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Days With 3ple J {Plot 10}

"Hyung?", Sun Hee stared at Seunghyun, then she looked at Tory.
"You guys know each other??"

Tory stared at Seunghyun. Seunghyun eyes went teary, then Tory walked slowly towards Seunghyun, and hugged him.
"I missed you, bro!"

Sun Hee's mouth was wide open.


The Songs plus Seunghyun arrived at their mansion. Sun Hee kept insisting on carrying Tory's stuff, while making the maids hiding their smile looking at Sun Hee's cute behavior to her beloved oppa. Seunghyun was walking beside Tory, they had an awesome chat together, even forgetting that Sun Hee was there too.

"What do we have for dinner tonight?" asked Sun Hee to Song's personal chef.
"As you ordered yesterday, Young Lady. Young Master Tory's favorite dish."
Sun Hee smiled, "Lobster thermidor? Great! the dessert?"
The chef looked around to his assistants.
"Haven't prepared yet?" asked Sun Hee, crossing her arms.
"We have no idea, Young Lady.."

Sun Hee walked outside to find Seunghyun. She saw him and Tory STILL chatting seriously at the study room, Tory was already in front of his computer.
Sun Hee called Seunghyun but he didn't notice. So did Tory.
Seunghyun startled and looked to the door where Sun Hee was leaning on.
"Ah! Yes, Sun Hee?"
"Do you like chocolate melt?"
Seunghyun's face was puzzled. He looked at Tory and Tory lifted his shoulders.
"I'll take that as a yes." said Sun Hee, then she awkwardly walked back to the kitchen.
Seunghyun giggled, "Is she always like that?", he asked to Tory.
"Yep~! Uri dongsaeng ^^"

Sun Hee walked back to the kitchen and saw her chef again.
"Chocolate melt, please! Oh and double the ice cream scoops ^^"
"We certainly will, Young Lady." said the chef, he bowed, and was followed by the other chefs.
Suddenly her handphone vibrated.

From : Jonghunnie Sunbae~
Message : Hey Princess! how are you doing? >.<

Sun Hee smiled and walked upstairs to her room. She threw herself to the bed and started typing.

Prince sunbae! hahaha since when did you start calling me "puhrincesseu"? doin fine here, you?

Sun Hee put her phone on her bed, she went to the bathroom and changed her clothes, then went back in a few minutes. a message was already received.

puhrincesseu, LOL ^^ do you have time tomorrow?~

Sun Hee was about to reply when Tory suddenly knocked on the door, then he opened it slowly.
"Sun Hee, dinner is ready.. come on down!"
Sun Hee nodded and replied another message.

Oh my stomach is calling for food! I'll text you later.


Sun Hee is done with dinner. Tory asked Seunghyun to sleep over, so Sun Hee had to help find an extra bed to put in Tory's room, which is beside Sun Hee's.
Sun Hee dragged a quite big extra bed to Tory's room, without the help of a maid.
Yep, Sun Hee is good in carrying things and stuff. She can do it on her own. The only thing she can't do is cooking.

Sun Hee put the extra bed right next to Tory's bed. Then she looked around.
"Aigoo oppa, why is your room even more tidy then mine?"
Tory who was putting on a t-shirt looked at his little sister, he walked to her and messed up her hair.
"Your room is as tidy as mine, Sun. Because i usually tidy it up! hahaha~"
Sun Hee blew her bangs. Then Seunghyun came out of the bathroom.

"By the way, you two haven't told me about your relationship. How come suddenly you want to sleep over, Seungie? Is it okay if i call you "Seungie"?"
"Whoa slow down, Sun Hee." said Seunghyun, "yea it's okay, call me whatever you want ^^"
Sun Hee sat down on Tory's bed. "You've just answered one question. how about the other one?"
Tory sat beside Sun Hee, "the other one will be revealed tomorrow. just like I said at dinner. Now go to sleep, Sun. we still have to pick up mom and dad tomorrow."
"Oh, right!" Sun Hee immediately stood up and walked to the door with her huge kungfu panda doll slippers.
"By the way, oppa! don't do anything ridiculous! seeing you two sleeping in one room, kinda gives me goosebumps."
"are you talking about yaoi?" asked Seunghyun.
"HAISH~! don't even say that word!", Sun Hee rushed away to her room.

Seunghyun laughed, "she hates yaoi?"
Tory smiled, "She's not a type of fangirl who loves yaoi, she doesn't like me near to any other girl except her, but when i have a close friend - for example, you - she doesn't like it either!"


