are you hiding from me, Minnie?"

To be continued...