Saturday, 18 July 2009

A Future Story part 28

Min Sun walked to the waiting room. There she found a crowd of YG family, there were crews, and the talents of course. There was even 2NE1.
"Min Sun, over here !"
Hye Gyo waved to Min Sun to tell her to sit at their table. Hye Gyo was on one table with the 2NE1 members, Min Sun quickly joined them.
"2NE1 are coming too?" asked Min Sun,
The charismatic leader, CL, smiled and answered,
"Yes. We're going to perform a special stage with Big Bang, bringing our song Lollipop. And we will be the opening for their concert."
Min Sun wow-ed her mouth, "Amazing~~"
Hye Gyo then pulled Min Sun's hand,
"Have you had breakfast?" she asked.
Min Sun shook her head, then Hye Gyo dragged Min Sun to the buffet and grabbed themselves some breakfast while waiting for their plane to arrive.


When all the YG family are on board, Seung Ri sat beside Min Sun while Min Sun was sitting near the window.
"How long are you gonna stay in Jakarta?" asked Seung Ri.
"Uhmm.. maybe 2 weeks.."
"Oh, YG are only going to stay for a week. Are you coming back to Seoul then?"
Min Sun smiled, "I have to. I didn't pass my acceleration test, so.. i have to continue my college."
"Have you told your family? I mean, the Kims?"
Min Sun shook her head, "Nope, i didn't tell them on purpose, just to make a surprise."
Seung Ri smiled and nod his head.
Then in a few minutes, the plane finally take off and YG family were on their way to Jakarta.


"No no, not that pose ! Jong Hyun please, what's wrong with you?"

It has been 6 days since Min Sun left for Jakarta. Jong Hyun's performance in his modeling career is dropping down. He lost his concentration and charisma since Min Sun was gone.
Ye Seul walked up to him, holding her camera and asked,
"Jong Hyun, you okay?"
Jong Hyun looked at Ye Seul, but he didn't answer. Ye Seul knew what Jong Hyun was thinking, she clapped and said to everyone,
"Okay let's get a 10 minute break, everyone."
The crew all walked away. Some went to the pantry, some are busy with their cellphones.

Ye Seul was still standing in front of Jong Hyun. Jong Hyun then finally spoke,
"Will Minnie be back?"
Ye Seul sighed, "So that's way you're not working maximal these times. I'm not sure either. She didn't tell me if she'll be back or not. She also didn't tell me her results of the acceleration exams."
Jong Hyun's face went sad. Suddenly Minho came up and gave him a cup of coffee,
"Hyung, cheer up. If you believe that she will be back, then she will."
Minho's straightforward words and purity touched Jong Hyun and made him smile again.
"Thanks, Minho." he said while he received the cup of coffee.
Ye Seul smiled and said,
"Okay boys, are our 10 minutes up? come on let's go back to work."


Jong Hyun was tidying his stuff and putting it into his bike's luggage at the parking lot near Starbucks, when Min Hyo Rin suddenly showed up.
"Hey Jjong!"
Jong Hyun turned around, "oh Hyo Rin. Hi.."
Hyo Rin smiled and acted annoyingly 'sweet'.
"Seems like you're not in the mood today, what happened?"
Jong Hyun continued loading his stuff, "No, it's okay.."
Hyo Rin felt annoyed being ignored, she then walked close to Jong Hyun.
"Seems like Big Bang is having fun there in Indonesia."
Jong Hyun stopped and stared at Hyo Rin,
"What's your purpose bringing up that topic?"
Hyo Rin smiled, "Jjong, the news are spread everywhere. Now people already know that there's a scandal between one of a member with.. Min Sun."

Jong Hyun started to feel pissed off. "You mean Seung Ri?"
"Ah yes.." Hyo Rin snapped her hand, "That magnae."
Jong Hyun didn't say a word.
Hyo Rin had enough of being ignored. She pulled out a few of photos from her bag.
"Here, take a look at it." she lend the photos to Jong Hyun.
Jong Hyun grabbed the photo and he was surprisingly shocked when he saw who were in the photos. It was Min Sun and Seung Ri's photos when they were at the zoo.
"See?" Hyo Rin smiled, "They are getting closer. No wonder Seung Ri personally asked Mr. Yang Goon to take Min Sun to their tour as well. Probably he wanted to have another date with Min Sun.."
Jong Hyun looked at Hyo Rin in anger, he didn't say anything but he threw the photos to Hyo Rin's face. Then he quickly hopped on his bike and blast off away from the place.
Hyo Rin smiled in evil, "ckck.. poor Jjong. Min Sun is not worth of him."
Hyo Rin walked away while holding the scandalic photos.

Meanwhile, Key, who watched the whole scene when he was about to go home from Starbucks, just stared at Hyo Rin and watch her walk away.


Jong Hyun ride his bike in full speed, it was 9pm and the streets were all empty. Jong Hyun's head were full of Minnie and Seung Ri. Minnie.. Seung Ri..
suddenly the traffic light changed to red and he pushed his breaks immediately.
A few cars passed by. While waiting for the light to change green, he saw a big flat television on a building. The TV was showing a gossip show, where unfortunately it was an episode about Seung Ri and Min Sun in Indonesia.

"Big Bang who just left for Jakarta 6 days ago are having a great time debuting there. Especially their magnae, Seung Ri. Seung Ri is often seen walking with a girl who is known to be his girlfriend. This girl is also an Indonesian, she helped Big Bang with their schedules and concerts. And it seems that Seung Ri has his own pleasure hanging out with his girl."

While the MC was talking, videos that were taken by fancams were showed. There was Seung Ri holding Min Sun's hand with Big Bang following behind, walking through the crowds. Min Sun's face looked so delighted and seems so happy.

The traffic light turned green, Jong Hyun who was still watching, was shocked by a car's horn behind him. He then started to drive again, now, in more speed. He was just told by Minho and Ye Seul to believe in Min Sun and wait until she comes back. But now, after seeing Hyo Rin's photos and seeing the entertainment TV show, he got more pissed off. His eyes went red and he was trying hard not to shed tears, he gain more full speed until suddenly..

a silver car showed up at the corner, Jong Hyun who was in full speed didn't have time to push the breaks. he tried to avoid the car by turning left.. and he crashed the road divider. His body was thrown off his bike and his head hit the road.
The guy in the silver car quickly went out and ran to see Jong Hyun. He was unconscious. There was blood everywhere. Jong Hyun's head was still wearing a helmet, but it seems to got hit badly so his head was injured too. The guy quickly shouted for help and called the ambulance.