"Sun Hee? wake up, darl. We'll be going in an hour!"
Sun Hee rubbed her eyes, "yeah oppa~~~"
She heavily stood up and walked to the bathroom. Sun Hee isn't like other girls who spend 2 hours in the bathroom. She takes a bath for only 10 minutes, dressed up in 5 minutes, make up in 3. She wore her pink converse sneakers, black skinny jeans, an oversized tee, and had her hair pony-tailed.
For her belongings, she just grabbed her little yellow backpack, and filled it with her wallet, perfume, iPod, and handphone.

Just about when she was grabbing her phone, it rang, and the loud volume made Sun Hee shocked and dropped her phone. Luckily it landed on her bed.

"Yoboseyo?" answered Sun Hee.
"Sun Hee, you up?"
Sun Hee looked at her phone screen. Oh, it's Jonghun..
"Uh, yea just got up.. wae?"
"i waited for your message last night, but i guess you forgot.. so.. anyways, you have time today?"
"oh! omo, sorry Jonghun! well, today.. i have to pick up mom and dad at the airport.."
"want me to take you there?" offered Jonghun.
"oh, thanks, but I'm with Tory oppa ^^"
"I see.. tonight, maybe?"
Sun Hee looked around.
"Yes. What time?"
"8pm in front of the fountain near the shopping district?"
"fountain? oh okay.."

"SUN HEEEE~~ ! COME ON~~" yelled Tory, still in a cute way.
"NE, OPPAAAAA~~!" Sun Hee yelled back without dragging her phone away, making Jonghun holding his own ear.
"Catch you later, Jonghun. annyeong!"

Sun Hee walked down the stairs quickly and found Tory at the main door with Seunghyun. Tory was holding a box of sandwich and a bottle of juice for Sun Hee to eat in the car.
"Seunghyun is not going?" asked Sun Hee.
"Nope! I'll prepare lunch. I'm cooking french ^^"
"Really! cool! see ya Seungie~~"

Tory guided Sun Hee to the car, he opened the door for Sun Hee and waited for her to go in, then he went in after her. Seunghyun waved as the car slowly moved away.
"Okay.. now let's start cooking !" said Seunghyun,


It took about 3 hours for Tory and Sun Hee to pick up their parents. They were already back home at 1pm, anticipating a great meal cooked by Seunghyun.

"So, Tory, dear.. who is this kid who you want to introduce to us?" asked Mrs. Song.
"It's a secret, mom. I'm sure you'll be happy and surprised!"

Sun Hee dragged her mom's suitcase, while Tory dragged his dad's. They all went inside and straight to the dining room. There, they saw Seunghyun standing near the table, just put down a dish of a oh so yummy looking food. He was still wearing plastic gloves and an apron.

"Seungie! Wow look at all those dishes.." said Sun Hee.
Seunghyun looked straight to Sun Hee's parents.
Mrs. Song almost collapsed, if only Tory and Mr. Song didn't hold her.
"Seunghyun.." said Mrs. Song. "Song Seunghyun.. is it you, son?"
Seunghyun walked closer, "Umma.. umma nie!"

Seunghyun hugged Mrs. Song so tightly. Tory nearly shed tears, while Mr. Song was patting Seunghyun's shoulders. Tears filled in the dining room.
Sun Hee scratched her head.


"Okay, would somebody explain this all to me? I mean, we went through the appetizer and main course, but you all chatted something else." complained Sun Hee.
"Sun Hee, I'm sorry i didn't tell you this before. This Seunghyun here, is a part of our family. He's a Song." said Mr. Song.
Sun Hee almost choked on water.

Mrs. Song started to speak up,
"Sun Hee. When I was giving birth to Song Seunghyun, this lady came up to me. She looked so pale, and she lend me her one and only child. She said, she was suffering from cancer, her life was not longer anymore. Lee Seunghyun, that's what she called her boy, is the only thing she had left. Her husband, died in a car accident. Lee Seunghyun didn't know a thing, he was just two years old back then..

Mrs. Lee gave Lee Seunghyun to me, she asked me to take care of him, since she knew the Songs were rich, so she trusted her son to me. Your dad, kept insisting to take care of Seunghyun. Two days went by, and Mrs. Lee died.."

Tory's eyes were teary, Sun Hee held his hands.

"..and then, your dad and I decided to name our son 'Seunghyun', the same name as Mrs. Lee's son. You boys both grew up happily.. Until Tory was 3 years old, and Seunghyun was 2, and I was already going to give Sun Hee birth in just a month.. when it happened.."

