Sunday, 31 May 2009

A Future Story part 16

Min Sun knew the guy she saw was Jong Hyun, but she wasn't sure with the girl talking to him..
the girl was nearly as tall as Jong Hyun, had curly black hair, and a somehow cute face.
Min Sun continued her steps,
Jong Hyun saw Min Sun coming and then stopped his conversation with the curly girl,
"Ah Minnie, I was just about to pick you up from Starbucks.." said Jong Hyun
"You don't have to.." said Min Sun, but staring at the curly girl from top to bottom..
Jong Hyun realized that Min Sun was looking at the girl, then he smiled and said,
"Minnie, this is Min Hyo Rin, a partner of my photoshoot, seems like I'll be having a few more photoshoots with her and Minho too.."
Min Sun made a "Oh.." mouth but no voice coming out..
Hyo Rin then lend her hand out to Min Sun, and said "Annyeong, Hyo Rin imnida"
Min Sun smiled (at her face but not in her heart), "Hey ya..I'm Min Sun"
Hyo Rin then looked back at Jong Hyun and asked while pointing to Min Sun, "your girlfriend?"
Jong Hyun seems like he had misbehaved you know, like being clumsy and he looked at Min Sun, he was about to open his mouth and explain, but Min Sun snatched his speech away and said
"Oh, haha. No, we're like siblings. I'm actually staying at his house.. coz I have a scholarship for going to college here..". Min Sun smiled and didn't look at Jong Hyun at all.
Jong Hyun, whose mouth was half opened, then shut his mouth again. actually he was somewhat unhappy when Min Sun said the "sibling" word. But when Hyo Rin smiled and looked at Jong Hyun, he just nodded his head and smiled back.
"Oh really? wow a scholarship.. you're so lucky.. good luck with your college, Min Sun.. Hey i have another photoshoot in a few minutes so i guess i have to go, see you guys later ^^"
Hyo Rin walked and waved goodbye,
Min Sun and Jong Hyun waved back.. then Jong Hyun said
"Shall we?"
"What?" asked Min Sun..
"Ehm.. go home." said Jong Hyun, confused.
"Oh okay.. let's.."
Min Sun's thoughts were still messy after meeting this Hyo Rin, she doesn't know why that when she saw Hyo Rin talking to Jong Hyun, she felt unpleasant.
So, off they go on Jong Hyun's motorcycle, riding home for dinner.


at home, when the Kim's plus Min Sun were having dinner,
Mr. Kim asked about Jong Hyun's job, and Jong Hyun told the whole family about it really happily,
"It was so cool, i just picked a few set of clothes with Min Sun and SNAP SNAP SNAP! Ye Seul took a few pictures of me and the results turned out really satisfying! the crew were amazed with my photos and style, thanks to Min Sun *looked at Min Sun and smiled*. and then today i have a photoshoot with this top model, Min Hyo Rin!"
Min Sun choked on her salmon encroute,
Mrs. Kim then gave her a glass of water and asked "Oh darling, are you okay?"
Min Sun just nodded and gave a "ok" sign with her hand,
"Gamsahamnida, auntie~" said Min Sun..
then Jong Hyun asked "Min Sun, is anything wrong?"
Min Sun rolled her eyes,
"No, nothing. Go on with your story" said Min Sun, sarcasticly..
Jong Hyun was a bit confused, and then he continued,
"Yea about this Hyo Rin, Ye Seul said i have to do a few more photoshoots with her, i think it's for the ELLE magazine, so tomorrow i have to go to the agency again, is it okay, Mom, Dad?"
Mrs. Kim answered, "It's okay, my dear. As long as you contact us when are you going to arrive home, and remember not too go home too late."
Jong Hyun smiled and bowed a bit, "Gamsahamnida~"
"Can i come?" asked Min Sun
"You wanna see my photoshoot?" asked Jong Hyun back, excited.
"Uh.. actually i wanna go to Starbucks again.."
"Oh.. you're addicted to the coffee or the free hotspot?" asked Jong Hyun, a bit disappointed
"Haha~ both. It's okay if i come, right?"
"Of course, it's nice to have company" said Jong Hyun
Lee Jae was too busy on her food to mingle into the conversation, she just enjoyed the salmon so much,
then they all continued dinner together.


the next day in the afternoon, Min Sun was waiting in front of her university main gate,
she took a glare at her wristwatch, then walked here and there, stopped and looked at her watch again, then walked again..
until a sound of a heavy motorcycle came near,
Jong Hyun opened his helmet and gave Min Sun another one,
"what took you so long?" asked Min Sun, she was afraid she was late for her first day at Starbucks,
"ah sorry i was having trouble finding my handphone which was actually already in my bag, hahaha" answered Jong Hyun
"Clumsy.." said Min Sun while tapping Jong Hyun's head, and then she hopped on and put on her helmet.

when they arrived at the agency, Min Sun said she was on a hurry to catch her sister online, so she wanted to get to Starbucks as soon as possible,
Jong Hyun said okay, and just glared at Min Sun rushing to Starbucks, he rised his eyebrow, signing a confused face, then he entered the agency..


"Excuse me," Min Sun rushed to the cashier, "I'm here for my first day at work, where should i go to report?"
the cashier told Min Sun to go straight to the manager's office to get the uniforms,
Min Sun then rushed to Key's room,
when she arrived, she apologized for her coming late, then Key said
"Ahaha it's okay Min Sun, here are the uniforms, it's all in black. Ohya the shirts are shortsleeved so i hope you bring your own longsleeved for the inside, and i suggest you wear a black headcover to match the uniform.."
Min Sun smiled and looked amazed while staring at the uniforms,
"Wow, so cool! Gamsahamnida, Mr. Key ^^"
Min Sun went to the restrooms to change, then she was ready for her job,
she went to a counter near the cashier, Key went down to gave her a quick tutorial about the place,
when Min Sun understood all about tha cafe, Key asked for permission to get back to his room, then Min Sun continued on her work..


meanwhile, in the agency,
Jong Hyun was surrounded by a few make up artists, so as Hyo Rin,
they were both being prepared for the ELLE photoshoot,
Ye Seul was giving commands to the stylists, which outfits should they wear, and so on,
when they were ready, the photoshoot began,
Jong Hyun looked really cool, he looked so different in the photo than in real life,
the photoshoot went well and Jong Hyun was pleased with the photo results..
he wanted to show the picture to Min Sun when they get home.


Min Sun was carrying a tray with two ice blended caffe latte on it,
the cafe was quite crowded and Min Sun had a hard time walking through the full tables,
when she was about to reach the table that ordered the two drinks she carried,
she almost tripped on the floor when luckily somebody wearing sunglasses and working on his laptop stood up and held both Min Sun's arms from behind,
"Gosh, are you okay, Miss?" asked the guy.

To be continued...

Monday, 25 May 2009

A Future Story part 15

Min Sun turned around and found a tall looking guy smiling at her,
Tabi asked again, "You're having a photoshoot here?"
"Oh no, but.. it's Jong Hyun who is modelling," answered Min Sun.
"Really? Whoa, cool, he desereves it ^^"
"What are you doing here?" asked Min Sun,
"actually I'm having a photoshoot to, but it's for my new serial drama, i play with Seung Ri too, he is around here somewhere.." answered Tabi while looking around.
Min Sun looked at Jong Hyun, he was still busy dealing with the crew,
"Tabi, do you have free time?" asked Min Sun.
"Well I'm actually on a break, that's why I was wondering around and I found you here,"
"Do you mind if we talk at another place?"
"How about the Starbucks next to this building?" asked Tabi,
"Uh, well I.."
"I'll treat you to drink ^^" said Tabi.
"Oh, okay, haha"

Min Sun left Jong Hyun and Ye Seul without them knowing,
she still carried Jong Hyun's stuff with her,
Tabi was carrying his laptop,
then they arrived at Starbucks Coffee, Min Sun ordered the same cold beverage that Tabi asked for, and Tabi then turned on his laptop, he knew that there was a hotspot there.
the people in the cafe noticed about Tabi, but they just stayed cool, coz it's obvious to see celebrities in this cafe, no wonder coz it's in front of a modelling agency.
Tabi and Min Sun's speech went like this :

Tabi : Did Seung Ri tell you about my brilliant idea?
MS : yeah, what is it? i haven't got a chance to ask him again since he visited Jong Hyun at the hospital..
Tabi : this is why I'm bringing my laptop, want to know what I'm going to do?
MS : what ? *confused*
Tabi : you see, there's a hotspot in here, and i have a webcam.
MS : so?
Tabi : you can't guess?
MS : grrh.. Tabi would you just tell me?
Tabi : hahaha, okay okay. I was planning to chat with your sister, using this webcam too.
Tabi : whoaa~ chill out girl, haha. yes I'm serious, hearing your stories about your wierd and interesting sister made me wanna know her, haha. do you mind?
MS : oh no, absolutely no, haha come on let's go online, sign in to my facebook and let's see if she is online...