"Akh~..", Min Sun held her head,
Seung Ri who was sitting beside her then asked, "You okay, Min Sun?"
Min Sun forced a smile, "It's okay, just a small headache."

The YG family were having dinner at Hotel Shangri La. They will be back to Korea in two days after they successfully rocked Jakarta with their 2 night concert.

Hye Gyo was eating heavenly delicious food, then she offered Min Sun some,
"Min Sun you should eat this, extremely delicious!", Hye Gyo held her spoon forward to Min Sun's mouth. Min Sun smiled and opened her mouth.
"Yummy, right? Want some more?" asked Hye Gyo.
Min Sun felt dizzy and queasy, "No thanks.. it's enough."
Seung Ri looked at Min Sun, "are you okay? you haven't eat much tonight."
"Gwenchana, just a normal headache." she said.
She looked along the table and all the traditional Indonesian food. The YG family were all anxious and ate the food happily.

30 minutes later, the YG family were about to get back to each of their rooms. Then there was an acquaintance of Mr. Yang Goon that greeted them near the lobby. Big Bang and other YG members then had a chit chat there. Min Sun had low tenses for her blood, so she couldn't stand up for a long time, in addition, she had a headache and she still felt queasy.
She felt more dizzy seeing all the YG people talking in the crowd. Min Sun walked up to Seung Ri and touched his shoulder to call him and tell him that she can't stand no more.
"Seung Ri.."
Seung Ri didn't answer, he was still talking with others. Min Sun's visions were slowly turning back, she touched Seung Ri again.
"Seung Ri.. Seung.. Ri.."

Min Sun suddenly fell down while holding Seung Ri's shoulder. It made him fell down as well and he spontaneously get hold of Min Sun. She fainted.

"Oh my God, Min Sun! Min Sun, wake up!"

The crowd suddenly surrounded Min Sun and Seung Ri on the floor, a few of them gave some aromatherapy oil and put it in front of Min Sun's nose.
"What happened?" asked Hye Gyo, "Oh.. Min Sun!"
Hye Gyo went down to the floor and held Min Sun's hand, while Seung Ri was still holding Min Sun's body.
Hye Gyo slowly massaged Min Sun's hands, since it was so cold and pale as if no blood was running there. Then 2ne1's CL held some Vicks in front of Min Sun's nose, and she applied some to under Min Sun's nose.
Seung Ri talked to Min Sun's ears softly,
"Min Sun, can you hear me? Are you awake?"
Min Sun slowly opened her eyes and saw crowd gathering around her. then she suddenly threw up to Seung Ri's jacket.
Seung Ri shouted out for a tissue, and instead of wiping his clothes, he gently wiped Min Sun's chin and cheeks. Then other Big Bang members helped Seung Ri clean his jacket.
"Min Sun, are you awake already? can you hear me?" asked Seung Ri again.
Min Sun nod her head weakly.
"Can you stand up?" asked CL.
Min Sun nod and started to stand up while Seung Ri, Hye Gyo and CL helped her.

"Seung Ri, take Min Sun to her room, she should rest. I bet she's too tired accompanying us all the way.." said Mr. Yang Goon.
"Yes, i will." answered Seung Ri.
Min Sun bowed to Mr. YG, and walked to the elevator. CL and Hye Gyo helped her walk, while Seung Ri and other 2ne1 members followed behind.

as they all arrived at Min Sun and Hye Gyo's room, the girls all went inside while Seung Ri was told to wait at his own room.
"You sure you're okay?" asked Seung Ri,
"Yes. I'll give a call to your room if there's anything.." said Min Sun.
Hye Gyo and CL were still holding Min Sun, while Minzy, Bom and Dara were busy making Min Sun's bed. Hye Gyo was about to close the door when Seung Ri then slowly pushed it and kept hold of it, Hye Gyo raised her eyebrows,
"is there anything?" asked Hye Gyo.
Seung Ri kept silent for a while, then he said,
"Min Sun, i'm sorry. Sorry i didn't respond when you were calling me back then."
Min Sun made a weak smile. "It's ok. Sorry about your jacket too.. Good night, Seung Ri."
Hye Gyo shut the door.

Min Sun walked to her bed. Bom helped her lay down and Minzy tucked Min Sun in, while Dara made a cup of hot tea for Min Sun.
"Unnie.. gomawo yo, for giving me such an attention."
CL smiled, "We are the ones who should thank you. We had a great time traveling Jakarta for almost a week, without knowing that your condition is not well, we are so sorry."
Min Sun smiled and CL brushed Min Sun's hair. Dara came up to her while holding a hot cup of tea,
"Min Sun, you should drink this. It will make you feel better."
Hye Gyo took the cup from Dara and handed it to Min Sun. She took a sip of it and then put it on the side table.
"Are you feeling better?" asked Bom.
"Not bad. Thanks unnie." said Min Sun, Bom gave a sweet smile.

then Minzy spoke up,
"Min Sun unnie, is there anything that bothers your mind? that made you feel ill like this?"
Min Sun took a deep breath.
"I don't know.." she said, "..I just felt a headache since this afternoon. Then when we all started eating, i felt queasy and i felt like throwing up. when Hye Gyo served me food, i only ate a bit coz my stomach wouldn't accept it. Then, when we were about to leave and we mat Mr. Yang Goon's friends, i couldn't take it anymore. I called Seung Ri but he didn't answer. Then all that i can remember was seeing black for a while, then seeing the whole crowd surrounding me."
"Oh, poor you.." said Bom while massaging Min Sun's hands.
"Do you still feel dizzy, Min Sun?" asked Hye Gyo.
Min Sun nod, then Hye Gyo offered to give Min Sun's head a special massage.
"Just to make the blood circulates well." said Hye Gyo.

While being massaged, Min Sun was thinking hard. Why is she feeling strange? Why does she feel that something bad is happening to someone... somewhere.. but, who?


Key picked up his phone and heard an unrecognized voice. It was one of the doctor at the hospital, in fact, it was the doctor that once took care of Min Sun.
The doctor informed Key that Jong Hyun had just had an accident. Key was shocked and instantly drive his car to the hospital.

