Saturday, 14 August 2010

I've Missed You, I Miss You, I'm Missing You {part 2}

"Tell me what happened," urged Yeoncha.

"Yeah tell us~!" Sungjong butted in.

Jina wrinkled her eyebrows. "You're still here?"

"The whole story :D" Sungjong smiled. "I promise I won't tell anyone. Go on, tell us what happened!"

Jina sighed. "We stopped texting each other since.. I guess since I said something wrong."

"What did you say?" asked Sungjong.

"I was annoyed with his attitude, he seems a bit childish. He's only a few weeks younger than me, but it felt so different. He often bawls and gets cranky so often. He would, sometimes, stop texting and calling me, but then in 3 days tries to contact me again. I thought that time, everything I said, he wouldn't take it seriously. He usually doesn't. But.."

Jina paused. Sungjong and Yeoncha kept listening.

"He stopped phoning me, ever. That time I texted him saying 'what if one day I reveal to you that all of this is a lie? I never liked you, I only liked your attention. what would you do?' he replied by saying 'It's up to you, I don't care. It's your feelings anyway, I won't force you.'.."

Jina scrolled down and deleted her messages on her phone. "From that moment and on, we never contacted each other."

Yeoncha shook her head. "Girl, you just broke one heart."

"I was too harsh, right? I know. Too bad I just realized it now, when it's too late."

"You can apologize and text him right now, you know?" suggested Sungjong.

"I did. The response was negative. I apologized, and asked him why we lost contact, and do you know what he said?" Jina asked her two buddies.

Yeoncha and Sungjong looked at each other, then looked at Jina.

"He said 'I was never angry at you, it's just that I don't like you anymore. I never liked girls for a long period of time'."

"Oh my.. Jina," Yeoncha stood up from her seat and came over to Jina.

"What? You think I'll cry? Psh~ I'm fine, Yeoncha," said Jina, brushing her own hair to the back.

"He really said that to you?" asked Sungjong.

Jina nodded. "I even asked Ryeon whether I should text L.Joe again, and mentioned about the promise he made about 2 years ago. Ryeon said I should just send it. So I did. But the response was even more.. cold."

"He wants you to leave him alone?" guessed Yeoncha.

"He said 'sorry, I can't. okay!'. Seriously, I stepped on my own pride, just to text him like that, and what I get was a hurtful message not even longer than five words!" Jina started to grow angry. Her face was red.

"Whoa, Jina. Chillax, girl!" Sungjong who was afraid of Jina's anger, tried to calm her down.

Yeoncha gave Jina a pat on her back. "Then what do you want to do next? I still have a feeling that he still cares for you. It's just that he is too hurt, and his pride is way more bigger than yours. That's why he doesn't want to show it."

Jina didn't answer. She looked bored, pissed, and sad at the same time.

"Well let's not talk about this anymore. Cheer up, Jina! You still have us to fool with!" Sungjong gently punched Jina on the arm. Jina smiled and punched back.


"Jina.. Jinaya~!"

Jina turned and approached the one calling her. "What?"

"Where are you going?" asked Yeoncha.

"Canteen. Why?"

"Could you accompany me? I need to go to class X-6.." Yeoncha looked a bit suspicious, and she was hiding small smiles from her face.

Jina made a frown. "What's happening? Why are you like this?" asked Jina with a skeptical tone.

Yeoncha didn't say a thing as she grabbed Jina's right arm and dragged her to the 2nd floor. Jina just blew her bangs and followed Yeoncha. They headed straight to X-6. Jina saw two juniors slacking near the balcony. One looked like a baby. The other one made Jina want to shampoo his hair.

"Noona~~!" said the baby-ish junior. Jina wrinkled her eyebrows. Yeoncha let go of Jina's arm and walked towards the junior. Then they started talking, gossiping, and sometimes battling to compare who is the cutest. Jina rolled her eyes.

Meanwhile the other junior, who was left by Yeoncha's 'baby', looked at Jina a few times. Jina noticed him, and since she was bored, being left by her best friend too, she approached the junior.

"What's happening between them?" she asked while pointing to Yeoncha and the junior.

"Uh.. they are a new couple. You.. don't know?"