Luckily, Min Sun's sister really is online,
Min Sun then asked her sister to put on her webcam, she freaked out when she saw Tabi on her screen, Min Sun explained all about it,
then Tabi and Min Sun's sister had an exciting conversation,
Min Sun just smiled really happy and thankful to Tabi,
suddenly her phone rang, it was Jong Hyun calling.

MS : annyeong?~
JH : please say you're not at home?
MS : haha, no I'm at Starbucks, the one next to the agency..
JH : why didn't you tell me you were going there?
MS : coz you were crowded by people... HEY ! how's the results??
JH : positive, i get to work as Ye Seul's model !
MS : really ? OMG, thank God, congrats bro!
JH : thanks, by the way stay there, I'll get you. my job here is done, we should go home it's getting late, Mom already started preparing dinner.
MS : ok, hey say byebye from me to Ye Seul ^^
JH : ok I will.

not longer, Jong Hyun arrived at Starbucks, he greeted Tabi and took Min Sun home,
Min Sun said thank you to Tabi for the treat, and for willing to talk to her sister,
Tabi thanked Min Sun back for her willing to company him to Starbucks,
then Min Sun said goodbye,
while walking to the exit door, Min Sun kinda felt envious of Jong Hyun,
she wanted to get her own job too, it doesn't have to be related to Jong Hyun's job,
but she wanted to make money herself,
when she got out from Starbucks, she saw a sign on the window,
it says that Starbucks need a few waiters/waitresses,
Min Sun stopped for a while,
Jong Hyun realozed and he asked "Minnie, something wrong?"
"No, no.. come on let's get home" said Min Sun,
deep in her heart, she was willing to come back to that cafe,
maybe tomorrow...


the next day, Jong Hyun dropped Min Sun to her college, while he rode himself to his own campus,
they both finished college on 2 pm, Jong Hyun was waiting for Min Sun at the gate,
Min Sun came not long after Jong Hyun arrived, then she asked,
"do you have a photoshoot today?"
"yep. if you don't wanna come, I'll drive you home and then I'll go to the agency myself,"
"No I wanna come, but I'll wait for you at Starbucks, okay?"
"Starbucks? alone?" asked Jong Hyun,
"Yea it's okay, i'll bring my laptop in case i get bored" said Min Sun
they both agreed, then Min Sun hop on Jong Hyun's bike,
then they left for the agency..

as they arrived, Jong Hyun parked his bike, Min Sun hop off and went straight to Starbucks,
"I'll call you when I'm done." said Jong Hyun
Min Sun raised her thumb up, saying ok, then she walked into the cafe.
she went to the cashier, and asked if there's a free employment here,
the sweet girl at the cashier said that Min Sun could check upstairs to the Manager's room,
Min Sun thanked the girl, then she went upstairs,
she knocked on the manager's room door, the guy inside said come in,
Min Sun thought that the voice of the manager sounds really young,
she was wondering the age of the manager,
when she come in, she didn't get a chance to see the manager's face, coz she bent her head down as she closed the door behind her,
when she was about to turn back, the manager greeted her earlier before she could say a word,

"Min Sun?" said the guy.
Min Sun lift her head up, then she was amazed by the guy in front of her,
"Oh My God, Kibum ! Uh, I mean, Mr. Kim. Hehe~" said Min Sun
the manager was obviously Kim Kibum, one of Jong Hyun's friend who came to visit Jong Hyun while he was hospitalized,
"Whoa Min Sun, just call me Key. uh, in front of the other employees just call me Mr. Key, haha" said Key.
"So.. Key? you're Starbucks manager, here?" asked Min Sun
"Haha yea, actually my dad just promoted me to his chair here, two days ago. So now I'm running starbucks here." explained Key.
"Whoa i still can't believe it, haha." said Min Sun.
"So i guess you're here for a job proposal?"
"Haha yea, here are my sertificates from my college, i have 2 days free in a week and I'm looking forward to get a job here." said Min Sun
"Why are you interested in being a waitress here?" Key started an interview with Min Sun.
"Coz i love Starbucks, i love the smell of brewed coffee everytime i enter this place. also i want to earn my own money by working my own job, lastly this place is next to Jong Hyun's agency so i can get home with him. Haha~" Min Sun answered confidently.
"Jong Hyun's.. agency? you mean he works as a model now?" asked Key.
"Yea, he just got his job yesterday ^^"
"Wow, how lucky.. haha say congratz from me to him, ok?"
"Oh, absolutely."
"Next question, do you mind working here just being a waitress?"
"I don't mind the job i get here, whether it's a waitress, bartender, or dishwasher, i don't mind. as long as i can earn my own money, just as i said ^^" said Min Sun.
Key looked at Min Sun seriously, Min Sun felt confused,
seconds later Key smiled and said,
"Okay, seeing and hearing your reasons to work here, i accept your employment here, as a waitress, you may start working.. tomorrow !" said Key cheerfully, he doesn't even look like a manager.
"Really? that fast? i mean, there is no audition like a test bringing a cup of coffee or..?" asked Min Sun,
"No actually you don't have to. I put on the sign of an empty employment from about a week ago, and there's no one proposing except you, so instead of waiting for other people to get this job, i think it's better if i give the job to you." answered Key.
"My Gosh, thank you Keyyyy~ ! i mean, Mr. Key ^^" said Min Sun
"You're welcome, oh and please say hello from me to Jong Hyun" said Key.
Min Sun thanked Key once again and went out of the room,
she went downstairs, and ordered another cold beverage, and sit down near the window while being online on her laptop.


two hours went by, Min Sun started to feel bored.
she was about to leave the cafe, she packed her laptop, finished her drink, and then walked to the exit door,
as she walked to the agency to find Jong Hyun, her steps stopped when she saw two persons chatting cheerfully at the lobby..

To be continued...

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

A Future Story part 14

"Me? Being a model?" asked Jong Hyun
"Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ that should be fun!!" shouted Min Sun,
Ha Neul just smiled and gave a code to Min Sun to tell Jong Hyun to accept it,
Min Sun then hit Jong Hyun's shoulder with hers, then she rised her eyebrows and smiled,
then Jong Hyun said
"Oh, ok how about talking inside?"
Min Sun then led her two besties inside the house, then she went to the kitchen with Ha Neul to prepare breakfast,
Jong Hyun sat with Ye Seul in the living room, their conversation went like this :

YS : so, are you interested joining our agency?
JH : well.. since when Minho joined the agency?
YS : about three months, he is still new but his talent is amazing. seems like he has a flaming charisma. back to you, I'm really looking for another model, do you like hiphop?
JH : yes, why are you asking about hiphop?
YS : coz each model in our agency have a nickname according to their personalities or the things they like.
JH : oh, i see.. well yeah i like hiphop, and those bling bling styles..
YS : Bling bling ! great, that could be your nickname..
JH : but i haven't agreed to join your agency?

Suddenly Min Sun and Ha Neul came to them bringing two full plates of scrambled eggs and sausages, then Min Sun said
"Udah, Ye Seul! Gak usah lo tanyain lagi dia, gue restuin dia jadi model, udah langsung lo rekrut aja!"
Jong Hyun made a confused face, "What are you saying?"
Ha Neul answered, "She told Ye Seul to stop asking you about joining her agency, coz Min Sun already gave you permission to join it."
Jong Hyun stood up and looked at Min Sun, "Really, Minnie?"
Ha Neul and Ye Seul both shouted, "What? MINNIE?"
the living room went wild, Ha Neul and Ye Seul started teasing Min Sun coz of that "Minnie" name Jong Hyun gave to her,
Min Sun cried shut up, then she said to Jong Hyun
"You want to join it, don't you? go ahead, I'm sure you'd do great ^^"
Jong Hyun smiled and grabbed both Min Sun's hands,
"Wa~ thank you, Minnie"
Ye Seul then spoke, "ok enough of the drama scene, Bling Bling Jong Hyun, thank you for joining our agency. can we all eat now?"
they all laughed and started eating Ha Neul's and Min Sun's homemade breakfast.