When he arrived, he ask to information center about a patient named Kim Jong Hyun. After being told that Jong Hyun was in room 804, he rushed through the corridors and try to find the room.
Key arrived at room 804 just when the doctor went out of the room. The nurse left first, "Dr. Lee, i'll take my leave."
The pretty doctor nod and looked at Key. Key walked towards her and asked,
"Dr. Lee, how is he? what happened?"

"Jong Hyun was taken here by a guy who called the ambulance. according to his views, he said that Jong Hyun was riding his bike in full speed and he was shocked when he saw the guy coming up with his car. Jong Hyun was too panic to hit the brakes, so he instead turned his bike and hit the road divider. His body was thrown to the road and he hit his head. His hands were injured, in fact he broke his left arm, and he also had a few bruises on his leg. And about his head, lucky he was wearing a helmet so it just got hit a bit and it made a little wound on his forehead."

Key bent down his head. He was too shocked to hear the news.
"Ok then, I will take my leave. Make sure you visit him in another 45 minutes, he still have to rest."
"Thank you, doctor." Key bowed as the doctor walked away. Key then walked to the chairs in front of Jong Hyun's room. He sat there and dialed his friends about Jong Hyun's condition. and in a few minutes, Minho, Taemin, Onew, Ye Seul and Ha Neul arrived at the hospital.


The next day, YG family were packing themselves to go back to Seoul, when suddenly Min Sun's handphone rang.

"Yobo.. i mean.. hello?"
"Min Sun !"
"Ha Neul?"

Ha Neul's voice sounded panic, Min Sun instantly became worried,

"Min Sun, are you okay there? Sorry bothering your business.."
"It's okay, Ha Neul. What's wrong? You sound in panic.."

Ha Neul kept quiet for a second,

"Ha Neul?"
"Yes? Oh sorry Min Sun, i had to call you to tell you this.. uhm.. promise me you'll be okay?"
"Yes Ha Neul! I promise, what is it?"
"Jong Hyun.. he.. he had an accident.."

Min Sun covered her mouth, Hye Gyo who was busy packing looked at Min Sun an wondered what was happening.

"Min Sun, calm down.. he had an accident last night when he was riding his bike.."
"Is he okay?" asked Min Sun, now she's the one who sounded in panic.
"His condition is.. not that bad, but.."
"but what?!"
"He hit his head and broke his left arm."

Min Sun fell down sitting on her bed, Hye Gyo asked what's wrong but Min Sun ignored.

"Min Sun?" asked Ha Neul,
"Yes.. Ha Neul I'll.. I'll call you later okay? Thank you for the info."
"Okay Min Sun, take care."

Min Sun shut her phone and laid back on her bed while holding her head.

"Min Sun? What's wrong?" asked Hye Gyo.
Min Sun then stood up and started packing her stuffs,
"Why are you packing?" asked Hye Gyo again.

"I'm going back to Seoul with you guys today."

To be continued...

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

A Future Story part 27

"Where are we going now?" asked Min Sun,
Seung Ri concentrated driving, but he still answered Min Sun's question,
"Where do you wanna go?"
Min Sun made a blow face. "Heeey~ i asked first, why did you ask back?"
Seung Ri smiled, "Well, i asked you out to take you somewhere you wanna go."
Min Sun took a few seconds to decide.
"Ah~ Zoo !"
Seung Ri looked at Min Sun, he smiled, then he turned his car to the right at the traffic light's corner.

and the stalker guy? following behind with his bike.


when Min Sun and Seung Ri arrived at the zoo, Min Sun instantly went out of the car and bought the tickets at the locket,
"Here, two tickets!" said Min Sun, smiling while walking towards Seung Ri who just parked the car.
"Wow, you move fast. Come on let's go in."
Seung Ri wore sunglasses and a cap so people wont recognize him, and Min Sun wore casual clothes to suit him.

They went inside and walked around the various cages, Seung Ri took a photo of Min Sun beside the grizzly bear's cage with his digicam, and Min Sun took a picture of Seung Ri beside the dolphin aquarium.
Unfortunately, time went by so quickly, and it was lunch time already.
"Min Sun, are you hungry yet?" asked Seung Ri.
Min Sun held her stomach, she could feel it rumbling.
"Ahaha, yea."
"Come on let's find something to eat.."
Seung Ri walked beside Min Sun and held her shoulder signing to start walk,
and at that very time, someone wearing black took a picture of them. the stalker had took various pictures of Min Sun and Seung Ri, with the positions as if they were couples.

the stalker walked towards a fair young lady and asked,
"Miss, are these photos good enough?"
the stalker used a polaroid camera, the lady answered,
"This one is good. Keep following them and take some more scandal-ish photos."


"I'll have the same with him.." said Min Sun to a waitress at the restaurant.
They finally found a small elegant restaurant in the middle of the zoo, the architecture was jungle-ish, green and bamboo everywhere, even the background music sounds like in a jungle.

"So, how's your college? have you accelerated it?" asked Seung Ri.
"Uhm, yep. Now i only work one day at Starbucks, only Tuesdays."
"You still can work? i thought you were gonna quit.."
Min Sun smiled, "I can't bear seeing Key's face if i quit so early.."
they both laughed, and again the stalker took photos of them.

not long after they had a chat, mealtime ! their lunch arrived and they ate happily, still chatting about Big Bang's tour.
"Jakarta is crowded?" asked Seung Ri.
"VERY. That's why i couldn't take it and i moved here. Well, not technically move but.. just took college here." said Min Sun.
"Oooh, when we get to Jakarta, can i meet your parents?"
Min Sun choked on her food, Seung Ri hurriedly get a drink for her,
"Aigoo~ Min Sun.."
Min Sun took a sip of her drink, and then she put it back. A few drops of water ran down her cheek, Seung Ri took his napkin and stretched his hands towards Min Sun's face,
"Min Sun, sorry. May I.."
Min Sun moved her head forward, trying to hear what Seung Ri is going to say, but then Seung Ri wiped her cheek.
the stalker took another photo of them.
Min Sun made a surprised face, she suddenly went shy and continued to wipe her cheek.
"Ahaha, you drink to vigorously just then.." said Seung Ri.
Min Sun just smiled, "Yes, i know. Hehe, thank you Seung Ri."

after lunch, they both continued traveling around the zoo. at the end, they even bought some souvenirs, Seung Ri gave Min Sun a cute little panda doll.
"Remember me when you play with this panda!" he said,
"Of course~, his black spot around his eyes kinda look like yours."
Seung Ri made a sad little boy face, but then the both of them laughed.
and yes, the stalker was still taking pictures.


