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I've Missed You, I Miss You, I'm Missing You {part 3}

"It's... uhm..."

Everyone was listening carefully. Sungjong and Chunji even leaned forward to make sure they get the name correct.

"Nugu, nuna?" asked Ricky impatiently.

Jina was just about to open her mouth and spit out a random name when she looked at the door and found a familiar face waving at her.

"Niel!" said Jina, half shouting.

"WHAT? Are you serious, Jina?!" asked Yeoncha, the first to react.

Ryeon looked at Chunji. Chunji shrugged and looked at Jina. Jina then looked at all of them, and her eyes stopped at Sungjong, he was there, sitting, with his mouth wide open.

"I never knew you liked younger guys..." he mumbled. Jina made a frown and laughed the second after.

"So Niel is really your boyfriend now?" asked Chunji, double checking.

Jina looked confused. "When did I say that?"

"Just then?" snapped Sungjong.

Jina looked at each of her friends. Then she looked at the person waiting outside.

"Excuse me for a sec," whispered Jina while walking towards the balcony.


Jina looked at the crystal lights above her. She shifted her eyes all over the place.

This is one.. high class restaurant I'll get to eat in once in my life..

"So it's your 16th birthday today?" asked Jina.

Niel who was so into the menu, looked up and smiled shyly.

Psh~ why do you have to be so cute..

"What do you want to order?" he asked.

"Whatever you're ordering," answered Jina. Niel then spoke something to the waiter as Jina kept being amazed with the interior of the resto.

"Why didn't you throw a party at home and invite your besties? Instead of..." Jina stopped when she saw Niel making a sad face. "..uhm, you know. Just inviting me alone? I feel so.. special?" Jina scoffed and looked down.

Niel smiled and calmly replied. "Mom promised me a birthday party as I turn 17 next year. So for now, I made a request for this.."

Jina nodded. "Oh by the way here's your present.."

Jina pushed a small package wrapped prettily. Niel looked delighted.

"A CD?" his eyes were sparkling.

Jina smiled. "Is it too obvious? Watch it when you get back home, okay?"

Niel picked up the present. "Oooh I thought it's not a video.."

Jina kept looking at Niel. She smiled every time Niel smiles, she couldn't deny that his smile was contagious. Suddenly Niel looked really serious and somewhat, a bit scared.

"Nuna.. i mean, Jina.."

Jina felt worried. "Yes?"

"I heard that you were once close to L.Joe hyung. Is it true?"

Jina felt so bad. She didn't want to talk anything about that name again, especially when it's Niel's birthday. She looked down and played with her chopsticks.

"So it's true.." said Niel. Pulling a conclusion out of Jina's reaction. "You still have feelings for him?"

Jina made a heavy sigh. "Can we not talk about this? It's your birthday."

"I'm sorry. I was just wondering.. L.Joe is close to Hee Jung lately. I hope you're okay."

Niel looked at Jina. She brushed her hair and looked back to Niel, forcing a smile. "I'm okay, Niel. Thank you."

Niel felt uneasy. "You said that you already have a boyfriend a few days ago."

"How did you know?" Jina nearly choked on her drink.

"Ah, I just know," Niel looked away. Jina smirked.

"That Chunji. He's truly a gossip guy.. Wait.. did he mention who it is??"

"He said it was me," said Niel in a flat tone, straightforward.

Jina burst out laughing. She covered her mouth and hit the table gently. Niel was all blank.

"Listen, I'm sorry for using your name. I had no idea it really is your birthday today, and when they asked who it was, you showed up at our door so I subsconciously
called out your name. Which made them think it was actually you."

Niel stared at Jina for her long explanation.

"I'm sorry, okay?" Jina pleaded with her puppy eyes. Niel finally smiled.

"Ah so it was a misunderstanding! I see. But, I have something to say.." Niel tapped his fingers on the table.

Jina was relieved that Niel didn't get angry. "Of course! What is it?"

"Why don't we really be a couple instead?"


Niel scratched his head. He blushed and looked down. "Ah, I'm sorry.."

Jina closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and looked at Niel.

I hope I won't make a mistake with this..

"If that's what you want, let's!" said Jina, smiling.

Niel was shocked. His eyes seemed bigger. "What?"