It's Monday already,
Min Sun was at her college, doing stuffs, going here and there,
until it was 2 pm and she has done her college,
her phone rang, it was Jong Hyun calling, she then picked it up,

MS : annyeong?
JH : Minnie is your college over?
MS : yes i just finished my tutorial, why? you wanna pick me up? hehe ^^
JH : well, yes actually. but would you company me to Ye Seul's agency?
MS : what? you have a photoshoot?
JH : yea, Ye Seul said it's kinda like a debut for me. Ok I'll pick you up now..
MS : wait wait, how bout your own college?
JH : i don't have any today.
MS : okay.. call me again when you're near. bye~
JH : bye, Minnie~

Min Sun didn't wait for a long time, Jong Hyun already know that she hates waiting,
so he rode his motorcycle in full speed, and in 15 minutes, he arrived at Min Sun's college,
Min Sun found Jong Hyun waiting near the university's gate,
she rushed to him and asked, "You already know where's the agency?"
"Yea, it's quite famous and i know the road there.. here wear it"
Jong Hyun gave a helmet and his leather jacket to Min Sun,
"What's with the jacket?" asked Min Sun,
"You're not wearing any." said Jong Hyun, in a cool way.
Min Sun just smiled and put both the jacket and helmet on,
she hopped on Jong Hyun's bike, then off they go, on the way to the agency.


"You sure this is the place?" asked Min Sun,
Jong Hyun just walked confidently into the building.
it was big, elegant, mostly covered with glass and white,
they both went to the information desk, but as they were about to ask, someone called..
"Min Sun, Jong Hyun ! whoa you guys are here !"
it was Ye Seul, she herself just arrived and found her buddies already at the lobby,
Min Sun said she was there to accompany Jong Hyun, Ye Seul just smiled,
then, Ye Seul led them to the 18th floor, and they went to this large room, then she said
"Jong Hyun, there's a wardrobe full of clothes right over there, you can pick the outfits you wan to use, remember, the more fashionable it is, the more bigger chance you have to get to work as a model in this agency,"
Jong Hyun just nod and looked around,
"Oh ya Min Sun," said Ye Seul, "you can help him mix and match the clothes."
Min Sun said thanks to her best friend, then Ye Seul left them in the room while she was about to prepare her camera for the photoshoot.

meanwhile, Min Sun got busy herself browsing cool clothes in the large wardrobe while Jong Hyun was looking around amazed by the large white room,
"Does this one fits you well, Jong Hyun?" asked Min Sun
Jong Hyun looked at the shirt that Min Sun was holding, "Let me try it,"
since Jong Hyun tried the first shirt that Min Sun picked,
they both got busy and excited, trying to mix and match the clothes that they pick,
it took 10 minutes for them to get the suitable outfit for Jong Hyun,
Min Sun helped him to style his hair, and gave a little make up..
when Jong Hyun was all make over-ed, he looked at himself at the mirror
"Whoa Minnie, you sure have a sense of style ^^"
Min Sun gave her face a proud smile,
then Ye Seul called them to the photoshoot room,
and of course, Jong Hyun's photoshoot debut begins...

he did well, in fact, extremely well,
the clothes that Min Sun picked for him were simple, but outstanding,
Ye Seul herself was amazed by Min Sun's sense of style, she was actually fashionable.
the photos came out well,
Jong Hyun wore 3 kinds of outfits,
and it was all cool-looking,
Ye Seul and the crew were satisfied by Jong Hyun's photoshoot,
while the crew were all surrounding Jong Hyun to congratulate him,
Min Sun was standing near the door, holding Jong Hyun's stuff (jacket, bag.. etc)
when somebody came near the door and greeted her,
"Min Sun? are you doing a photoshoot here?"

To be continued...

Thursday, 14 May 2009

A Future Story part 13

Min Sun started to search for Jong Hyun,
she looked in the bathroom, nada~
she then went out of the room and asked a nurse who was passing by,
the nurse said she wasn't responsible for Jong Hyun's room, she told Min Sun to ask another nurse,
when Min Sun was passing a room, someone opened the door..
it was the doctor and a nurse pushing a disabled chair,
and there was Jong Hyun sitting on it..

"Gosh, thank God you're here.." Min Sun said to Jong Hyun, she was relieved.
The doctor then explained that when Min Sun was away, he came to get Jong Hyun for a check up,
and because Jong Hyun didn't eat his food, he needs to get more infusion so they took Jong Hyun here.
Min Sun said thank you and said that she could take Jong Hyun from here,
so she pushed Jong Hyun's chair and walked back to his room,
"Sorry, you were looking for me?" asked Jong Hyun.
"Yes, it scared the S out of me.. i wonder why you always disappear mysteriously.." said Min Sun
Jong Hyun just smiled.
"Why didn't you eat your dinner?" asked Min Sun,
"I was waiting for you."
Min Sun stopped for a second.
"Why? is anything wrong?" asked Jong Hyun,
Min Sun then explained that she met her facebook friend who was from Indonesia too,
and they chat for a long time, that's way Min Sun made Jong Hyun waiting.
"Mianhaeyo~. Do you want to eat now?" asked Min Sun,
"No it's okay. I'm fine"
Then they arrived at Jong Hyun's room, Min Sun helped Jong Hyun to lay back on his bed again.
She told Jong Hyun to sleep well, then she decided to sleep to on the sofa.
Jong Hyun actually worried about Min Sun sleeping on the sofa, but Min Sun said it's okay.
Min Sun prayed isya before she sleeps, then she tucked Jong Hyun in bed and said goodnight.


"Minnie... Minnie !"
Jong Hyun cried out Min Sun's name a few times, until she woke up.
Min Sun rised from the sofa while rubbing her eyes then reaching for her glasses..
She quickly get up and walked to Jong Hyun's bed..
"Yes, Jong Hyun? is there anything i can get you?" she was still sleepy so she blinked several times while stretching here and there.
"It's already 6 am, don't you need to pray?" asked Jong Hyun.
Min Sun grabbed her wristwatch on the table, and shrieked softly,
Jong Hyun just smiled,
she then rushed to the bathroom and took a wudhu, then do her prayers..
when she was done and getting tidy, she was wondering..

Oh my God. I forgot to turn the alarm on my handphone. Jong Hyun... woke me up?

Min Sun loked at Jong Hyun and found him looking at her too.
she then smiled, and said "Thank you for waking me up. since when did u wake up yourself?"
Jong Hyun said "You've never known before.. at home I am the one who wakes up earliest. then i wake up Lee Jae, she then wakes up you, then I wake up mom and dad."
"Really? since when do you wake up early?"
"Since i was.. a boy. Haha i don't know, i kinda feel like something's calling me to wake up early. Well now i know the reason. It's to wake YOU up."
Min Sun laughed and thanked Jong Hyun again.
then Min Sun grabbed her handphone and offered Jong Hyun to call his family at home,
Jong Hyun obeyed Min Sun this time,
she dialed the Kim's phone number, and gave her handphone to Jong Hyun.
His mom answered and then they had a quite long time chatting.
Min Sun watched how Jong Hyun spoke, he looks like he has enough energy and ready to go home.
to make sure of it, Min Sun gave a code to Jong Hyun that she was going to go out for a while, Jong Hyun nod his head, still talking to his mom.
then Min Sun went out to get the doctor, asking if Jong Hyun could go home today.


Min Sun closed Jong Hyun's room and started walking..
she found Ha Neul still at the counter, seems that she was on a night shift,
they chat again, Min Sun told Ha Neul about Jong Hyun that seems like he is getting well.
then, 4 guys cam to the counter and asked..
"Excuse me, Miss. Is there a patient named Kim Jong Hyun hospitalized here?"
Ha Neul said yes and told the 4 guys Jong Hyun's room number,
then Min Sun offered to take the four guys to Jong Hyun's room,
she said "Bentar ya~" to Ha Neul, then lead the guys to the room..

There was this cute white guy who asked Min Sun,
"Sorry, Miss. are you the one who's name is Min Sun?"
"Uh yes, I am, how did you know?"
The cute white guy then looked at his 3 other friends and smiled as if they were teasing somebody,
"What's going on? is there something wrong with me?" asked Min Sun,
then a tall charismatic guy (the tallest among the 4 guys) answered,
"No, it's just that Jong Hyun often tell us about you.. i mean.. his family.."
then the other guys started smiling weirdly,
Min Sun smiled back, confused, then she opened Jong Hyun's door..
there she found the doctor just finished examining Jong Hyun, he said that Jong Hyun was fine and could go home, but he has to take a bed rest coz he is not fully healthy.
"Gamsahamnida~" said Min Sun to the doctor,
the doctor then left and smiled to the other 4 guys, then walked out of the room.