3 months later..

Min Sun was busy serving the customers at Starbucks, it was her last day there. She decided to quit working one month before her departure to Jakarta.
when she was looking around to find customers who need help, Key came up to her and asked,
"So.. your last day, huh?"
Min Sun looked at Key and smiled, "Yep. My last day."
Key's eyes suddenly went wet and his face turned solemn,
"Whoa whoa whoa, Key, uhm may i call you Key on my last day? Haha~ how come you're like going to cry?" asked Min Sun.
Key wiped his eyes even though tears weren't running down his face,
"It's just that.. i will miss you so much Min Sun. There won't be another waitress like you.. uhu.."
instead of being touched, Min Sun burst out laughing,
"Hahahahaha, omo omo mianhae Key. You're just so cute being sad. Hehe, ok listen. This is my last day, my shift will finish in an hour, and then let's have a coffe break outdoors ! You pay for the drink, ok?"
Key nod his head. Then he kept quiet and went thinking for a while, then he said,
"WHAAAAAT~? me paying your drink? hey~ you little..", Key pushed Min Sun's head softly, " your last day you still ask for treats!"
Min Sun just laughed hardly and walked away to get the order at table number 13.
"Damn i'm gonna miss her," said Key, "and Jong Hyun hasn't even told his feelings to her yet.."

Min Sun walked to table 13,
"May i help you, Sir?"
the guy at table 13 was looking outside, when Min Sun called him, he startled and looked at her, he took of his sunglasses,
Min Sun was shocked, she covered her mouth with her hand,
"omo, Jong Hyun.."
"What the .. what are you doing? waitress? that.. uniform?"
Min Sun tried to calm him down,
"Ssssht~ shut up and I'll tell you later! Now give me your orders."


Key was talking at one of the outdoor tables when Min Sun walked towards them, already in her casual clothes.
"Shall i explain or.. Key already told you?" asked Min Sun.
Jong Hyun made this sharp look to Min Sun.
"Why didn't you tell me? Oh, so this is the reason you wanna come with me every Tuesdays and Thursdays.."
Min Sun sighed and sat beside Jong Hyun,
"Jong Hyun, i didn't tell you coz i knew you won't let me work here.."
Jong Hyun continued to ask, "Why do you wanna work?"
"Coz.." Min Sun stopped and looked at Key, Key's eyes were telling her to say truth,
"I envy you. honestly.."
Jong Hyun raised his eyebrow, "envy?"
"i just wanna earn my own money too, bro. Key already told you so, no more asking, ok?"
Jong Hyun remained silent.
Key felt awkward and he tried to cheer up the atmosphere,
"Hey hey that's enough. Jong Hyun, this is Min Sun's last day here, i don't want you to ruin her last day. uhu~.."
Key went melancholic again, and it made Jong Hyun and Min Sun burst out laughing. at the end, Key really treated the three of them to drink. and Min Sun reminded Key not to tell Jong Hyun about her one-month-more departure to Jakarta.

when they finished their coffee break, Key went back to Starbucks to continue his work, Min Sun said farewell to Key just in case that she won't have time to visit Starbucks again. then, Min Sun hopped on Jong Hyun's bike.
"Here.." Jong Hyun lend a helmet to Min Sun,
"Jjongie.." called Min Sun,
"mwo? .. MWO?? JJONGIE?" Jong Hyun's face instantly turned excited,
"aaargh shut up i haven't finished talking!"
"Oh, ne.. mian."
"Would you help me with my essays when we get home?" asked Min Sun,
"Essay? you were assigned to write an essay in hangul, right?"
"Yeah.." Min Sun made a puppy face.
Jong Hyun smiled, "Ok ok i'll help you, amu gotdo aniya.. But why did you suddenly called me 'Jjongie'?"
"To match Minnie." Min Sun said instantly and straightforward. "Now come on ride us home.."
Jong Hyun smiled while turning the engine on, then he drove them both back home.


"Auntie, Uncle, Lee Jae, we're home~ !"
Min Sun scattered to the dining room and she found all the family members already gathering for dinner.
"Ah, Min Sun. Come, join us dinner! Where's Jong Hyun?" asked Mrs. Kim,
"In his room, changing." answered Min Sun while she sat beside Mrs. Kim.

a few minutes later Jong Hyun came to the dining room, then the Kims all had dinner. after dinner, Min Sun went straight to her room, she excused not to do the dishes because she had some essays to do.
She left her door wide open, then she sat at her desk and snuck in to her laptop.

"Knock knock.."

Min Sun looked at the door, it was Jong Hyun.
"Jjongie ^^, come come~" she told Jong Hyun to come in, but leave the door open.
"Hehe, it feels good hearing you calling me Jjongie. Ahahaha~~"
Min Sun laughed,
"Hey ! concentrate, you wanna help me or not?"
"ok ok, but.. what's with all these essays?" asked Jong Hyun,
"i accelerated my college." said Min Sun, it took 3 seconds for her to realize that she spoiled her acceleration program. "oops~" she whispered..
"accelerate? we?" asked Jong Hyun,
"because.." she tried to figure out an answer, "i just want to ^^"
Jong Hyun looked at Min Sun, his eyes were full of doubt.
"I'll explain later.." she said, "come on, help me!"