Jina looked at the boy talking to her. His hair was brown, a bit perm, but that wasn't the first thing Jina noticed. His lips were, well, seductive? Jina quickly shifted her eyes back to Yeoncha again.

"What's his name?" asked Jina again.


Jina smiled when she saw Yeoncha brushing Ricky's hair. She was like watching an innocent love story about two neighbor kids. Jina realized she was being stared at.

"And you?" said Jina, with a soft cough.

"Pardon me?"

"What's your name?"

The junior who Jina chatted with looked right and left, scratched his head, and answered shyly.


"Im Jina imnida, you can call me Jina. Without 'noona' like your friend, of course," said Jina. Niel smiled awkwardly.

The two of them were caught in an awkward moment of silence. Either they were bored seeing the two lovey doveys - Ricky and Yeoncha - in front of them, or they don't know what to say to lighten up the mood a little. Jina finally spoke up.

"Niel, do you want to go to the canteen?"


Jina walked back towards her class to find Yeoncha waving at her vigorously. Jina looked to the side, made a merong face, and continued walking.

"How on earth did you end up with that baby-ish junior? You didn't even tell me you were close to someone. And now I can only look at you, stupidly, without even knowing what to say. Congratulations? How dare you? WTF? I don't know.." Jina blabbered and made Yeoncha panic for a while.

"Aigoo Jinaya, I didn't mean not to tell you. But I knew your thoughts were full of L.Joe so I didn't want to bother you with stories of mine. I'm sorry, I'll treat you for tomorrow's lunch, okay?" Yeoncha pleaded to Jina.

Jina looked at Yeoncha with a death glare. Yeoncha secretly shivered. But then Jina's scary face slowly turned into a warm, friendly one. She smiled sweetly and hugged Yeoncha.

"Congratulations, Yeonchannie! I never knew you liked younger guys!"

Yeoncha was relieved. "OMG Jina I thought you were seriously mad at me! And.. well.. uh Ricky is cute and lovely, I can never say no to him," said Yeoncha with blushing cheeks.

Jina smiled and let go of her embrace. Yeoncha fixed her hair and suddenly her facial expressions change.

"What?" asked Jina, knowing Yeoncha was going to say something.

"You disappeared with Niel," said Yeoncha.

Jina looked away. "Awh come on, I was heading to the canteen when you dragged me upstairs. How am I supposed to hold in my hunger, waiting for you and Ricky to finish chatting? Both Niel and I got bored so I went to the canteen with him."

"Defensive," teased Yeoncha.

"Ya, Jung Yeoncha. If I went to the canteen with Sungjong, or Chunji, would you act like this to me? They are all THE SAME, okay. Friends. Stop giving me that look," said Jina, awkwardly.

Yeoncha made a shifty smile. "Okay, Jina. Whatever you say."


"Yeoncha, you rode your motorbike to school today, right?" Jina asked while packing her stuffs into her backpack.

"Yeah, why?"

"You're not gonna drop Ricky somewhere, are you?" asked Jina again.

Yeoncha stopped a while to think. "No he has a dancing class today. Why Jina?"

"Could you drop me to the mall?" begged Jina, she put her hands together and made her eyes look sad and big. She didn't forget to pout.

Yeoncha couldn't resist Jina's puppy face. "Aww Jina. Usually your oppa picks you up, where is he?"

"He's got college. Please oh please, Yeonchaaaa?" Jina continued begging.

"Yes, yes. Let's take off now," answered Yeoncha. Jina followed while making her hand into a fist and whispered victory.

Yeoncha led Jina to where she parked her bike. As they passed classes, teacher's room, and the admin room, Jina spotted a familiar figure standing in front of the door. Without hesitating, Jina gave a smile and greeted him.

"Niel~!" said Jina with a cheerful voice. Niel startled, looked around and finally met Jina's eyes.

Jina just gave a wider smile and kept following Yeoncha until she disappeared behind the corner, leaving Niel still standing right there, alone, a bit blushing and smiling to himself.

Yeoncha and Jina had a quick chit chat on their way to the parking lot. Just when they were about to enter the area, a bike's sound was heard. Yeoncha stopped walking, which made Jina hit Yeoncha's back. Jina was about to complain, but when she saw the guy who rode the bike out, she stopped.