"Jong Hyun, i suppose these are your friends?" asked Min Sun
Jong Hyun shouted a little "Aaaah!" to express his delighted feelings,
then the 4 guys surrounded his bed and started asking his condition,
they guys chit chat for a while, then Jong Hyun said,
"Guys, that's Min Sun. She's like my sista at home."
Min Sun greeted them all, once again. "Anyeong ^^"
the 4 guys then shaked hands with Min Sun,
first the cute white guy, he said "Kibum" while smiling.
then, the tallest among all guys, he said "Minho" in a deep voice.
third, a young looking guy who has a sweet smile, he said "Taemin, anyeong~!"
and last, the guy who always smiles and has small eyes, he said "Jinki. Nice to finally meet you"
"Finally meet me?" asked Min Sun, she then looked at Jong Hyun.
Jong Hyun explained that these 4 guys were his highschool friends, and now they all go to a different college, but they still often hang out together when Min Sun is in college, that's why Min Sun never sees Jong Hyun hanging out.
Jong Hyun also told Min Sun that he and his friends often share funny stories with their family, and Jong Hyun always tell them about Min Sun's clumsyness and Lee Jae's hyper activities.
Min Sun made an unfriendly face, she was embaressed coz Jong Hyun told his friends about her humiliating stories,
they all laughed to see Min Sun's face, then they continued chatting and Min Sun joined their chat too.


it was almost 10 o'clock when the guys decided to go home,
wow it took hours for the guys to chat, seems like not only girls who love gossip ^^
Min Sun accompany the guys to the hospitals lobby,
when they passed Ha Neul's counter, Min Sun spot Ha Neul looking at one of the 4 guys, but she didn't knew which exactly is Ha Neul looking at,
Min Sun thanked the guys for visiting Jong Hyun and said goodbye~
then she went close to Ha Neul, their dialog went kinda like this..

MS : Hyeya~ i caught you staring at one of the guys, you like one of them? *teasing pitch voice*
HN : what the~.. well, yea somebody caught my eye.
MS : which one ? *became excited*
HN : who's that young looking one?
HN : what? why? what's so funny?
MS : He's like a girl you know, so gentle and speaks softly, hahaha
HN : you're not attracted to one of them?
MS : why should I?
HN : Oh yea~ i forgot you already got your Seung Ri.. there he is..
MS : Hahaha yea nice try..
HN : No really he's at the lobby, look !

Min Sun nearly fainted when Ha Neul told that Seung Ri was at the lobby, and he WAS standing there, he wore some closed black clothes so that people will find it difficult to recognize him. Min Sun even was amazed that Ha Neul can recognize him easily.
"What? what the~ ... Seung Ri???" Min Sun still can't believe it.
"Sssht ! Not too loud" said the cute panda.
Ha Neul start pretending to be busy, checking the computer, writing on a few lists..
Min Sun rolled her eyes looking at Ha Neul's "business", then she asked Seung Ri
"what are you doing here?"
Seung Ri answered, "well, didn't i tell you on the phone that if i have time, i'll come and visit Jong Hyun? Tabi was actually coming but in the end he didn't want to take the risk if someone in this hospital knows who he is.. well, I'm kinda scared if they actually recognize me. Your friend already does.."
Min Sun then grabbed Seung Ri's hand and led him to Jong Hyun's room, far away from the crowd at the lobby.
when they arrived at Jong Hyun's room, Jong Hyun was sitting (not laying) on his bed.
he was kinda surprised seeing Min Sun rushing inside with a strange guy behind her,
"Ok it's safe you can take off your coat now," said Min Sun
Seung Ri then took of his coat, then he greeted Jong Hyun, "Anyeong, Jong Hyun ^^"
Jong Hyun actually didn't like this panda being here, but to stay cool in front of Min Sun, he smiled back at Seung Ri.
"How are you feeling, bro?" asked Seung Ri
"Felt bad yesterday, luckily there was Min Sun beside me.." Jong Hyun answered while smiling at Min Sun, she smiled back, "..but I'm okay now. Doctor said i can go home for a bed rest.."
"You slept over here, Min Sun?" asked Seung Ri,
"Haha, yea i slept on the sofa.." answered Min Sun..
Seung Ri was amazed that Min Sun actually was willing to sleep on the sofa just to accompany Jong Hyun. Seung Ri was somewhat envious.
The three of them had a chit chat for a while, until somebody called Seung Ri and he had to go
"I'll talk about Tabi's brilliant idea later, ok Min Sun?" said Seung Ri
"Ok, ok. careful on your way ^^"
Seung Ri said goodbye to Min Sun and Jong Hyun, Jong Hyun replied with a smile,
then Seung Ri dressed up as a mysterious guy again, then went out for the lobby.
Min Sun shooked her head and laughed softly,
"So, when are we going to pack?" asked Min Sun,
Jong Hyun borrowed Min Sun's handphone and called his home,
about 45 minutes later, the whole Kim's arrived,
they helped Jong Hyun pack up to go home,
Mr. Kim helped Jong Hyun to stand up and walk slowly, he was still to weak to walk by himself,
Lee Jae and Mrs. Kim helped carrying Jong Hyun's stuffs,
while Min Sun went to the receptionist counter to check out.
Ha Neul asked if she could play to the Kim's house to see Min Sun,
Min Sun agreed, so Ha Neul wrote down the Kim's residence address,
Min Sun thanked Ha Neul and said goodbye ^^
then Min Sun and all the Kims, went home.


a week went by, Jong Hyun finally recovered from his illness.
it was Saturday, Mr. and Mrs. Kim were out for monthly shopping, Lee Jae was out for her lessons,
Jong Hyun stayed at home with Min Sun, he was relaxing on the couch while watching TV when the bell rang..
"I'll get it !" said Min Sun, she was at the kitchen looking for something to cook for breakfast (it's 9 am)..
Min Sun rushed to the front door, when she opened it, she found to familiar faces in front of her,
on of the two girls shouted "Inaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ !" then hugged Min Sun,
they all freaked out a little,
it was Ha Neul and Ye Seul a.k.a Daniella a.k.a Dian, Min Sun's best-est friends,
because the girls were shrieking hyperly, Jong Hyun was kinda annoyed and he went to the front door to see what's happening,
when Ye Seul saw Jong Hyun, she bowed and greeted him, so did Ha Neul.
"Hey are you Minho's friend?" asked Ye Seul.
"Uh, yea, how did you know?" Jong Hyun asked back.
"He works at my model agency, actually he's my model, I'm the photographer.." said Ye Seul
"NO KIDDING !" shouted Min Sun, suddenly.
Ye Seul held two fingers up, showing that she was telling the truth,
Min Sun was WOW-ed and she continued to freak out, the three girls started talking in their language and Jong Hyun was like really confused, he didn't understand a word,
after Min Sun felt tired of shouting and freaking out, she invited her guests to come inside,
but then Ye Seul asked Jong Hyun,

"Would you like to join our agency? we're actually looking for new models and i think you're not that bad. Interested?"

Jong Hyun and Min Sun stared at each other, both looking amazed.

To be continued...

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

A Future Story part 12

Jong Hyun heard Min Sun saying the name that he actually don't wanna hear,
and it actually made him open his eyes..
Min Sun's speech with Seung Ri continued :

MS : how di you get my number?
SR : Hye Gyo, as usual. she knows everything, haha~. So, are you free tonight?
MS : Why are you asking?
SR : Coz.. i was planning to play to your house again with Tabi. Tabi had this brilliant idea that he wants to show you. ^^

Min Sun turned herself and looked at Jong Hyun,
Jong Hyun quickly shut his eyes again, hoping that Min Sun doesn't know that he is actually awake.
Then Min Sun turned again and continued speaking..
Jong Hyun tried to take the earphones off his ears, so he could listen to Min Sun's speech with Seung Ri,
the room was very silent so even Min Sun didn't loudspeaker her handphone, Jong Hyun could still hear Seung Ri..

MS : Sorry, Seung Ri.. I'm at the hospital now..
SR : You what? Who's sick, are you okay? *sounds panic*
MS : No, no it's not me, it's Jong Hyun. Remember when you guys came to our house? and he was missing? he was actually at my room and now he is hospitalized due to dengue fever..
SR : .......
MS : Seung Ri u still there?
SR : Oh yes, sorry. Min Sun, mianhae. I didn't know that Jong Hyun was..
MS : It's okay, i understand.
SR : Okay.. so.. i guess I'll leave you there with him. Take care ok. If i have time I'll go visit him too.
MS : Absolutely, thank you Seung Ri ^^. And when you come here don't forget to tell me Tabi's brilliant idea you were talking about.
SR : Ok I will ^^. Bye Min Sun.