45 minutes later~

"aaaah~ this is confusing.. hangul is complicateeed T_T" sighed Min Sun,
"Hahaha i already teach you and you're still confused? Babo, hahaha", Jong Hyun pushed Min Sun's head.
Min Sun continued to write a few more sentences, then she dropped her pen to her desk and said, "YEAH~ finally i'm done. Thank youu Jjongie !"
Jong Hyun smiled happily, "You're welcome, Minnie !"
Min Sun tidied up her things on the desk, she kept sitting on her chair while Jong Hyun sat on her bed.
"Jjongie.." called Min Sun,
"Hm?" answered Jong Hyun..
"You know why i accelerated college?"
Jong Hyun who was laying down then woke up and kept sitting on the bed,
"No, why?"
Min Sun took a deep breath. It's time for Jong Hyun to know, she thought.
"Because.. I'll be leaving to Jakarta, one month from now."
Jong Hyun looked deep into Min Sun's eyes, "You're kidding, right?"
Min Sun shook her head, her face turned sad.
"For what?" asked Jong Hyun,
"Uhm, Mr. Yang Goon from YG entertainment asked me if i could accompany Big Bang for their tour to Indonesia, since they will be performing in my hometown."
Jong Hyun made a thinking face.

Big Bang? Tour? Indonesia? wait.. with Seung Ri too? oh damn~ I.. no.. i should remember what Ye Seul said, try not to be jealous in front of her..

"Jjongiee~?" Min Sun waved in front of his eyes.
"Ah, yes. Sorry i was just.. thinking." he said.
Min Sun made a puppy face, "are you mad at me?"
Jong Hyun laughed looking at Min Sun's expressions, how can he be jealous if she acts like this.
"No, i'm not angry. Hahaha" he pat Min Sun's head, then he continued to ask, "You'll be back here, right?"
Min Sun turned sad again, "That's the point. If i can finish my college fast, i won't be back. But if i can't graduate next month, then i have to be back."
"Well then don't graduate then next month. Hehe" said Jong Hyun in a teasing tone.
"How can i control my graduation? Well.. what will happen if i don't come back?"
Jong Hyun went silent.
"My family are sure waiting for me there. And i don't know, if i could come back.."
"I'll miss you." said Jong Hyun, cutting Min Sun's sentence.
"What?" asked Min Sun, she didn't hear it clearly coz she was still talking,
"Uh.. We'll miss you," answered Jong Hyun, correcting his speech.
Min Sun acted like a sad puppy again.
"Aaaw~ that one sentence made me don't wanna go home to Jakarta."
Jong Hyun smiled,
"Here, let me hug you" said Min Sun.
Jong Hyun was shocked, he mouthed the word 'what?' as Min Sun stood up and walked towards him. Jong Hyun didn't move and didn't know what to do. Min Sun got closer and closer but then suddenly she hopped on to her bed and cuddled her panda that she got from Seung Ri.
Jong Hyun was confused, should he be relieved or be angry coz Min Sun actually wanted to hug her teddy panda. He looked at Min Sun.
"What?" asked Min Sun, "Wanna hug him too?" she lend her panda to Jong Hyun.
Jong Hyun laughed and grabbed the little panda.

"You lucky one.." he said in his heart.


So then, Jong Hyun tried his best not to show Min Sun his 'not willing' face. It was actually hard for him to let her go, especially when he knew that Big Bang will come along too. He even once asked Min Sun,

"Can i come along with you to Jakarta?"
"Ah~ no no no, what will happen to your modeling career? you should stay. Ye Seul will be sad if she lost a model like you. You must stay!"

in the end, Jong Hyun obeyed Min Sun once again and decided to stay as she told him. He kinda feels like a dog. Obeying his owner to keep still and stay. Well, he appreciated Min Sun and the one-month-until-Min Sun-goes-to-Jakarta went well. Jong Hyun took Min Sun around to hunt photos, they even went to Gyeongbok Palace (again for Min Sun) and took photos of the scenery there.

Min Sun gave her last assignment -the essay- to her lecturer, and it was a big success. The lecturer gave her a special test to accelerate and graduate more earlier than others. Unfortunately, Min Sun didn't past the test, so she had to return to Seoul once she is done in Jakarta. But she kept it as a secret.

And 3 days before her departure to Jakarta, she went to Starbucks. Key held up a farewell party for Min Sun. There were Jong Hyun, Minho, Taemin, Onew, Ha Neul and Ye Seul there. They had a great time and Ha Neul wasn't willing for Min Sun to go back, since they just met again for a long time. So did Ye Seul. The party went fun and also sad at the same time.


the days went by so quickly, until it was time for Min Sun to leave. The Kims, Ye Seul, Ha Neul, Taemin, Minho, Key, Onew and Jong Hyun all gathered at the airport to say farewell to Min Sun. While Hye Gyo and Big Bang, also other YG crews, were already inside the waiting room.

"Noona, take care~ !" said Taemin.
"I will, BUT I'M NOT YOUR NOONA!" said Min Sun,
Taemin just smiled sweetly and laughed, he kept calling Min Sun his noona coz he thinks her looks are perfect for a noona.

"Ya! take care Min Sun. and don't work at other Starbucks except my cafe !" shouted Key.
"Hahaha of course, Mr. Kim Kibum ^^" smiled Min Sun.

"Min Sun are you sure you still wanna leave? we will miss you.." said Ha Neul.
"Yeah, you'll miss us too there, believe me." said Ye Seul in over confidence.
"Hahaha, i sure will miss you girls, i'll contact you. Just keep checking your facebook, okay?" Min Sun walked towards the two girls and gave them a hug.

Mrs. Kim walked up to Min Sun,
"Min Sun darling, take care. Don't forget to visit us again, and say hello to your family, we - the Kims - loved to have you at home."
She hugged Min Sun warmly as if Min Sun was her own daughter.
"Thank you auntie.. I'll pass your message to my fam." said Min Sun.
She shake hands with Mr. Kim, and hugged Lee Jae as well.
"I'll miss you, unnie." said Lee Jae, Min Sun just smiled and hugged her again.

When Min Sun came up to Jong Hyun, he walked towards her and stretched his arms to his side,
"Can i get a hug too?" he asked with a cute face.
the airport suddenly went wild with Ye Seul, Ha Neul, and the other 4 guys shouting.
"Cieeeeeee!" shouted Ye Seul and Ha Neul,
"Aaah hyung is more brave now!" shouted Taemin.
"When can i get a girlfriend too?" asked Onew.
then everybody went silent. All eyes were on Onew. He looked around and said..
then everybody started laughing again, knowing that he had done his Onew condition again.
Min Sun looked back at Jong Hyun, and punched his chest softly.
"No hugs for you." said Min Sun, and she winked at him. Jong Hyun just smiled.