"Let me see. I feel happy when you're around. I trust you to tell my stories, except for the L.Joe one. And.. well.. I like you. It's your birthday anyway. Unless your question before was only a joke, then I'm considering this as a joke too," said Jina. She looked right into Niel's eyes.

"I.. I.. no! No I wasn't joking, I was.. uh.. serious.. I mean.." Niel stuttered. Jina made a small laugh.

"So what do you think?" asked Jina, full of hope.

Niel finally found a way to control himself. "Well.. not bad for my first love story."

"I'm your first?" asked Jina, surprised.

Niel collected his guts to look back at Jina, and shyly nodded.


"So after we watched The Switch, we went back to the streets to head home, right. And suddenly we bumped into a couple. They were so familiar. A second later Daehee made me realize it was Jina and Niel! Can you believe it?!"

Chunji's voice echoed through the whole class. L.Joe who just arrived, messing up his hair, had to stop and stare for a while. Girls were gossiping with Chunji, they got excited as Chunji continued the hot issue. L.Joe tried hard to listen through the crowd, when Chunji caught him staring.

"Oh hi there L.Joe! Have you heard of..."

L.Joe made Chunji stop talking by slamming his bag to his seat, and rushed out of the class, hitting the door hard with his hand.

Chunji's eyes went all big.

"What's with him?"


L.Joe put on his headphones and turned on his iTouch. He set the volume to max as he watch people arriving at school that morning. He felt, somehow, shocked. He predicted that it'll happen someday, Jina and Niel together. But he never knew it would happen this fast.

He tapped his fingers to the beat. He tried to get rid of this strange anger inside him. Just when his favorite song finished, he took of his headphones and hung it to his neck. And he realized he shouldn't do that.

Jina's class was the opposite of his class. It made him unable to unsee Jina everyday, every time he walks out of class. But that morning, he saw Jina walking to her class, differently from usual. She looked brighter than ever, her expressions were so happy. It hurt so much when he saw Niel was beside her. Still carrying both their backpacks, they enter Jina's class.

L.Joe felt even more pissed. He turned around and decided to go to the restrooms when someone stood in front of him and nearly freaked him up.

"Morning, L.Joe.."



Jina clipped her hair and turned around. "Yes, Yeoncha?"

"I got news."

"Bad or good?"

Yeoncha looked to the class across them. Jina followed her eyes.

"About him?"

"I think he still has hope. For you," Yeoncha said softly, trying not to be heard by anybody else.

Jina smirked and put on her backpack. "That's not good, Yeoncha. Now will you excuse me, Niel must be waiting.."

"I know you do too!"

Yeoncha snapped Jina's words before she could even finish it. Jina stared right into Yeoncha's eyes in disbelief.

"W.. What?" stuttered Jina.

Yeoncha held her forehead and took a deep breath. "Look, Jina. I'm sorry. I had to say this, ever since you started your relationship with Niel. But I couldn't, I didn't want to destroy your happiness. It's just that.."

"Yeoncha what are you trying to say?" Jina crossed her arms and didn't look away.

"You're hurting Niel."

Jina kept silent, telling Yeoncha to continue her words.

"Jina, you still have feelings for L.Joe. You can't just forget him right away by loving a different guy. Although I see Niel cares for you so much, I feel that you can't return.. I mean.. well, you know what I mean," Yeoncha started to feel nervous as Jina's face looked like she was holding in her tears.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean too," said Yeoncha. She stepped forward and hugged Jina.

Jina dropped a tear. "How did you know? Am I that obvious?"

Yeoncha shook her head. "I just know you."


Jina hesitantly walked down the stairs. Yeoncha slowly followed her. Jina stopped and looked at Yeoncha.

"You sure I should tell him? It'll hurt..." Jina had her hands sweaty.

Yeoncha nodded. "Tell him later and it would hurt even more."

Jina took a deep breath. "You sure this is the right thing?"

Yeoncha didn't answer and dragged Jina outside the class area. They both walked towards the basketball court, where the boys usually gather. Jina felt very uneasy, but then she stared and stopped, for quite a sec.

"Yeoncha do you see what I see?"

Yeoncha looked at the bench near the court. "Niel. And.. L.Joe?"

"Sitting side by side," mumbled Jina.

"Both wearing caps," continued Yeoncha.