Min Sun shut her phone. She continued packing her stuff into her bag, the Jong Hyun asked
"Are you leaving?"
Min Sun was shocked and dropped her handphone, luckily to the sofa.
Jong Hyun then said "Minnie, sorry i didn't know you'd be shocked like that.."
"No it's okay. Haha~. I thought you were asleep."
Jong Hyun asked again, "Are you leaving?"
Min Sun smiled and said, "No I'm just packing so that tomorrow I'll be ready to go.."
"So you're sleeping over? Tomorrow.. where are you going?"
Min Sun explained that tomorrow she has to get ready for an exam at college, so tomorrow Mr. and Mrs. Kim will accompany him,
"But i don't want to be here any longer.." said Jong Hyun "...without you" he continued in his heart.
"Let the doctor check you up before you decide to go home, okay Jong Hyun?"
Jong Hyun nod and obeyed Min Sun.
Min Sun asked if Jong Hyun was hungry or not, Jong Hyun said yes and Min Sun then went out to get the nurse (to serve Jong Hyun food) while she looks for dinner herself.

While Min Sun walked away from Jong Hyun's room, she passed the receptionist's counter..
from the counter there was this young lady calling Min Sun's real name, but in doubt,
"Arina..?" asked the young lady.
Min Sun stopped, and saw who was looking at her.
"Oh my God.. Nadh !"
Min Sun rushed to the counter, the young lady stand up from her seat and walked to Min Sun.
"Nadhiraaaah~ ^^" cried Min Sun.
So, the young lady was actually Min Sun's facebook friend when she was at highschool.
They haven't met eachother, so that's why the young lady called Min Sun's name but in doubt.
"How are you?" they both asked at the same time.
the two ladies just laughed and hugged eachother, then Min Sun asked
"How did you end up being a receptionist here?"
"No wait wait i wanna tell you something.." the young lady said.
"What is it?" asked Min Sun
"Do you have a korean name?"
"Of course, it's Min Sun. Haha~ Kim Min Sun."
"Kim? Whoa same as me, you can call me Ha Neul from now on.." said the young lady.
"Ha Neul? Kim Ha Neul? OMO.. Hahahaha~" Min Sun laughed and the two ladies hugged eachother again,
Then Ha Neul explained the whole thing, from her college back at their hometown, until she ends up working here at the hospital, she said it's fun to meet lots of cute korean guys.
Min Sun almost forget that she was actually looking for dinner,
Ha Neul was about to take a break to when she saw Min Sun, so they decided to go to the canteen together..
meanwhile Jong Hyun was already served a meal by the nurse, but he didn't want to eat except if Min Sun came back.


It spent almost an hour for Min Sun and Ha Neul to finish their dinner,
Ha Neul also mentioned that Dian, both Min Sun's and Ha Neul's best friend, is taking college here in Korea too. Ha Neul said that people call her Ye Seul.
Min Sun found out that the name was kinda funny coz Ha Neul and Ye Seul sounds like a pair of twins,
Min Sun organized a date for the three girls to meet up with each other again,
then Ha Neul asked,
"Hey i almost forgot, why are you here in the hospital, anyway?"
Min Sun then told Ha Neul about the Kim's, about herself meeting Seung Ri and becoming freqeuntly close, and then about Jong Hyun.
Ha Neul freaked out when Min Sun mentioned Seung Ri, she really can't believe that Min Sun actually met and even now still in contact with him,
then Min Sun asked for time to get back to Jong Hyun's room, checking if he already ate dinner or not,
Ha Neul said byebye to Min Sun and asked for her number so that they could keep in touch.
Min Sun then wave her hands to Ha Neul, and walked back to Jong Hyun's room.


Min Sun opened the door and closed it back again while saying
"Jong Hyun, did i left you too long? Sorry sorry, i met a friend of mine and we kinda had a chit chat, and...."
Min Sun stopped speaking when she saw that Jong Hyun wasn't on his bed.
His dinner was still un-eaten.
Min Sun stared at Jong Hyun's bed. Where is he?

To be continued...

Friday, 8 May 2009

A Future Story part 11

Min Sun just found out that Jong Hyun was hospitalized due to his illness,
when she asked Mr. Kim what kind of illness that Jong Hyun had, Mr. Kim shook his head,
he hasn't known yet,
then they both decided to catch up to the hospital..
Mr. Kim was afraid that Min Sun was still tired, but she said it's okay,
so they went to the hospital using Mr. Kim's car, and he drove.

as they arrived, Min Sun quickly dialed Lee Jae's number,
she asked which room and floor where Jong Hyun is,
Min Sun then hurried to Jong Hyun's room, with Mr. Kim behind her.
when they were in front of Jong Hyun's room, they saw Mrs. Kim and Lee Jae sitting on the chairs at the corridor,
Min Sun asked Mrs. Kim about Jong Hyun,

"Auntie, is he okay?"
"He just needs to take a rest, Min Sun.."
"What is he, i mean.. is he.."
"He caught dengue fever.."

Min Sun then stopped asking. she let herself fall to seat on the chairs,
Lee Jae held her shoulders, trying to say that everything's gonna be alright.
Mr. Kim hugged Mrs. Kim, they both tried so hard not to cry in front of their girls,
then Min Sun asked again,
"Is it that bad?"
This time, Lee Jae answered,
"The doctor said he needs plenty of rest, now he is sleeping, we didn't want to wake him up so we went out.."
Min Sun kept silent for a while. then she started to speak again,
"I.. I'm so sorry auntie, uncle.. Lee Jae.. I.. I thought he was okay, he didn't show any reactions that he was sick, he just went to my room when we got home.."

Mrs. Kim then sat beside Min Sun and held her hands,
"It's okay, Min Sun. Jong Hyun's always like that, he never tells us if he had an headache or something else, he always tried not to make us worry. Eventhough now he is making us all worry. But, just stay calm, Min Sun. He's gonna be fine."
Mrs. Kim gave her best smile to Min Sun, Min Sun smiled back and hugged her auntie.
Mrs. Kim pat Min Sun's head, and rubbed her back.

a few moments later, the three of them decided to have dinner at the hospital's canteen.
Min Sun looked at her wristwatch, 5.10 pm,
she still has time to pray, so she went with her family..
they finished dinner at 5.30 pm, as they were about to go back to Jong Hyun's room,
Min Sun said something..

"Auntie, Uncle, Lee Jae.. would you all let me company Jong Hyun? i bet you all are tired and need to get a rest,"
Mrs. Kim answered, "Oh Min Sun, i was about to say that to you, aren't you tired yourself?"
"Well, it's okay, tomorrow is Sunday anyway. I'm free on Sunday. You all can come back tomorrow morning." said Min Sun.
"Okay if that's what you want. But make sure you contact us if there's anything you need or if there's news about Jong Hyun, okay dear?"
"Yes, auntie. I will."

then, the Kim's all went home, and Min Sun stayed.
she quietly went into Jong Hyun's room, and saw him with those nose tubes and infusions,
she gasped and covered her mouth with her hands,
she really can't stand seeing someone she knew, lying weakly on a bed with nose tubes,
even that person is the one she loves, or not.
she the carried a chair and put it beside Jong Hyun's bed.
Jong Hyun kept sleeping,
Min Sun did all the things she'd do very quietly,
she looked at Jong Hyun's face, then she shed tears.
she still couldn't believe that Jong Hyun fell sick after her date with him,
he was so fine when he came back home, except when Seung Ri and Tabi came..

suddenly Min Sun realized that she haven't prayed,
she then went to the bathroom in the room (the room is VIP),
she get her sholat things (mukena, sajadah with a compass on it) from her bag,
then she started to pray.
as she finished, she took off her mukena, she looked at Jong Hyun

he's still asleep.

then she remembered that she bought her ipod with her in her bag,
she took it then started searching for a track,

i remember i have a few verses of al-qur'an in my ipod.. mom and dad copied it to my ipod, eventhough i seldom hear it, i wonder if Jong Hyun can hear it in his sleep?

Min Sun picked the "Ar-Rahman" verse from her ipod, she played it and put the earphones to Jong Hyun's ears, again, quietly.
she saw that Jong Hyun was still sleeping, and he didn't move at all when Min Sun put on her ipod on him, so she sat down again and watched him.
Min Sun felt quite tired, she then lean on Jong Hyun's bed, she put her head on his bed, his hands were near Min Sun's head,
then, Min Sun closed her eyes...