"Ok, moduda~.. I'm leaving, take care all, bye bye!"
Min Sun started to walk and waved back at the crowd. They all waved back and started to leave one by one. First, Taemin walked away with Ha Neul, then Ye Seul with Minho and Onew, Key with the Kims.. except Jong Hyun. He still stood there watching Min Sun walking further and further, then he whispered..

"Gaji mara, hyeya.."

Surprisingly, Min Sun stopped and turned her back, Jong Hyun suddenly went nervous.
"Jjongie?" asked Min Sun,
"Did you just say something?"
Jong Hyun was amazed and confused at the same time, did Min Sun hear him whisper?
"No, haha i just whispered.. uhmm.. take care! Yea, take care. Bye, Minnie!"
Jong Hyun smiled and waved while he turned around to catch up with his friends.

Min Sun smiled and then continued to walk to the waiting room, where the YG family are waiting for her.

I am sure he whispered something.. But it's not 'take care'.. what is it?

To be continued...

Sunday, 5 July 2009

A Future Story part 26

Seung Ri pat Min Sun's head and then he entered his car, Min Sun waved as Seung Ri left her house. She turned back and found Jong Hyun at the door.
Min Sun stopped her steps when she saw Jong Hyun. Her face instantly became bored.
Jong Hyun didn't know what to do, he didn't even say something. Then, he spontaneously gave Min Sun a warm hug, and he said..

"Minnie, mianhae~"

Min Sun knew that what she is doing is wrong. No guy should hug her, but she felt warm, and for the first time in her life, she didn't struggle to get free from that hug.
"For what?" she asked, while staying still and trying hard not to blush.
"The photoshoot.." said Jong Hyun, still hugging Min Sun.
Min Sun then pushed Jong Hyun slowly away from her.
"You don't have to be sorry. There's no need to apologize." she said.
Then she walked inside, she took a few steps and then she turned around again to see Jong Hyun, and said, "Uh.. you shouldn't hug me like that, it's.."
Jong Hyun continued Min Sun's speech, "Forbidden, i know.. uh.. sorry again."
He scratched his head and felt embarrassed. While Min Sun just smiled at him and walked back inside.

meanwhile, the person who was spying on Seung Ri and Min Sun, was still there and that person walked away after seeing Jong Hyun and Min Sun's hug scene.


A week went by and it was Tuesday again,
Min Sun was still in college, she was packing her stuff when her handphone rang.
"Min Sun, you're have a shift at Starbucks today, right?"
"Seung Ri ! Uhm, yeah.. Why?"
"Can i pick you up and drop you there? Hye Gyo and Mr. YG are coming again, to talk further about Big Bang's tour to Indonesia."

Min Sun kept silent for a while, wondering if Jong Hyun will pick her up too.

"Min Sun?" asked Seung Ri,
"Ah yes, of course you can. And did you just say that Hye Gyo will be coming too? Yay~ !!"
Seung Ri laughed over the phone.
"Okay, you're done now? I'll be there in.. 10 minutes."
"Ok~ !"
Min Sun shut her phone. She quickly packed her stationary, she said bye bye to her friends and rushed out to the gate.

Seung Ri came exactly when Min Sun arrived at the gate, Seung Ri was wearing sunglasses, to make sure that fangirls wouldn't freak out and come running and surrounding his car. Min Sun opened the door by herself and entered Seung Ri's car, she bowed a bit and said hello. Then Seung Ri drove away from the university.

Jong Hyun came riding his bike just when Min Sun was about to enter Seung Ri's car. He flipped his helmet and was about to call Min Sun, but it was too late. Min Sun was already in the car. Jong Hyun then just ride his bike straight to the agency, while complaining to himself.


"What? You HUGGED her?"
Ye Seul freaked out when Jong Hyun told her the whole story from Min Sun seeing Jong Hyun's photoshoot, until the hugging scene.
"Sssssht~ can't you scream more louder?" said Jong Hyun,
"But, Min Sun.. hug.. you know you can't do that. Even me, her bestie, haven't hug her ever! Damn you Jong Hyuuuuuuun~"
Ye Seul's hands were willing to hit Jong Hyun or at least give him a pinch.
Jong Hyun scratched his head unreasonably,
"Well, i just felt guilty and.. i thought a hug will do.."
"Yeah i hug will certainly do, but you can hug your umma instead! Oh Jong Hyun.."
Ye Seul shook her head. She played with the mascara in her hand while giving Jong Hyun a make up.

"So, what should i do now?" asked Jong Hyun.
Ye Seul stopped eyelining Jong Hyun's eyes.
"What should you do now? Don't ask me. It's your problem, you should figure it out yourself !"
"well at least won't you try to help me?! We've made a deal, remember??"
"Sssssssssht~ !", Minho who was beside Ye Seul and Jong Hyun suddenly shushed them both. Ye Seul and Jong Hyun's voice were beyond loud and it was disturbing Minho who was reading his book, he was done with his make up.
"Mian.." said Ye Seul and Jong Hyun to Minho.
"Aren't we gonna start the photoshoot?" asked Minho.
Ye Seul nodded and finished make up-ing Jong Hyun.
"I'll give you the solution when we're done", she said.


"Min Sun, give this to table number 7.."
Key commanded Min Sun to deliver the beverage that table 7 ordered, she quickly grabbed her tray and took the mint ice tea to that table. Key was supervising his cafe, he even helped placing the orders. His cafe was crowded that afternoon.

As Min Sun was delivering the orders, someone called her from table 10.
"Min Sun, darl~ ^^"
Min Sun wrinkled her eyebrows, she turned around and found Hye Gyo standing near table 10, while Seung Ri and Mr. YG were sitting next to her.
"Hye Gyo~ !"
Min Sun walked to her and gave her a hug, she also bowed to Mr. YG.
"You have arrived? Ok, let me take your orders.."
Hye Gyo and her uncle ordered the same drink, while Seung Ri hasn't finished his, so he didn't order anymore. Min Sun went back to the counter and placed the orders.