"And talking to each other. They look close."

Jina turned around. Yeoncha grabbed Jina's arm.

"I can't do this!" said Jina, half shouting.

"You must. Look, I'll get Niel for you, okay. You wait here.."


Niel held both Jina's hands, turning them upside down, and back up again, staring at her nails.

"Who did your nails? They're cute! Makes me wanna eat candy. Or strawberries!" said Niel. He looked cheerful as usual, Jina can't bear to tell him the truth.

"I'll by you a box of huge strawberries later," said Jina. Niel looked at her and smiled.

Slowly his smile faded. He kept staring at Jina, he knew something was wrong.

"Is there anything you want to tell me?" he asked, carefully.

Jina felt her heart skipped a beat. "Oh? Well, uh.."

"It's okay, I'll listen ^^," Niel crossed his legs and sat right in front of Jina.

The two of them froze there for a few seconds. Jina couldn't help but look away instead of looking into Niel's eyes.

"Jina," Niel's voice gave Jina a slight shock. "What do you think about us, these 2 months?"

Jina didn't know what to answer. Her head was too full of words, how to speak to Niel in a gentle way, not to hurt his heart.

Knowing Jina didn't give a respond, Niel continued.

"These 2 months have been the most beautiful months in my life. I get to know you, to learn about caring. I'm going to cherish it forever. How about you?"

Jina looked down. Niel seemed confused. Then he saw a few tears dropping onto Jina's hand. Niel quickly wiped Jina's cheek, but not forcing her to look at him.

"Mian. Mianhae. I can't continue this relationship, Niel. I'm sorry."

Jina's voice was shaky. Her tears kept falling down no matter how often Niel tried to wipe it away. Niel gave a warm pat on Jina's back.

"There, there. You said it. Do you feel better now?" he said, looking right into Jina's eyes, forcing a sincere smile.

Jina looked confused. "Why is your reaction so calm?"

Niel couldn't help but laugh softly. "What do you expect my reaction to be? I knew this day would come."

Jina covered her mouth. Niel gave up wiping her unstoppable tears. "You did?"

Niel nodded. "I had a deep conversation with L.Joe hyung. We talked much, and shared a lot. I even shared stories about you.."

Niel stopped for a while to make sure Jina was still with him. Then he moved on.

"That was when I found out.. that.. he has the exact same feeling from me towards you. You see, L.Joe hyung is a quiet one. He hardly tells us about his love life. That day, I was just sharing him my stories, when he surprisingly spoke up about you."

Jina cursed herself deep inside. She looked back at Niel.

"You two have known each other longer than I have known you. So, I guess it's acceptable, if both of you have stronger feelings too, even neither of you wants to admit it."

Niel paused, took a deep breath, and continued.

"So that's why, I prepared myself, since long ago to face a day like this. A day when we break up. Don't cry, Jina. You've already done a good job to tell it," said Niel. Finally, wrapping it up.

Jina felt so bad, touched, selfish, all mashed up in one. "How come you didn't ask me to break up right away when you find out about it?"

Niel looked to the sky, down to Jina, and smiled. "I didn't want to hurt you. I asked you out, why should I break up with you? And it's your choice after all."

Jina moved and gave Niel a great big hug. Niel welcomed it warmly.

"I'm sorry," whispered Jina, once again, tearful.

"Don't be," replied Niel. Then he carefully teased, "Can I call you noona now?"

Jina laughed softly, not letting go of the hug. "Up to you."

Niel smiled, ignoring a tear running down his cheek.


3 years later..

“So dad, how do you apply to this? I mean the website is so complicated, my friends are having a hard time applying and..”

Somebody knocked on the door. Jina who was consulting with her dad – which happens to be a professor in the IT faculty – stopped and looked at the door.

“Would you kindly open the door, Jina?” asked her dad.

Jina nodded and did what her dad told her to do. She opened the door, and froze right where she was standing.

“Oh, you’re here,” said Professor Im. “Come in, have a seat.”

Jina looked at the guy in front of her. He smiled so sweet while excusing himself to come in. Jina blushed a bit. “Dad I’ll wait outside.”

Professor Im nodded. The guy looked at Jina closing the door, smiling.


Jina startled as the door beside her opened. She looked at the guy who came out.