Jong Hyun's eyes opened.
he looked around thinking "where am I?", then he saw Min Sun sleeping beside his bed,
then, he heard and indistinct sound, it sounded more louder when he focused on it,

what is this? arabic??

his fingers made a move, and since his hands were near Min Sun's face, she then woke up
"Jong Hyun, you're awake?" she asked.
"What's this... your ipod?" Jong Hyun asked back,
Min Sun realized that her earphones are still hanging on Jong Hyun's ears,
"Oh, I'm sorry.. I just thought that by hearing that.. you'll be.."
Jong Hyun cut Min Sun's speech,
"It's okay.. in fact, i just wanna thank you coz.. the.. it sounds..., peaceful.."
"Really?" asked Min Sun,
Jong Hyun nodded, then Min Sun smiled.
she removed her ipod from Jong Hyun's ears, then she put it on her own ears,
her ipod was still playing "Ar-Rahman",
she smiled then turned off her ipod..

she looked at her watch again, it was 6.45 pm,
she was asleep for only about 30 minutes, then she asked Jong Hyun,
"are you feeling better? do you want me to get you something?"
"I'll tell you when i need anything." he said.
"Jong Hyun.."
"Why didn't you tell me that you were sick? auntie said you never tell your family that you were sick.. why?"
"i don't want you guys to worry much about me."
Min Sun shook her head,
"You shouldn't.. Jong Hyun. what you're trying to hide just makes us all worried.."
Jong Hyun looked at Min Sun's eyes.
"You're worried about me, Minnie?" he asked.
Min Sun explained the whole thing, from her uncomfy feelings, the broken glass tragedy,
she explained them all, she also said that she thought Jong Hyun was playing on her again like the last time he was sick,
"Mianhae.." she said.
Jong Hyun just smiled, and he said..
"Well at least you're fullfilling your responsibility to accompany me here. Where's mom, dad and Lee Jae?"
"They went back home. I told them to."
"Why?" asked Jong Hyun
"Cause i felt guilty. Are you happy now?" asked Min Sun, joking.
Jong Hyun just laughed weakly, and shook his head.

Min Sun then asked for time to do her prayings,
Jong Hyun said go ahead, but when Min Sun was about to go to the bathroom, he stopped her,
"Minnie, can i borrow your ipod again?"
"Of course...," said Min Sun, while walking to the table to get her ipod and give it to Jong Hyun, "what song do you want to hear?"
"uhm.. the song you made me hear while i was asleep.." said Jong Hyun, straightforward.
Min Sun chuckled,
"It's called a 'surah', Jong Hyun. It's kinda like a letter.. hmmm. a verse, like in Bible, but this is for Muslims. Maybe you thought it was a song coz of the 'tartil'. Tartil is a way to read surahs with melodies like that.."
Jong Hyun stared at Min Sun, his face looked funny, it seems that he doesn't understand a word that Min Sun was saying, but he got the point, though.
"You wanna hear it again? The surah's name is Ar-Rahman."
Jong Hyun said yes, then Min Sun helped him put the earphones on,
Min Sun then walked to the bathroom slowly, when she was inside, she smiled and thought..

Whoa, Jong Hyun actually liked hearing the verses.. it's amazing, wow.. I.. just can't imagine..

She took a wudhu, and when she went out from the bathroom she saw Jong Hyun still listening on her ipod.
his eyes were closed. Min Sun was wondering that if Jong Hyun fell asleep again that fast,
she took out her sholat things again, and started praying..

a few minutes later, Min Sun finished her praying and she turned around to see Jong Hyun again,
his eyes were still closed, maybe he was still sleeping. Min Sun was tidying up her sholat things, when her handphone vibrated (she silent-ed it)
she saw the number calling and she didn't recognize it, she just picked it up,

"Hey, Min Sun?"
"Who is this?"
"It's me, Seung Ri.."
"Oh.. Seung Ri?!"

Jong Hyun's eyes suddenly opened..

To be continued...

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

A Future Story part 10

Jong Hyun was confused why this guy is visiting his house,
"You're Jong Hyun, right? can i speak to Min Sun, please?" asked Tabi, politely.
"Oh, yeah. Wait a second i'll get her." said Jong Hyun
just when Jong Hyun was about to call Min Sun, Min Sun was already behind him, she shouted,
"Tabiiii !!"
Jong Hyun was surprised, kinda pissed off a bit.
Tabi smiled and hand over Min Sun's digicam to her,
"Seung Ri told everything to me when he met you at the amusement park," said Tabi.
Min Sun received her digicam and said thanks, then she asked,
"You don't wanna come in?"
Jong Hyun rolled his eyes, Min Sun didn't realized it,
"oh well, i was just gonna ask you if we could come in haha" said Tabi,
"we?" asked Min Sun and Jong Hyun together,
Tabi nodded his head, then he turned his face to the front gate,
there was Seung Ri locking his car, then walking inside the Kim's house,
Seung Ri waved to everybody at the door, while walking towards them
Min Sun smiled and shouted "Pandaaa ! ure here too !"
Jong Hyun becam more pissed off, he went straight inside, with no one knowing that he disappeared,,
"Hey guys let's go inside, there's only me and Jong Hyun here so, make urself like in ur home,"
said Min Sun.
Jong Hyun was gone, and Min Sun started looking for him,
she told Tabi and Seung Ri to sit, while she went to Jong Hyun's room,
she knocked on his door, no answer.
she tried to open it, it's locked.
Min Sun started thinking negative,
is Jong Hyun sick again? he was okay until these to boys arrived. is he okay?
did he actually not tell me that he was sick?
what if he's.... unconscious??
"Jong Hyun?" shouted Min Sun,
again, no answer, Min Sun started to panic,
she walked quickly to the guest room and asked Seung Ri and Tabi have they seen Jong Hyun,
the two boys both shook their head, then Min Sun started searching again.
she looked for Jong Hyun in the bathroom,
not there,
in the kitchen..
not there,
not there,
Min Sun freaked out,
"waaaaaaaaaaaakh my bro's gone! Tabi, Seung Ri, u sure u didn't see him?"
the two boys shook their heads again, then Seung Ri said,
"Min Sun chillax, girl. Maybe he's just sleeping so freely, he didn't even hear you knock on his door. Just leave him alone for a while, i think he's quite tired."
Min Sun's mouth made an "oooh" shape, she nodded then she sat beside Seung Ri,
"Can i get you guys something?" she asked,
Tabi requested for a drink, and Seung Ri said he wants the same as Tabi,
so Min Sun went to the kitchen to get them drinks..
when suddenly...

Tabi and Seung Ri both ran to the kitchen,
Min Sun murmured something then shook her head, she broke a glass,
Seung Ri ran to her and checked on her hands,
"Min Sun u okay?" he asked,
Min Sun nodded then pulled her hands away, Tabi reached for a broom to clean the glass pieces,
"Sorry i made u guys like this, i mean.. helping me clean.." said Min Sun
Tabi said, "No it's okay, i think ure too tired, we should visit Min Sun another time, right, Seung Ri?"
Seung Ri said yes, then after the kitchen was clean, the two boys decided to go home and let Min Sun rest, Min Sun apologized to them coz they didn't get a chance to drink and chat for a while,
the two boys promised they will come again next time, then they left.
Min Sun walked slowly back home, she felt kinda weird, her feelings were not good at all,
she thought that Jong Hyun was sleeping at his room, so she went straight to her room,
when she opened it, she gasps and saw Jong Hyun..
sleeping on her bed. -__-'
what on earth is he doing on my bed? no wonder there was no sound when i
knock on his door, he's here! duh..
Min Sun was a bit worried, she checked Jong Hyun's temperature by touching his head,
she was right,
Jong Hyun was sick, again. that's why she dropped a glass at the kitchen, that's why she felt not good.. Jong Hyun is sick again!
"Oh my God.." she was about to get up and get pills for Jong Hyun,
when suddenly Jong Hyun grabbed her hand,
Min Sun shrieked shockingly, she fell back sitting on the floor,
Jong Hyun coughed and tried to say sorry,
Min Sun asked, "now what? ure sick again? don't play on me this time," said Min Sun
Jong Hyun just kept laying in silence,
"u want me to call ur mom? or the doctor?"
Jong Hyun kept silent.
Min Sun reached for her handphone and start calling Mrs. Kim,
Jong Hyun kept still, as if he wasn't able to move, but his eyes were still open and stared at Min Sun while she was talking to Mrs. Kim.
when she was done, she shut her phone and talked to Jong Hyun,
"Your family will be home in a few minutes, i already told them not to panic," said Min Sun,
she left Jong Hyun alone for a while, then when she came back, she was carrying a thermometer and a warm glass of water,
"Here, drink.." she said,
Jong Hyun just obeyed her, and do just what she told him to do,
"open your mouth.." Min Sun put the thermometer inside Jong Hyun's mouth.
they both waited for a few minutes and then the thermometer made a soft sound,
Min Sun took the thermometer off softly, then she stared to the final temperature,
"Oh my God, 39.5 .." she touched Jong Hyun's forehead again, it was warmer then the last time she touched it,
she tucked Jong Hyun in her blanket, she brushed Jong Hyun's bangs several times,
until she fell asleep beside her bed, with her hands still on Jong Hyun's hair.