The guy looked at Jina deeply. Jina shifted her eyes to the ground. His face was covered by a helmet, but just by looking at his eyes, Jina knew it was L.Joe. He finally left after a few seconds kept still in that place.

Yeoncha and Jina continued walking to Yeoncha's bike. "Oh Jina, you should see how he looked at you!"

Jina pretended not to know. "How was it?"

"It's like this... and then..." said Yeoncha, imitating L.Joe's glare. "It was so deep you know."

Jina sighed and hopped onto the bike.

Why must I meet him when I just met Niel earlier?


Lady~ this is your story...


"Jinaya, are you free this Saturday?"

Jina threw herself on her bed. She put on her earphones and hugged her pillow. "Yeah, Ryeon. Why? Are you teasing me because I'm not a couple yet?"

Ryeon laughed softly over the phone. "Aniyo. Come with me to find a present for Chunji, okay?"

Jina almost forgot that Chunji and Ryeon are the most famous couple in school. She was too focused on her own love life, she never gave a damn at other things.

"But Chunji's birthday is nowhere near. His is in October right? It's still August, Ryeon-ah," complained Jina.

Ryeon made a quick sigh. "That's the problem. I want to make a scarf for him, a knitted one. So I need to find pattern books, and a few piles of wool."

Jina smiled. "You are too freakin sweet. No wonder Chunji fell for you."

Ryeon stayed silent. Jina knew she smiled.

"Okay then. Where should we meet, what time?"


It was 5PM and Jina haven't seen Ryeon at all. She took a glance at her wristwatch. She pouted and crossed her arms.


Jina looked at Ryeon who was walking quickly, slightly running towards her.

"Mian, my oppa was cranky and didn't want to drop me, so I had to take the bus. You haven't waited long, have you?" Ryeon apologized and looked guilty.

"Well, if you consider 35 minutes is fast, then no," replied Jina sarcastically.

Ryeon looked even more guilty. "Jinaya.."

Jina snapped her fingers in front of Ryeon's face. "I'm joking, okay! I just arrived 10 minutes ago."

Ryeon smiled and hugged Jina. "Don't talk so sarcastically, you will hurt even more people!"

"Surry~" said Jina.

"Could you do me a favor, Jina?" asked Ryeon. Jina tilted her head. "Hold my purse, I need to go to the restroom!"

Jina chuckled as she watch Ryeon running to the restrooms. She held Ryeon's bag and looked around when suddenly Ryeon's phone rang.

"Incoming call.. Chunji?" spoke Jina to herself. She picked up the phone. "Yoboseyo?"

"Jagi.. wait. Where's Ryeon? Who are you? Why are you holding Ryeon's phone???" asked Chunji in a panicking voice.

Jina sighed. "Come on, Chunji. It's me, Jina. Ryeon is in the bathroom. Anything wrong?"

"Ah Jina, you scared me. Well, are you guys somewhere near Gangnam now?" Chunji made a daring guess.

Jina made a frown. "How'd you know?"

"I just guessed. Listen, I'm with my friends around Gangnam too and since it's Saturday night, why don't we all hang out together? How does it sound?" Chunji's voice sound so friendly that Jina didn't have the heart to refuse.

"I'll ask Ryeon and tell her to call you again in a few minutes. Kay?"

"Got it. Thanks, Jina, see you!"


"Why did we end up meeting up with Chunji and his friends instead of finding him a present?" whispered Ryeon to Jina as they entered the Starbucks that Chunji mentioned earlier.

"Because he called, and I told you. And you instantly said you wanted to meet him, I reminded you about the present but you didn't care, so here we are," said Jina with a bad mood.

"Jinaya, mianhae," said Ryeon, putting her hands around Jina's shoulders.

I don't even know since when Jina started acting like an old woman having a hard time through her menopause periods. Was it since she lost contact with L.Joe?

"Ah there they are.." mumbled Ryeon, dragging Jina along with her to Chunji's table. It was crowded, seems like there were already 5 people gathering with Chunji.

Ryeon sneaked up and covered Chunji's eyes. Chunji freaked out for a moment but then realized it was his own laughter. It brought laughter to all of them.