Sun Hee looked up to her mom, "What happened, umma?"
Seunghyun was starting to shed tears too.

"That day, we were preparing to go back to Seoul, from Paris. Your dad's work at Paris was done, and I insisted to go back fast to Seoul, so you can be born here, Sun Hee. When we were all at the airport, it was so crowded.. Seunghyun and Tory both got separated from your dad and I. Your dad found Tory, but i had no idea where Seunghyun is.. We looked around and asked the information center, when we got this news.."

Mrs. Song stopped. She covered her mouth and hide her tears. Mr. Song continued the story..

"We heard that someone saw a little boy at the lobby, he was wandering around, and a car hit him bad. His wounds were severe, a doctor even said he couldn't survive. Your mom immediately went unconscious, and i didn't want to take any risk. I took your mom to the local hospital, and quickly flew ourselves back to Seoul, minus Seunghyun. On our way home, Tory kept asking where Seunghyun was. I always lied to him, saying that Seunghyun loves Paris and will stay there. But Tory, he's just to smart for a 3 year old, he was so naive. He said that one day he will go back to Paris, to find Seunghyun."

Sun Hee hugged Tory who was already crying, "and then, dad?"

"We didn't know, that the boy who got hit by a car wasn't Seunghyun. Seunghyun was still at the airport. We left him, it was a mistaken identity. We didn't receive a single info about Seunghyun.. Seunghyun, what happened to you then?" asked Mr. Song.

Seunghyun took a deep breath.

"I was so shocked when i was lost. This french lady found me, and took me to the orphanage. I was to panicked to give information about my family. I grew up at the orphanage, slowly, I learned to speak french. But i had a Korean teacher there, she knew i was korean, since i told her my name. So i can communicate with both languages.. And., ever since I went to school, high school, I was wondering where my family were. Why did they left me.. And since I was big enough to go around, I decided to come to Seoul, where my family possibly are here.."

Sun Hee still couldn't believe.. "oppa.."
Tory looked up at Sun Hee.

"Sun Hee, remember how i always wanted to go to Paris with you? how i always say 'Paris' when you were deciding a place to go on a trip? It's because i wanted to find him, Sun Hee. To find your real brother.. Song Seunghyun!"

Sun Hee felt a headache, and her eyes hurt.

"Is this true? I mean.. like.. no wonder I don't look like you oppa!" said Sun Hee.
Sun Hee's speech made a sudden laugh in the middle of the serious conversation.
Even Mr. and Mrs. Song also smiled.

"I also heard a lot about the Songs. You guys were so famous even in Paris, and I also heard when The Songs had a newborn baby girl. Sun Hee. She was the motivation for me, to look for my family, and join them back.." said Seunghyun.

"aigoo oppa~~" Sun Hee cried again.
"Since I have found you, won't you come over and hug me?" asked Seunghyun.
Sun Hee smiled happily, but tears kept falling from her eyes. She stood up and walked towards Seunghyun, Seunghyun stood up from his seat and stretched his arms wide. Sun Hee threw herself in his arms.

"oppa~~ although i can't still believe this, but I'm glad we found you back.."
Seunghyun smiled and kissed Sun Hee on the cheek.
"Tory oppa, come over. Even you're actually a Lee, you're always a part of The Songs."
Tory then came near by Sun Hee and Seunghyun, the three of them hugged each other, creating a warm atmosphere.

Even the maids are also shedding some tears ^^


At night, all the Songs were preparing dinner, except Sun Hee. She was already getting ready to meet Jonghun, whom she already made an appointment that morning.

"A date, honey?" asked her mom.
"No umma! Just a dinner together.. i guess.."
"He was the cute one who once had dinner with us, right?" Mom asked her again.
"Yeah yeah~~"
"Your face looks like you like him" teased Mrs. Song.
"Umma! you know i can't love any other guys except my oppa!"

"really, Sun?" asked Tory, he popped out of nowhere,
"Well, guess what, i almost fell in love with Seunghyun! then shockingly i found out he is actually REALLY my oppa. Damn~ i only love my oppas!"

Seunghyun came near by after hearing Sun Hee's speech, he laughed along with Tory and brushed Sun Hee's hair. Mrs. Song just smiled.

"Ah whatever, I'll be going now, everyone, bye!!"


Sun Hee arrived 15 minutes early. She played with the water at the fountain, where she promised to meet Jonghun.