Min Sun opened her eyes and found herself laying on her bed,
without Jong Hyun there..
she rise up from her bed and looked around,
she was still wearing the same clothes that she wore on her date, she looked at the clock,
she just slept for an hour,
then she went outside her room,
there she found Mr. Kim talking on the phone, he was saying something about fever, then he shut the phone.
Mr. Kim saw Min Sun standing there, looking at him,
"Oh dear Min Sun, ure up already? how do you feel?" he asked,
"I'm... fine, uncle. I guess i was just too tired. who lift me to my bed?"
"my wife and Lee Jae did, they saw you sleeping beside Jong Hyun.. so they decided to..."
Min Sun cut Mr. Kim's speech, "Jong Hyun! where is he, uncle?"
Mr. Kim stayed silent for a moment, then he said..
"well, my wife actually didn't let me tell you this but.. well.. she and Lee Jae are at the hospital now, Jong Hyun is being hospitalized.."
Min Sun gasped..

To be continued...

Sunday, 3 May 2009

A Future Story part 9

"Excuse me, Miss Girl,"
Min Sun quickly turned around, there she saw one cute guy smiling brightly at her
"Seung Ri?! hahaha oh my gosh.." she almost couldn't believe that she met her cute lil panda again right here, at her date.
"Hey birthday girl, haha ^^" Seung Ri greeted her in a cute way.
"Just call me Min Sun, haha. So, what are u doing here? are u alone, or..?" asked Min Sun
"Well, actually i'm here with the whole big bang, we're kinda making a video clip, the song's really cheerful so we decided to do a shooting here.." said Seung Ri,
"Oh really? wow.. hey can i get another picture of Tabi? for my sister again, actually ^^" asked Min Sun
"definitely, no prob. u want to go to Tabi with me or how bout u just give me ur digicam? i'll make sure i return it when i'm done taking his photo." said Seung Ri
"hmm, actually I'm waiting for someone so, i think i'll choose the 2nd choice," said Min Sun while giving her digicam to Seung Ri,
"okay, your digicam will be fine with me..oh so ure not alone? who's with you?" asked Seung Ri
Suddenly, Big Bang's Sunset Glow played loudly from Min Sun's handphone,
Min Sun smiled to Seung Ri and said, "excuse me for a moment"..
Min Sun and Jong Hyun's conversation was something like this :

MS : Yes, Jong Hyun?
JH : where are u?
MS : I'm in front of the big map of the amusement park,
JH : what are u doing there anyway? i almost can't find you
MS : well, I was..

Seung Ri then cut Min Sun's speech, "who's calling, birthday girl?"
Min Sun was confused, which guy should she answer first,

JH : hey are u with somebody else?
MS : uuuh, actually I'm..
JH : Stay there ! I'm gonna get you.

Jong Hyun shut the phone and start walking quickly,
Min Sun just stared at her handphone,
Seung Ri continued asking who was calling,
Min Sun said "I'm not alone here, Seung Ri, I'm with..."
"Min Sun !" shouted Jong Hyun, suddenly.
Min Sun turned around to see where the voice was coming from,
there she saw Jong Hyun running slowly towards her,
Jong Hyun's steps got slower when he saw who was beside Min Sun
"Seung Ri, huh?"Jong Hyun made a "uncomfy" look to Seung Ri,
Seung Ri didn't realized it, he then greeted Jong Hyun happily,
"Oh so ure with Min Sun, eh Jong Hyun? So.. u two are on a date or what?" asked Seung Ri
"Uuh, we.. yea, we were just.." Min Sun was trying to answer Seung Ri when Jong Hyun quickly grabbed her hand and leave Seung Ri behind.
"hey, wait, no! Jong Hyun, my digicam's..." cried Min Sun
"Shut up, Minnie, I don't want anybody to ruin our date, even your cute little panda." said Jong Hyun sarcasticly,
he led Min Sun to a bench, Min Sun shaked her hands, trying to get off of Jong Hyun's grip,
"Oh great Jong Hyun, now I'm losing my digicam." she said.
"what?" asked Jong Hyun,
"while you were away, Seung Ri greeted me and i was about to ask for another picture of Tabi for my sister, Big Bang's shooting for their new MV, so i gave my digicam to him so that he could take Tabi's picture, but then suddenly you came and just dragged me far away from him. i couldn't even see him from here.." said Min Sun, she said it so fast that she even went panting.
"now what, u wanna chase ur digicam? I'll buy you a new one! you could take pictures with your handphone anyway, what's with the digicam?" Jong Hyun nearly shouted at Min Sun's face.
"Oh so it's easy for you to buy me a new one? I bought that digicam with MY OWN money! it means a lot, u know!!!" now Min Sun shouted even louder.

Jong Hyun was surprised that Min Sun was brave enough to shout at him,
he fell sitting down to the bench behind them, and he held his head, itching his hair unclearly,
"eeeh, Jong Hyun? umm.. i was to harsh, wasn't I? sorry, i just.." Min Sun tried to cheer him up,
then Jong Hyun said, "no, it's my fault, i'm the one who dragged you here in the first place, sorry. I didn't know that you wanted to get Tabi's picture.."
Min Sun was relieved, "my gosh, i thought you were mad at me! Sorry, Jong Hyun.. ok to make things clear, I'll give Hye Gyo a call so that she can get my digicam from Seung Ri, coz i don't know Big Bang's number and I'm sure their manager won't let me get close to them coz they'll think I'm just an ordinary VIP. how bout that?"
"Sounds good enough to me," said Jong Hyun, but his face were still cold,
"aw come on, Jong Hyun," said Min Sun, "u said u don't want anybody ruin our date, cheer up man, what are we going to ride next?" Min Sun tried to cheer him up.
Jong Hyun slowly rised from his seat, he took a deep breath, made a sweet smile, then said..
"we haven't tried this ride behind us.."
Min Sun turned around and found people screaming loudly,
it was a roller coaster (haha)
"Uuuh, Jong Hyun, I've never even ride this kinda thing before, even when i was still at Indonesia,.." said Min Sun
"Oh, lucky you, you get to ride this for the first time.. with me! haha" Jong Hyun became more excited,
"No, no, no, i don't think i'll be able to...NOOOO JONG HYUN!" Min Sun suddenly screamed when Jong Hyun grabbed her arm again (this time softly) and dragged her to the entrance of the roller coaster ride,
"Prepare for the thrill, Minnie.." said Jong Hyun, then he laughed as if he never even laughed before. (so hyper..? ^^)


Min Sun hopped off Jong Hyun's motorcycle,
she walked to the front door heavily..
Jong Hyun was busy parking his motor, then he tried to catch up with Min Sun, it seems like Jong Hyun's energy wasn't finished at all, maybe coz he's too happy.
"haha Minnie you look exhausted, want me to get you something?" he asked.
"YOU THINK? you're the one responsibility for making me exhausted like this, you forced me to try riding extreme rides that i haven't tried before! ooh how could youuuuuuuu..."
Min Sun answered him with a voice that sounded so tired and weak, somehow it sounds funny to Jong Hyun,
"Hahahaha, take a seat in the living room, i'll get you a drink." he said.
Min Sun walked really slowly to the living room, as if she was a sloth,
Mr. and Mrs. Kim, and Lee Jae too, seems are not home,
Mrs. Kim and Lee Jae probably are going to the salon, and Mr. Kim? maybe he's driving the two ladies there..
Min Sun threw herself to the sofa, she took a deep breath several times,
Jong Hyun came to her, carrying to glasses of water with a few ice cubes in it,
"Here, your favorite drink.." said Jong Hyun
Min Sun reached for her drink and said thanks,
Jong Hyun took a sip of his drink, then he said, "So, what do u think bout today?"
"sadistic, tiring, extreme, somewhat great and terrific.." said Min Sun,
Jong Hyun laughed softly, then he said "Ok ok, just enjoy your drink and relax, haha. I'm kinda hungry, is there anything in the fridge that is eatable?"
Min Sun lift one of her brows, while making a confused look to Jong Hyun,
Jong Hyun smiled and just walked away to the kitchen,
suddenly someone pushed the bell..

Min Sun was about to stand up, when Jong Hyun said "I'll get it !"
Min Sun then sat again and continued enjoying her drink, she was chewing on her ice cube.
Jong Hyun hurried to the front door,
he opened it and was kinda surprised to find that someone he actually don't like standing in front of him,
"Hey ya! can i meet Min Sun?"

To be continued...

Friday, 1 May 2009

A Future Story part 8

"a date? with u?" Min Sun asked.
"uuh, yea.. i was planning to take you to the amusement park, you've haven't been there since you got here in Seoul, right?" Jong Hyun asked back.
"well, you're right, it's all coz of those assignments, i can't even talk hangul with people fluently until now!",
said Min Sun..
"So.. would you go with me this Saturday?" Jong Hyun asked once again.
Min Sun kept silent and was thinking hard.