“Thank you so much, Professor. Will see you again tonight,” he said while giving a polite smile, and closing the door gently.

“Your sudden presence freaked me out,” said Jina.

L.Joe laughed. “You look more delighted rather than freaked out.”

It’s been over 2 years since Jina and L.Joe got together. They graduated from the same high school, and as L.Joe was accepted in his most wanted faculty, he confessed again to Jina. Jina said yes, as long as he doesn’t make benefits out of her dad’s presence.

“What did you guys talk about?” asked Jina, walking side by side with L.Joe along the corridor.

“About the Calculus test. I also consulted about the errors on my homepage. And the rest things we talked about.. you don’t wanna know,” he said, and ended it with a wink.

Jina scoffed. “Yeah right.”

L.Joe then put his hand around Jina’s shoulders. “What do you wanna have for lunch?”


L.Joe had his hand on his forehead. He looked depressed, uneasy, and shocked looking at Jina’s eating behavior.

“Jina could you at least eat human-like? Don’t talk when your mouth is full. Wipe your mouth with a tissue. Don’t pick your teeth using your fingers. Gosh, Jina.. seriously.”

Jina stabbed a piece of her Gordon bleu chicken and shoved it into L.Joe’s mouth.

“Stop nagging.”

L.Joe quickly chewed and swallowed. “But you must change your way of eating. At least for tonight.”

“Why?” asked Jina with a full mouth. L.Joe had to wipe her mouth with his tissue.

“My family is going to have dinner together with your family. At that Thai cuisine, remember?”

“OH!” a grain of rice came out of Jina’s mouth. L.Joe watched in despair.

“Jinaya! Chew and finish your food in your mouth right now before I have to help you!”

Jina looked confused. “How are you going to help me finish it?” she said, still in a full mouth.

“By kissing you roughly so the food will go down your throat.”

Jina choked and coughed so hard after swallowing her food. L.Joe could only laugh and felt amused by himself. Jina’s cough got worse and L.Joe finally gave her a drink.

“There, there. Look you choked on your own food. Next time take small bites and chew them before you talk,” he said, still laughing and covering his face.

“If only you didn’t say that K word I wouldn’t have choked. Stupid,” Jina gulped down her glass of water and wiped her mouth. L.Joe stared at her.


“Keep your lips clean, please. Or I will do it right now,” teased L.Joe.

Jina blushed, covered her mouth and threw her handkerchief to him.


"I ate well, didn't I?"

Jina linked her arm around L.Joe's as they walk slowly exploring the whole plaza, leaving both their parents having a great chat back at the Thai cuisine.

"Not that well, at least you didn't try to humiliate me," said L.Joe. Teasing, but seemed so serious.

Jina pouted and hit his arm. L.Joe just smirked and felt a bit hurt.

"I wonder what they are talking about right now..." Jina wondered and looked at L.Joe.

"About how to control your eating habits, maybe."

Jina immediately pulled away herself and walked 1 meter from L.Joe. He laughed and stopped.

"Well look at you! I'm just kidding, okay," he walked closer to Jina and linked back their arms.

"You've made the same joke around 473249 times today. It's not funny," said Jina.

L.Joe stopped and made Jina look at him. He moved his face closer, til it's as the same height as Jina's face. Jina seemed nervous. Then he blew Jina's nose and pinched it.

"Mianhaeyoooo~" he teased.

Jina smiled and pinched L.Joe's cheek back. They both walked far enough from the cuisine they ate at. They sat beside the wishing fountain in the center of the plaza.

"Got any coins?" asked Jina.

L.Joe reached out his pocket. "Only one."

"Then go wish for something."

"I thought you're the one who's going to make a wish?" L.Joe seemed confused.

Jina looked around and found a little boy, probably 5 or 6 years old, eating chocolate ice cream not far from where they were sitting.

"Hey little boy! Come here!" called Jina softly. L.Joe watched what she was going to do.

"Yes, Nuna?" asked the little boy, sweetly.

"You want to make a wish?" offered Jina. The little boy nodded vigorously. L.Joe then gave the coin to the little boy. The boy turned around, whispered to himself, then tossed the coin into the fountain.

Jina and L.Joe clapped. "What did you wish for?" asked Jina.