"Aigoo~ I'm too fast? Never mind, at least it's not him who gets to wait.."

5 minutes went by and Sun Hee already felt like it has been an hour.

"Gosh, do boys make up too like girls?" she sighed, looking at her watch.
She didn't know that someone was watching her from afar.

Not someone..

There were two people, watching her since she arrived at the fountain.
Sun Hee was just about to call Jonghun, when one of those guys went closer and touched her shoulder.

"Alone, young lady?"

To be continued...

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Days With 3ple J {Plot 9}

"Sun Hee?"

Sun Hee looked closer to the just-came customer.


Seunghyun looked at Sun Hee from top to bottom, "You work here?"
Sun Hee smirked, "Yeah, it's a long story. By the way what are you ordering?", Sun Hee quickly pulled out her notes.
"What's the best menu in here?" asked Seunghyun, while giving a smile.

Sun Hee felt something weird. Seunghyun sure does have a killer smile.
"Sun Hee?" asked Seunghyun, when he caught Sun Hee being blank.
"Ah yes! Uhm.. why don't you try our fried seafood udon?" asked Sun Hee.
"Will you make it for me?" begged Seunghyun.
Sun Hee startled, "ah? mwo? Nah~ I can't cook!" Sun Hee lashed her hands.
"Then accompany me to eat."
Sun Hee made an i-don't-want-to face.
"Which one do you choose, cook for me, or just sit here and watch me eat?"

Sun Hee instantly answered, "sit here and watch you eat, please."
"Very well then." Seunghyun smiled and told Sun Hee to go off. Sun Hee just scratched her head even though it wasn't itchy and walked away.

"Who is it? You seem to know him." asked Cha Yoo.
"It's a friend. I met him when you were hanging out with Jaejin, remember?"
"Oh so he's the new friend you were talking about.."
Sun Hee just nod and looked around to find any other customers. She looked at Jaejin's table, and found him eating alone.

"Didn't I told you to accompany him?" asked Sun Hee to Cha Yoo.
"Uh.. you told me to serve him, actually.."
Sun Hee looked at Cha Yoo in a sceptical way, Cha Yoo just bent down her head.
"I'm gonna chat with him first. Keep your eyes open for customers!"
Cha Yoo raised her thumb and was immediately on standby mode again.

Jaejin put his chopsticks down and looked up to the voice calling him.
"Ah, Sun Hee! whassup girl?"
"What day is today?" asked Sun Hee, while taking a seat in front of Jaejin.
Jaejin raised his brows, "wednesday.. why?"
"It means Tory oppa is getting home tomorrow. I'm scared."

Jaejin took a sip of his soft drink, and became serious.
"scared? why?"
Sun Hee took a deep breath and put her elbows on the table, letting her chin lean on her two palms.
"I think.. There is someone besides Tory oppa, who I'm starting to like."
Jaejin smirked, "really? guy or girl?"
"Of course a guy!"
Sun Hee looked around and pointed to a table.
"Him?" Jaejin looked in disbelief, "you're liking him?"
"Starting to like.." corrected Sun Hee.

"he's the guy that has the same name as your big bro right? Seunghyun?"
Sun Hee nod her head while giving an innocent smile.
"Well.." Jaejin turned serious again, Sun Hee's face looked hoping for something.
"That's great!" continued Jaejin.
"Huh?" Sun Hee didn't understand.
Jaejin grabbed back his chopsticks and started to eat again.

"At least you're liking someone who isn't your own brother! hahaha"
Jaejin slurped his noodle, making Sun Hee stood up and punched his shoulders softly, and then leave.


"Yaaaaaaay today Tory oppa's gonna come home~ I wanna call him"
Sun Hee woke up from her sleep and consciously sat up. She reached for her handphone on the end table, and pressed speed dial number 1.

"Yoboseyo?" said a cute voice from over the phone.
"oppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~! XD" squealed Sun Hee.
"Sun Hee my cutie honey bunny tiny sisty ^^"
"oppa I'm not tiny." Sun Hee threw herself on her pillow again.
Tory's little laugh was heard,
"I know Sun Hee, just to make those nicknames rhyme."
"By the way oppa, you're coming back today right? How come Mom and Dad won't come home with you?"
"Yes. Because Dad still has a thing to do, and Mom wants to accompany him. Actually I was going to come home tomorrow too, but Mom insisted me to go and check on you, sweetie."
Sun Hee made a big smile.
"yaay~~ you'll arrive at the airport.. what time?"
Tory made a "hmmm" sound.
"about 8 pm, if the flight is not delayed."
"Oh okay. I'll pick you up."
Tory sounded excited and worried, "really? you should ask someone to accompany you."
Sun Hee thougt hard.
"There's Jaejin.. hmm, if Jaejin has no bass lesson today. Daehee is off with Nichkhun to Thai again. Cha Yoo? I think she's busy."