Key came towards Min Sun and asked, "The YG family again?"
Min Sun smiled and nod, "Yep, they're here to talk about Big Bang's tour to Indonesia."
"Your country?" asked Key again.
"Ne.." said Min Sun, then she asked for permission to deliver orders again,
"Oh, one more thing Mr. Key.. I have to accelerate my college so, is it okay if i just work on Tuesdays?"
"What? Accelerate? Why?", seems like Key is asking too much.
"Yes, i must finish college in 4 months, i promised to come to Indonesia and help Big Bang with their tour. So i must focus on my college.." explained Min Sun.
"So, you're going home? Are you coming back?"
Min Sun kept silent for a while, she made a thinking face and said..
"Well, it depends. If i fail graduating fast, i must come back. But if i'm able to finish my college, i think i won't be coming back."
Now it's Key's turn to kept silent. Key was thinking, should he tell Jong Hyun about this? Or just let him know by himself? Then Min Sun's voice ends up his thoughts,
"I will miss you, Key ^^" Min Sun smiled.
Key suddenly went melancholic, his eyes were wet and to hide it, he gave Min Sun another command,
"Oh Min Sun stop talking rubbish. Yes you can work on Tuesdays only but your salary will be cut to, ok? Now take these orders to their tables."
Key wiped his eyes and moved his hands to tell Min Sun to go away, Min Sun just laughed and bowed again, then she took the orders to the tables.

When Min Sun finished her shift, she asked Key to come with her and talk with the YG family. Key agreed and he followed Min Sun to table 10.
Min Sun bowed to Mr. YG and introduced Key,
"Mr. YG, this is Kim Kibum, he is Starbucks manager, as well as my boss."
Key gave a formal smile and shake hands with Mr. YG,
"It's an honor to meet you, Mr. YG" said Key,
"My pleasure, it seems your age is very young for a manager, are you as old as Min Sun?" asked Mr. YG,
"Ah, aniyo.. I'm 2 years older than her, thank you for the compliment, Sir."
Key suddenly went shy and it made Seung Ri and Min Sun laugh a bit, it's so rare to see Key in this formal condition.

Then, the four of them had a great chit chat. Key asked about Big Bang's tour to Min Sun's hometown, Mr. YG asked for Key's permission, Key being melancholic again, and so on. While Mr. YG and Key were having a talk, Min Sun and Hye Gyo were lost in their own world. The two girls were sharing their stories, while Seung Ri was busy hotspotting.


Ye Seul commanded her assistant to get the next outfits for Jong Hyun and Minho. Ye Seul then walked to Jong Hyun while holding her camera, Jong Hyun asked before Ye Seul could even open her mouth,
"You got the solution for me?" asked Jong Hyun.
Ye Seul rolled her eyes, "Who says i'm walking to you to tell you the solution? You got something there.."
Ye Seul pointed to Jong Hyun's right eyebrow. Jong Hyun felt embarrassed and wiped the 'something' that Ye Seul said.

"Oh seriously, have you figured out something i should do? about Minnie?" he asked.
Ye Seul was busy wiping her camera's lenses, but she kept listening to Jong Hyun,
"Yeah, i figured it out."
Jong Hyun got excited, "Really? What is it??"
"Don't be jealous if she goes out with Seung Ri."
Jong Hyun's face went furious, "What?!"
Ye Seul looked at him,
"Whoa whoa chill man. As i said, don't get jealous."
"Yeah but how am i supposed to hide my jealousy?" Jong Hyun rolled his eyes.
"It's easy.." Ye Seul continued wiping her camera, "just don't look at her when she's with Seung Ri."
"Aaaaargh~" Jong Hyun scratched his head and was wondering if Ye Seul is serious in helping him.
Then Minho suddenly popped in to their conversation,
"Jong Hyun hyung~, if you're trying to figure out a way to apologize or make a girl be happy, just give her a gift."
Jong Hyun looked at Minho, "Gift?"
Minho nodded his head, "Ne. Maybe like a bouquet of flowers or something else."
"No no no, don't you dare give Min Sun flowers." said Ye Seul.
"Min Sun?" asked Minho.
"Oops~" Ye Seul covered her mouth with her hands,
"Argh~ Babo !" said Jong Hyun, then Minho asked Jong Hyun,
"So the girl you were talking about all these times was Min Sun?"
Jong Hyun made a grin, "Hehe, yeah. Uh, sorry i didn't tell you. Key already knows though."
Minho smiled and pat Jong Hyun's shoulder, "Great hyung ! Now that i know, i can help you anytime."
Jong Hyun thanked Minho, then Minho was called to change outfits, Jong Hyun was still waiting for his, and he asked Ye Seul again,
"What's with the flowers? Minnie doesn't like flowers?"
Ye Seul went busy with her camera again, "Yep. She thinks that guys giving flowers to girls is a waste, after all in the end the girls wouldn't find a place to put the flowers. That's why Minnie prefers dolls. Fluffy dolls."
Jong Hyun raised his eyebrows, "you mean, like.. teddy bears?"
Ye Seul snapped her hands, "Exactly ! That's what I'm talking about. Ok, now go change outfits, let's go to the next session."


Key and Min Sun walked Mr. YG, Hye Gyo and Seung Ri to the parking lot. Seung Ri has to drive Hye Gyo and Mr. YG back to their agency,
"Min Sun, mianhae i can't drive you back home.." said Seung Ri.
"Ah, gwenchana. You drive me home to often, i think you should take a break. Hehe~"
Seung Ri pat Min Sun's head (again). Then Key interrupted,
"Ehem~" said Key, imitating a cough. Seung Ri then shake hands with Key and get into his car, Mr. YG followed him in.
Hye Gyo walked up to Min Sun and hugged her,
"Byebye Min Sunnie ^^ we'll meet again. Hwaiting on your college !"
Min Sun hugged Hye Gyo back, "Gomawo chingu~"
Then Hye Gyo went inside Seung Ri's car as well, Min Sun bowed and said bye bye, so did Key. They waved as the car slowly drove away.

"So.." Key started to interrogate Min Sun, "..seems like you've get closer to Seung Ri."
Min Sun went clumsy, "What? uh.. aniyo~ it's just that.. it's because of YG, we often meet to talk about the.. Big Bang's tour."
"Really?" asked Key.
"Yes. I met Seung Ri coz, Hye Gyo invited him to my surprise birthday party.."
"Oh yeah, Jong Hyun told me about that party,"
"Really? what did he say?" asked Min Sun.
Key turned his back to Min Sun, slapped his head, called himself babo, and then he turned to Min Sun again,
"Uh, no nothing. Let's go to his photoshoot. Since Seung Ri can't take you home, you'll go home with Jong Hyun, right?"
"I have no choice." said Min Sun, straightforward.
"Hahaha ok, I'll take you there, i still have a few archives to take care of at Starbucks so.."
"I understand. Haha you kinda look cool being busy. OH~ ! I remember when Mr. YG thought that your age was the same as mine, hahahaha~"
Key blushed like a girl, he was acting dorky,
"Ah~ you. Are you trying to make me raise your salary?"
Min Sun burst out laughing and then they both walked to the agency to find Jong Hyun.