"Secret!" said the little boy. His ice cream hit L.Joe when he was turning around, which left a chocolate stain on L.Joe's shirt.

"Oh hyung, mianhaeyo!" said the little boy.

L.Joe took of his blazer and tried to wipe the stain. "No it's okay, really."

"Here, give it to me, try washing it in the restroom," said Jina. L.Joe handed over his blazer and rushed to the gents.

Jina looked at the little boy beside her. "You want another ice cream?"

"Ah thank you, nuna but it's okay," he said politely.

Jina brushed the boy's hair. "You're such a sweetie."

The little boy sat beside Jina and had a quick chit chat. While Jina was talking, a tiffany box (you know, the small cube box that's usually used for a ring) fell out of nowhere.

"Oh? Somebody dropped this?" asked Jina.

"It's from hyung's jacket!" said the little boy.

"Here?" asked Jina again, pointing to L.Joe's blazer. The boy nodded.

The little boy moved closer. "Open it, nuna!"

At first, Jina hesitated. But she got curious and finally opened it. A silver ring, shaped as a crown, was inside it. Shining brightly.

The little boy was amazed. "Woah! Bling bling!"

Just when Jina was about to close the box, L.Joe came back. He looked shocked seeing Jina already holding the tiffany box, opened.

"What is this?" asked Jina. The little boy hid behind Jina's leg.

L.Joe scratched his head. "Ah, you finally found out..."

"What? What, you're seeing another girl?!" Jina's emotion changed drastically.

L.Joe frowned. Jina became furious.

"You really are?" asked Jina, in a higher note. L.Joe smirked and looked away.

"Don't you smirk like you always do, Joe. It fucking hurts," said Jina. The little boy was still behind them, watching.

L.Joe walked towards Jina and snatched the tiffany box. "You're not supposed to look at this."

"Yeah I know. So that you won't get caught two-timing on me, right? Damn.." Jina's face was red. She brushed her hair and tried to control her anger.

"What? Jina, you got me wrong. You're not supposed to look at this right now. Not until we get back to the cuisine, to meet our parents again."

Jina looked at L.Joe. "What?"

L.Joe laughed. "Why are you such a babo? We've been together for over 2 years. And now our parents are seeing each other. Why do you think I'm dating another girl?"

"Because you look like you have potential," mumbled Jina.

L.Joe laughed even hard. "Jina, seriously. We've gone so far, up to this. And seeing this kind of thing doesn't even ring you a bell?"

Jina looked at the tiffany box in L.Joe's hand. She shook her head.

"Very well then," L.Joe knelt down in front of Jina.

Jina was shocked. "What the hell are you doing?"

L.Joe looked up at Jina. "Since I have prepared this, and you found out about it earlier than I've planned to, well.. I'll just do it now."

L.Joe reached for Jina's hand, and opened the tiffany box in his other hand, showing her, again, the crown ring.

"You've been my princess for so long. I want you to be my queen. Marry me?"

Jina was in total shock about L.Joe's sudden proposal. L.Joe was still kneeling down, holding her hand. The little boy was still behind her, watching happily and getting all excited. In fact, the whole plaza was watching them. People gathered around to watch.

"Uhm.." L.Joe faked a cough, waiting for Jina's answer.

The little boy pulled Jina's left hand. "Say yes, nuna!"

Jina looked at L.Joe and smiled. But she knelt down too instead of asking L.Joe to stand up.

"Of course I'll be your Queen! Damn you gave me a fright, Joe," said Jina. L.Joe smiled and slipped the ring into Jina's finger.

The crowd went awww, the all cheered and asked for a kiss. Jina panicked and looked around, L.Joe just kept staring at Jina.

"What? No you won't, Joe. Not here," she said.

"Why?" asked L.Joe, about to show his puppy face.

Jina pulled the little boy behind her and placed him between her and L.Joe. "Sweety. What did you wish for back then to the wishing fountain?"

"I wished that nuna and hyung will get married. I didn't know the wish would come true this fast! Congratulations, nuna and hyung!" said the little boy.

Jina looked at L.Joe and smiled. "Now this boy deserves a kiss."

Both Jina and L.Joe gave the little boy a ppoppo on the cheek. The crowd went wild once again. And they had no idea, that both of their parents were one of the crowds, watching the whole drama, from the beginning, to the proposal.



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