"Don't pick me up if you drive alone." said Tory.
"Ah oppa i know! There's Seunghyun!"
"Sun Hee you're so funny. How can you pick ME up while asking another ME to accompany you picking ME up?"
Sun Hee LOLed.
"It's another Seunghyun, oppa! I met him a few days ago, and guess what, he's fun! Is it okay if i bring him?"
"You're asking as if you want to bring a dog with you. Okay Sun, as long as you're not alone."
"Hehe, well then, see you oppa! Saranghae! Mmmwah!" Sun Hee kissed her handphone.
Tory laughed and kissed back. Then Sun Hee shut her phone and sat up again.

"Now what should I do know? There's no college..
Seunghyun! ^^"


It has been 3 hours, and Sun Hee was already with Seunghyun, riding his motorcycle, circling the outer streets of Seoul.
Seunghyun flipped his helmet open and said to Sun Hee half shouting,
"Where are we going next?"
"Where do you want to go?" asked Sun Hee back, shouting louder. No wonder they had to shout, Seunghyun was gaining full speed, and he talked to Sun Hee through the side mirrors so Sun Hee only could see his eyes.
Seunghyun kept silent for a while.
"I haven't gone to the beach yet.."
"Well then the beach it is!" said Sun Hee.
Sun Hee couldn't see Seunghyun's face which was covered by the helmet. But she knew that he was smiling. Seunghyun increased the speed which made Sun Hee startled and hugged Seunghyun's waist tighter.

It was sunset already. Seunghyun was too tired to play around. He decided to sit down on the soft sand, taking care of Sun Hee's sneakers, while Sun Hee herself was already rolling her jeans up and running to the water.
At first, Seunghyun wasn't paying much attention. But then, seeing the collaboration of the beautiful scenes - the sunset, the soft waves, the golden sand, the warm breeze, and Sun Hee's silhouette - made him glare in amazement.

"Sun Hee.." he said to himself, "..are you the Song that I'm looking for?"


"Ah Seunghyun.. it's been 30 minutes since we arrived and oppa's plane hasn't even landed yet.."

Double SH were already at the airport, waiting for Tory. During the road there, Sun Hee babbled about Tory, and Seunghyun couldn't help but kept silent. He looked nervous somehow, and hoping.

Suddenly the screen that lists the info of departure and arrivals popped out a sign, the plane the Tory took from Paris has landed.

"Yay! Finally!", Sun Hee put her hands around Seunghyun's arms, and dragged him near the gate where people are supposed to come out from the luggage section. Seunghyun didn't complain. He still looked nervous.

"Seunghyun you ok?" asked Sun Hee, worried.
Seunghyun startled and smiled, "I'm fine, Sun! ^^"
Sun Hee felt relieved, then she had her eyes on the gates.
Her phone rang, and it was Tory calling.

"oppa? yes I'm already at the gate.. have you found your suitcase?... yes?.. No i'm not alone.. ok... yea ok see you!"

"He's here?" asked Seunghyun.
"almost.." said Sun Hee, tightening her grip to Seunghyun's arm.
Seunghyun's heart beated faster. He slowly turned pale, his emotions were scrambled as one.

"Ah there he is! oppa! over here!"
Sun Hee released Seunghyun's arm, and waved vigorously to Tory's way.
"Sun Hee!" called Tory.
He ran towards his little sister, hugged her, and lifted her up and spinned her around.

Seriously, these two look more like couples instead of siblings.

Tory gave a peck on Sun Hee's cheeks, as Sun Hee grabbed Tory's suitcase and carried it for him.
"Oppa! Here's my friend that I told you, Seunghyun ^^"

Tory wasn't paying much attention at Sun Hee's friend, he missed his sister so much. But when he looked at the guy in front of him, he startled.
And Seunghyun's face, was either happy, or nervous.

"Hyu.. hyung.." whispered Seunghyun.

To be continued...


Sorry for the LONG LONG update, all!
Guess what's with Seunghyun, why does he feels nervous every time Sun Hee says Tory's name?
And how about 3ple J, is their bet still going on?

Find out in plot 10 ! ^^

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