"Min Sun~ !"
Ye Seul ran to Min Sun who just entered the photoshoot room and hugged her.
"Hey girl, how you're doing?" asked Min Sun,
"Typical, snapping my camera here and there. You?"
"Typical too, delivering orders from tables to tables, and being commanded by him." answered Min Sun while pointing to Key, Key just smiled.

Jong Hyun and Minho came towards Min Sun, Ye Seul and Key. Minho quickly asked Key,
"Key can i go home with you? Too tired to take the bus."
"Hahaha of course buddy, but you have to wait for a while. I have to finish my work at Starbucks."
"Ok but give me a free cup of cappucino." said Minho.
The five of them laughed. Ye Seul then asked Key too,
"Can i come with you too?"
"What? You mean, hitchhike with us?" Key asked back.
Ye Seul raised her two fingers, making a peace sign.
"Ok, let's go now, the faster i finish my work, the better." said Key.
"Annyong~ Min Sun !" Ye Seul waved to Min Sun,
Min Sun waved back and watched Key, Ye Seul and Minho walk away, then she turned back to Jong Hyun.
"So, you're done? Let's go home."
Jong Hyun threw his keys to Min Sun, Min Sun spontaneously catch it,
"What?" Min Sun gripped the keys and asked Jong Hyun what about it,
"Wanna try ride it?" asked Jong Hyun.
Min Sun smiled in amaze, "You gotta be kidding me, that bike is like your baby and you don't just let people ride it.."
Jong Hyun smiled back, "It's okay. If it's you, it's okay ^^"
Min Sun's smile became wider, she shrieked softly and ran outside, Jong Hyun smiled and felt relieved, he followed Min Sun behind.


Min Sun took off her helmet and handed it to Jong Hyun,
"Dang~ that was such a fun ! Gomapseumnida~" Min Sun bowed to Jong Hyun.
Jong Hyun held his helmet, "Ah, no need to bow like that. Come on let's get inside, we're almost late for dinner."
Jong Hyun led Min Sun inside the house, Min Sun quickly went inside her room, put her bag, change her clothes, and head for the dining room.
"Auntie, Uncle, Lee Jae ^^"
Min Sun took a seat beside Mrs. Kim, while Jong Hyun sat beside Lee Jae.
"Min Sun, dear. I thought you two would be late for dinner."
Min Sun smiled, "I took full speed as we ride on Jong Hyun's bike."
Mrs. Kim looked confused, "You took full speed?"
"Umma, i lent my bike to her, so she ride us home, not me." explained Jong Hyun.
"Really? Wow, you ride carefully right, Min Sun?" asked Mrs. Kim.
"Of course, auntie ^^"

Then the Kim's all had dinner, Lee Jae shared a story about her school, Mr. Kim told the family about his job, and Mrs. Kim shared about her outing with her ahjumma friends.
After they finished dinner, Min Sun, Lee Jae and Mrs. Kim went to the kitchen to do the dishes.
"Auntie?" called Min Sun,
"Yes dear?"
"Uhm.. in 4 months i'm about to go back to Indonesia.."
Mrs. Kim stopped wiping the dishes, "Back to your hometown? Is there something important or urgent that make you have to go back?"
"Aniyo, it's just that.. YG's owner asked me to help with Big Bang's tour in Indonesia."
"Really?" Mrs. Kim wiped her hands to her apron and hugged Min Sun, "Why that's fabulous, seems like you're meeting famous people lately!"
Lee Jae who kept silent all the time, finally spoke up,
"Unnie.. you're going back? Will you come back to Seoul again?"
Min Sun smiled and pat Lee Jae's head,
"It depends on my college, if i can finish it in 4 months, then there is no reason that i should come back here. But if it's impossible for me to graduate fast, i surely will be back."
"Aaaw~ unnie.." Lee Jae went melancholic just like Key that afternoon. She hugged Min Sun as if Min Sun was her real unnie.
"Uh.. one thing, auntie.. Lee Jae.." said Min Sun,
"Yes dear?" asked Mrs. Kim,
"what is it, unnie?" asked Lee Jae.
"Just make sure that.. Jong Hyun doesn't know about this, until my departure to Jakarta."
"Why is that, Min Sun?" Mrs. Kim asked again,
"It's just that.. if you tell him now, I'm afraid he won't let me go. Hehe~"
Min Sun scratched her head and felt shy for a moment, Mrs. Kim hugged her again and said,
"Ok, darling. Now come on let's finish our dishes and serve the two guys at the living room some dessert. ^^"


Seung Ri was texting on his phone to Min Sun, it's Saturday already. He knows that Jong Hyun has an additional photoshoot on Saturdays, so he was about to take Min Sun for a walk.
They (Min Sun and Seung Ri) both made an appointment to meet at YG's agency. Min Sun went there by the bus, since it's impossible for her to ask Jong Hyun to drop her at YG's. Jong Hyun would immediately refuse.

Min Sun walked close to YG's agency, it looks kinda like the place where Jong Hyun works, but bigger. When she was travelling her eyes around the agency, she found Seung Ri doing a weird pose.

Min Sun burst out laughing while walking towards Seung Ri,
"Ahahahah~ just what the.. what the hell are you doing?" asked Min Sun,
Seung Ri made a sweet smile as usual, then he said
"I'm doing this pose and wearing this neon jacket to make you easy to find me, hehe"
Min Sun laughed again while brushing Seung Ri's hair with her hand,
then Seung Ri led Min Sun to his car, they were about to go to another place.

and the someone who was spying on Seung Ri and Min Sun the night that Jong Hyun hugged Min Sun, was there again. and that person kept taking pictures of Seung Ri and Min Sun, the person also followed them anywhere they go..

To be continued...