"OMG! your mom and dad are still at the front door, I'll go get them, hahaha. You stay in your bed, okay Jong Hyun?"
Jong Hyun nodded and Min Sun left his room, quickly rushing to the front door.
Jong Hyun was thinking, would Min Sun accept his date?
meanwhile, Min Sun opened the door for Mr. and Mrs. Kim,
she apologized coz she made them wait so long,
Mrs. Kim then asked Min Sun to help her prepare dinner, she wanted to make lettuce wraps,
Min Sun agreed then they both went to the kitchen,
Mr. Kim went straight to his room, he seems so tired coz of wandering with his beloved wife ^^

while Mrs. Kim was cleaning the kitchen counter, Min Sun started to chop some onions,
Jong Hyun quietly left his room and went to the kitchen,
Min Sun was aware that somebody was coming, she stopped chopping and lift her head up
she saw Jong Hyun standing there,
he moved his head and made a face as if he was asking for an answer,
Min Sun just smiled and shook her head, then she made a sign by moving her hand which was holding a knife, trying to tell Jong Hyun to go away and talk about it later,
Jong Hyun just exhaled then left the kitchen,
Min Sun smiled and started chopping again.

it's dinnertime ! ^^
everyone was already at the table, except Min Sun,
she was busy preparing the food and carrying it to the table,
Mr. Kim sat at the "King" seat,
Mrs. Kim was on his right, then Min Sun sat beside her,
Jong Hyun was on his daddy's left,
Lee Jae suddenly came home, she said hi to everyone and joined in, she sat beside Jong Hyun.
everyone started eating,
Mr. Kim praised Min Sun for the delicious food, she said thank you and she also said that she was only helping Mrs. Kim,
they had quite a long chit chat, until it was desert,
Min Sun took out 4 little cups of ice cream from the freezer,
while she was walking back to the table, Mrs. Kim said something to her..

"Min Sun, would you like to accompany me to the beauty saloon this Saturday?"
Lee Jae cried something in jealousy, but then she realized that she has to go to a lesson every Saturday, everyone laughed..
"Saturday, auntie?" asked Min Sun, she then looked at Jong Hyun.
Jong Hyun looked back and kinda look like he was hoping for something,
"yes, Min Sun.." Mrs. Kim answered, "why, do u have any events?"
"well.. actually..." Min Sun stopped a moment to eat her ice cream, "i'm going to go to the amusement park this Saturday ^^"
Min Sun then smiled at all of them,
Jong Hyun put his ice cream cup down and looked at Min Sun in confuse-ness,
"Oh really?" asked Mrs. Kim, "with whom are you going with?"
Min Sun finished her ice cream quickly then answered,
"with your son."
Jong Hyun suddenly choked his ice cream,
Min Sun made a little giggle then she asked if he was okay,
Jong Hyun drank a sip of water then continued..
"Wow, is that true?" suddenly Lee Jae hopped on to the conversation, "aaah i know, Mom! brother is asking Min Sun for a date! kyaa~", Lee Jae shrieked happily and hit her brothers shoulder a few times,
the whole family then started laughing and teasing Jong Hyun,
Jong Hyun could only smile a little and just blush,
Min Sun thought that his face was funny so she laughed at him, but then she asked Mrs. Kim..
"is it okay, auntie? I'm sorry i can't accompany you to the saloon.."
Mrs. Kim said, "ooh it's okay, darling. Just have fun there with my son, haha. I think I'll wait for Lee Jae to finish her lesson, then go to the saloon there with her."
"Yaaaay!" Lee Jae shouted happily,
"Ok then, we're all done, auntie and I are going to our room ya, Min Sun? Lee Jae, help Min Sun do the dishes.. Jong Hyun, help the girls clean the table.." said Mr. Kim.
they all nod and then everyone started to raise from their chairs.

Lee Jae had a homework to do so she just helped Min Sun a liitle, then she went to her room,
Min Sun was doing the dishes when Jong Hyun approached her,
"So, i guess that was a yes?" asked Jong Hyun, a bit shy.
Min Sun answered while doing the dishes, "what do you think?"
Jong Hyun just smiled then said, "Thanks ^^"
Min Sun nod, then asked "why are you suddenly being nice? i thought you were always cranky, hahaha"
Jong Hyun made a frown, "me? being nice? I'm always nice.."
"whoaa so you're being over confident now, huh?"
"I'm always confident, Min Sunnie.."
"what? Min Sunnie?" Min Sun asked but her new name from Jong Hyun,
"don't like it? how about Minnie?" Jong Hyun asked again but then he laughed,
Min Sun kinda don't like her name, she felt that Jong Hyun was teasing her,
she then watered her hands and sprayed them to Jong Hyun,
Jong Hyun who was laughing suddenly stopped, then it was Min Sun who was laughing,
Jong Hyun also stained Min Sun with water,
Min Sun did the same,
instead of doing the dishes, they then had a water fight for hours.. ^^


it's Saturday!
Jong Hyun was the first one to wake up, it was 5.45 am
he went to Min Sun's room and knocked on her door.
there was no answer,
he knocked again and asked, "Minnie, are u awake?"
it took a few seconds for Min Sun to get the door,
she opened it, and she was still wearing her mukena,
"Oh.. I'm sorry, were you praying?" asked Jong Hyun, he already knew that Min Sun has to pray 5 times a day, coz when Min Sun arrived at their house, she asked which way's west and she said she has to pray 5 times a day coz that what moslems do, then the whole family understood her if she doesn't answer anybody's call - that means she is praying.
"it's okay i just finished," she took of her mukena, then she asked,
"why are u already up? u usually get up at 8 or 9 am, anything wrong?"
Jong Hyun answered, "no, i was just about to remind you about.."
"our.. date?" asked Min Sun
"hehe, yeah.." Jong Hyun scratch his head, acting shy-ly.
Min Sun smiled, "don't worry, i remember ^^. what time are we going to go?"
Jong Hyun kept silent for a while, then he said at 9 am.
Min Sun agreed then she asked for time to get a sleep again,
Jong Hyun said ok, then he went back to his room,
he was so excited that he mimic the word "YESS" and started dancing REPLAY moves,
meanwhile Min Sun just shook her head while smiling, then tried to have a quick sleep.


it's 9 am already,
Jong Hyun prepared his motorcycle, his big black one,
he wore a black T shirt and a light brown jacket, and a pair of jeans,
he wore his favorite casual shoes,
Min Sun said goodbye to the family, Lee Jae said good luck and winked to her, Min Sun just smiled,
she wore the same outfit like Jong Hyun, plus a black donnatello jilbab,
Jong Hyun gave the outfit to her when she woke up from her short sleep,
he asked Min Sun to wear it so that he could find her if she's lost,
Min Sun laughed and thought that it wasn't the real reason for her to wear it, she was sure he wanted to look like a couple with Min Sun.

Jong Hyun gave a helmet to Min Sun,
then Jong Hyun hopped on to the motor,
Min Sun hopped second,
Jong Hyun told Min Sun to hold him when they ride, but Min Sun refused, she said it's okay, she could hold on herself as long as Jong Hyun keeps the speed low.
Jong Hyun understands her coz he also know that he wasn't Min Sun's "muhrim",
he knows almost everything about Islam, thanks to Min Sun, she always explain this and that to Jong Hyun whenever he askes about something..

they arrived at the amusement park at 10 am,
Jong Hyun kept the speed low, just like what Min Sun told him too.
"So, what are we going to ride first?" asked Min Sun after Jong Hyun bought them tickets,
"Well, let's start with something slow.." Jong Hyun walked in front of Min Sun,
Min Sun was a little confused but then she followed Jong Hyun,

Jong Hyun led both of them to many exciting rides, from slow to fast,
from calm to terrifying, Min Sun was almost exhausted,
they took a rest for a while, it was 12.30 pm and they haven't had lunch..
"don't you have to pray, Min Sun?" asked Jong Hyun,
"yea i have to, do u think there's a place where i can pray?" Min Sun asked back,
"Hmm, i remember there's a changing room near the restrooms.. Come, I'll take you there."
Jong Hyun once again led Min Sun, he took her to a changing room beside the ladies restroom,
then he waited patiently for her outside.
it only took 5 minutes for Min Sun to do her praying, then Jong Hyun said he need to go to the restroom, "I need to go to the restroom, wait for me here, or if you wanna look around, keep your handphone standby, okay Minnie?"
"yessir ^^" answered Min Sun.

Min Sun was so excited that she really want to look around, she actually wanted to wait for Jong Hyun, but it kinda took a long time so she then start walking around.
she stopped in front of the amusement park map, she was listing the rides that she haven't took with Jong Hyun.. when somebody greeted her..
"Excuse me, Miss Girl.."

To be continued..