"Ryeon-ah, Jinaya, let me introduce you to my best buddies. Well, 3 of them are already seen at school, so I'll just meet you up with the other two. This is CAP and Changjo," Chunji stood up and pointed out who's who.

"Annyeong, Ryeon imnida," greeted Ryeon politely.

"Bangapda. Jina im..." Jina stopped talking when she saw L.Joe sitting right there, eyes on her. She tried to ignore him. "Jina imnida," she continued, throwing a killing smile to CAP and Changjo which made them both all spazzy.

Jina then looked at Ryeon, trying to give her a 'why is he here' code. But she saw Niel and Ricky waving at her, from the same crowded sofa.

"Jina noona~!" squealed Ricky.

"OMG you, and Niel too? I didn't know you're all related," said Jina to Chunji, followed by L.Joe's eyes.

"You guys gonna sit or something?" asked CAP, first time speaking.

Chunji immediately dragged Ryeon to sit beside him. While Niel dragged an extra chair and let Jina sit there. Jina took a peek at L.Joe. He looked pissed and looked away.

They all shared stories for around 10 minutes. Then Chunji and Ryeon went out for the movies. CAP, Changjo and Ricky decided to walk the night streets. Leaving Niel, L.Joe and Jina at the cafe.

"Jina nuna," said Niel, breaking the silence. L.Joe took a glare at Niel. Niel kept looking at Jina. "I mean, uh.. Jina? Yes. Do you wanna go somewhere?"

Jina tried hard not to look at L.Joe, for he didn't say a single thing and Jina thinks he was angry. "I.. don't have any specific destination. Where do you wanna go?" asked Jina back.

"Should we follow Chunji hyung and Ryeon nuna at the movies?" offered Niel.

Jina looked at L.Joe, their eyes met. Jina quickly looked back at Niel. "Sounds great."

Niel smiled and stood up. Jina followed.

"Ah, L.Joe hyung, aren't you coming?" asked Niel.

"I'll just catch up with CAP and others. You guys.. have fun," said L.Joe without looking and quickly going outside the cafe.

Niel looked confused. "He is weird today," whispered Niel.

"Isn't he always like that?" asked Jina while tying up her hair into a ponytail.

"Nah, he is usually..." Niel stopped when he turned around and looked at Jina with a ponytail.

Jina felt weird. "What? Something on my face?"

Niel scratched his head. "Aniyo, it's just.. you.. look really gorgeous with that ponytail.." he said in doubt and looked down.

Jina laughed softly. "You're such a sweetie," praised Jina while messing up Niel's hair.


A week went by, Jina was distracted with her desk full of homework. Ever since their outing last Saturday, Niel had always contact Jina. And Jina didn't mind at all.

"Ace, two, three, four, five, six, seven.. SNAP~! AAAAAAAHAHAHAHA!"

Jina, Yeoncha, Sungjong and Chunji were playing cards. Sungjong pulled out his hand and rubbed it since it got hit by the other 3 people. Yeoncha ended up getting all the cards. Suddenly the door went open and Ryeon came walking in.

"Ryeon-ah~!" said Chunji happily.

Ryeon raised her point finger and shushed Chunji. "I'm not looking for you. Jinaya~!"

Chunji pouted. Jina chuckled and brushed her hair. "What's up?"

"I heard L.Joe is currently taken."


Jina shifted her eyes to shocked Yeoncha, Chunji, and Ricky. "Guys, she's talking to me, why are you the ones who over react?"

"With who?" asked Sungjong curiously.

"Well, not technically taken. He's just close with this girl in his class. Named.. Kim Hee Jung?" said Ryeon in doubt.

"Kim Hee Jung? That girl from the music ex-school, the one who plays violin well, and looks like Sandara Park?" asked Yeoncha, more curious than Sungjong.

Ryeon nodded. Everyone looked at Jina.

"What? Come on lets play again. I already have a boyfriend too anyway," Jina shuffled the cards and said the last sentence without even thinking.

"WHAT?" Ryeon stared at Jina.

"Seriously, Jinaya?" asked Chunji and Yeoncha. Sungjong just stared at Jina too.

Ricky who was mostly silent, opened up and spoke out.

"Then who is it, Jina nuna?"

To be continued...